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Jon x Female Reader

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Imagine looking after Ghost whilst he’s missing and when Jon discovers it was you who took care of him, the two of you bond. 

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\ Request from anonymous /

could you do a Jon Snow imagine where the reader is introduced to Jon after Ghost’s disappearance (you know how Ghost was missing until the 5th episode of season 4)? so maybe she had been taking care of Ghost that whole while and he became attached to her, which is why Jon and the reader form a bond :p TY! idk if that made sense, I hope it did lol

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CANNABUTTER from Cannawitch Creations

CannaButter is a butter-based solution which has been infused with cannabinoids. This is achieved by heating the raw cannabis material (leaf or flower) along with butter and allowing the cannabinoids to be extracted by the fat.  Knowing how to make CannaButter is the core of most marijuana food recipes. CannaButter is the essential ingredient that gives the high in marijuana food, so take your time to make it right.

Making CannaButter requires just a few simple steps. Mostly, your time will be spent waiting, however, the longer you wait the better your CannaButter will be.


  • 4 sticks of UNsalted butter, NOT margarine!
  • 2 oz. cannabis leaf/trim, 1 oz if using buds
  • 1 cup of water
  • 5 Tbsp soy lecithin (optional)


  • Large pot for boiling
  • Large plastic bowl
  • Small bowl
  • Strainer
  • Grinder
  • Cheesecloth or an old pair of pantyhose


1. Crush or grind your cannabis leaves or bud using a clean electric coffee grinder, hand held bud grinder, or scissors.  The more the leaf and bud is ground the easier it is for THC extraction.  Place your cannabis on a cookie sheet and place in the oven at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes to decarboxylate.  This will ensure you get the most medicinal quality possible from the cannabis you are using, turning any THCA into valuable THC.
2. Grab your large pot or double boiler and add the 4 sticks of unsalted stick butter. Heat on very low stirring occasionally until melted. Don’t get stoned and burn it!
3. Once the butter is melted, add your cannabis leaves or bud and water to the pot. Mix and bring to a slight simmer with the heat still on low and cover, stirring occasionally to help aid extraction.
4. The hardest step in making this concoction is that you must wait! The longer you wait with this recipe the better the butter.  Let your CannaButter mixture simmer for no less than 4 hours, and no more than 24. If it looks like it could use some more water during the wait time feel free to add a little bit more as needed.
5. After you can’t wait any longer, remove the potion from the heat and let it cool until manageable (about 10-15 min). Now pour your fresh CannaButter through the strainer into your large plastic bowl, this removes the majority of the cannabis plant matter.
6. For a nice buttery consistency, and better tasting end product, strain several more times through cheesecloth or pantyhose.  
7. Cover your bowl and place it into the refrigerator to cool. Once fully cooled, the remaining water will separate from the butter and settle to the bottome of your bowl.  Give your bowl a squeeze to help release your CannaButter, which will allow you to easily pour off the excess water. There may be a slight “sludge” on the bottom of your slab, which you can rinse off with cold water or scrap off with a butter knife.  if left on, this will make your end product taste like dirt. 
8. FINALLY, re-melt your CannaButter and add 5 Tbsp lecithin (optional), stirring until incorporated.  Pour into storage container, seal, and place in back in the refrigerator to cool and solidify.  Store whatever you wont be using immediately in the freezer to prevent molding. 

~~~~~  Your CannaButter is now ready to use any time you are. 

Keep checking my blog for more great Cannabis Concoctions & Pot Potions.

Easy lies and simple truth.

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Sequel to In between the lines 

In My Veins by Andrew Belle

Dean x Reader     More ANGST with dollops of fluff

Word Count: 6106

A/N: Lines borrowed from Season 11 episodes “Don’t you forget about me.”, “Red Meat.”, and “The Chitters.” are in Bold.

“The lies we tell others are nothing compared to the lies we tell ourselves.” - Derek Landy

Dean ran down the hall and careened into her room. “Y/n?” He stared at the perfectly made bed. He took another step forward picturing her that morning, the sheets twisted around her and her head shoved in the pillow. Why didn’t he say more? Why didn’t he urge her to come?

He scanned the room and his gaze froze on the notepad sitting on the desk. His heart dropped into his stomach. He walked over and picked it up then looked in the trash can. Two water bottles and some scraps of paper but then he dropped the notepad and grabbed two balled up pieces of paper.

He placed them on the desk and flattened the first one out. Her writing was sloppy, slanted, and she had scribbled over it but it was still legible. He remembered that night before. The things he said echoing in his head like a pickaxe as he read her scrawl.

Pros and cons of loving Dean Winchester, of staying in the shadows with Dean Winchester, standing in his shadow.

I want more.

Not with this thing with Amara.

Not tonight.

Feminine outbursts.

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the buffy generation has outgrown joss whedon. 

his scraps of watered down late nineties feminism fed us and nurtured us and provided a good foundation for more complex conversations about nuanced subjects like race and class and gender and privilege. 

while we kept moving and learning and growing, he did not. his “feminism” is still the same barely there nod it always was but we’re bigger now, and hungrier - we don’t want scraps, we don’t want to settle. we want everything. 

without the sun cannot the moon exist? no - the moon receives its light from the sun and the sun gains respite from the moon. without them together the world would be submerged in chaos.

in which both of them marrying in traditional union clothing would let me die happy. (ps - their hands are stained with blood because they’ve just done a blood seal as part of the marriage, which would probably be one of the water tribe’s traditions.)

The last day of Laura Palmer

S02E01: May the Giant Be with You: First draft ??? (Revised in July 7, July 9, July 10 and July 24, 1990): The uncut summary of Laura’s last day at the Sheriff’s station. A long post ahead!


The blackboard is set up at one end of the room. Truman, Hawk 
and Andy enter and take seats at the opposite end of the table.
A tearful Lucy enters with a platter of doughnuts which she sets
down on the table. Everyone takes one. Cooper looks at his watch.
Albert enters the room, sets down his briefcase. ALBERT: (no apology here) Oh. Was I late? COOPER: Have a seat, Albert. Albert, Harry, jump in any time; we're going to reconstruct the last hours of Laura Palmer. Cooper flips over the squeaky blackboard. A map of the town
featuring a number of symbols, houses, etc. have been drawn
on the board. COOPER: (CONTINUED) Lucy, if you could man the pointer, I need
to sit down. He takes out his collapsible pointer, telescopes it to full length,
hands it to Lucy and sits. Lucy stands in front of the board, blows
her nose. COOPER: (CONTINUED) We'll keep this simple, Lucy. When I say
something, you point to it. LUCY: (weepy) I'll try my best. Andy looks pained. COOPER: On the afternoon of February 23, Laura left school at approximately 2:30 in the afternoon ... Lucy points to a drawing of a building with "HIGH SCHOOL" printed
beneath it. COOPER: (CONTINUED) She proceeded by family car to the Double
R Diner. Lucy points, etc. CUT TO: 60. 53. INT. DOUBLE R DINER - DAY MOS flashback. Laura picks up two large paper bags from Norma at
the counter. COOPER'S VOICE: (CONTINUED) ... where she picked up nine hot
meals and distributed them to nine shut-ins around town as part
of the Meals on Wheels program. CUT TO: 54. INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY Lucy points to six small "buildings" scattered around the map. COOPER: (CONTINUED) At the conclusion of which she drove to the
Blue Pine Lodge ... where she gave Josie Packard an English lesson. ALBERT: You might consider making them manditory for all the townsfolk. (draws stares) Just a suggestion. COOPER: Laura then returned home ... she dined with her parents. At 7:00 that evening she drove to Bobby Briggs' house. She and
Bobby did homework together until 9:00. ALBERT: (to Truman, trying to get a rise) What do you think, Sheriff:
trigonometry? TRUMAN: Bobby claims it was civics. ALBERT: That seems much more likely. COOPER: At which Laura drove home. CUT TO: 55. INT. PALMER LIVING ROOM - NIGHT MOS flashback. Laura walks through the room, says good night
to Sarah, and starts up the (more) (CONTINUED) 61. 55. CONTINUED: stairs. COOPER'S VOICE: (CONTINUED) She said goodnight to her mother
and went upstairs. A few minutes later she received a phone call. Sarah looks at the phone. COOPER'S VOICE: (CONTINUED) Mrs. Palmer did not see her leave,
but according to James Hurley she snuck out of the house on foot
and met him here near the Roadhouse on Highway 21 ... CUT TO: 56. EXT. ROAD - NIGHT MOS flashback. Laura hops on the back of James bike and they ride off. CUT TO: 57. INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY Cooper holds up Laura's diary. COOPER: In her diary, Laura had written "nervous about meeting
"J" tonite." I now believe this was a reference to James Hurley, she
was nervous because she planned to tell him she didn't want to
see him anymore. (Lucy sniffles back a sob) They drove up into the woods near the Old Sawmill road ...
their conversation lasted approximately two hours. James drove
them back down the hill. CUT TO: 58. EXT. ROAD - NIGHT MOS flashblack. James stops the bike. Laura screams something at
him and jumps off. He tries to pursue her and she runs away. COOPER'S VOICE: (CONTINUED) At 12:30, at the intersection of
Sparkwood and 21, Laura jumped off the bike and ran away. CUT TO 62. 59. INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY COOPER: This much we know as fact. What follows now is our best reconstruction. Nods to Albert. ALBERT: Laura left Sparkwood and 21 on foot, to an unspecified location, where, as prearranged ... CUT TO: 60. EXT. ROAD - NIGHT MOS flashback. Laura moves around a dark corner, comes upon
Leo Johnson standing next to his Corvette, smoking cigarette. He
grabs her, roughs her up a little, indicates she's late. She kisses
him. He puts her in the car and they drive off. ALBERT'S VOICE: (CONTINUED) ... she met Leo Johnson, the person
who called her earlier. They drove off together. CUT TO: 61. INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - DAY LUCY: (reluctant to work for Albert) Do you still want me to point? ALBERT: I so wish you would. COOPER: Yes, Lucy. ALBERT: Leo Johnson was Laura's source for cocaine. He was also involved in Laura's bunco scheme, come-ins for cash in "Flesh
World" magazine, with ads featuring pictures of both Laura and
Ronette Pulaski. He holds up an order edition of "Flesh World" pointing out the item
in question. COOPER: And thanks to Deputy Andy Brennan's fine eye for detail, we now know that an ad featuring a picture of (more) (CONTINUED) 63. 61. CONTINUED: COOPER: (CONTINUED) Theresa Banks, the killer's first victim ran
in the six editions of "Flesh World" before her death a year ago. Under Laura's ring fingernail we found the letter "r". Lucy points to the letter "r" written on the board, then the letter "t." ALBERT: Under Theresa's ring fingernail was found the letter "t." Positive triangulate linkage. Andy beams. Lucy sniffles again. ALBERT: (CONTINUED) Good work, Andy. Woof. COOPER: Leo drove Laura to a location somewhere near the Pearl Lakes off Highway J, at the foot of the trail leading to Jacques
Renault's cabin. Lucy points again. COOPER: (CONTINUED) ...they met Jacques and Ronnette Pulaski
here and climbed the trail to Jacques' cabin, where they were heard passing by the cabin of Margaret the Log Lady. They
reached the cabin at approximately one a.m. They partied;
drugs and liquor were consumed. Laura was tied up and had
sexual relations with both Leo and Jacques. Waldo, Jacques's
bird, was let out of his cage and attacked Laura. Leo and Jacques
fought. Jacques went outside and passed out. When he came to,
Leo and the girls were gone. Cooper rises stiffly. COOPER: (CONTINUED) The Log Lady heard a Third Man pass by
her cabin, go up the hill. This Third Man witnessed the events in the cabin, watching through a window. ALBERT: There were footprints outside the one window with a clear view of the room. COOPER: I believe that after his fight with Jacques, Leo left the (more) (CONTINUED) 64. 61. CONTINUED:(2) COOPER: (CONTINUED) cabin, alone, walked back to his car and
drove off. Laura was still tied up when the Third Man entered the cabin. TRUMAN: It wasn't Jacques or Leo? COOPER: Laura had ten thousand dollars in her safe deposit box.
I believe that was drug money she owed to Leo. Leo wouldn't have
killed her without first collecting that money. Leo also has an ironclad
alibi for the night Theresa Banks was murdered. He was in jail, in
Twin Peaks, on an assault charge. ALBERT: The Third Man took Laura and Ronette to the train car, here, on foot, a mile and half away. Lucy points. ALBERT: (CONTINUED) He wore surgical gloves, he was thorough,
he was careful. The girls did not struggle until they were inside. COOPER: Suggesting they knew the man. ALBERT: They were tied up again at the train car; Laura for the second time, Ronette for the first. TRUMAN: Finley's fine twine. ALBERT: A generic household brand, available in most stores. He was also smart. CUT TO: 62. INT. TRAIN CAR - NIGHT MOS flashback. Lit by a candle. We see a SHADOWY FIGURE strike
Ronette. She falls to the ground. We see the figure advance on
Laura. A knife gleams. (CONTINUED) 65. 62. CONTINUED: ALBERT'S VOICE: The Man struck Ronette once with a blunt object, knocking her unconscious. Then he killed Laura. He took his time;
over an hour. CUT TO: 63. INT. CONFERENCE ROOM COOPER: During the course of which, Ronette came to, managed to crawl out of the cabin into the woods and eventually to safety.
The Man didn't know or didn't care that Ronette was gone. ALBERT: He cleaned up. He built a mound of dirt, just as he had with Theresa Banks. He left a note written in Laura's blood.
Washed his hands in the rainwater pooled outside. My men
also found these outside ... Holds up an evidence bag containing water damaged scraps of
paper. ALBERT: (CONTINUED)Scraps of paper. Hand torn, scattered around
the area. Ink washed away by the rain. Commercial quality. TRUMAN: From what? COOPER: (a guess) Letters? Personal papers? ALBERT: Attempting to implicate Leo Johnson, he wrapped Laura's body in plastic that was taken from Leo's house or car. He carried the body to Elk River a quarter of a mile
away and threw her in. Lucy is too saddened to point. Cooper points. COOPER: (CONTINUED) The body floated downriver into Black Lake
and washed up outside the Blue Pine Lodge. CUT TO: 66. 64. EXT. BLACK LAKE - DAWN (FROM PILOT) The body lying on the rocky shore.

Witch no.3- Dowsing/Divination

This post-nuclear wasteland witch finds survival supplies such as water, scrap metals and minerals by dowsing. Heavily inspired by the diesel punk fashions of Mad Max and Fallout. She’s digging up her latest find in this sketch.

This is also just a closeup of a larger sketch. :) After I finish two more witches for a five-part series I’m gonna do full color versions. :3

Dorian never liked staying at Colorado Springs for too long. He only went there to trade or pick up jobs in exchange for supplies and as soon as the deals were done, he made his way back to Fervention. He had a room at The Legless Man that he stayed in often mostly after a long night of drinking. Otherwise he found a home to duck into and spent the night there. But with how late he arrived at Colorado Springs, he had no choice but to stick it out overnight. But while he was there, he figured he would do some trading.

Bartering was hard enough as it was. But when the person he was trying to talk to refused to budge on any offered he made, Dorian started to get a little irked. He thought he was making a pretty solid deal: rare parts he had picked up from a run down auto shop for one bottle of fresh water. He even threw in some food. But the guy wanted more food.

“Oh come on,” he started, “all that for one bottle of water? Two, sure, but one?”

“Two rations of food and the scrap for the water,” the man insisted.

“Scrap? This is–”

“Two rations of food and the scrap, or you get jack shit.”

“Like you’re worth as much,” he muttered.

Before he could get another word in, the guy’s large paw of a hand was around his throat, practically lifting him off the ground. Dorian’s hands gripped at the guy’s wrist, knuckles white as he tried to breathe.

“I’m fuckin’ done talking to you, asshole,” the man growled out, his grip tighter on Dorian’s throat. Well, so much for bartering…


Horde After Horde (Camilla x Niles)

Takes place in a Zombie AU

Niles gave the arrow a quick tug, easily pulling it from the zombies head. He made a disgusted face seeing the brain matter coating the arrow’s tip. He wiped it against his already grimy pants and turned to the woman looting a body behind him.

“Anything good?” he questioned, moving on to the next zombie to pull an arrow out of.

“No.” Camilla sighed as she pulled her hand out from the corpses jacket pocket. “There never is.”

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Kuroshitsuji Cookbook:

  • Title: Stuffed Pizza Skulls
  • Episode/Chapter: None (For Undertaker)


  • Yield: 4 servings
  • There are multiple kuro entries for each recipe in the anime/manga. Check out my ‘kuroshitsuji cookbook’ tag for more.
  • Image and recipe source are the same.



  • butter, to grease the pan
  • 2 rolls Pillsbury Pizza Dough (or homemade, enough for 2 pizzas)
  • pizza toppings (I used mini pepperoni)
  • 6 tablespoons pizza sauce
  • 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
  • egg wash (1 egg mixed with 1 teaspoon water)
  • *You’ll have scraps of pizza dough that you can use to create mini pizzas, so you’ll use more sauce, cheese and toppings for this.
  • Wilton 3-D Mini Skull Pan
  • kitchen shears (scissors) or a knife 

External image


  • Butter the inside of the 4 faces in your 3-D skull pan 
  • Cut pieces of pizza dough (I cut my Pillsbury dough in half) and snuggle them down into the cavities in the pan, being sure you have enough dough to come up over the top all around the opening. 
  • Fill with your pizza toppings, 1 ½ tablespoons of sauce, and ¼ cup of shredded mozzarella cheese. 
  • You then will need to cut off the excess dough, pinch together the seams using egg wash as glue to hold the seams together. Remove any excess dough. 
  • You can use the scraps of dough to make some small pizzas for a snack. I didn’t try pressing the scraps together to make more skulls. It might work, but I have a feeling the sauce will seep out between the cracks. Of course, that could look kind of creepy and cool.

External image

  • Brush egg wash over the backside of your skulls to make sure the seems are really well glued together. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Bake for 18-20 minutes until the crust looks cooked through and golden brown. Just a note, the faces of your skulls have been in contact with the pan and will be much more brown, so don’t over bake them. 
  • Carefully turn the mold over allowing the skulls to fall out onto your counter. Serve immediately, or refrigerate for up to  two days or freeze for up to a month. 
  • Reheat before serving. I heated two refrigerated skulls in my toaster oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes, which seemed perfect. I’d suggest thawing the skulls in the refrigerator overnight, then heating per above.