How About, F*ck You?

I am seriously annoyed right now. Why? I might be a little late to this but I have come across the “change fathers day to special person’s day” campaign. 

How to put this politely… go shove your “early childhood doctorate” up your A$$. Like really push it up there because it’s a piece of $#*t.

How dare you think that it is remotely okay with stripping men of their rights to be celebrated as fathers. If a man was to say “I studdied early childhood development, and I think we should change mothers day to “special persons day” because there are families out there that don’t have mothers. They might be offended to see other children love their mothers” the world would be in flames. Like, that man would be burned on a stake, with women parading around him, hissing their disgust. 

Good fathers DESERVE to be CELEBRATED! 
They have stuck with the mother and child. Helped raised it to be respectful, caring and compassionate. They have wiped bums, changed nappies, cleaned up puke, fed the child, took them to the playground, done the school run, stayed up late when their kids cant sleep, they have read bed time stories and protected the kid at all cost. All for nothing, until that one day a year, they can buy him a “special dad” mug and he’ll cry with happiness. Because his efforts have been noticed. 

I never had a dad. My mother explained to me that sometimes that is just how life works, so I celebrated mother’s and father’s day with her. I was never offended by them celebrating. Yes, I longed for a father figure, but it made me smile to see other dads stick with it. To see that grin appear on their face. It still makes me smile to this day. I enjoy watching fathers get the recognition that they deserve! It’s heart warming. 

What about same sex gay couples? 
Oh? It offends families with two mothers? Well it’s their job to educate their children that not all families have male and female parents. They can choose to teach their kids to celebrate mother and father’s day for both parents. They can have two fathers days or two mothers days. That is up to them to educate their children.

What about families with deceased fathers? 
It is up to those people if they want to celebrate that day or not. I know a lot of people who have celebrated in the memory of their fathers. You can’t take that day away from them. And once again it’s the parent’s job to educate their children as to how they should behave on a tough day. Fathers deserve to be celebrated. Dead or Alive. 


Instead of getting offended by the fact that men can actually be decent human beings, go educate yourself and your children on these issues. Feminism has gone way too far. If you want to ban fathers day, then ban mothers day too. And if you dare tell me that I shouldn’t teach my children to celebrate their fathers efforts, you can go F*ck Yourself. :) 

- Love, a male rights activist. <3 
(in other words, I’m just getting real sick with feminism)

EDIT: Im not against feminism, i was just super annoyed at 1 am. I am sick of all the hateful and negative feminism out there. It’s going to far. Sorry for any mis-understandings. :) 

How To Spot a “Fake” Reader:

Say: “E-books are a valid way of reading a fictional or non-fictional piece of writing”

Then, watch them proclaim that e-books aren’t for “real readers” and that physical books are for the “real readers”. E-books are for the mainstream millennial who don’t know how to appreciate a “real book” when they see one. They’ll quote a very famous author’s name - maybe from a genre that you might not like - and laugh/ mock you because you don’t know them and/or haven’t read their books. 

These people are probably more in love with the idea of owning books and coming off as intellectual than they are of actually reading things. 

Readers just read things. It doesn’t matter if it’s a book, ebook, poster, shampoo bottle. We just read. That is all. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

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- based on an actual interaction I had.