One face mist for every day of the week? Or different times of day?

Just kidding, but @laneigesg has launched 7 brand new Water Science skin mists to keep your skin balanced on the go. These affordable bottles (SG$28 each) are exclusively sold at their new @ion_orchard boutique in Singapore.

#1 Skin Relief - contains cypress tree extract to soothe sensitive skin
#2 White Plus Renew - contains signature Melacrusher complex to brighten skintone
#3 Sparkling Water - micro-carbonated to improve cell turnover and reduce dullness
#4 Water Bank - named after their cult skincare line, this helps skin retain its own moisture levels
#5 Water Sleeping Pack - invisible moisture-binding film locks in hydration and perks up tired skin
#6 Time Freeze - collagen-infused and firming
#7 Clear C - contains Superberry extract (4X potency of Vit C) to brighten and amp up skin repair

These are great as a toner, for dampening your brushes before foundation, OR misted on throughout the day to refresh and protect your skin. Your only problem is choosing which ones to buy!

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I'm not much of a sportist but get me a Jet Pack!

I’m not much of a sportist but I’ll give it a go, especially if it’s water sports! I can’t believe it took me this long to go jet skiing, although, just because you’re not in the water doesn’t mean you won’t get wet. I did not realise this. I was not dressed to get wet, I nearly drowned my phone and I had so much fun! I also didn’t realise that throwing yourself off is half the fun, of course I worked this out after I’d struggled to stay balanced and not fall off. This is my face on a jet ski, I was half pulling a stupid face but then the immediate acceleration nearly ripped it off.

Obviously if you are a keen water sportist you need a GoPro. I have the GoPro, I just don’t have the skills. All the gear but no idea. I’m going to work on the skills though and at least I’ll be able to film myself looking stupid whilst I’m practising my next obsession…

The water jet pack. Does it count as a sport? I don’t care, it’s next on my list of things to do! Banana boats and parasailing are your standard package holiday stuff on a beach somewhere sold by a dodgy looking man with questionable insurance. Jet packs in the water is proper. It’s the Iron Man of the water, James Bond wished he had one of these, it could even make me look cool. Ok, I would be wrinkly and have probably drowned multiple times before I get any good at it, but if I can look as cool as Karl Pilkington then it’s my new favourite sport.

- Dan

Here’s Karl Pilkington having a go at a water jet pack - http://youtu.be/4rbbPzE6hXs

Image from www.aquaticjetpacks.com


JetFlow water packs make great gifts for the holidays.