her water broke while they were talking

“The top ten non-narcotic pain relievers to be used while in labor”

ENCOURAGEMENT. Having people you trust tell you you’re doing great, your baby is doing great, and you’re not going to rip your body in half with the next contraction lessens the anxiety you feel, which takes the edge off the pain.

WATER. While in the shower or submerged in a tub of hot water, pain subsides for most women. Midwives call it the aquadural. In part this is because anxiety lessens. It’s hard to feel tense in soothing water, and in the tub buoyancy also relieves some of the physical pressure.

BIRTH BALLS. Make sure that the place where you plan to give birth has a few of those big, brightly colored balls made of strong plastic that you see in the gym. Straddling them spreads out the pressure on your cervix and flopping on top of one can also massage you as you experience another contraction.

BREATHING. The old childbirth standby from Lamaze classes is short, rhythmic breaths that allow you to focus on something outside your pain. Another technique is long, slow breaths that release the tension that is building inside you as labor progresses, or falls to progress. HypnoBirthing also teaches specific breathing techniques and self-hypnosis to take you into a relaxed state and create your body’s own natural anesthesia.

ACUPRESSURE. Experienced caregivers know just what body buttons to push to relieve your pain. They’ve been trained to seek out and apply pressure to the special spots unique to your body that soothe back labor or ease headaches. If you are planning to give birth without drugs, make sure to pick a caregiver who knows these spots well.

MOVEMENT. Walking, dancing, and swaying from side to side will all help labor progress and distract you from anticipating the next contraction. Even if you have found a comfortable position, you should move every thirty minutes or so to help shift your baby closer to being born.

MASSAGE. A partner or caregiver who knows how to knead your shoulders and neck can knock you into a lovely state of relaxation that will make the moment between contractions deeply restful and allow you to think about something besides the upcoming sensations. You might want to rehearse this before the big day so your partner knows what soothes you and you don’t have to pretend to tolerate a half-assed massage.

HOT PACKS OR COLD PACKS. The numbing effect of cold on the lower back or the soothing effect of a hot compress on the belly, or wherever else needed, works quickly.

VOCALIZING. Women are sometimes shy about making too much noise as they labor. Scream out! Lose your inhibitions! Not all of the vocalizing is screaming. Many women deep within the fugue state of labor let out beautiful deep moans that express how their body is adjusting as the baby moves. Whatever the sound you prefer, feel free to make it. Penn the mouth, open the cervix, and let that baby out!

HIRE A DOULA. These personal labor assistants are trained to support you emotionally and physically, but not to assist you in the medical aspects of birth as a midwife would. They stay with you for the entire birth and are skilled in all of the above techniques, plus they are a calming, experienced presence at times where your partner or family might not be. Studies say that having a doula can cut labor time in half. Many women prefer the hands-on attention of a doula to having an epidural.

—  “Your Best Birth”, by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, pages 25-27
Remember being young

Waiting for our breasts to come in & hips to show ? Looking forward to stained panties that told us we were finally women , that growing up was beginning , that we we’re different than we had just been ? I guess for me this feels like that too, waiting for that moment of womanhood peaked , to officially be a mom , a new chance , a fresh identity ..


Montana’s Birth
I’ve contemplated whether or not to post this for a while. I find birth to be a very sacred and intimate experience and I wasn’t sure how I felt about sharing my experience with an online community. However, after all of the positive messages I received after sharing my birth story, I decided that sharing my story is important. 
I fully realize that this type of birth is not for every person or situation, but I hope that sharing my experience can help women to have faith in their bodies and realize that labor and birth need not be feared.


Welcoming Theodore

Another beautiful birth video. The music is beautiful.

Birth Supplies

I have received all of my birth supplies! To prepare for my home birth, I have compiled supplies that will help me in my recovery as well as weighing and measuring the baby.

The list includes:

Hanging scale and sling

Bulb Syringe *(If baby needs extra help with getting water out of nose and mouth)

Instant Cold Perineal Pads (2) *(they are like menstrual pads except they have an instant cold liquid that can be released into the pad, not toxic!)

Hot/Cold reusable gel pads *(these will be used as a hot compress with oil to increase blood flow in the perineum during labor, as well as something I may apply to my perineum in recovery)

Tape measure

Water birth net *(to catch blood clots or any debris that may float in the water before the baby is born)

Mattress protector *(plastic fitted sheet)

Plastic backed floor pads *(so I dont need to worry about getting my floor messy!)

Peri Bottle *(Ive read that squirted water on your urethra and vagina before and after urination can greatly ease discomfort from going to the bathroom after giving birth)

Massage Oil *(This oil can be heated or unheated and used by my partner to massage my back during labor. It is all natural so I could even use it as a massage oil on the baby if I have leftovers!)

Floating thermometer *(Water temp at the time of birth should be between 95°F and 100°F)

3 Small Plastic backed protectors *(This is so I may sit on my recliner or couch without needing to worry about liquids seeping out of me! Some women’s water comes out in one gush, while others can slowly trickle out)

Organic cotton newborn hat

Organic Maternity Menstrual pads (24) *(There is no telling how long you will bleed or how much healing will need to take place, but with these pads I can apply a combination of witch hazel and pure aloe, stick in it the fridge or freezer and then I have a wonderful soothing pad!

**All the above Items were purchased at ‘Inhishands.com’ .. they have AMAZING prices and I received my order 3 days after I ordered. They have just about anything you could need, from the smallest item, all the way to expensive dopplers that midwives use!**

In addition to these items I have also bought 'Earth Mama Angel Baby New Mama Bottom Spray’ .. This is an all natural spray that has witch hazel in it, and it has great reviews from people using this during their recovery. Ive been lucky that I haven’t had any hemorrhoids but this spray is also supposed to help with that.

Items I already have at my house for the birth are multiple towels, an exercise ball otherwise known as a birth ball to labor with, salt lamps for dim lighting, a bath tub (because we are not purchasing a special birth pool), possible first aid supplies like gauze, alcohol, etc.

Lotus Birth

I plan on doing a full lotus birth with my baby boy. This means that the umbilical cord and placenta will not be cut or clamped from the baby at any point. Rather, the cord will fall off when it is ready to. This process can take anywhere from two to ten days. The physical value to this is that all the blood may be transfused into the baby which includes vital nutrients and nearly a pint of blood (which is a large percentage of their total blood volume!), the naval is much more healed and has no risk of infection as opposed to cutting the cord and needing to wait (usually even longer) for the stub to fall off. The process of blood transfusion can last up to three hours! After that point, most of the motive of a lotus birth is spiritual. The baby may release his placenta when he is ready, no one takes it away from him! The placenta is thought of as an external organ of the baby, an organ that has given him nutrients for all of his life as of yet. The baby’s natural letting go of this organ makes for a much more peaceful entrance into the world. This process can be done differently depending on the person. Some people prefer to leave the placenta completely bare while drying out. Others prefer to get a fancy bag and leave it in the bag, usually wrapped with the baby. Through my research, I have found that the best process is to:

After birth of placenta, place in bowl beside mother (no handling yet)

After the blood transfusion is complete, gently move placenta to colander and rinse with warm water, rinse a couple of times and pat dry completely ***Be gentle with the placenta, it is clear that the baby has a connection to the placenta and will react accordingly to rough movement***

Place a thick cloth bowl or large plate underneath colander to catch any moisture drippings

Let dry for 24 hours

Place herbs and/or essential oils on placenta (My research has shown Rosemary to be the best herb for the job. It has a pleasant smell, is antimicrobial, and is a natural drying agent. Some people use salt but I have read reasons to not use salt! Rosemary will do the job just fine.)

Place cloth around placenta (this is optional and may aid in drying process. Use a gentle cloth that has only been cleaned in natural detergent.. you would not want to apply chemicals to an organ of a baby! I got organic unbleached cotton mini towels)

Replace herbs and oils once or twice a day, change cloth when damp

On the third day of drying, the placenta may be dry enough to simply wrap in a cheesecloth with the herbs and oils still being applied once or twice a day.

The naval may be treated with fresh aloe very and/or breast milk. The naval may look reddish but this is not cause for concern. ***DO NOT apply any antiseptic to naval!!! This will remove the natural skin chemicals that aid in the release of the dry cord!!!!!***

After this point, some woman may choose to preserve their placenta. Ingesting the placenta has been shown to greatly aid in the recovery postpartum. It has also been shown to prevent and/or alleviate postpartum depression. You may do this by drying the placenta in a dehydrator and filling capsules then freeze, cutting and freezing the placenta in chunks (this would mean that you would defrost a chunk and consume it when you wish), or you may purchase someones services to preserve your placenta. My findings show that this usually costs about $250. Depending on the method a person uses, they may dehydrate your raw placenta, or lightly steam it. Then they create capsules for you.

Here is a list of my Lotus Birth supplies:

2 100% Cotton mini towels (organic, unbleached)

One 9ftx9ft 100% cotton cheesecloth (this will be cut to desired size to get multiple uses out of it)

4 oz of Organic Rosemary powder

20ml of Organic Rosemary Oil


Thick towels



Genre: fluff, slight angst

Characters: Yoongi x Reader

Length: 2606 words

A/n: Again, I just love Yoongi as a dad. He has such a caring personality it’s easy for me to picture him being the kind of dad that makes you squeal from cuteness, but i also think he’d make a few mistakes along the way. I hope you guys enjoy this fic, it took me a while to get it just right! Also it’s my submission for the Suga Swag Society birthday contest! yay! Remember, feel free to leave any comments in my in box~~~


You smile contently at the reflection of your daughter in the rear view mirror. Hana looked so much like Yoongi it made your heart swell with happiness. Your five year old met your gaze and smiled, holding up her cookie for you to see.

“Want some eumma?”

“No thank you, I’m okay! Why don’t you wait and ask appa if he wants some?”

She scrunched her nose in annoyance and turned her attention out the window as you began to drive towards Yoongi’s studio to pick up your son.


You held Hana’s hand as you walked down the hall to Yoongi’s studio, smiling at your daughter as she lagged besides you. Walking in, you found Yoongi in the recording booth with your three year-old. You smiled and waved at him looking to your daughter to do the same, but she wore the same grumpy face her father was famous for.

You sat down on the couch in the back of the room, settling Hana in your lap, and waiting for the boys to finish. Suddenly Hana started crying, bawling actually. You turned your attention to her asking what was wrong but were met with only heart shattering sobs.

Suddenly Yoongi was beside you, Joon trying his hardest to climb up on to the chair in front of the mix board.

“Hana, what’s wrong baby?” Yoongi reached out to rub Hana’s back before she wrenched her body away from his touch, screaming.

Yoongi stood up, completely taken aback by his daughter’s actions. He looked at you, concern and hurt written all over his face. You turned to your daughter.

“Hana? What’s wrong baby? Does something hurt?” You questioned.

Hana shook her head, momentarily calming down before she nuzzled into your chest and turned to look at Yoongi. He smiled at her and knelt down, reaching his hand out to comfort her before she once again pulled away from him.

“Daddy hates me!”

Her words hung in the air as she hid her face in your chest and continued to cry. You looked at Yoongi, heart tightening at his expression. He looked as if the wind had been knocked out of him.

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There are risks associated with water birth, Harper says, but they can be reduced by excluding women with high-risk pregnancies, health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure, or a previous C-section. Infection control is also critical, since the water can be contaminated with feces or blood, as is having a doctor or midwife trained in water birth in attendance. “When you follow those narrow criteria, it’s no riskier than delivering on a bed.”