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Gender Reveal ~N.M.~

Summary: you and Nate do a YouTube video for the gender reveal.

Requested: yes

“Hey babes. It’s y/n and I’m back with another amazing video for you all. So Im going to kill two birds with stone today. So first. Babe? Video Time” I yell at my boyfriend Nate.

“Hey y/ns fans. I’m the baby daddy” Nate says chuckling.

“They’re your fans too Nate. Anyway. You guys wanted Nate to do my makeup so we’re gonna do that, but we’re also going to do a gender reveal because we got the tests back and I wanted to do something fun.

So I have 2 themes for makeup, pink and blue. I’m going to close my eyes and Nate is gonna look in the envelope find out the gender and then do my makeup the color scheme. I’m super excited and scared. I even bought all water proof makeup cause I know I’m going to cry.”

“I bet it’s a girl. I want a boy but I bet it’s a girl” Nate says looking at me.

“I think it’s a boy.”

“Well let’s find out.”

Nates pov

Y/n had a cool idea for a gender reveal and I was excited. I grab the envelope and pull out the ultrasound.

In cursive writing at the bottom is the gender. I read it over and over again.

A Girl.

I was having a girl. I was gonna have a princess.

I looked up at y/n who was sitting there with her eyes closed. I showed the camera the ultrasound and my eyes started watering.

“Are you okay babe?” Y/n asks probably hearing my sniffles.

“I’m fucking amazing babe. I can’t believe we’re having a baby together” I say kissing her lips quickly.

I take out the pink make up y/n had and looked at the picture she gave me. I put on the foundation just like I had watched y/n do so many times.

We talked about random stuff. We told everyone the names we had picked out and how excited we were. We told them the god parents. And told them about the nursery. Me and y/n were beyond excited for this baby.

“Okay baby you’re done. I’ll get the mirror.” I handed y/n a hand held mirror while biting my lip.

She started crying and looking at herself.

She set down the mirror and looked at the camera. She was crying and smiling.

“A baby girl. Oh my god. I can’t. Oh Nate. WERE HAVING A BABY GIRL. A PRINCESS. NATE” she screamed while smiling. I hugged her tight and kissed her forehead.

“By the way Nate you did really good. It looks like I did it honestly. You’re gonna start doing my makeup when I’m too lazy” she said kissing my cheek.

Y/N pov


My make up looked amazing and I was carrying a baby girl in my stomach.

After we turned off the camera we went out for food and tell everyone what we were having.