Reflected Models by Takahiro Iwasaki 

Takahiro Iwasaki (岩崎 貴宏, born 1975 in Hiroshima) is a Japanese artist and sculptor. This post groups some of our favorites works of this series where the artist creates a detailed model of a temple and also builds a mirror image model creating the illusion of a reflection on water. When suspended the sculptures become something magical and awe inspiring.

  • Reflection Model (Omnipresence/Phoenix) Images 01 + 02
  • Reflection Model (Omnipresence/Gold) Image 03
  • Reflection Model (Itsukushima) Images 04-06
  • Reflection Model (Perfect Bliss) Images 07 + 08
  • Reflection Model (Lapis Lazuli) Images 09 + 10

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Plantwork & Bonding

I see a lot of plantwork that is drastically different than any plantwork I’ve done.

This isn’t to say that others are wrong or incorrect but much of what they suggest you do to bond with plants and plant spirits is superficial at best.

Plants are not people. They do not behave like people. They do not communicate like people. They do not like or trust people in almost every single instance (unless they are greenhouse grown or seedlings).

Some pointers:

*Do not speak to them.
People often suggest you just approach a tree and talk to it. In every instance I’ve attempted this I’ve felt a change in the air. I’ve felt a sense of a wall being placed between us. I’ve felt a sense of urgency and disdain. Trees do not want you to randomly approach them and chat to them about your life and your problems, in this way they are like all creatures. A stranger is a stranger. An outsider and outsider.

I suggest you let them “approach” you.
Sit near them but not next to them and do something on your own. It could be reading, drawing, or spework. Let them become curious of you. Be respectful and quiet. Do not leave litter. If you’d like to leave a token maybe some pretty rocks or some seeds are what I’ve found to work well. I’ve also poured out my water and left small sculptures of discarded branches and rocks.

If you do this enough you will feel when it is appropriate to move on. You may feel a sense of peace, or a sense of welcoming or sometimes I ask for specific signs.

Once something of this nature occurs you can address the plant directly. Do NOT ask for its name but instead offer your own (be it nickname or otherwise). Explain your intentions and ask if it needs anything of you.

Obviously many spirits will be wary of this, and some may ignore you but if you feel strange or uneasy just back up and try again in a few days. Some spirits simply do not want to work with you.

I’ve also found removing debris and litter to work very well in my favor (though if you’re a decent person you’ll do this anyways).

I would be extremely​ wary of approaching trees and plants with hugs and stories and things of that nature. You are an outsider and you should acknowledge that fact and be respectful about it.


Here’s a little video turnaround so you can see the moving watery effect :)

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BMC Superpower AU

Okay so,, I’ve been thinking about this AU for a long time now and I’ve seen a lot of people make variations of it, but more with powers within other existing canons and I just kinda had my own ideas for something! And in honor of reaching a thousand followers (which is still?? Mind blowing) I wanted to share a bit about it!

- The Squip used to be an actual person, but he abused his power (electricity manipulation) until the electricity consumed him and he became just an electrical entity
- He used Jeremy sometimes as a way to interact with the physical world since!! Jeremy also has electricity manipulation! Making him an easy conductor
- Jeremy hates his power because he got it from his mother
- (You either get one strong power from one parent or both powers, but on a weaker level. Though, you can always train your powers to work better.)
- Rich has fire manipulation powers, but he’s not all that good with it
- He has trouble in trying to make it so that the fire doesn’t hurt him once it’s been set.
- He tests it every so often and sometimes it works, but it doesn’t a lot of the time so he has several small burns from it
- Michael got powers from both parents!
- He has flight from his mom and plant manipulation from his dad
- He never works on flying so he can only really levitate, but he constantly uses his plant powers
- Coughs to grow weed coughs
- He can also kinda feel how plants are feeling in a way that he doesn’t know how to describe, so everyone calls him the Lorax
- “This is Michael he speaks for the trees” “the trees say fuck off”
- Jake is another two-er! He has hypnosis from his mom and duplication from his dad
- His parents are super villains so he doesn’t like using his powers much
- Though he does use duplication the most so he can be at more than one extra curricular at a time if need be
- Maybe uses hypnosis to get an assignment or two accepted that he’s turning in late, but that’s about it since that’s the power he’s scared the most of using
- Jenna the esper!
- She Knows All (well not really)
- She has a very good sense of what people are feeling to the point where it sometimes feels like she’s reading your mind
- She also sometimes has future visions, but it’s 50/50 on whether it’s a real prediction
- “You shouldn’t sit there. Michael’s gonna trip around that area and spill his drink.” “Haha okay sure Jenna.”
- “MICHAEL WHAT THE HELL” “*from across the room* WHAT DID I JUST SAY”
- Christine can shapeshift!
- She 100% uses this for theatre because she can also just change features about herself
- (But it takes energy to hold different forms so she doesn’t do it for too long)
- Rich and Jake sometimes get her to turn into animals where that animal Shouldn’t be
- She only goes through with it because she likes how it makes them laugh
- “Mr. Reyes? Why is there a zebra backstage?” “CHRISTINE”
- Brooke can manipulate water!
- She uses it a lot when it rains to keep the water off her and Chloe
- Whenever she’s stressed out or feeling down playing with the water always helps her calm down or bring up her mood
- She makes pretty sculptures with water sometimes and freezes them
- Everyone wishes they could last longer, but they gotta melt sometime
- Chloe can communicate with and control bugs which completely grossed her out when she was little, but she finds it super effective now
- No one really… knows her power. She keeps it to herself and just uses it to her advantage
- She never gets mosquito bites or bee stings and neither does Brooke
- If someone is annoying her, she just sends critters their way
- She’s come to actually like bugs now
- (This is 100% because of Katlyn Carlson’s instagram stories because the spider snaps make me laugh every time)

I hope to end up writing a big thing for it but!! That’ll be after I finish up a few more requests and after I plan some more of it out (I’ve only got the plans for the first two chapters so far alfkekd). If you find these ideas interesting, feel free to express that! Or if you have idea of your own please let me know! I wanna see what else could be incorporated in this universe. :0 !