Water. The floating body in a state of semi-levitation. Lungs expand in deep breaths of salty air. This is where I find you.
Water. Parched lips licked by wetted tongue. Coolness lingers in the back of throat. From esophagus to stomach, a wholesome sensation. Invigorating water. This is where I find you.
Floral scented shampoo; soap, essence of passion fruit, seeping down feminine pulchritude, taking with it worries of the day. Wet hair. Closed eyes and a smile; face raised up towards gushing streams of water. Rejuvenating water. This is where I find you.
Garden sprinkler created rainbows exist only for a moment, but the memories of jumping around them with my first dog will last a lifetime. Bare feet in the soggy grass. Muddy toes. Daddy chases me with a hose; before returning inside there is water. Rinsing water. This is where I find you.
Rarely in my life have I seen the whitest of beaches, even rarer have I witnessed the sight of an ocean so blue. My eyes gaze into infinity, and I ponder. Water. Infinite water. This is where I find you.

Sometimes I feel like the majority of me consists of you.” 

by M.A. Tempels © 2017

She moves in waves, like the ocean during the rising tide: volatile, moving all that try to touch her. Her convictions as strong as the storms that arise in the murky waters, clear of her intentions but blurred in the revealing of herself. Enigmatic yet transparent; a paradox all within itself. There are times that those who see her glimpse into her true being, as the sun shines on her waters, allowing those who venture forward to see all of what she holds and what she shall hold in life. Though she denies all parts of herself she cannot see or understand, she fears her own being, scared of her own incomprehensibility. Her laughter is as boisterous as the seagulls that pass by the shore, searching for the remnants of what she has thrown out of her being; her sadness as cold and devoid as the rain falling upon the abundance of water already existing, no escape from the sorrow for days. Those who have learned to love her have accepted all of who she was, is, and will ever be.
—  s.f.; crisp leaves and empty trees; 31.10.2015

guys for a creative writing project I’m wrtitng a story/series about 8 teens who has elemental powers and save the world from darkness. the first story is called Aqua. Naomi is a bisexual latina who controls the sea and communictes with water type animals. She ran away from her home in San Francisco because her sister died of a illness and her father kicked her out because of coming out and murdered her mother (who accepts her).

She ends up at the beach and a storm comes over and washes Naomi far away and she ends up on a magic island with spirits that can help with powers and train her to find the other teens to help save the world. What do u think? Should I do it? I’ll add the chapters on my blog if you’re wondering