this is a poem to the planets

newfoundlands awaken;
always here, never discovered
never taunted
with the trials of Gaea

this morning
the sun will still rise
but in a condescending fashion:
“couldn’t you see?”

dear neighbors
if you still our water
and make the skies rain blood
we will still hail you as miracles
we will still put you in our history textbooks

dear neighbors
why didn’t you call

maybe the line just sputtered and died

but there is something out there other than

the lunacy of you flickers in my hands. but you’re there and there to stay

ever since i was a wee egg i’ve been in love with the “Shattered World” type of fantasy worlds like theres floating islands in the huge blue sky and the people have adapted thru use of sweet lookin “probably shouldn’t be flying” flying ships and there’s settlements/old ruins/forgotten civilizations among the islands 

and usually there’s fucking sky pirates


Girl, he just wanted to give ya a stone, what is wrong with you

Honestly tho, was I the only one who got these ‘I’m not going to apologize because I’m not worthy of forgiveness anyway’ vibes from this scene and just wanted to hug our boi???

Cloudy Skies, Cloudy Water

A Trolls fanfic

Inspired by @ask-artsy-oncie promt here 

Note - I haven’t written in years, I gave this thing a prologue to both stretch some really old muscles, and two, to give some context of the first time (post movie) Branch loses his colours … Chapter 1 will be set at the actually beginning of the story following the prompt

Note 2 - If anyone can give me a better title, please shoot them my way … this was a filler title whilst I thought of something better … (though it kind of fits a little with the context of the story)

Chapter 1


“Branch I -” the bright pink queen turned her head with a grin, looking to her new partner. The smile faltered, realising the troll she was looking for wasn’t there. Her eyes looked left, right, left again.

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