The Gaston Curse

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 *Curse to knock someone off of their high horse and make them feel the pain they have inflicted upon others and/or you*
**pretty strong curse as most of the few curses I have written are, so beware and keep track of the reversal in case it is needed**


-a jar or container of some sort that seals well
-red candles (optional but not absolutely necessary) (you can change the colour if you wish red just reminds me of Gaston so-)
-a small piece of bread or something that can get mold (or has mold if you have something like that around-)
-Something that can rot (I usually use a part of a banana peel)
-Salt water (think of putting salt in a wound and the sting that it brings, especially in deep wounds)
-two pieces of paper
-Pen to write with (permanent marker works better or water proof makeup if you have any)


~on one paper write the name of your target very clearly, then below it write what they have done wrong or what quality of theirs is the worst (write them pretty close together no space in between)

~ on the other piece of paper write out Gaston, then underneath that write down a quality that the target shares with him. (preferably the worst you can think of, like his ego, his anger etc)

~use the scissors to cut around the words, cutting as close as possible without cutting through the words, imagine boxing that person in tightly, making it hard for them to escape the energy of the spell

~put the papers into the jar, folding them if necessary

~put the mold catching object into the jar along with the rotting object

~ you can add some additional things if you wish (cigarette or incense ash, rusted nails or pennies)

~ pour the salt water into the jar, enough to cover most of the objects

~Close the jar and shake the contents a bit, putting all of your negative energy into the jar

~ if you really want you can make lyrics to the Gaston song but rather than naming good qualities, name bad qualities of the target as you shake the jar. You can think it, say it or sing it whichever works for you

~If you have a candle lit, pass the jar over the flame (but be careful not to scorch the jar or burn it or anything else!! remember your fire safety!) imagine it sending your energy it the target

~if you did the above step, seal the jar with the candle wax

~put the jar in a dark, isolated space and do your best not to come into much contact with it

~put up wards and such if needed

~remember post cursing cleansing etc

**In order to reverse or remove the curse simply retrieve the jar, and bury its contents as far from your home as possible**

“Yes Sir.” It was barely audible. “I’ve been a slutty girl, will you please spank me?”

I pointed over to a bare wall. “Go over there and stand up against it. Take the paddle with you. She gingerly bent down to get the paddle and slowly crawled over to the wall. She began raising herself up.

I got out of the chair and walked over to her.

She was leaning against the wall, her hands flat up against it. She turned her head to look at me I told her to turn around as I grabbed the paddle out of her hands. I pressed her shoulders up against the wall, flattening her breasts out as I did. She stayed like that. Her ballet boots were about six inches from the wall. “Pull your feet out further. I want two feet between the toe of that boot and the wall.” Slowly, she complied. “Stick that slutty ass out. Farther….farther…Ok.”

She was now slightly bent, her back in a terrific arch as her breasts were compressed by the wall. Her feet were as far apart as the chain would allow. Her short skirt had ridden up her ass, giving me a terrific target. I examined her panties. They were soaked.

I caressed her ass with the paddle as I asked. “How many swats do you think you deserve?”

She thought about it for a few moments, trying to come up with a number that would please me.

“Ummm, fifteen?”

“You think you only deserve fifteen swats for fucking the door handle like some street whore?”


“You think you deserve twenty?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Twenty hard swats for allowing your cunt to have so much control over your actions.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Keep that ass out.” I caressed her ass a few more moments, then quickly swung.

She cried out and jerked forward, but immediately stuck her ass back out. Without provocation, she began counting. “One.” She shouted.

SWAP! “Two!”

SWAP “Three!”……….

I finished all twenty. She was sobbing, but throughout it all, she would always position her ass to meet the paddle. Not once did I have to have remind her to stick her ass out. She counted every single stroke, even though I hadn’t told her too.

I didn’t know if she did this because she wanted to please me, or if she genuinely believed she deserved to have her slutty ass paddled. I suspected that it was a little of both. Her shame and anguish served to make her feel the need for the pain I brought her. It was very genuine, I felt. She had wanted it.

I threw the paddle on the floor as she leaned up against the wall sobbing. Once again, I was very glad I had bought the water proof makeup. She would have big black streams of mascara running down her face if it was regular makeup. I told her to put the paddle up and go make me some breakfast as I returned to my seat. She finally gathered herself and crawled out of the room, clutching the paddle.

Gender Reveal ~N.M.~

Summary: you and Nate do a YouTube video for the gender reveal.

Requested: yes

“Hey babes. It’s y/n and I’m back with another amazing video for you all. So Im going to kill two birds with stone today. So first. Babe? Video Time” I yell at my boyfriend Nate.

“Hey y/ns fans. I’m the baby daddy” Nate says chuckling.

“They’re your fans too Nate. Anyway. You guys wanted Nate to do my makeup so we’re gonna do that, but we’re also going to do a gender reveal because we got the tests back and I wanted to do something fun.

So I have 2 themes for makeup, pink and blue. I’m going to close my eyes and Nate is gonna look in the envelope find out the gender and then do my makeup the color scheme. I’m super excited and scared. I even bought all water proof makeup cause I know I’m going to cry.”

“I bet it’s a girl. I want a boy but I bet it’s a girl” Nate says looking at me.

“I think it’s a boy.”

“Well let’s find out.”

Nates pov

Y/n had a cool idea for a gender reveal and I was excited. I grab the envelope and pull out the ultrasound.

In cursive writing at the bottom is the gender. I read it over and over again.

A Girl.

I was having a girl. I was gonna have a princess.

I looked up at y/n who was sitting there with her eyes closed. I showed the camera the ultrasound and my eyes started watering.

“Are you okay babe?” Y/n asks probably hearing my sniffles.

“I’m fucking amazing babe. I can’t believe we’re having a baby together” I say kissing her lips quickly.

I take out the pink make up y/n had and looked at the picture she gave me. I put on the foundation just like I had watched y/n do so many times.

We talked about random stuff. We told everyone the names we had picked out and how excited we were. We told them the god parents. And told them about the nursery. Me and y/n were beyond excited for this baby.

“Okay baby you’re done. I’ll get the mirror.” I handed y/n a hand held mirror while biting my lip.

She started crying and looking at herself.

She set down the mirror and looked at the camera. She was crying and smiling.

“A baby girl. Oh my god. I can’t. Oh Nate. WERE HAVING A BABY GIRL. A PRINCESS. NATE” she screamed while smiling. I hugged her tight and kissed her forehead.

“By the way Nate you did really good. It looks like I did it honestly. You’re gonna start doing my makeup when I’m too lazy” she said kissing my cheek.

Y/N pov


My make up looked amazing and I was carrying a baby girl in my stomach.

After we turned off the camera we went out for food and tell everyone what we were having.

We Don’t Talk Anymore

Summary: Song based on Charlie Puth’s and Selena Gomez’ song We Don’t Talk Anymore.

Pairings: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Angst (it gets relieved) 

Word Count: 1385

We Don’t Talk Anymore - Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

“So hey, guys.” You said to the mic. The crowd screamed for you happily. “So I wanted to sing this for my last song of the night, because for some reason it’s been stuck in my mind when I first heard it.” You said and they screamed for you even more. You were currently on tour. As a singer, you loved going on tours, meeting a lot of your fans, singing for them.

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Gom and takao and imayoshi react to their beloved girlfriend testing her makeup on them? Haha thank youuu

Kuroko: Not minding the slightest (as long as the two of you stayed indoors) Kuroko would allow you to test whatever you needed to. Though, he thought you’d be testing it on his arm or other harmless patch of skin. When you brought the eyeliner up to his eyes however, he got a bit nervous.

Kise: Actually being used to having makeup on his face due to his job, Kise didn’t mind having you test yours on him. The foundation wasn’t his color and he never had to wear such vibrantly colored eye shadow before, so it was a new experience! The two of you end up sending a picture to his usual makeup artist.

Aomine: No way! There was no way he would allow you to test anything on his face! But then again, the way you were begging and pouting so cutely… Aomine would groan heavily before giving in. At least he would be able to wash it all off right away. (Little did he know it was all water proof makeup!)

Imayoshi: Despite frowning and giving you teasing complaints the entire time, Imayoshi was just glad you were having fun, even if it was at his expense. He thought it was funny when you huffed in annoyance as he waggled his eyebrows, messing up the work you were doing there.

Midorima: All you had done was swatched a few eye shadow colors on his arm, but Midorima was acting like it was the end of the world. Every time he wiped, it only smeared the color further down his arm! And, oh god, was that glitter?! He’d never get it off now!

Takao: The idea had been Takao’s in the first place when you were out shopping for new shades of lipstick. After all, you needed to get a color that would match the both of you nicely if you were going to be having your lips all over each other later.

Murasakibara: You had drawn lines of eyeliner down his arm while he was sleeping, wanting to test which ones were the darkest. Murasakibara wouldn’t have woken up if you hadn’t started misting his arm with water to test how water proof they were also.

Akashi: There’s a light chuckle from him as you politely ask him to sit still as you dab some blush onto his cheeks. He asks what the problem was, noticing your disgruntled face as you stare at him. Heaven knows you’d never rouse an actual blush from him, so you had to memorize this faked one while you still could!

Austin Carlile: Repeating Apologies

 Request: an austin carlile request where YN is dating austin, and YN was really good friends with Mitch, like BEST friends. And on the anniversary of his death you were suppose to see him but Austin got drunk with his band and forgot about it so YN left your house crying and didn’t come home till like 1 in the morning and austin gets really mad at you but you explain that you were seeing Mitch and he makes it up to you somehow? 

A/N:  :((( . Hope you don’t mind I changed it up a bit. Enjoy it lovely xx 

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