So, remember when I said I was working on a special gift for hitting 1,000 followers?  Well, over the weekend, we hit 1,500! WAY past due for me to make good on that promise. So here you go- a free origami Cubie pattern to download and print! It’s designed to be folded using the traditional waterbomb base, with the heart faces overlapping and the white sections becoming flaps that get tucked in. Now you can resize it, give it battle damage, make it look however you like, and then take cubie pictures of your own! 

You have a gift for these tests. That’s not just flattery. You are great at science.


Why go home and bathe when you can shower right there on stage? xD Scrubbing his pits while being watergunned lol [x] [x]

sounds like someone screaming bloody murder hahaha while jay twerks on stage [x]

Halting the performance cos he didn’t realise he’s gonna get splashed all the time haha [x]

Askin for all his sexy ladies…. [x]

and blowinng kisses [x]

giving his all even while drenched right down to his unds…[x]


Maybe Wrong Valley #4

Mulder would have taught Klingon to William and they would use it to plan their next crazy experiments while oblivious Scully/Mom was in the same room. One morning their mouth and spoons dropped when Scully replied in Klingon that no, a slingshot on the roof to waterbomb her when she got back from work was not a good idea.


this is the face.of a broken man. 7 kids

my pants split after monster bounce on the trampoline. first hour (of 10) (:

at one point, on a soaking wet trampoline after a big waterbomb fight, i had to be the incredible hulk. and i had 5 kids, hanging off each limb and i tried to walk around to trrampoline being the hulk and yelling until they took me down and i dieded.i drew “tattoos” on tummys and arms for 3 hours

i am tired. i am sov ery tired


this summer has been way above the average temperature and it’s also been a lot of heavy thunderstorms, which have led to forest fires that are very big by swedish standards.

Apparently we’re currently having the biggest forest fire in swedens modern history. It’s also a loss of 150 million SEK worth of timber (about 20 million US dollars). It might not be such big numbers compared to the massive forest fire that can happen in America and other countries - but Sweden is really tiny country and timber is an important part for our economy.

Thousands of people have or might have to evacuate their homes.

And since the fire takes place on the countryside, there’s a lot of farms and horse owners living close to the fire. About 4000 civilian volunteers assist evacuating the animals and help the animal owners to find a place to stay.

We will also get help from france apparently. But some of the specialized planes that are gonna waterbomb the areas have trouble with navigation.

I really hope the fire will be put under control soon, it’s been spreading very fast the past week. But I’m happy to hear that so many people help each other out dealing with the situation. There’s been one death case so far.