water puns


Elemental Kitchen AU Water!L and Fire!Light letting off some steam. Truly a battle of wits. Just L slowly draping himself onto Light.

Peter: I’m not gay, straight, bi, Pan, ace, or any of that stuff.

Peter: I’m hYdROphiLic and hyDRoPhobEs are not allowed on this blog

Tony: *facepalm*

Get ready, Sornieth. Coatlchella music festival is coming to the Redrock Cove this April! Tickets are on sale now, and the official lineup is posted. It’s going to be unforgettable, and all over your Wingstagram, so be sure not to miss the dragon event of the year! Whether you whistle, sing, or are too small to be heard, we want to see you there this summer!

Something more upbeat this week, and wishing you a very happy Spring Break, this is The Sornieth Times.

Probably the best Doctor Who quote was when Clara tried to straight up kidnap the TARDIS to force the Doctor to bring her dead boyfriend back to life, but then her plan failed, cause… he’s the Doctor…  So she starts crying cause she’s just betrayed him and she doesn’t even have anything to show for it, and she’s all, “now what?” 

 And then the Doctor, all Dramatic Angry Eyebrows™, just says  “Go To Hell.”

 and poor heartbroken Clara is … “Fair enough. Absolutely fair enough.” and starts to leave, and our Ever oblivious Time Lord is just like, “Clara!! We go to Hell! We’re going to bring him back!! REscue Mission!” 

And then of course we get the heartwarming “Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?” quote but anyways the “go to hell” pun is my favorite