Description of Broadway's  guys voices
  • Leslie Odom Jr.: A red velvet cupcake fresh out of the oven with cream cheese frosting in the middle
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: That Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb that just explodes with color when you drop it in the bath water
  • Daveed Diggs: Tap dancing. Just tap dancing but also rapping at the same time
  • Michael Arden: Butterflies in your stomach that are so strong you want to pull a Julie Andrews and start spinning happily in a circle
  • Andy Mientus: Fuzzy socks and hot chocolate by a warm fire with tons of blankets while having a Disney movie marathon
  • Aaron Tveit: The cold side of your pillow that feels oh-so-good in the middle of the night
  • Jeremy Jordan: Dressing in a cute outfit and strutting around while everyone is checking you out and you KNOW you look hot AF
  • Ben Platt: To take a bath with relaxing music and suddenly felt the heat in your body and your cheeks blushing
  • Darren Criss: When you adopt a new puppy, who has been living on the street starving, and now all you wanna do is wrap him in a blanket, cuddle and give him love
  • Jonathan Groff: That one commercial for Coca Cola that they play at Christmas Time that makes everyone laugh,smile, and cry
  • Alex Boniello: When you’re home alone and put on full concert mode very loudly with light, fume and special effects all over the room
More Thoughts On Descendants 2

I really wanted to make a list of things I loved and stuff to discuss so here we go:

- Mal and Uma arm wrestling

- We got to watch 2 girls fight using EXCESSIVE AMOUNTS OF MAGIC (literally sea goddess vs. dragon I live for this)

- Teaching Ben to be cool was adorable and I loved it

- Dizzy

- Evie’s plotline of learning to accept her past 

- Jay and Carlos falling asleep on each other

- Mal and Evie singing a romantic duet about missing each other while they’re still in the same room

- The Rotten Four hangout?!?!?!


- RAP BATTLE!!!!!!


- Pirates

- What’s My Name?

- All the songs were jams!

- More dance, yeeeees!

- Evie is successful, you go girl

- Carlos is still a tech genius you go bro

- We all bow to Lonnie, our new captain

- WaTeR DaNcE


- “You just gotta look like me” Jay isn’t wrong like hot dang

- Carlos being a dork


exo stuff that i’m never forgetting:


-suho and kris being the eternal parents

-EXO showtime

-jongin’s laugh

-i got that good good

-suho as a rv member


-their first music show win

-growl and the one take

-jongin’s hat falling 

-sehun + bubble tea


-’chicken is not my style’

-manly luhan

-actor soo

-chanyeol being scared of soo

-tao wearing sunglasses inside the dorm


-the really embarrassing/hilarious wolf teaser




-lay humping the floor but being stopped by his mom aka suho

-haunted house 

-’oh shit’ by Park Chanyeol

-chen’s vocal range

-xiumin’s high note

-EXO-K ‘history’ dance practice video

-shaking pants

-super powers

-11 minutes

-depressing christmas songs all the time

-lay owning SM after being the only chinese member left

-MAMA performances

-specifically the 2013 one


-’my lady’ live performance

-sekai dancing on water

-’artificial love’ performance

-acoustic medley

-’open arms’ cover

-chanyeol’s rap on ‘lightsaber’ and ‘overdose’

-teasers featuring 75% by kai

-pathcode teasers

-baekhyun’s hands

-new abs all the time


-lay’s solo debut album breaking guiness world records

-beagle line

-kim bros

-kai’s ‘deep breath’ solo stage

-EXO-K singing in spanish

-EXO next door

-heart attack VCR

-EXO as little chickens on ‘happy camp’

-chen whinning

-lipstick chateau

-blow it like a flute

-rich suho

-everyone just wants xiumin to talk

-vocals everywhere

-dancing af

-baekhyun’s high note in ‘el dorado’

-tree of life

-’unfair’ stages

-everyone teasing suho

-they’re really random

-chanyeol is the most multitalented person ever

-intro dubstep

-lay + butts


-english covers

-cringe moments

-EXO-M ‘two moons’ dream kpop fantasy concert performance

-tao + martial arts

-the video they imitate animals

-breaking every record ever


-’when the skies and the grounds were one legends through there twelve forces nurtured the tree of life. an eye of red forces created the evil which covered the heart of tree of life and the heart slowly grew dry.
to intent an embrace for heart of tree of life, the legends hereby divide the tree in half and hide each side hence time is overturned and space turns askew.
the twelve forces divide into two and create two suns that look alike, into two worlds that seem alike. the legends travel apart. the legends shall now see the same sky but shall stand on different grounds, shall stand on the same ground but shall see different skies.the day the grounds begin a single fault before one sky in two worlds that seem alike, the legends will greet each other.t
he day the red forces purify and twelve forces reunite into one perfect root - a new world shall open up’

A/N: feel free to add more stuff, i was bored

anonymous asked:

Do you know why they are saying kyungsoo has changed

I didn’t want to have to make this post. but alas, at this point, I see no other choice.

do kyungsoo has been kidnapped and replaced by a lookalike named bob: a conspiracy theory

evidence #1:

look at what his shirt says. BOB. I know what you’re thinking: isn’t this too obvious? but this is exactly what bob wants you to think. he’s hiding in plain sight.

evidence #2:

the disappearance of his undershirts. 

a quick search on google images will show you this:

non-revealing clothing, shirts always buttoned up to the topmost button, turtlenecks. 

at the mere mention of abs, kyungsoo covers up. when he sees there’s a chance his skin could be revealed he does this:

when his shirt was clinging to his body after dancing in water he covered himself with towels:

the man fucking wears tshirts under his tshirts:

but then he literally went from this

to this


evidence #3:

on idol men when the members were asked who has pets, he raised his hand:

the members have mentioned and shown their pets multiple times, even kyungsoo has talked about other members pets, but not once has he stated that he has one on his own, nor has he expressed desire to adopt one. one can only assume what doppelgänger bob is raising on his behalf.

evidence #4:

“kyungsoo” has recently been announced to enroll in university:

it is a well known fact however, that kyungsoo does not like to study, nor does he find it important:

and finally, the most telling, perhaps the most shocking evidence (caution: this is NOT for the faint of heart), I present to you

evidence #5:

in a recent airport photo, he lifted his cap to reveal this:

bob’s real hair growing in after his polyjuice potion wears off. a fatal mistake on bob’s behalf.

do kyungsoo, if you’re out there, we hope you’re well. hold on tight.

Mars Confessing Love

Mars in Fire: Impatient and won’t hide it for long. Likely to bluntly expose feelings. Better to get it out of the way now than later, right?

Mars in Earth: Very patient and sure. They will wait for when the timing seems right to put their feelings on the table.

Mars in Air: Likely to try and pry it out of you first. Only once they are sure they have succeeded your interest will they say anything directly.

Mars in Water: Dances around the subject for awhile before actually admitting anything. They can be quite indirect and will even attempt to avoid being the one to confess.

Background visuals of Florence and The Machine’s British Summer Time Hyde Park performance.

Directed by Willo Perron, inspiration is drawn from Florence’s relationship to the alchemical symbols of water, air and fire. The film is broken into a three-act sequence, where Florence opens submerged in water, dances with the wind, and ultimately reckons with fire.