watercolor (medium)


Happy pride month from Birch and Garen!
(I’m a slut for mixed medias lmao)

This is a bit messy but i’m still proud of it! Garen’s hair was SUPPOSED to be black but i wanted to make it pastel and it kinda didn’t work? Idk i still like it tho -v-

Please give credit to me if you repost!

This just arrived the other day - handmade ink Anzu artwork by Zellgarm off Etsy. Shipped over from Europe and can’t wait to find a good frame for my favorite WoW mount. There’s all kinds of detail on here and I especially like the aesthetic blue egg design.

Ink, aquarelle, encre and watercolors print, again by Zellgarm, not me


▪Flower Arrangements, Peacock, Butterflies, and Insect.
Artist: Joris Hoefnagel (Flemish / Hungarian, 1542 - 1600)
and Georg Bocskay (Hungarian, died 1575)
Culture: Flemish and Hungarian
Place of origin: Vienna, Austria
Date: 1561 - 1562; illumination added 1591 - 1596
Medium: Watercolors, gold and silver paint, and ink on parchment