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🌟First place 1 winner- Very detailed and watercolor line art painted character with either full body or half with full background.

🌟Second place 1 winner- Painted and lineart icon with background or Persona with white background.

🌟Third place 1 winner- full body sticker-looking icon print or just a stickerish with full color half body print.

🌟fourth place 1 winner- Digital sketch with side decoration.

🌟fifth place 1 winner: Small half body sketch or chibi fully inked and watercolored plus small island background done traditionally.

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What I will draw:

What I will NOT draw:

Apparently my fave thing to do is calling men that are almost twice my age and can kill things ‘pretty boys’ 

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Sketch of Old and New World Vegetation. Geography of Plants in Tropical Countries, A Study of the Andes, 1804.

“When John dreamed it was of the desert, miles of it, gently curving. It felt like the soft-strong curve of a woman’s body, the curl from her hip to her waist and up her back. It made him feel safe. He walked across the sand, and loved it; the burning annihilation that was the sun was present but very far away. When he finally woke he didn’t feel tired or frightened.” (Thursdayplaid, Bantam Wars)

In case you’re wondering: Yes, the boy is baby!John Watson, the man is John Watson. This is (another) beautiful scene in @thursdayplaid ’s Wee Doctor series that just itches to get out of my head onto the paper. Every time I reread this incredible fic, there are new scenes I want to paint and sketch so this probably won’t be the last :)))

Either way, if you’re up for a non-slash AU BBC Sherlock fic, open to new characters, eager for adventures and friendships and family love, this incredible fic is for you.


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A bday gift/fanart for these ppl who I admire: @skyriazeth & @huntertale-au !!

To Hunter/Shaun:
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To Sky:

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I hope you had a great bday & have a great day! :D ♡ Again. Happy bday!!