Avatar: The Last Airbender 30 Day Challenge

Day 6: Favorite Element


Out of all the elements, I was immediately drawn to water, possibly because its fluidity allows for constant use of the imagination. Whatever drew me to it, I made a smart choice linking myself to it as it quickly became obvious that Water is the strongest of the four elements, based solely on its, frankly, ridiculously endless possibilities. First off, and most basic, Waterbenders can control all three states of matter: ice, water, and steam. That alone makes it remarkably versatile. Then, in book one, you add healing as a skill, making waterbenders invaluable. Then book two introduces plantbending which is just epic. AND THEN BOOK THREE INTRODUCES BLOODBENDING. BLOOD. FUCKING. BENDING. Which is simultaneously the most amazing and most terrifying thing I have ever seen. So, yeah, water. It’s badass.

Rainy Days

So i’m not much of a person of going outside right, but like i’ve always gone outside when it’s raining like crazy and every single time my mother/father/grandmother flip out.

My argument for going in the rain not be stupid is:

  • I get to whip my hair back and forth lusciously in the rain


  • moving around in the rain and like water flying out from all my clothes makes me feel like an awesome dancer and water bender 

  • and if the street becomes semi flooded i can use my wave board to slide down the street like a penguin 

anonymous asked:

ESLA IS WATERBEDER except shes white and for some reason can make dresses out of ice

Katara could make a dress out of ice if she wanted to. Kinda cold though.