As a follow up to this post, I made a few new designs and then added these stickers to my Etsy shop!

Thought I might as well make some crystal stickers while I’m at it too!

The skulls are of a Chinese water deer, red fox, stag, bearded dragon, tiger and a Griffon vulture.

A5 prints of each individual skull as well as a A4 / A5  group shot and crystal print are available also! It’s free UK shipping and international postage is available :D


Been messing around with ideas for enamel pins.. even though I could never afford to get these made into pins ;-; I will, however, be making them into prints, stickers and possibly patches - as well as continuing the series with other animal skulls! All will be made available through my etsy shop in the near future :0

The skulls are a tiger, chinese water deer and a bearded dragon.

These are also transparent, ooooo!

i might not have antlers BUT I DO HAVE TUSKS!!!!

water is a type of deer native to korea and china– it doesn’t have tusks so in substitute it has fangs or tusks. it is not that short it is actually really long. so this is me– as a furry. a deer. a korean deer. in a hoodie and glasses lol. i also like the colors i chose it’s kind of close to my skin colour