water puns


Elemental Kitchen AU Water!L and Fire!Light letting off some steam. Truly a battle of wits. Just L slowly draping himself onto Light.

plants/flower + tsuyu for @yuesli 🌵

aesthetic art requests: open 

Peter: I’m not gay, straight, bi, Pan, ace, or any of that stuff.

Peter: I’m hYdROphiLic and hyDRoPhobEs are not allowed on this blog

Tony: *facepalm*

zanarnaryon  asked:

How high temperatures ''can'' she take anyways? What does "being a god" translate to in your world?

She can take high temperatures but she prefers the cold over the hot. 

And yes… “spring water” pun very much intended XDDD


Hades can flat-out bathe in lava, and she probably could too but she just doesn’t like it. 

In a way it would be like forcing a person who doesn’t like spicy food to eat a chili, and while it technically wouldn’t do any damage it would be uncomfortable XD
Although… their hair can take damage from fire, it will regrow back and all but it will take a bit of time (that’s how Hades shaves… everywhere XD) 


on that different subject… Gods are indestructible by the elements in my world. Only mortals can truly kill them by abandoning their ritual practices and beliefs and flatout forgetting them. So in reality Gods are here to serve mankind and they exist as long as mortals serve them as well.