Blue showing Lance some of his water manipulation tricks. Sometimes he’ll freeze the water into tiny lion sculptures, unfortunately they tend to melt after a day, much to Lance’s disappointment. 

It’s during one of these moments that Blue shows Lance how strong their bond is by teaching Lance that he can also do the same magic.

Lance of course can’t do elaborate shapes, or even manipulate a decent mass of water, but with extreme concentration he can make small water orbs float across the room, or tiny dart like icicles when distressed (2 at most).

I responded to the times how I know best- with art. Facing the future I know that there is little I can offer except a spot in my little corner of the world. Here there are appigles and whos- there are water colors and sculptures- there are silly things and pretty things- and hopefully there is a little bit of joy and happiness. And it may be small and it may be simple- but you are welcome here.

Any gender, sex, race, religion, sexuality, disability, nationality- you are welcome here.

If anyone else resonates with the logo I made, you’re welcome to use it as an icon or a badge or what have you. Maybe it speaks to some of you in the way it did when I was designing it. A person embraced- wrapped in blue skies and warm gold- kept safe in something between a hopeful sun and an open eye. Because we could use a few rays og hope and a few more open eyes right now.