having self-discipline while studying can be immensely helpful, and it’ll help you get over procrastination and motivation slumps. here are some tips for developing more self-discipline!
ahhh this post was kinda hard to write because i’m still trying to build up my own self-discipline! hopefully, some of this will help you guys out!

remove all temptations

yes, it’s so so tempting to check tumblr and youtube and twitter and instagram and whatnot while studying. a simple way to fix that is to log off all of your social media accounts, put your phone away and out of your sight while studying, and setting up a website blocker if you need to. chrome has quite a lot of extensions regarding website blockers, so try searching for one that you like.

be ready to study

get all of your materials out, fill up a bottle of water, make yourself a study snack if you want to, make sure your work space is clean and ready to go, etc. it can be disruptive to your own work flow if you suddenly find that you desperately need something halfway across your house during your study session.

don’t wait for “the perfect moment”

waiting for “the right time” and “the perfect moment” can be incredibly detrimental to your own discipline. it’s nice to spend a lot of time digging through a motivation tag and you feel very light and happy to start working. however, that’s not helpful if you’ve spent too much time in that and not enough time to get your own work done. get a start on your own work and try to finish it efficiently so you can get back to whatever you were doing before :-)

don’t make excuses

this is kinda like the one before it, but stop making excuses to yourself unless they’re genuine. i know that other things in your life may come first, and that’s completely fine! just remember to be honest with yourself and stop making up flimsy excuses to push off something that you don’t want to do.

schedule things.

good time management = good self-discipline :)
keep track of all the tasks that you need to do that day, and try to finish all of them in the same day as well. don’t overload your schedule though; be realistic in your planning. you don’t have to cover 15 chapters in one day!!

start whatever you need to do at that time

by pushing it off, you’re inviting yourself into the dreaded loop of procrastination.
if you’ve already fallen into procrastination, force yourself to start the task for at least 10 minutes. after 10 minutes, check to see if you’ve gotten into a nice and steady work flow or if you’re still just worn-out and tired and don’t want to do it at all. if it’s the first one, smile and continue on! you’ve succeeded! if it’s the second one, maybe it’s because you’re too tired and worn out. take a 5 minute break and then try again.

finish what you start

it’s fairly simple: try to finish whatever you start that day. don’t push it off or wait til the next day to finish it.

make up your own deadline

by establishing your own deadline, you set yourself a time frame to finish something in. this pushes you to actually do the work in that amount of time.
also, it’s really helpful especially when working on projects. you can split up the task into separate chunks and make deadlines for each “chunk.” it makes it a lot easier to handle too!

take advantage of mornings

i absolutely detest mornings, but waking up early can be a huge advantage. by waking up early, you’re strengthening your own self-discipline as well as gaining a large amount of time to study and work! besides, it feels great to have a whole night to yourself if you finish all of your tasks in the morning!!

remember to forgive yourself and remember to take breaks!

not everyone can be hyper productive forever. people have their ups and downs, and you’re no exception. don’t beat yourself up over not finishing x amount of tasks that day or for having too many long breaks or whatever. it’s good to shake yourself back into shape, but please please don’t go overboard and despair about your failures. it’s so easy to guilt yourself and spiral away from your built-up discipline ;; the longer you’re off, the harder it is to get back up and keep going.
the key thing is: you are trying and your efforts are validated and you have made some progress with your self-discipline and studying. forgive yourself and move on.

remember: don’t get discouraged
the longest journey starts with a single step (◕ᴗ◕✿)

hope this helped and good luck! if you’d like to request a post, go here and if you’d like to see more helpful posts, go here!! thanks :)

My brother went to Halifax Pride and got me this gay ass water bottle cover, plus a flannel water bottle cover for days when I “want to be covertly gay instead of overtly gay”

Marry me [l.h.]

pairing: luke x reader

word count: 1,172

so here’s (in my mind) how i think luke would propose.. hope you like it xx

Your fingers tapped the side of the water bottle in your hands to the beat of the music, your head slightly bobbing along subconsciously. You watched Luke, his eyes shut tightly to hit all the right notes (and throw in a few note changes as well), his harmonious voice filling the packed arena, all screaming the lyrics back at the 4 boys on stage. Seeing Luke do what he love brought a smile to your face, one you couldn’t help every night you watched him perform on stage. 

He took a step back from the mic and walked over to the right side of the stage, looking out into the crowd as he played and Michael sang his bit. All the girls’ faces–and a few guys as well–lit up and erupted when Luke came closer to them, like Luke being 5 feet away from them completed your life.

You knew Luke completed your life, but you two were so utterly infatuated with each other, it was like you were made for each other.

The past few years you didn’t even believe; sure, there were a few bumps in the road, but you always overcame them. He always made sure that you were happy, and if you two fought, he would always fix things. He would make everything better.

That’s how his fans viewed him as well; Luke was such a role model to millions of people, and though they’re just fans, having Luke inspire and motivate them daily completed their lives. Luke cared about every one of them just how he cared about you, and his caring personality was overlooked many times. He was underrated for how compassionate he was, since he was the frontman of the band and had been caught up in a few petty scandals in his past. But you knew who he really was, and you knew the truth.

The song soon came to an end and Luke turned around, grabbing a water bottle off one of the amplifiers behind him and taking a few sips of water, looking to you and shooting you a quick smile and a wink your way. One of the stage hands held an acoustic guitar to him and Luke quickly handed him his Les Paul, nodding as a quick thanks. 

Michael stood up to his mic and held his hand up to the crowd. “Oh look guys, Mr. Luke Hemmings has an acoustic guitar now. And nothing says romance like an acoustic guitar.” The crowd roared with excitement, anticipating Michael’s coming speech about love. “Except we’re gonna do things a little different tonight. Usually it’s me talking about love and all that shit, which doesn’t make sense since I’m probably the most childish and inappropriate one up here, but anyways. I’m going to hand this over to Mr. Luke Hemmings himself.”

You quirked an eyebrow at the change, shrugging it off and taking a sip from your water. Luke humbly walked up to the mic and smiled down at his feet. “How we feeling tonight?” He asked rhetorically, receiving loud cheers from the crowd. “Great, now as Michael had said, I’m here to talk about love. But to go along with my little plan, I’m going to need my lovely girlfriend Y/N to come out here and help me.”

He turned to you as the crowd roared with glee, your face flushing as you timidly took a step from the backstage area where you were, looking back at the crew who were all smiling and shouting quiet words of encouragement for you to walk out. Michael held his arm out towards Luke as if directing you, stepping to the side as you walked out. You looked out into the crowd and it left you awestruck at the scene; your heart was racing with anticipation and you were truly confused as to why you were standing here in front of 15,000 people this very moment.

Luke took your hand in his and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “Everyone give it up for Y/N!” He shouted to the mic, and once again the crowd went crazy. He quickly took off the acoustic guitar and handed it to Michael, who took care of it. “Not gonna need that right now anyways.” He said, mostly under his breath. “Now, Y/N, you maybe wondering why the hell I’ve brought you out here right now, but like I said, I’d like to celebrate love. I know there’s always shit going on in the world around us and sometimes in our little world we share together, but love always wins. And no matter what, we get through it. It’s a funny thing how people can be complete strangers one minute and then completely in love the next, and that’s kinda what happened with us. And Y/N, I’m so fucking glad to have you in my life today and I know I get annoying sometimes, but you know it’s always out of love. We’ve been to hell and back, and I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side going into the future, whatever is waiting for us. So,” You blinked the tears that had formed in your eyes away at the realization of what was happening; he was on one knee and grabbed a small box from his back pocket, holding it out to you while still holding one of your hands. You couldn’t even hear the crowd going insane over the display happening before them, all you could pay attention to was Luke in front of you. He was all that mattered. “Y/N, will you marry me?”

You nodded your head over and over, your lips parting into a wide smile as he reciprocated your expression, breathing a sigh of relief and taking the ring out, sliding it onto your dainty finger. He stood up and put his hands on either side of your face, pulling you in for a kiss. His lips encapsulated yours for a moment, before hearing Ashton behind you two. “Y’know, I wish I could see what was actually happening but this damn drum kit is in my way.”

“It’s adorable Ash, I’m practically in tears over here.” Calum joked.

Though Luke most likely couldn’t hear due to the intense screaming coming from the crowd and the ear piece that made him deaf every night, you looked up into his eyes, saying “I love you so much, Luke.”

He smiled down at you, giving you a kiss on your forehead. “I love you more, Y/N.” He mouthed back to you, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you closed, the small tears of joy transferring onto his black t-shirt and leaving your chest filled with such a giddy feeling you recognized. It was the same feeling you got whenever you were with Luke, whenever he would hold you close to him and when he would say how much he loved you. And as many times as he would deny you, you loved him so much more.

Little Green Monster (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Originally posted by morefelton

Prompt: I can’t handle it, I love the way you write both Steve and Bucky. Can I get a oneshot where reader starts off dating Steve and Bucky brings Sharon to dinner or something and they realize they are with the wrong people?? Just so I can pretend with a little bit of both haha!! Thanks doll!

YOU *points* keep Bucky in character and Seb in “personality” so WELL! AAAHHHHHH bless you for existing. I would die of happiness if you could do another Bucky is jealous ficcie, your oneshot about the restaurant was on fire and I needed to drink two bottles of water to cool down. Thank you !

A/N: So I decided to combine two prompts into one- more jealous!Bucky for you all. (Also people keep calling me ‘Doll’ and I keep dying of cuteness because I love that name so much, I’m basically a puddle). Thanks to the two lovely anons who requested this :) 

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My boss and the other counselors let a 12 year old use a glass bottle as his water bottle. Predictably, I am now picking up shards of broken glass with my bare hands.

The Way (Kehlani ft. Chance the Rapper) [Nate Maloley imagine]


You so damn important

Everything you do shows me you know it

*Y/Ns POV*

Today it was me and Nate’s 4 years anniversary and I planned a romantic dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date, so I was more than excited to go there to remind ourselves of all our way together and to wear the outfit I got for this special night (http://www.polyvore.com/learn_to_love_again/set?id=77015616). Nate and I were going to meet at the restaurant at 7:30, as I got a lil earlier, I sat at our table while I waited for him. “Good evening, miss, can I offer you something while you see the menu?” the waiter politely asked “A bottle of water would be nice, please. And the menu I will see it when my boyfriend arrives” I smiled at him, he nodded and went to get my order.

8:00 PM

He was late. I texted him and didn’t get an answer. I called him, voice mail. He must have forgotten. “Want to order something, miss?” the waiter came to ask once again, “Not yet, my partner is just a little late” I fakely smiled.

8:50 PM

He came dashing to the table “Hey babe” He smiled, kissed me and sat in front of me “hey” I weakly smiled. “What’s wrong?” “And you even ask…” “Yeah?” “Nate, it’s our 4 year anniversary and you don’t even remember, you just think I planned this dinner just because I wanted to come to a fancy restaurant just because. You’re wrong, I planned this because it’s where we had our first date and wanted to remind ourselves of all our way together, but you don’t seem to get it” Nate face dropped. I stood up and walked to my car.

Behind it all, you are the motive

Don’t tell you enough, but baby I’ll show it

*Nates POV*

“Damn. I can’t believe I forgot our anniversary. I am a shitty boyfriend, that’s for sure” I paid the water she order and went to look for her. She was already gone. I went to our shared apartment, but she locked the door so I couldn’t enter, I called her and she didn’t reply, but I knew how she could forgive me. I went to Swazz’ place, “Hey Bro, what’s…” Swazz started “Yo, I need your laptop, NOW” I interrupted him “Yeah sure, but what happened with Y/N?” “I forgot our 4 year anniversary and I need to make it up for her” I dashed to the living room in search of Swazz MacBook.

We can catch a flight out to London

*Nates POV*

I spent the night at Swazz’ place, and at first hour in the morning, I went back to my place with the booking to a trip to London, we were living tonight and engagement ring (http://www.brides.com/images/2014_bridescom/Editorial_Images/09/vintage-style-engagement-rings/vintage-style-engagement-rings-320.jpg). I rung the bell and Y/N opened, she didn’t even say hey she just left the door open and walked back to the kitchen. “Baby…” I started “Uhm?” “Pack your things, we are going to LONDOOOON” I announced showing her the booking tickets “WHAT?” she exclaimed “There’s another surprise, but you are getting it when we are there, lil ma. SO get your things ready because we are living tonight” “Why this, Nate?” “We are celebrating our for years anniversary, baby girl. Stop asking and pack our things” I laughed and she giggled and ran to our room. I knew she would forget everything after this. I was making her dream come true and it was only the beggining.

This thing we got is crazy

Only thing I know is you’re my baby

Forever down, I am your lady

Always for sure, never a maybe

*Y/Ns POV*

*In London*

We were walking around the Big Ben after dinner, the moon reflected on the Thames, everything looked just like in the pictures I’ve seen that made me want to visit this lovely place. “Y/N…”  Skate started “Yes, baby?” “Close your eyes” I closed them “Open them” I opened back my eyes to see Nate on his knee, with a box on his hand showing the most beautiful engagement ring I’ve ever seen. “N-nate? What’s this?” I started tearing up. “Y/N Y/LN, would you make me the honor of becoming my beautiful and perfect wife?” “YES, YES I DO” I jumped into his arms and started crying, he put the ring on my finger and kissed me “I can’t believe this” I told him “I thought you would say no, after all the mistakes I’ve done” he laughed “You ruined the moment, idiot” I laughed and playfully hit his arm “And I will always be your lady, because I’m in love with you, even with your beautiful and irritating mistakes” I hugged him and kissed him passionately.

Couldn’t Sleep || Jeonghan || Oneshot

Originally posted by koraenpop

Word Count: 1306

Genre: fluff, oneshot

Summary: In which the both of you  “couldn’t sleep”.

You let out a long sigh, staring up at the ceiling of your room. A lot of thoughts swam through your mind but you couldn’t tell which were important and which weren’t. You felt like you were being drowned and suffocated and worst of all, you weren’t tired. You sat up, your head swimming from dehydration. You reached over for your water bottle and then looked at your phone. You wanted to call him. You wanted to call your best friend.

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defygravity79  asked:

After 36. What happens to Alex now that Kara stays at Cat's? ;-)

Okay SO Kara forgets all about her sister because hello, Cat Grant is naked in-front of her, and it’s only later when they come up for air and she goes to fetch Cat a bottle of water that she remembers her phone and has like, twenty missed calls and texts from her sister, the last of which is: 

Okay, Kara, where the hell are you? You sounded weird before, and now it’s been three hours, you’re not at home, you’re not at the office, and as far as I know, you’re not out being Supergirl right now so pick up your damn phone unless you want me to track the GPS. And I will, Kara. You know I will. 

And just as Kara’s thinking ‘oh, fuck’, and pressing the call button, she gets another text of:

CAT GRANT, KARA? ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I mean, you go girl, you’ve been crushing on her for ages but REALLY? WITHOUT TELLING ME? Call me when you crawl out of her bed, please. 

I can’t believe I paid 4.75 for a water bottle at the movies and saw the same water bottle for 89 cents at the local HEB.
This is why it should be socially acceptable for guys to have purses so we can also sneak in food

It’s important to keep your fuzzers cool in th warm weather.

Fans don’t work because ferrets don’t sweat. You need to use things like frozen water bottles and damp towels to help them and keep them out of the sun. You can also add ice cubes to water and let them get in a cool-ish bath.

anonymous asked:

☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂Z U T A R A ☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂☂


  • yells at the other for leaving wet towels on the bed

zuko: katara… you’re a waterbender……… how hard is it to keep the bed dry…..

katara: [has a cold] [lies down all over the bed] [fucking sneezes]


zuko just heats the bed and dries it

  • whines when the other forgets what they wanted after going grocery shopping

bless katara’s poor heart. zuko just can’t keep track of everything she wants him to get. he got distracted by the different tea brews. he quietly sends a servant back to go get what she wants, and then accompanies it with a dozen sweet notes and flowers.

  • leaves five half drank bottles of water in their room

zuko gets distracted with his Lord Duties. he awkwardly dumps them into the spot outside his window at the end of the week before his weekly date with katara. she’d have his head tbh.

  • initiates a quickie while at somewhere they shouldn’t

katara keep it in your pants, holy shit. your dad’s literally right outside about to seal a trade deal with the fire nation.

  • surprises the other with their favorite fast food for dinner

if zuko can keep making time to work on his tea brewing for her, katara definitely tries to surprise him with some onion rings when his work runs late. it doesn’t really work when she just sits down next to him to help him out and fucking eats almost all of it

  • is massively hungover after celebrating their anniversary

zuko took sokka a little too seriously when sokka dared him to a game of flaming fire whiskey shots. 

  • argues for double stuffed Oreos over regular

neither of them really like double stuffed oreos, but sokka swears he won’t come to zuko’s bday if zuko doesn’t have any.

  • buys $200 worth of baby things after finding out they’re expecting

zuko flings gold straight into a nursery except it turns into a competition between him and hakoda. every once in a while there’s a shipment that shows up at the palace with a dozen gifts for the baby, each one outdoing the other one. eventually katara gets fucking fed up with it but she’s happy her kid won’t want for anything. 

  • insists that they each get their own popcorn at the cinema

katara, but zuko’s economical, so he manages to swing free refills at every movie and katara can’t complain. except every time their hands touch in the basket, zuko goes as red as his clothes. 

last week we had racist conservatives at the condiment table filling water bottles with mustard and now we have mindcontrolt reptiles at the dnc being paid to say hillary clinton isnt a fascist
Tiny Dancer [a James March imagine]

Request: James imagines where you’re a traveling ballet dancer and you stay at his hotel because you have shows to do but you practice everywhere for the lobby to the halls and corridors and he is just smitten with you grace
a/n: i tried… Tiny Dancer by Elton John  came to mind…so listen to it

Tip toeing around in the hallway, you twirl again and again. With every leap, there’s a sigh to match. No matter how hard you try to get this move down, something always happens. You need to perfect it before you even think about going on stage. 

Coming off your toes, you frown, grabbing the water bottle from the floor. As you unscrew the small cap, you notice someone staring at you. A man. “Can I help you?” You ask after a big gulp of water. Pulling your gray yoga shorts down, you clasp the plastic bottle in your hands.

He steps around the corner, standing on his tip toes then falling back. Long fingers wrap the end of his long pipe; pink lips release the tiny cylinder. The dress shoes take long strides towards you while he talks. “My, my, you are quite the tiny dancer…” He says in a 1920s accent, eyeing you like an animal hunting after their prey. 

A blush dirts your face. “Thank you.” You grin, toying with your loose fitting white tank top. You suddenly feel underdressed compared to this man. His pinstripe gray trousers fit his lanky legs perfectly, stopping above his hips, secured by a pair of thick navy blue suspenders. The three top buttons of the white dress shirt are undone, making room for his blue ascot. “I’m practicing for a show.” You explain, wiping your cheek. 

His lips pucker; dark eyes looking around you. “Indeed. I admire the feeling, the grace you withhold.” He compliments, pausing for a moment; the thin brown mustache twitches. “I have noticed you dancing…in my hallways.” He states, smirk evident. Shit. He’s the owner. “I must admit, the way you move, tiny dancer, intrigues me.” He purrs, eyes widening with amazement. 

Smiling down at your water bottle, you shake your head. This man has your attention and yet he does not have a name. “Oh, thanks! You should definitely come see the show tonight! I’m Y/N by the way!” You beam, holding out your hand for him to shake. 

Instead of a normal handshake, the man grabs your hand, bending down to kiss your knuckles. “Pleasure to meet you, Miss Y/N. James Patrick March, at your service.” He smirks, standing up straight. “It would be an honor to attend your performance, but alas, I cannot leave my hotel unattended, tiny dancer…” He whispers solemnly, sighing.

Right. He’s the owner. “Oh, yeah. I understand.” You shrug, grin slipping from your lips. “Hey, maybe I can show you now!" 

The dark eyes brighten in excitement, "Splendid!” He beams, showing off the two dimples on the side of his face. As you do your routine, James watches in utter awe, clapping as soon as you finish. “Marvelous, dearest!  Absolutely marvelous! Tell me, my tiny dancer, would you mind presenting me more?” He asks; his accent elongating some vowels.

You nod, “Of course! I gotta get to my show right now. Maybe tomorrow?” You question, slinging your duffle bag over your shoulder. 

“That would be wonderful. I will be waiting until then!” He shouts; eyes locked on your body as you walk away. James knows you’re his tiny dancer. He will make sure of it.