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Back to the good old days

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The curved blade of a jambiya flashed in her hand, reflecting the sharp glow of the magenta mote she held in her other. Knees bent, her stance was kept low, ready to bolt should the armored man before her so much as twitch a finger to the sword on his hip.

It had been a checkpoint stop, nothing out of the ordinary. A scan of the cart’s goods before they were allowed to pass into the next territory. A standard affair for any merchant who kept to the roads. This man, this knight, however, had taken a shrewd interest in their stock. She was not going to allow him to intimidate and extort anything from her aunt. One of the benefits of being a magic-user is you were always armed, and your arms were invisible.

“а̸̀͜͝т̷̀͡͏͢н̷́͘а̷͟͡л̸͘͝͝о́͝И̛͘҉̶̡   please.” Her aunt pleaded. “This does not have to escalate we–

The knight chuckled. An ugly smirk tugged into a sneer at the sight of the youth, so ready to fight. He shifted his weight, his armor clinking softly. Her ears flicked with the sound and before any other move could be made she hurled the ball of magic at the man. Not a second after it left her fingertips did she summon another. And another. The knight had been knocked down by the percussive force. This did not stop her barrage. Gout after gout splashed upon his breastplate. A soft touch on her shoulder sent the mage to turn, another bolt forming in her hand to handle the new assailant.

The grimace that had locked upon her features loosened. It was her aunt. Only her aunt.

“а̸̀͜͝т̷̀͡͏͢н̷́͘а̷͟͡л̸͘͝͝о́͝И̛͘҉̶̡ …  it is alright.” The older woman managed gently, her tone a bit weak.

The youth looked back to her target. The knight laid on the ground, unmoving. An uneasy inhale jerked her shoulders as she let the magic dissipate from her hand. She was shaking. Was it fury or fear? Her arms eased as she tried to process what happened, what to do from here. Thank the stars her aunt was here…

Her aunt was here, and was safe. They both were safe. Safe…