Mulder would have taught Klingon to William and they would use it to plan their next crazy experiments while oblivious Scully/Mom was in the same room. One morning their mouth and spoons dropped when Scully replied in Klingon that no, a slingshot on the roof to waterbomb her when she got back from work was not a good idea.


Why go home and bathe when you can shower right there on stage? xD Scrubbing his pits while being watergunned lol [x] [x]

sounds like someone screaming bloody murder hahaha while jay twerks on stage [x]

Halting the performance cos he didn’t realise he’s gonna get splashed all the time haha [x]

Askin for all his sexy ladies…. [x]

and blowinng kisses [x]

giving his all even while drenched right down to his unds…[x]


Maybe Wrong Valley #4