Hyuna at Waterbomb Festival
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Time for summer headcanons

Hello ! Another wip of some summer afternoon ! And what would be WIP without a bunch of headcanons ! Behold ‘Voltron, the summer episode’. I think Shiro would invite everybody home.

  • Allura Loves popsicles ; when i say love i mean : her entire being is made of sugary water from june  to the very last day of august
  • When they played this game they saw in some anime, you know, the one with the watermelon, Allura smashed the bat, Shiro hit himself accidentally and Lance didn’t stopped calling it a piñatermelon. They never played again and Pidge stopped watching anime.
  • Coran dresses in kimonos and casual pants even above 35 degrees. No one knows how.
  • Hunk makes milkshakes, smoothies, frappes and ice cream for everyone at any minute. Lance and Pidge play the game of ‘who can make him go the fastest’ and the record is Lance’s with 'i’m hot’ followed by a pineapple-mango smoothie in 67 seconds.
  • Keith draws. A lot. They bought him two notebooks so far. In three weeks. He’s good and will draw the team secretly. However, he mostly says 'nah’ when asked to show them. He’s happy, it makes memories.
  • Shiro can not stand heat ; also his house is big enough for everybody and they love the Japanese countryside. He’s the one making the tea and is great at it.
  • Pidge loves summer really deep down. Nobody knows.
  • Lance carries a watergun with him. He has five (5) different ones. Hunk uses the big one with a pump, Pidge is fond one the transparent little duo of miniguns. Allura throws waterbombs. Coran has the pipe.
  • When the night come, they all go for a walk in the fields. So far, they caught fireflies and splashed in streams, Lance and Keith freaked eachother out at the cemetery and they’ve admired fireworks from the roof of a farm.
  • Matt is probably gone buying another watermelon. He uses Shiro’s bike and the cashier flirts with him a lot.
Teen Wolf Preference: How They’d Cheer You Up

- with Stiles, Scott, Isaac, Liam and Derek -


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“Okay Y/N, what’s up?”

You look up as you hear your boyfriend’s voice through the thick layer of annoying thoughts that are rampaging in your head. And you are slightly surprised as you realize that you’ve arrived at his house. You never even noticed that he pulled into the driveway, much less killed the roaring engine of the jeep. Now it’s awfully quiet and Stiles’ hazel eyes rest on you inquiringly.

You sigh and rub your temples. “I’m sorry. I just had a really shitty day.”

“Why? What happened?”

“Do you remember this incredibly important test in History that I had to take the day after the night we had to catch that kanima?”

He nods slowly.

“Well, I didn’t pass. Which means that I have to pass the next and last one or I’ll lose my scholarship. My parents will freak out.”

You are freaking out too, by the way. Major. The pressure is crazy and you hate pressure. You never really function under pressure.

Stiles observes you for a moment, frowning slightly and concern written all over his face. He wants you to keep the scholarship too because it’s the only way you can visit the same college next year. But instead of blaming you for anything, he softly cups your face and gives you one long kiss that calms you down a bit.

Then he leans his forehead against yours and mumbles: “You know what? We’ll get out of that jeep now and forget about that stupid test for tonight. We’ll worry about it tomorrow, but not today.”

“Stiles, I don’t think I can.”

“I have a plan. You know me, I always have a plan. Come on.”

He gives you a little nudge and his reassuring smile finally encourages you to open the door and climb out of the jeep. As soon as you enter Stiles’ home, he orders you onto the couch and tells you not to move because he has to make a call. So you wait patiently. You don’t want to move anyway, it’s much easier to dwell on your self-pity in a horizontal position and snuggled into your favourite blanket.

At first you can hear him talking to someone without understanding what he’s saying, then you hear him rummaging in the kitchen and ask yourself what the hell he’s doing. Another ten minutes later he returns into the living room, wearing a big smile.

“It’s here!”, he announces and walks towards the front door to open it without further explanation. You turn your head but it’s impossible to see who he’s greeting. “Ah yeah, thank you! That’s your tip.”

As Stiles turns around, he’s carrying a huge pizza box from Giovanni’s. The best pizza place in the whole wide world. He balances it on his hands, his grin widening as he discovers your eager gaze, and comes over before he sits down next to you.

“Is that…?”

“Your favourite pizza from your favourite Italian guy? Yes. Are we gonna watch that movie you wanted to watch with me for months now? Yes. Am I making popcorn with caramel sauce in the kitchen? Yes. That’s how this day will turn into a good one.”

He beams at you expectantly and you are dumbfounded for a moment. Then you just throw yourself into his arms and hug him tightly.

“How do I even deserve you?”, you mumble while he chuckles softly.

“Well, you are putting up with my shit and you are understanding every time I am coming late because of pack business. That’s a lot more than I could ask for.”

You smile at him. The first smile you are displaying today. Then you lean in and kiss him.

“I love you”, you mumble.

“Love you too.”


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You are lying on a canvas chair in Scott’s garden, the sun shining in your face and a soft breeze brushing your skin. It could be a perfect day. It actually should be. What is there to wish for with your amazing boyfriend holding your hand and the chance to enjoy a rare moment of peace? You have no idea but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re in a really bad mood today. You have been trying to get yourself out of that dark cloud the whole day but it’s not working at all.

And you know that Scott must be smelling it. He keeps on shooting you concerned glances that you have been ignoring up until now because you really don’t wanna bother him with something so stupid. He has enough on his plate.

After a while though, Scott turns on his elbow and looks at you. “Y/N, are you mad at me?”, he asks you softly but also with a trace of uncertainty because he obviously doesn’t know what he’s done wrong.

“What? No!”, you reassure him quickly. “No, I’m not mad at you. It’s just…I’m feeling a little down today, I’m sorry.”

“Okay…”, he mumbles. “Would you prefer to…you know…go home and be alone for a while or…?”

You really appreciate it. You know very well that Scott is not suggesting that because he wants to get rid of you but because he’s the most thoughtful person ever. He’d give you those hours on your own although he wants to spend it with you himself. But actually, you don’t want to be alone.

“No, I wanna be with you today. We don’t have those opportunities too often.”

“Alright”, he retorts. Then he observes you for a while, biting his lower lip and eyes squinted. He seems to be thinking hard about something. Five minutes later, he suddenly jumps up.

“I’ll be right back!”, he announces before he disappears into the house.

You sigh to yourself and close your eyes. You couldn’t even be mad if he’d just jump onto his motorbike and disappear, you are not really the best company today. You try to concentrate on more positive thoughts. On the warmth of the sun on your skin, the chirping of the birds, the rustling of the leaves in the wind. At least you do that, emptying your mind, until something suddenly hits your upper body and an icy cold wave washes over you.

You open your eyes and gasp, staring at the water covering your body. Then you look at Scott who is standing next to the door with a big smirk on his face and two buckets full with waterbombs to his sides.

“You should hurry or I’ll totally beat you at this”, he says, a playful glimmer in his eyes. You hesitate for a second. Then your competitive nature takes over and you just jump up from the canvas chair, running for one of the buckets.

And a full waterbomb battle breaks out. You are running through the garden, shooting the waterfilled balloons at him and cheering whenever you hit a head shot. After a few seconds, you are both dripping and you are laughing hysterically. All of a sudden you are having the fun of your life just because Scott knows you better than anybody else.

As all your waterbombs are used, you start for the hoe but Scott catches you before you can get there, lifts you from your feet and whirls you around. Afterwards you stay like that, wrapped in his arms with your body against his chest and smiling like an idiot.

“There it is, the smile I love so much”, he mumbles into your hair.

You chuckle, stand on your tiptoes and kiss him softly. He really deserves a best boyfriend ever award.


You are boiling inside from anger while you are walking through the hallways of your school. Not even the fact that school’s over for today and the weekend’s coming can cheer you up. To be honest: you just wanna go home and scowl for the rest of the evening and night.

Lydia says her goodbyes as you walk through the front door and you discover your boyfriend at the parking lot, waiting for you. To your surprise, Isaac is sitting on Scott’s green motorbike with two helmets in his hands and displaying his typical smirk.

“Ehm, what’s going on here?”, you ask him after you leaned in to give him a quick kiss.

“Well, I could smell that you are still angry at Harrison because he said that your answer was wrong…”

“Although it was one hundred percent right!”, you interrupt him, feeling the fury rising inside of you all over again as you remember the conversation.

Isaac grins at you. “Exactly. So I planned a little surprise for you.”

“You know that I hate surprises.”

“Yeah, but this is gonna be a good one. Also: I had to promise Scott a thousand stupid things to get the motorbike. You can’t say no. Come on, hop on.”

He pats the seat behind him and you give in with a sigh. You aren’t really able to say no to Isaac anyway. So you pull over the helmet, wrap your arms around his waist and try not to wonder if he’s even able to drive a motorbike as he starts the engine.

Obviously he can. At least you are feeling quite safe as you drive down the streets and out of the city. While you are observing the rays of sunlight in his curly hair and the wind is stroking your face, you don’t even understand why you’ve been angry in the first place. This isn’t so bad. Not at all.

Only as you leave the road and drive onto a path into thick woods, you yell: “Isaac, where are we going?”

“We are almost there, babe!”, he just says, rushing the motorbike up a steep hill.

As soon as you reach its peak, he stops and kills the engine. You throw a look at the location and go speechless. You are having perfect view of the whole town from here and it’s still surrounded by pure nature. A soft breeze, chirping birds…like a scenery from a children’s book.

“Oh my God, Isaac!”, you exclaim, jumping from the bike and walking to the edge. “Where are we?”

“Liam recommended the spot. And I brought two blankets and food, so we can stay here forever if we like to.”

He smiles at you brightly and you quickly overcome the little distance to press your lips on his.

“You’re the best.”

“I know. Your gain”, he mumbles.

You walk to the edge arm in arm, use one of the blankets to sit on and the other to wrap around the two of you. Isaac pulls you into a tight embrace and you let your head rest on his shoulder, just enjoying his presence and the view. Your anger is gone for good now. You don’t even remember it anymore. All that’s left is your love for Isaac. And you are looking forward to some hours of making out and sharing Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.


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Great. Even bingewatching Supernatural on Netflix isn’t cheering you up. That means your situation is really serious and you are gonna feel bad and scowl for the rest of the night. You hate conflicts. So you usually just stay out of arguments but this time you had a really rough one with your best friend Lydia and you haven’t talked to each other since. You are feeling guilty and defensive at the same time.

You throw yourself around on the matrass, pull the blanket over your face and push out an annoyed growl. You try to relax and close your eyes in the attempt to find some sleep although you know perfectly well that this won’t work for at least another three hours.

That’s when you hear a sudden bang and are almost startled to death. You rip the blanket from your eyes, your pulse speeding up, and search your room for the source of the noise. Only as you realize that it’s your boyfriend Liam struggling with your window you exhale in relief.

“God, Liam, what are you doing here?”, you hiss, not able to hide the last traces of shock although you are obviously happy to see him.

He is still having some difficulty with climbing into your room, his voice is a little muffled as he answers. “Well, I heard that you are having some trouble with Lydia and I figured that you’d like to have some company. But I knew that your parents wouldn’t be very pleased if I’d just rang the doorbell, so this was my only option. Could you maybe give me a hand here?”

“Oh, yeah, of course.”

You leave your bed to help him through the window. Then he pulls you into a hug and you feel how the tension immediately leaves your body. It just needs his presence and the smell of his perfume to calm you down.

“You wanna talk about it?”, he asks you softly, stroking your back.

You shake your head. “No, it was just a stupid fight about something unimportant. Can we just cuddle so I don’t have to think about it anymore?”

“Course”, he answers with your favourite smile and pulls you to your bed. Your parents usually don’t allow Liam to stay over for the night, therefore this is something special. He lies down next to you, arranges the blanket over you and wraps his arm around your waist. Then he presses a kiss onto your head and you are feeling absolutely comfortable being the little spoon.

“This is nice. We should do this more often”, you mumble.

Liam chuckles lightly. “Yes, until your parents catch us and kill me. But I guess it’s worth the risk. Look, you are even able to smile again.”

He’s right, his words have brought a grin to your face. Sometimes it’s so easy. And the best thing about having a werewolf as your boyfriend: you don’t even have to use many words. He can smell and hear what you feel. He can sense the wave of affection and love for him that dripples through your body right now.

Maybe you should consider to have arguments with friends more frequently. If that means he will climb through your window at night.


“Aren’t you one aggressive cupcake”, Derek states randomly as you enter the loft and earns a glare from you for that. Although he’s right, of course. As usually. You are angry as hell.

“I have my reasons”, you just grumble.

Derek stops to read the notes on the table and looks at you, raising his eyebrows.  “And what are those?”

You huff and run your fingers through your hair, trying to calm yourself. Then it just breaks out of you. “Well, I met two charming ladies at work who always made fun of me in middle school. And you know what? They thought it would be funny to do the exact same thing today. Although they haven’t made anything out their own lives. I mean, you’d think people grow up but no!”

Derek stares at you in astonishment for a moment, processing your little outbreak of emotions. Then he puts the notes aside with a little smile on his face and comes over.

“Doesn’t look like you at all that you’d let them get under your skin”, he states, putting a hand on your shoulder and softly stroking it.

You sigh. “I know. I guess it’s a sore spot.”

“Well, we need to get all that passive aggressiveness out of your system or I’ll go crazy. Your heart beat is really loud. Come on.”

He pulls you into another room of the loft, one of the rooms he likes to use as much as possible. It’s full with various workout devices like treadmills, a pull-up bar and other stuff that you can’t even name. Your destination is the punching bag in the corner and you have to laugh as you grasp that he’s leading you there.

“You want me to throw some punches?”, you ask him amused.

Derek grins down at you and grabs the gloves from the shelf. “Yes. It will help, I promise.”

You consider it for a moment. You are pretty sure that you’ll look like an idiot and you don’t like to look like an idiot in front of him. On the other hand it’s kinda appealing to imagine the punching bag being their faces. Very appealing. Appealing enough for you to give in and take the gloves on.

Derek steps behind the punching bag and holds it still before he gives you tips how to deal with it. At first you are feeling stupid but after some time your punches become more frequent and you are actually sensing the adrenaline rushing through your veins. It’s a great feeling. Almost liberating. You get all your anger out there without filtering it, clenching your teeth and putting your whole body weight into your movements until sweat covers your skin. The anger reaches its height and then slowly leaves your body until you are feeling a lot calmer. Their stupid grins slowly fade from your inner eye and are replaced by Derek’s proud face.

As you are out of breath, you step back from the punching back and pull the gloves from your hands.

“That was better than expected”, you admit.

“And it was very fascinating to watch you”, Derek adds with a smirk that makes your heart flutter. It’s crazy what an effect he has on you.

“I’m glad you appreciated the show. But I really need a shower now.”

“My shower is big enough for two”, he says. A hopeful glance has appeared in his eyes. Well, why not? He deserves that for all he’s doing for you. And who would say no to a shower with Derek Hale anyway?

So you grab his hands and drag him upstairs. This shitty day quickly turned into a really good one.

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Why go home and bathe when you can shower right there on stage? xD Scrubbing his pits while being watergunned lol [x] [x]

sounds like someone screaming bloody murder hahaha while jay twerks on stage [x]

Halting the performance cos he didn’t realise he’s gonna get splashed all the time haha [x]

Askin for all his sexy ladies…. [x]

and blowinng kisses [x]

giving his all even while drenched right down to his unds…[x]