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I read your mermaid au for bts and monsta x~ if you havent yet can you do a mermaid au for seventeen's woozi/jihoon please~ your mermaid aus are absolutely beautiful and i love reading them all the time 💙💖💙

thank you!! here is a mermaid!woozi

  • the new winter cold makes everything seem a little duller to you, especially the forest lake
  • it’s been frozen over, a layer of ice blocks you from seeing the little fish you are sure have fled off to some warm ocean
  • people use it to ice-skate now,,,,,seemingly forgetting how beautiful it looks when it’s open, free, and moving
  • and you don’t really want to ice-skate, but a group of friends drags you along and you end up stumbling on the thin ice,,,,,sure that at any moment it might break and the freezing water underneath with swallow you whole
  • but,,,,,it doesn’t break,,,,,,,,,,and your friends all laugh at your childish fear,,,,,,
  • until you see it,,,,,,the reflection of a face in the ice
  • at first you jump back, startled and almost falling on your skates
  • you look around and no one seems to have seen what you did
  • so you look again,,,,,,,and cover your mouth with your hand
  • beneath the ice is a handsome boys face, not frozen - just peeking up through the clearer part of the frost
  • his black hair dusts his forehead in the gentle push of the water around him, his eyes like two pools of midnight staring up at you curiously,,,,,,,
  • but then they narrow and you see him trying to mouth something
  • you lean in close,,,,,not aware of how that might look to the other people here to skate
  • and try to read his lips,,,,,,,
  • “b-br-breaking? what’s breaking? the? the mice? the dice? OH THE IC-”
  • before you can finish speaking, you hear a crack
  • AND WELL,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • the ice shatters beneath you, a clean drop right into the cold waters beneath
  • and no layer of clothing that you’re wearing, no scarves or boots or jacket can help keep you warm
  • not until you feel hands wrap around you - another body against yours in the cold,,,,,,,
  • you hear people call your name from above,,,,,,but the shock of the water makes you clam up,,,,,,closing your eyes to lean into the person who is holding you
  • the only source of something slightly warm in a dark, cold water
  • when you open your eyes again,,,,you’re home - your friends fussing around you and you’re not wet or cold - you’re in a blanket,,,,,,
  • in your house,,,,,,,,,
  • “we had to drag you out, thankfully you didn’t just sink to the bottom!!”
  • you sit up, “what about,,,,,,,what about the other person? whe-where is he?”
  • everyone gives you a look, “what other person? no one else fell in?”
  • you open your mouth, about to say- no, someone was already under there, someone who lived there ,,,,,,,,,,,,,a mermaid,,,?
  • but you close it again and shake your head,,,,,,the memory of the boy in the water who saved you stays in your head
  • till it’s finally spring, and you visit the lake again
  • there are little flowers on the banks of the water, the ice is completely gone and you can see small fish in the shallows
  • greenery and moss are sprouting back up,,,and then,,,,,,,,
  • “you’re the fool who fell through the ice, be careful and don’t fall into the lake too.”
  • you turn your head to see someone seemingly leaning against a nearby rock in the water, his apathetic gaze on you
  • “are - are you -”
  • he looks away, uninterested and you see the gills on the underside of his jaw,,,,they’re surrounded by scales of an olive and silvery tone
  • “wait,,,,,,,did you just call me a fool????”
  • you backtrack and this gets him to smile, if only a little bit
  • he dips under the surface of the water and you try to follow his reflection on the side of the lake
  • “hey, hey,,,,,,,come back here!”
  • you call out and then his head comes up again, those eyes that had looked up at you through frost stare at you now - close and without a barrier
  • like this, you see the clearness of his skin, although shimmering with the wetness of the water
  • “only a fool would skate on thin ice.”
  • he shrugs, his shoulders coming out of the water “yeah, but only you fell in.”
  • you ,,,,, aren’t sure how to dispute that, but just give him a small glare instead
  • again, he finds it funny and laughs,,,,,,,so much for mermaids being magical, peaceful creatures
  • “but,,,,,,,,,thanks. you know,,,,,,for catching me in the water and not letting me drown,,,,,,”
  • you say, trying to be the bigger person
  • this seems to catch him off guard, his eyes darting to the side
  • “it,,,it was nothing. just don’t fall again because i might not catch you this time.”
  • “that???? is so mean??????”
  • he chuckles a bit louder, but you can hear in it that it’s a joke 
  • something tells you that if you did fall in ,,,,,,,, he would do the same thing as he did in the winter. he’d save you.
  • “what,,,,,what’s your name?”
  • you suddenly ask and he stops chuckling,,,,he hesitates
  • for a split second you think he’s just going to dive back down into the water and disappear but then slowly he tells you it
  • “woozi. and no, it  doesn’t mean anything in ‘mermaid language’,,,,,”
  • you fluster because ok,,,maybe you were going to ask that,,,,but you shake it off and say thank you again, except this time you add his name and 
  • woozi,,,,,,sinking a bit against the water mumbles that it’s nothing - he already said that
  • you might have made it up, but you think his face gets softer - his voice too
  • but you sit down near the bank and ask “so,,,,,,how do you not freeze under here when it’s winter?!?!”
  • his face returns to a ‘are-you-serious?’ expression and he says something among the lines of just when you were proving he was wrong about  calling you a fool,,,,,,,,,,,
  • you knit your eyebrows together “do mermaids not have manners?!?!?” 
  • this continues for a while, and sure woozi is definitely disagreeable if that’s the word for it, but he’s a mermaid - who saved you - and there isn’t much else to say except for the fact that he’s also pretty,,,,,,darn cute

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top five places to drown

1) It is your wedding day. After a long, dramatic, harrowing and passionate courtship that would leave the most iconic written love stories dragged in the dust, this wedding feels like a Triumph. This is something you truly deserve, it will be the happiest day of not only your life, but also that of everyone who knows you. Jonathan’s wealthy parents pay for the entire ceremony, as your parents had tragically been lost at sea when you were an infant and you grew up penniless and on the streets. You adjust your veil and look in the mirror in wonderment, thinking back on your previous life. Your dress, elegant and form-fitting, ivory satin with lace flowers around your slim shoulders, the shade matching your skin just perfectly enough to give you a soft glow. Your long, thick, shining, dark chestnut hair gorgeously braided and twirled into a loose knot at the base of your neck, with gleaming diamond-embedded silver flowers intricately woven throughout your tresses. Your makeup, expertly applied and bolder than you’ve ever felt in your entire life, but still managing to accentuate your natural beauty, your doe eyes made to pop, your long lashes looking endless, your lips the deepest shade of red you’ve ever seen in your life. You’ve never felt so beautiful, and your eyes lightly well up with crystalline tears as you realize in just half an hour, you are going to finally marry the man of your dreams and win your Happy Ever After once and for all. Your entire life has been leading up to this moment, you’re positive of that. you can hear the orchestra playing lightly under all the excited chit chat of the attendees pouring into the tent the main event will be taking place in- your almost-in-laws had put gorgeous, chiffon tents all around their acres long back yard and filled them with starlights. One for dancing, one for swimming, one for food and drink, one for pictures, and the main tent was strung around the huge, strong, proud oak tree where you and Jonathan first met all those years ago, only eleven years old, when you accidentally wandered onto the property whilst running from the organization your parents had angered long before your birth. You’re really, truly tearing up now- how far you’ve come! You and Jonathan have made it through it all, and happy endings are real! Someone slips into your dressing room with a big grin on their face, and oh, it’s one of the people in this world you trust the most! You two embrace in a tight hug, exchanging pleasantries, and they ask you to come with them for a minute, there’s something important they need to tell you, don’t worry, it won’t take more than a few moments. You happily oblige.

The ceremony begins, Jonathan bouncing slightly with an infectious grin as the orchestra starts the wedding march…but no one walks down the isle. A solid five minutes of waiting, when Maid of Honor runs in saying she can’t find the bride! Everyone is taken aback and in a panic- surely, surely Jonathan isn’t getting left at the alter? Not after everything they’ve gone through? Jonathan is suddenly hit with a deep, life-altering feeling of dread, however. He knows, deep in his soul, that something is not right, and he knows where to check for his love. He races down the isle, wedding guests rushing after him, confused and concerned and not wanting to miss out on any drama. Jonathan and the crowd entire the pool tent, and with a horrified gasp from the crowd and an anguished sob as Jonathan drops to his knees, the find you floating in the exact center of the pool

You are on your back, arms folded gently across your bosom, a pink rose in your dainty fingers, veil pulled over your peaceful expression. As your eyes are closed, you look as though you could be sleeping, but they know, they all know what truly happened here. Your chest does not rise and fall with the breath of life, your skin is already pale and glowing in the romantic lighting, a single drop of blood can be found on the rose grasped in your hands. The room is sobbing in horrified loss. There is a peaceful smile left on your face. Days later, the coroner tells Jonathan that your lungs were full of water, but there were no signs that you put up a struggle. She also informs him about the baby, the baby you were waiting until the honeymoon to tell him about. Portraits of you hang in his mansion for the rest of time, and Jonathan never finds love again.

2) Your bitter Hollywood rival is throwing a gala at their home overlooking the mountains. You attend solely because your career is beginning to crumble and you’re hoping you can make connections and secure a fifth chance in tinsletown. You wear a gown of deep, deep emerald with shimmering sequins and your hair is effortlessly flipped over one shoulder with a diamond butterfly clipping it in place and long, silk gloves run up your toned arms and stop above your elbows. The golden rings on your fingers match the large, golden sphere necklace that hangs delicately below your breasts and above your navel. You’ve never felt so elegantly, classically, unashamedly Hollywood before as you do tonight. On your third glass of champagne, you look longingly out at the Hollywood Hills sign- it was all you ever dreamt about as a young girl, for all of your life really, and the thought that it might not love you back is heartbreaking. On your sixth glass of champagne, you get a call from your manager that the movie you recently signed on for cut your role. On your eighth glass of champagne, someone mistakes you for the help and doesn’t recognize your name when you correct them. On your ninth glass of champagne, you read no less than six articles about your dwindling stardom. On your tenth glass of champagne, you find your husband in the throws of passion with your bitter rival. On your eleventh glass of champagne, walking alone outside of the party, heels in your hand and wind ruffling your hair, looking at the gleaming lights and hearing the happy noise from inside, you decide you’ve had enough. You fling yourself into the pool and never reemerge

They find you, hours later, face down. Everyone is horrified, but also confused because your rival’s pool has no lights or fountains in it, how did you manage this? The Hollywood sign is visible in the distance. No one ever forgets your name.

3) A group of bright, innocent, happy kids are out exploring Tide Pools one day. They are all having the time of their lives, exploring, messing around, learning about marine life. Little Janie and Timothy just shared their first kiss over one not fifteen minutes earlier and keep giggling at each other and shyly avoiding eye contact. Everyone is singing and laughing, chasing each other from pool to pool, thrilled with life. They climb over a particularly high sand dune, eager to see what’s beyond it- when to their horror, they find you. Legs crossed, arm splayed dramatically over your head, on your back, but your face is tilted to the side in underwater in one of the tide pools

Seaweed is twisted into your hair. Starfish are all over your body. You are wearing a Batman bathing suit. No one ever gains any answers, not even your identity. It becomes a cold case and fades away in history.

4) A new, previously undiscovered or charted island has been discovered, and the world is buzzing about it. A team of some of the greatest researchers in the world is made up and sent there to explore, to learn, to document, to determine what the wildlife is like and whether or not humans can last there. They are so excited, truly, to realize they are the first people to ever set foot on this soil! They are going to go down in history! They spend weeks, months there mapping out every single inch of the land and documenting everything they see. Nearing the end of their trip one day, the discover what appears to be a cave, and excitedly venture in. The underground landscape twists and turns, and the team is all baited breath waiting to see where they end up. After what feels like hours, it finally opens into an even larger cavern, with a breathtaking lake glittering in the center of it.

 In the bottom of the gorgeous and clear water, to their collective horror, lies you- just a mere skeleton at this point, in a 15th century ball gown, but also modern day sunglasses and a Phillies baseball cap are laying haphazardly over your skull. Large, skeletal wings extend from your back. As the team gets closer to examine your confusing remains, your skeletal hand slowly reaches up and grasps a man around the ankle. Screaming, terrified, they flee from the cave, from the island altogether. No one ever comes back, much to your disappointment.

5) You’re traveling the world with your fiancé and you’re in a country you can’t pronounce the name of going on a hike. You come across this truly breathtaking site

While you’re fawning over it, taking pictures and all but singing from the love in the air, you don’t notice your fiancé sneaking up behind you. He smacks you over the head with a branch, dazing you, and shoves you over the cliff. You go down the waterfall and fall into the lagoon. Maybe he had deep, dramatic reasons for this act. Maybe he was just a dick. You’ll never know, because you can’t seem to remember the movements of breathing or swimming. The last thing you see before you go under is the beautiful way the sunlight falls onto the leaves and water, making everything around you sparkle, as if it’s trying to say goodbye. That’s not the case, of course. Nature doesn’t care about you. Your fiancé returns home and collects your life insurance.

I’m not crying (Damian Wayne imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  How about where Reader’s eyes will sometimes get watery for no reason, you know the feeling eyes stinging slight and you blink which causes your eyes to get watery like you’ll cry, but for Reader, this causes a tear or two to slip a lot of the times when this happens and Damian catches them when some tears slip now they have to explain to Damian that they aren’t sad and this happens on a regular basis.
Summary: Damian mistakes your teary eyes for crying.
Word count: 464
Warning(s): Fluff

You had just put on all your makeup and you were running to the Wayne enterprise building to meet up with your boyfriend Damian, you were already practically late. The wind outside, and the fact that you had to hold your eyes open for an extended period of time to do your makeup had made the teary eye appear once again, but you didn’t want to stop to deal with it.

You were trying to get rid of your tears, taking some of the water away with your tissue, so you wouldn’t have a wet stripe running down your cheek and for some time it actually worked. 

Hi, Dami,” You said, slipping your arms around his waist, he tenses for a moment before turning around,”Beloved,” He smiles, kissing you, before you two walk hand in hand toward the park.

Ice cream?” He asks, in front of a small local ice cream shop, you smile and nod. As he goes inside, you sit on the bench in front, trying to dry your eye again.

He brought you a cone of your absolute favorite ice cream before intertwining your fingers once more and making your way to the park finally.

You were in the middle of the park, when you blinked, and a small stream of water slid down your cheek. “Dammit,” You say, trying to pat it dry. Damian looking at you quickly turned your head with his fingers, gently. “Beloved, what’s wrong? Did i say something? Did something happen?” He asks, his green eyes full of undeniable concern. You look at him confused, before realizing what made this appear.

Ohh, Dami, I’m not crying,” You chuckle, causing him to scrunch his eyebrow, “But you are,” He gestures at the water on your face. “Oh no, It happens all the time, don’t worry about it,” You say, laying a soft kiss on his lips, but it still didn’t seem to convince him.

My eyes just get all watery sometimes, it doesn’t mean I’m crying.” You smile, he seems to think for a moment, before smiling brightly. “And here I was, thinking I had made some horrible  mistake that will make me lose you, beloved” He says, kissing the wet spot on your cheek, your foundation rubbing off on him slightly.

As he pull out, there was just a splotch of makeup on his chin, lips and nose, causing you to laugh. “What is is?” He asks, quirking an eyebrow with an amused smile. “My makeup’s all over you,” You tell him, smashing his face with your hands, trying to rub it all off, his face making all kinds of weird faces that makes you laugh even harder.

Well I’m glad my face amuses you, beloved,” He smiles, before taking your hand and continuing the walk.


With love,

Not so Relaxing

Poly Squad x Reader

Request: (reader x poly hamilsquad) Reader is afraid of water but goes to the beach with the hamilsquad, and ends up getting playfully tossed into the water, which leads to a bit of panicking

I changed it just a bit, I hope you don’t mind. Enjoy!

“My darling, you need to wake up,” a voice said softly right next to your ear. Whoever it was brushed your hair out of your face and bopped you on the nose.

“Five more minutes,” you mumbled, turning away from them and curling into a ball.

The deep voice chuckled, and you finally registered that it was one of your boyfriends, Lafayette.

“Mon amour, we are getting ready to go to the beach remember? You need to get something to eat so that we can all leave.”

You huffed but opened your eyes, squinting at the bright light that was filling the room.

Lafayette wrapped his arms around you and lifted you from the bed, carrying you to the kitchen where the rest of your loves were waiting for you to come and join them for breakfast.

“Hello cupcake,” Hercules said as Lafayette sat you down at the table. He reached over and gave you a small kiss.

John and Alex came over to give their good mornings.

“Aren’t you excited to go today?” asked John as he saw you staring out the window in a daze.

You snapped to attention and looked at him. He giggled at you, as did Alex.

“I guess, but you know that I can’t swim.”

Alex came over and gave you a hug and kiss.

“It’s alright darling, this trip is really just for all of us to get some relax time together!”

You smiled at him as he left to go grab some more things for the day as you finished your breakfast.

The drive there was interesting to say the least. You were seated in the passenger seat with Hercules driving with the other three smushed in the back seat.

It was chaos.

But when you arrived the sun was beating down and a soft breeze was flying.

The boys ran to the water right away, already in their swim gear. You laughed but followed your loves and went to go find a nice area to set up for some sunbathing.

“Hey there pretty little thing,” a voice called from beside you.

Some guy was kneeling next to your towel while you were laying there. A few of his friends came over and tried to hit you up as well.

“Can I help you?” you asked a little miffed.

“You should come hang out with us, you look a little lonely,” one of them said, giving you a weird smile.

“No thanks,” you replied, putting your sunglasses on and looking away from them.

“Oh come on sweet cheeks,” another one said, suddeningly lifting you from your spot and running off to the water.

They pulled you into the water, not caring what you were trying to say to them.

One of them dropped you in and you screamed loudly, catching the attention of your boyfriends who came running and were severely pissed off by now.

John ran straight to you, pulling you out of the water.

Once they made sure that you weren’t in too much danger the other three turned on the guys that had dragged you in.

The backed up in fear, not knowing what to do.

“Get. out. NOW!” Hercules bellowed at them. They turned around and ran for their lives.

You let out a few giggles while the rest of them turned to look at you.

“Are you okay?” Lafayette asked sorrowfully.

You smiled and nodded, giving him a small kiss.

“I’m alright. I promise.”

The all smiled and sighed in relief.

“Thank you guys. I love you.”

“We love you too.”

Keep It

I was in a conversation with a few people and I’ve had this thought once or twice, so I churned this out in an exercise (read: not proofread). it’s his choice what he does with it, but wouldn’t you have your opinion? (And he does look good and have that big heart no matter what.) x

Harry’s eyeing his face in the bathroom mirror one morning when he says it.

“What do you think of the hair, love?”

“I told you,” you say soothingly, long used to the initial doubts he’d had about it. He’d pulled at what little length there was with such frustration when the scissors had first shorn his locks. “It looks good. I thought you were getting used to it?” 

“I am,” he says and something in his voice makes you take pause. He’s considering something as he raises on eyebrow and peers critically at his sideburns. He pulls his bottom lip into his mouth and twists his head again, and in this lighting with this expression his jawline looks particularly sharp.

“You’re thinking,” you observe from where you are perched atop the lid of the toilet and shaving your legs.

Harry doesn’t say anything and that’s when you know he’s really deep in thought.

“S’not so bad, is it?” he asks. “Now I’ve gotten used to it?”

“No,” you agree. “There’s still a good length on the top.”

“Think I might keep it.”

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pain medications, and pain management are legitimate things used to treat chronically ill people with chronic pain or even just people who are temporarily disabled/experiencing extreme pain. 

pain management isn’t just some “luxury,” we take because we “want to get high,” we literally need it to be able to sleep, to be able to shower, to be able to eat even. Pain management is life saving, if you’re in too much pain to eat or drink water you can die. 

Now I am not trying to say addicts are bad at all, I just want people to know that pain management is an absolutely necessary part of medical care. It DOES save lives. 

take my hand (bill denbrough x reader prompt)

requested: @bevvie-marsh : “from the 3 word prompt “Take my hand.” with Bill”

summary: y/n’s terrified to jump off the cliff and bill decided to encourage her!

warnings: none that i can see

“Listen, I don’t think I can do this guys..” you began, looking over the edge of the cliff and looking down at the mass of water below.

They all looked at you, trying to say encourage things.

“You can do it, Y/N/N!” Bev encouraged.

“Yeah!” Added Ben.

“Don’t worry, I’ll catch you.” Richie winked jokingly.

You giggled slightly, but still stood far back from the edge, away from the others. Bill looked at your scared eyes and felt a pang to his heart.

You had your eyes towards the floor, trying not to look at the huge jump before you. Suddenly, you saw some broken down sneakers in your field of vision.


Stepping forward, he offered his hand to you. You looked at it uncertainly, knowing what he was going to try and encourage you to do. He sighed and waved his hand again, smiling at you with soft eyes.

“Take m-my hand.”

Eventually you extended your arm, your fingers shaking as you placed your hand on his. You felt a light blush settle itself on your cheeks as he pulled you forward slowly and stood on the edge next to you.

The others let out shouts and squeals as they jumped in one by one, splash after splash .

You took a deep breath and clenched your eyes shut, subconsciously tightening your grip on Bill’s hand. He looked at you, taking your cheek in his hand and turning you to face him. You opened your eyes, meeting his gaze.

“Y-you can do th-this, okay? I’ve g-got you,” he smiled reassuringly and gave your hand a squeeze.

You grinned back at him and nodded.


He chucked lightly. “You’re starting to sound like me now.”

And then, you both took a step forward, the ground disappearing from beneath your feet. With his hand in yours, you were now in the air hurtling towards the water.

A loud splash cut through the air and you were enveloped in water, feeling strong arms pull you up to resurface.

Once you resurfaced, you were met with the cheers of all of the losers, including Bill himself, all smiling at you proudly.

“T-told you you c-could do it.” He nudged you in the side teasingly as you all began splashing each other and forgetting about all of your troubles.

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if you're doing the writing requests, 'don't trust me' with mchanzo please

It only took Jesse 43 minutes to find Hanzo this time, a new record.  Under any other circumstances he would be proud of this. But not today, not when he knows exactly what’s going through Hanzo’s mind right now.  He found his archer in the back of Satya’s lab, between a prototype teleporter and a cabinet full of various blueprints.  Satya was sitting outside of the lab which is what clued him in to Hanzo’s location.  Jesse nodded to her and walked in.  

Hanzo looks just about how Jesse expected: frazzled, fractured, distraught, and trying to hide it all behind some deep breathing while he makes himself as small as possible. Jesse sits down and leans back against the front of the cabinet where Hanzo can see him.  Hanzo immediately starts trying to slow down his breaths and pull himself together.

“Let it out, pumpkin,” Jesse whispers as he gently starts tracing random patterns into Hanzo’s metal calf.

“You should not be here,” Hanzo says in between shaky breaths.  He does not pull his leg away from Jesse.

“What, surprised I found ya so quickly?”  Jesse says, purposely misinterpreting the statement.  “We’ve been datin’ for almost a year now.  I would hope I’m gettin’ better at this.”  

“You know what I mean.”

“ ’Fraid I don’t, honey.”

Hanzo’s head snaps up, eyes tinted red and alight with anger.  “Yes you do.  I am dangerous.  Everyone around me gets hurt or worse and I cannot have that happen to you.”

“Well, we’ve got nothin’ to worry about then ‘cause I know you’d never hurt me. Anything else that happens is not yer fault and ya can’t keep shouldering the blame for it.”

“But today was my fault.”  Hanzo drops his head again and curls up tighter.

“Baby, no. It wasn’t yer fault.”

“I am the sniper.  It is my job to watch the skies and rooftops for threats and neutralize them.  I failed.  I failed and now she is fighting for her life on the operating table.”

“We all missed that guy, it’s not just on you.  But Hana will be fine.  Angela’s doin’ her best–which we know is almost paramount to miracle work–and Hana’s a fighter, you know that better than most people.”

“She should not be fighting in the first place!”

“Hanzo, it’s not your fault.    We all make mistakes.  I still trust you to watch my back.”

“You should not trust me!  Do not trust me.”

Jesse sighs; this is spiraling out of hand and going nowhere.  “Darlin’,” he says calmly.  “How many missions have we gone on together?”

“…Too many to count…”

“An’ how many times did I get myself into trouble an’ almost kill myself?”

“…A majority of those times…”

“An’ how many times did you come around, rain down fire and arrows, and save my ass?”


“Almost every goddamn time.  You’ve saved everyone’s life on this team at least once and one slip up ain’t gonna change that fact.  We trust you. We love you.  I love you and I’m not gonna let you forget it.”

Hanzo’s eyes had started watering and now he’s trying to wipe away the tears.  

“You fool,” he says with a weak smile.

“But I’m yer fool.  Come on, Hana should be outta surgery by now.”

Jesse stands and helps Hanzo stand up.  He wraps his arms around Hanzo’s waist and pulls him into a hug.  Hanzo hesitates for a second, but then wraps his arms around Jesse as well.  He sags against him.

“Thank you, Jes.”

“Anytime, pumpkin.”

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Cold Rain (Sam Drake x Reader)

Requested by Anon.

Request: Hey there! Could you do an imagine where Sam x Reader are in the verge of breaking up because of a lie Sam said, and then he tries his best to get her back? Btw I adore your blog and your writing, I always check it every day to see if there’s something new 😭❤

A/N: Hey guys! So I ended up writing a slightly angsty fic, and Sam may seem like a bit of a villain in this. But I guess we must remember that he is only human, and he also makes mistakes. Sorry, if it’s not exactly how you wanted it, but I do hope you like it. Thank you for the request, enjoy, and let me know what you think. :’)

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Just One More Day

Summary: You and Peter had been friends since for as long as you could remember… After an accident… Is Peter ready to man up and tell you how he feels?

Requested: No

Word Count: 1.7k+

Note: This Imagine is Depressing, you have been warned. Listen here <– If you wanna feel all the feels! 

Warning(s)?: Sad asf, Cussing, 13RW Inspired. Could be triggering. 

masterlist (x) requests (x)


Originally posted by sddonald22

Just One More Day

You played with your fingernails, waiting by Peter’s locker eagerly ready for the day ahead. Once you heard footsteps approaching you raised your head and smiled. You greeted Peter and he returned it, reaching into his locker to put away his books from class. 

“So, what are we doing today?” You ask excitedly, crossing your arms over your chest. He glanced up to you and smiled, pulling out his backpack and jacket from the locker before closing it.

“I have an idea” He says cheekily before Ned begins to shout his name from down the hallway. 

“Aye Peter wait up!” He calls out. Peter turns to you with a mischievous look and you laugh. You both begin to run down the hall, Peter’s fingers lacing with yours. You both ran out through the school front doors, enjoying the peace and quiet and the fresh crisp air of fall. You turned to Peter and smiled, excited for what the day had to offer. 

“Hungry?” You asked, hearing Peter’s stomach begin to grumble. He nodded sheepishly before using his spider powers to jump over the fence. You watch in astonishment. 

“Yeah… Imma just take the stairs” You replied as he laughed in response. You met him at the front on the side of the curb.

“So… are you going to tell me now?” You asked getting slightly impatient. He looks at you and smiles and shakes his head. 

“Nope” he replies while popping out the ‘p’. You roll yours eyes at his foolish behaviour but to begin to laugh anyway. 

You and Peter had been childhood friends, next door neighbours. You guys met during Year 1, him saving you from this kid called John who wouldn’t stop making fun of your pigtails. He stood up for you saying that John was jealous because he didn’t have any. You decided to eat lunch with him that day… and every one ever since. 

“You know what I was thinking Peter Parker” You begin as you both walk down the sideway. He groans, annoyed when you use his full name like that.

“What where you thinking Miss Y/N Y/L/N” You just scowled in response causing him to laugh.

“Let’s go and do some pranks!”

#Ned’s pov

I watched helplessly as the school front doors closed. I sighed and turned around, now facing Michelle who had caught up to me. She sighs as well, running a hand through her messy hair.

“Should we-” She begins before I cut her off.

“No… He’s happy… Just one more day

#Y/N’s pov

We went to the local store, buying the supplies we need to make water balloons but with a twist. We added food dye into each one, different colours of course so that we could keep track on who scored the most points! It was easy, Peter had the Blue food dye while I had the red food dye. You guys went back to his apartment and quickly said hi to Aunt May. You both left and rushed upstairs to the top roof. Opening the door, Peter took his backpacks off his back where all your water balloons where safely hidden. 

“Ready for some magic?” You ask cheekily, rubbing your hands together. Both of you have made it to the ledge, peeking over to only see a few people walking by. 

“I don’t think we should do this..” Peter trails off. You look at him and sigh, placing a hand on his arm. 

“You want fun right?” You ask. He glanced up at you. 

“Yeah but this is illegal Y/N!” He whisper shouts to you, almost like someone could over hear us and expose us to the police for our crime.

“Well…” You trailed off, quickly grabbing one of the water balloons from his backpack. 

“Try not to think about that” you say quickly before spotting your first victim, letting the water balloon fall from your hands. You waited until you heard the splash indicating it had landed. You covered your mouth with your hand to stifle the giggles as the man below let out a few colourful words. He began to glance up so that’s when you reached for Peter’s arm and quickly pulled him down next to you, hiding behind the small wall. You began to giggle louder as Peter tried to shush you, holding back his own laugh. 

“Aww come on! it’s not like he can hear me” You respond back, beginning to see a ghost of a smile cover his lips. You smile back, reaching for another water balloon from the backpack, This time you handed it over to Peter, making sure you gave him one of his ones instead of yours. 

You glanced up to him and smiled, him mirroring your expression.

“Well what are you waiting for Spidey? Go on!” You cheer him on, pulling him up with you and lent over the edge, peeking to make sure the guy from before was long gone. He was.

“Okay… who do you pick?” You ask, using your arms to gesture to the people walking the streets below. You smiled and turned your head to the side to face Peter.

“I don’t know…” He spoke unsure. You folded your arms and sigh.

“This coming from the guy who knocks over paper stands, cafe tables full of expensive cutlery and knocks into windows leaving thousands of dollars worth of damages behind” You snicker. He looks up to you and pouts.

“That’s not fair” You raise your hands in mock surrender with a smile. 

“Is lil ol’ Spidey afraid?” you begin to tease, the smile growing wider on your face. He begins to turn beetroot red, ducking his face to the side. 

“God!” He groaned out playfully.

“It’s spiderman!” He replies confidently, trying to show you just how 'manly’ he was. You scoffed and rolled your eyes playfully back. 

“Whatever you say Spiderling” He just looks at you before looking over the ledge, his eyes following the people below. Without warning he dropped the balloon, hearing a splash sound soon after. This time he dropped it on teenagers who were wearing private school uniforms. He begins to snicks and quickly pulls you down to hids behind the wall with him. The whole time Peter never let go of your hand. 

You guys began laughing your asses off for ten straight minutes, hearing the sounds of people complaining and blaming each other down below as you targeted a few more victims. 

You looked over across the horizon, seeing the sun begin to set. Peter followed your eyes, a slight frown beginning to etch onto his face. 

“Hey” you spoke, lifting your hand to turn his cheek to face you. You smile happily.

“Go out and start patrolling Spidey” You spoke with a laugh. He sighed and shook his head, you could tell tears were begin to well up in the corner of his eyes. It hurt you to see him upset.

“I’ll still be here when you get back” You again said softly and meaningfully. He looked up and weakly smiled, taking your hand off of his cheek and into his own. He glanced down at your hands and sighed.

“It feels so real…” He trails off, his voice beginning to slightly crack at the end. You shake your head confused.

“What do you mean?” You asked, Peter still holding your hand. 

“This…” He trails off, wiping the side of his face with his shirt. You begin to pull your hand away slowly, beginning to feel upset yourself. You could feel the familiar ache in your chest begin to grow but chose not to show it. Instead you smiled. 

“It’s as real as you want it to be Peter” you spoke so softly so that he as the only one that heard. You guys were alone on the roof but the moment felt to.. raw to speak loudly to each other. The once happy mood now changing into a sad one. 

“But it’s not like it should be” He says, finally looking up into your eyes. You could see the tears forming, one tear beginning to slid down his cheeks. You could feel your heart break into two at the sight. You hated seeing him this upset, it physically pained you. You reached up a hand and wiped the tear away, Peter leaning in to your touch so slightly. 

“I know” You say, your own voice beginning to give away emotions you were trying to hide. His bottom lip began to tremble.

“I still think about it…” He says softly, more tears beginning to spill from his cheeks. You lift his head up again so that you were looking him in the eye.

“Why? There’s no need to Peter…” You trailed off, seeing him biting his lips, trying to contain the sobs wanting to break free.

“I could have done something.. I should have done something but I didn’t… I was too late..” He trails off, beginning to let out a sob. You reached up to wipe his tears.

“It isn’t your fault” You softly cooed. 

“It is! It’s all my fault..” He replied, shaking his head, grabbing your hands in his own to pull them off of his face. He looked down at your hands, sobbing even harder.

“I-i-i-i have to tell you som-m-methin-g-g-g” He speaks out, his voice trembling due to his tears. You let him hold your hands, giving them a slight squeeze letting him know that it as okay. 

“I’m in love with you Y/N… I always have been and always will be.. you have been there for me since day one and has been my rock whenever things have gotten tough. You were through my parents death… Ben’s… the funeral.. first day freshman year… God even with me when I had my first broken bone on my stupid skateboard” He says through the tears lightly laughing at the end. So did you. 

But then you froze.

“Peter…” You begin, hating what you were about to say. He shook his head, wanting to go on. 

“No please… And how you were there through all the bullying.. through all the pain and suffering you were there…. you were there for all of it…” He trailed off.  Glancing back up to look you in the eyes. 

“B-b-but I wasn’t there for you-u..” He stuttered out. You shook your head and softly smiled disagreeing with him. 

“I am so fucking in love with you it hurts… it physically pains me… and in these moments.. it feels…” He trails off.

Real?” you finish off, he nods in response. 

Too real” He says pained. 

You reach up for his face again, pulling your hands away from his. He lets you and you cup his face in both your hands before sighing, removing your hands again. 

You turned around and rested your back against the wall, letting your legs fall out from underneath you. 

Why didn’t you tell this to me when I was alive?’' 


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A/N: I legit was trying so hard not to cry through this imagine omg. I hate myself so much for writing this but at the same time I am so proud on how it turned out. Holy shit this was so fucking sad.

It was just lunch

Request : 22, 26, and 31 for Bucky and Wanda? If you don’t ship them that’s okay! You can make it Bucky and reader 😊

22) “Come sit on my lap.”

26)  “My hand or the belt?”

31) “Make me.”

Words : 578

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You never seem Bucky so mad at you like he is right now. The veins in his neck are popping up, his hands are in fits, he is not talking to you but the away he is looking at you could kill. “Bucky i am not going to apologize he is my friend we were talking.’ he doesn’t say nothing just keep straight at you “Please baby he is just my friend don’t act like this, was only a lunch.“ he blinks a few times and nothing.

You are leaving the bedroom to give him some space but before you can walk thru the door he pins you on the wall. “He loves you and you go have lunch with him in this little skirt, how do you think i feel seem my girl laughing at his stupid’s jokes?” He start to kiss and bite your neck in such a rough away that you know that you’re going to have some bruises in the morning but you don’t care the feeling was so good.

He puts his metal hand on your waist to prevent you to move, his other hand or working on your clit. And adding a finger his movements are slow taking you to the edge. He stops before you can climax “ Why did you do that ?” you ask angry and a little disorientated “Sweetheart you need to punished for the bad girl that you are.” you groan at his response “ Shut up.” you smile provocative at him “ Make me.”

“I plan to do it sweetheart, now come sit on my lap.“ you sit in his lap and he started to caress your breasts ” Darling you need to be punished for the little whore that you are. So this is how it’s going to be.“ he stops to give you a small kiss on your neck and continues to talk ” You are going to be spanked 13 times when your ass is nice and red you are gonna suck my cock in this pretty little mouth of yours and after that if I feel like you deserve i going to fuck you so good that the only thing that you will remember is my name. ““Now, my hand or the belt? he asks putting a little pressure in your clit “Hand.” he helps you lay his lap and put your skirt up.

He is not gentle with you every time his hand come in contact with your ass was harsh than the last one. When he is finishes with you are worn out. Your whole body was marked by his fingertips. And you are pretty sure that you tomorrow was going to be impossible to walk.

“Here sweetheart drink some water.“ you try to sit” Thank you, Bucky i am sorry.“ you say trying to avoid a future fight” Don’t worry, it’s just so hard… i want you to be happy and sometimes i think that you would be happier if someone else.”

You lay and he puts his head on your chest “ I’m sorry that i am a mess, i hate being jealous of you, i hate that i have to reaffirm myself as the best option for you even that sometimes i am not.” you kiss his forehead “ I love you only you i don’t love and don’t want have sex with Dan he is just a friend. I am yours, now let’s go to sleep.”

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When Their Gf is Sick -A.C.E Reaction

Request:  A.C.E reaction when their girlfriend are sick, please? How they will treat her, do they cook for her or hug her all day?    

By: Anon



Jun will treat you like a princess. Yeah it might sound like a plain out fantasy but Jun will do everything he can to make sure you get better. 

“Jagiya, I came back with water. Here take your medicine first.” 

Jun will make sure you are well taken care of. 

“In all honestly, it doesn’t surprise me that you’re sick. It makes me kinda happy because I can take care of you and watch over you more often.”

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**You would be like Jason in this gif**

He’s going to hold you of course. Even if he’s talking to his members about promotions or singing and even dancing, you ain’t leaving his lap. He would cuddle you in front of the other guys. 

“Seyoon, I’m gonna go get some water.” You would say and try to get up.

“No need! You are sick so you will not get up. Chan go get Y/n a bottle of water please.” He would tell Chan to go get you the smallest beverage to even a blanket.

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“You can ask me for anything and I’ll run to go get it for you.” Jason would be like Jun and give you non-stop attention till you are back on your feet.

“I looked up online that sleeping can help not only YOUR beauty sleep but it can soothe your headaches if you sleep longer.” Jason isn’t going to stop till you are cured.

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Once you are sick, all the members would want to step in to cure you. BUT. Donghun isn’t ready to share you. He will get jealous of the other member’s non-stop actions of getting your attention.

“Chan, get away. She has me.” Donghun would grab Chan and pull him away from you.

“Calm down Donghun, they’re only trying to be there for both of us. You can’t take care of me by yourself. They take care of me when you get busy so be nice.” You would scold him for pushing away his other members.

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“Jagi,smile! How’s this plant on my head? Is it making you happier than before?” He would think smiles and laughter would be all the medicine you’d need. 

“Yes. You just being here with me is my medicine.” This statement would make him hug you.

By the end of the week, Chan would be the one laying down in bed and you’d be the one helping him get better.

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justsomewhump  asked:

So you mentioned humiliation... Likes/dislikes about it?

Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to this, my dear friend. I wanted to give it a nice, thorough answer, and I’m just slow in general, lol. Also, forgive me for both the length of this post and its tendency to read like a magnum opus of humiliation instead of a direct answer to you. It… uh… kinda turned into a magnum opus of humiliation somewhere around the cut. *cough* :D

I loooove humiliation. Done well, it can push all kinds of buttons for me that I absolutely love. Of course, it’s also easy to get completely wrong and end up being all weird. Too often, mainstream TV shows do it wrong because they don’t take it far enough to actually fuck someone’s head up and it ends up in some weird quasi-embarrassing situation that’s more likely to cause second-hand embarrassment than push any good buttons. Ew.

But then, humiliation is largely subjective. It all depends on the character’s psyche and the viewer’s own views on the situation at hand. Something that might humiliate one character might do nothing for another… and it doesn’t matter how good the scenario is if it doesn’t appeal to the viewer watching it.

I’ll start out with light stuff I like, then put the more intense stuff behind a cut. Also, please keep in mind, absolutely nothing in this post should ever be done to a non-consenting individual in real life! But in fiction, well, have at it ;)

I love it when male characters are talked down to - particularly by women. It’s the Domme in me poking her head out ;) I just love when women refer to men as objects, talk about them like they’re not standing right there, call them names, refer to them as a pet, a slave, an “it”. Oh, I love that stuff.

I also love men on their knees. It’s such a subservient position, and men in particular take great offense when forced into that position by their adversaries. That, of course, makes it delightful to me. Again, I really like it when a woman’s the one forcing a man to his knees, but I’ll take whatever I can get. I just love a reluctantly kneeling man ;)

Name calling in general is hit or miss. Random insults, like “jackass” don’t do too much for me. Names picked specifically to needle at someone’s insecurities are good, like if someone was calling Killian “slave” - which would likely bother him after having grown up as one and undoubtedly being called it derisively in the past. In general, I like it when men are called “boy” - especially by other men, making it even more of an assault on their masculinity.

Because, really, that’s what humiliation is all about for me - dismantling and assaulting an individual’s very sense of self. Finding the things they take pride in and just annihilating them through word and deed, as well as finding the things they’re sensitive about and jumping on them like a trampoline. You can’t just dress a character up in a stupid clown costume and have people laugh at them. That’s… just weird and totally unsatisfying to me.

Which isn’t to say some of the humiliation scenes I’m into aren’t weird… Some of them are very weird, and you should only click the link below if you want to see just how weird these things can get…

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Imagine you're waking up from a daze, contracting as your limbs are bound.

You can call me Ker. ^^ I’m fulfilling the request “Can you do one where x is tied down to a table and giving birth and then y is doing everything they can to keep pushing it back in and making it really painful” but I’m also adding torture elements to it as a twist ^^

This is my first submission, I hope you like!!

Your eyes are fogged, mouth dry as you go to lift your head, but gag immediately. your neck is strapped down, you try to reach to free yourself but your wrists too, are bound above your head. You’re lying on a metal table, your abdomen sore, you’ve been carrying this child for almost 48 weeks now, the baby visible rolls and stretches in your big belly, yearning for freedom. It’s quiet. Your legs are also spread wide apart as they can go on the table, your bald pussy vulnerable in the cold air. You flinch, feeling a gentle touch caressing the top of your head. “Hey baby, how’re you doing?” he asks. You remember on your wedding night, you always said it was your fetish, your kink, your dream to be bound and tortured; but being pregnant, and feeling a slight onset of contractions, you worry. “It’s okay love, I got you.” your husband murmurs gently. He walks around the table, gently inserting his finger into you. You are already wet. “Hun, I don’t think now’s the time to do this” you mutter. He looks at you, his familiar gaze so loving yet so pleading. You trust him. You trust him to please you. And yet, you also trust him in what you believe to be him wanting to make labor an intense experience for you.

You immediately writhe, clenching your fists as the baby drops into your pelvis, becoming still. Your husband, who’s loyally staying by your side, checks you out by feeling your belly and pushing his fingers inside you. “It’s starting.” he excitedly mutters, you wriggle your hips slightly from his touch, which is both stimulating and painful for the time being. You arch your back as much as you can, your stomach growing tight around the form of your baby. “hhhhh..!!!” you moan, as your husband continues to finger you, stimulating you and arousing you to help… and its working. Very slowly, you feel your contractions getting much harder. “Babe..” you whisper, he looks up at you, feeling your cervix and how it’s just beginning its dilation. “It should only be a few more hours now!” he excitedly whispers, removing his fingers from you before standing back and watching. Oh god, you loved it so much. But you hated it at the same time. You hardly knew what he had in store for you though.

You breathe softly, closing your eyes as you gently doze between the contractions, your water not broken yet. “I wanna try something”. your husband says. You look at him, as he comes by your face, kissing your forehead. “Trust me.” he said. “Trust you?” you say in curiosity, as he leans the table back ever so slightly. You cry out, even though you’re minimally leaned back, the baby shys away from your cervix and you can feel your progress being lost. But that isn’t all. He gently placed a towel over your face, and you know exactly what’s coming; and it’s your weakness. He pours water over the towel as he holds it around your face, and suddenly you writhe intensely, swallowing water as he waterboards you, your body going into panic and pleasure mode. As your lungs and body reacted to your not being able to breath, your water broke as a large pop, water gushing down the table as it flows down your back due to the angle. The baby within you is moving more than ever, kicking in sheer desperation and instinct for freedom as it can tell you are in danger; or so your body thinks. Your husband removes the towel immediately. “I knew that would speed things along”. You gasped for air, breathing heavy and holding your breath as an orgasm ripples through your body the moment you can breath, rhythmic squirts of amniotic fluid pumping out of your body from the orgasm’s intensity.

You feel it. The time is near, and you need to push. Your husband hears you grunting as you try to force the baby through your birth canal. He watches you, as you’re still recline slightly, legs far apart. “Hmmnnn…!!” you whimper, as the baby’s scalp barely peeks out, before constantly retreacting again. “Let me help you…” your husband speaks sympathetically, as he rotates the table upright. You cry out as you feel the baby’s weight on your pelvic floor and it begins to slide out slowly. “No no no..” your husband whispers, and you look at him wide eyed. “What?” you respond in shock, before he takes his hand and, against your contractions, pushes the baby back inside you, your vagina working against it incredibly hard before taking the baby back in, and you cry out from your gut as you uncontrollable keep pushing, your hips bucking against your husband’s hand. He unstraps your legs, before tying them not only back down to the table, but so that your legs are tightly crossed. “Babe!! I need to give birth please!!” you cry out, but now he’s just being cruel. Your arms are out beside you, and you hang upright, feeling your baby in your birth canal, writhing and moving about with no way out. You feel something strange though. Between your crossed thighs, water started trickling down, and you can feel the water spraying out from the pressure building up. Your husband notices. “Is that the second child?” He inquires, and you look at him even more in shock. “A second child???? you knew I wa– sss mmnnnnn!!!!” you are cut off as your body is wracked by another contraction, and you are trying as hard as you can to fight your instinct you push, the pressure building up against your gspot growing even more intense. “Babe!!! I need to push please!! I’m begging you right away please my babies need to be born!!!” you cry out to him. He comes by, and lets your legs free. You find the opportune moment, and in the middle of the contraction you push with every ounce of strength you have, and the baby comes out in one push, fluids gushing out and the leg of the second baby peeking out. your husband catches the first baby in time, and you breathe in relief, before feeling that your next baby is incredibly bigger, and breeched. Your husband tucks the first baby away, before tending to you. “You aren’t getting away with this easily this time”. He smirks.

Your husband turns the table completely upside down. You cry out, feeling the baby’s foot slip back inside your womb. Your husband comes around, and just to make sure, forces his hand into your vagina and pushes the baby all the way back inside. You are in tears from the pain, he steps back as you push hard, feeling it come out right. Slowly, but right. He watches, as you show him the grand finale. You cry out “Oh my gooddd…!!!! Mmmmnn babe I need to g-give birth to my child normally please…” you are desperate. Your child’s head pops free, and you instinctively want to grab it, but you are bound tight. He watches silently before coming over to you on your next contraction, and holding the baby’s head in place. “BABE!! N-NO PLEASE HE NEEDS T-TO COME OUT!!” you cry out, as the baby starts crying, shoulders stuck in place. Your husband then kneels beside you. “Give me a second child” he says seriously, becore gripping your throat. Your clit swells, he knows choking you out is an immediate orgasm for you, and you push hard, squirting as the baby slides out. Your husband goes up quickly to catch it, and tilts you upright.

He unstraps you, and cleans you up in a warm bath afterwards with your two babies, gives you clean clothes from the dryer, and that same night, while the twins are asleep, he pounds into you as you cry out in pleasure, so ready to do this all over again.


apparently my auntie is a little plant freak too! her balcony looks like a little garden (if it was mine I would have more plants and make it look like a little forest, lol!!!) she has basils everywhere. they say basil repels mosquitoes, so she’s placed some on the windowsills because my little cousin is affected by mosquito bites (she has the same name as me and we share birthdays too!! I know it’s irrelevant but wanted to fit that in here coz how often does that happen?!! lol) my aunt is also into herbal medicine and knows quite a lot. the last night I was there we talked about herbalism, plants and animals until morning.

It’s about 7:00 at night, and this day has been a whirlwind for you. A lengthy road trip to Seuol to visit relatives, and having your younger siblings annoy you as you tried to sleep. Nothing seemed to be going up for you—that is, before your older cousin Hoseok dragged you along to meet his friends. It was no secret in your family that Hoseok was talented and a rising star, everyone saw it coming. Now that he’s in a group—which you enjoy very much—BTS, he hasn’t been home alone due to working. Childhood memories of you two playing in dirt replay constantly, reminding you of how much you missed your cousin while he was away. Now that he’s home, he wants to make up for all the missed phone calls and texts you sent over the past months. As said previously, he brought you to meet his group mates. He introduced them all to you—knowing that you were fully aware of who they were, but didn’t want to embarrass you—and warned them to not lay a paw on his cherished little cousin. Which really doesn’t make sense if he didn’t want that to happen considering the circumstances you’re in right now: Alone in the dance room with Yoongi. They ran out to get dinner, and left you and him there: Yoongi because he was in the mood to not even be talked to—making mistakes in the choreography too much—and you because it was dark out, and they wouldn’t want to take the chance of you being hurt. It had been about five minutes since they left, and this has been the most long in your life. Yoongi was silent, still panting harshly and hitting his legs with his fists. He tangled his fingers in his hair in frustration, growling in his throat as he looked in the mirror at his defeated position on the floor.

You stand up, and grab a water bottle from the case they had gotten earlier. “Cool down,” You broke the silence, handing it to him.

“I don’t need water.” He didn’t even look at you, still staring at his mocking reflection.

“By the looks of it, it seems as if you do. You have a huge mirror right in front of you, don’t you? If you’re still upset-”

“Of course I’m still upset!” His voice rose, “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I just wanted to help..” Your breathing slowed down, and your eyelids felt heavy with guilt and slight hurt. Continuing to look at the ground and turning away you ask, “What’s the move?”

“It’s this hand movement thing,” He said. You heard him get up, so you turn to face him. “I gotta put my hand here, and move like this.” He tried explaining, but focused more on having another go at it. Somewhere along the way, he stopped speaking and just focused on dancing. “Ugh!” He stopped his foot, “I messed up again.” He sat back down, putting his hands in his face.

“You have to move your body where your hands are?” You walked over to him again.

“Yes. Apparently, my body can’t do what I tell it to: a simple dance like this.” He pressed his knees against his chest, and rested his tiresome head on them.

Of all the boys, to you he was the cutest. His smile, the way he carries himself, his verses—and now, his perseverance that was clearly displayed before you. “Practice makes perfect?” You reluctantly said, sitting next to him cross legged.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” He retorted, actually looking at you this time.

“It looks like you’re over working yourself, and need a break.”

“I can’t take breaks—I’ll never learn the dance.” He shot back, glaring at you.

“You can pick it up later, tomorrow—whenever. You’ll eventually get the hang of it, and it doesn’t have to be right this second.” He stood quiet, and kept his eyes on his shoes while he hugged his legs. “Have some water,” You attempted to hand him some again, to which he also repeated the last time and ignored. “Please? I don’t like seeing people so stressed out, especially you; you work hard enough already.” Again, nothing. “Yoongi~” You sang, shaking the bottle in front of his face.

He sighed heavily, retrieving the plastic from your hand. “Do I have to take a break?” He complained, unscrewing the cap.

“It would make you feel better, so yes.”

He was busy chugging down the water to say anything, “If I do, you try dancing.” He pulled the opening away from his plump lips, leaving them as soaked as his body is. “It’s a deal, and I promise I’ll take it easy only if you agree.”

“No!” You exclaimed, pushing your body away from his.

“Oh well,” He screwed the cap back on, standing up again. “Guess I’ll just have to keep going.” He threw the bottle in your lap, and winked. “Don’t enjoy the show too much, kid.”

“What dance?”

“Hm?” He fought a smile.

“What dance?” You asked louder, turning your head to the side.

“I still have to decide,” He towered above you, “Look at me.”

“Why?” You didn’t budge.

“So I can know what I want you to do,” He lifted you up with both of his hands on your sides. “Sheesh, you’re short.” He snorted, ruffling your hair. He stood back, scanning your body. “You know the song No More Dream?”


“Good. You’ve seen the music video I take it?” You nodded, “So you know the part where Jimin lifts his shirt up and does that dance, right?”

Your stomach tightened, “Y-Yes.”

“I wanna see you do it,” He told you boldly, “I’ll show you how.” Why you? Why this particular dance? You gulped as he stood behind you, and positioned you right smack in the middle of the room. “Let’s start where you hold your arm out,” He lifted your right arm, placing it in front of you. “Bend down a little, you know what I’m talking about.” It’s true, you do know what he’s talking about..but why? You did as you were told, and he did the exact same. “Good, good.” He complimented, “Now move your hips forward; thrust like how we did.” By now, your face began growing hot as Yoongi’s body pressed against yours so closely—now he’s telling you to thrust.


He cuts off your stuttering, “I’ll show you; don’t worry.” He holds his arm out next to yours, and the other on your hip. “Follow my hand,” He pushed you forward, and thrusted slightly himself. “Want me to do it slower, or again?”


“Again: follow my hand.” He repositions you back to the original stance, and repeats his steps. “You gotta make sure your hips do it smoothly..” He breathed in your ear, looking down at the nonexistent gap between your bum and his crotch area. “Smoothly.” He said slowly, matching his movements with it. “Now try it,” You did as he showed you, and he clapped. “Great, now again.”

“This is so weird..” You covered your face.

“It’s not like I’ll make fun of you,” He rolled his eyes, “Come on, (Y/N).”

You did it again, shutting your eyes tightly. “D-Did I do it?”

“Yes, you did.” Yoongi smiled proudly, “Now for the turn.” He stood behind you again, “Don’t mind my hands.” When you were about to ask what he meant, his hands clutched your hips. Just as he did before, he demonstrated every single bit of that move too. He held your waist, moving along with you once you got it down. He breathed a laugh, the hot air hitting your neck as he was bent down to look at your body. “You’re a good dancer.”

“Thank you,” You blushed.

“I think that’s enough now,” He pulled away gently, “Come sit down.” He pulled you to where you two sat before. “You dance?” He asked, sipping some water and handing it to you.

“No. Hoseok has taught me a few things, though.” You sipped as well.

“That explains it,” He chuckled, “He’s the best dancer.”

“You’re a really good dancer too,”

“Not as good as him,” He laughed looking down.

“He worked hard, danced everyday, and never gave up—there’s no doubt he’d be a great dancer.” You felt a tingle of pride when speaking about your successful cousin.

“He’s told us stories about when he was starting, and where he would dance.”

“Did he?”

“Oh yeah, he takes pride in it—not too much, of course.” He looked down again, “Are you ticklish?”

“Why?” You scooted backwards.

“Ah, you are.” He laughed, lunging towards you.

“I’m not, I swear!” You squealed, pulling away.

“I think you’re lying,” He finally gripped your hand, and straddled you. “This is gonna be so much fun.” He said, making his fingers dance all around your abdominal area.

“S-Stop!” You managed to say through your messy laughter.

“Stop!” He mimicked you, giving you no mercy. “Who was the one who said I should take a break?” He raised his eyebrow, struggling to hold you wrists together. “Stop squirming!” He said holding you in one hand now. “Again, who said I should have a break?” He tried calming down.

“I did.” You looked up at him.

“Is this a break?” His voice lowered, and he looked down at you.

“I think so..”

“I hope it is..” He trailed off, finding your eyes. He leaned down, closing his eyes lightly. Your eyes closed as well, just before the impact of his lips on yours. One wasn’t enough, so after that peck ended he deepened it. His free hand made its way to your cheek, holding it as he pressed his lips against your hungrily. His tongue carefully brushed your bottom lip, but by his body movements he was begging for you to let him in—so you did. Normally, people would fight for dominance—but you didn’t even have the chance to. Yoongi’s tongue overpowered yours quickly, and he took control over you now. His tongue traced over yours repeatedly, just right so you lightly moaned in his mouth. You felt his smirk as he pulled away, but not without tugging your lip on the way. “Would you say this is a break?”

“Mhm.” You breathed, your eyes dreamily staring into his.

“You know Hoseok would kill me if he found us like this, right?” He kicked his lips, leaning down to your face again.

“I know.” You stole a kiss.

“And you wanna keep going?” He chuckled against your neck, “I like your style, but I don’t want to make him mad.” He said before kissing your skin, “I like this, I really do (Y/N).” He progressed to nipping at you, and sucking before letting go. “If you want to continue this with the risk of the guys busting in here,” His kissing trailed down to your collarbone, “We could.” He kissed your exposed collarbone, doing exactly what he did to your neck. “I didn’t figure you as that kind of girl,”

His hand lifted the hem of your shirt, leaving your stomach to him. “What kind of girl is that?”

“The one who gets turned on by danger, doing things the wrong way, and getting man handled.” He mumbled against you, giving you goosebumps as he made his way up towards your breasts. “It’s a pleasant surprise.” He lifted your bra up next, not wanting to take it off because of the time you two had left. Licking around your nipple, he took it in his mouth suckling on it gently while pinching the other. “I really hope they don’t walk in, I want time for other things if that’s alright.” He looked up at you, still doing his work.

“If you hurry they won’t,”

“Hm,” He laughed shaking his head, “Now why would I do that? I want you to beg for me to be in you, not just say it nonchalantly like that. I want you to scream,” He said, pulling your legs apart and putting his hips in between them. “I want to make sure you get exactly what you deserve: a good, long, hard-”

A roar of laughter was heard in the hall along with whining from a deep voice, “Give me it back!”

“It’s a toy!” Another voice annoyingly responded.

“Get up, get up!” You whisper yelled, hitting Yoongi’s shoulder repeatedly. He tumbled backwards, pulling his shirt down and looking at the ceiling. You tugged desperately on your bra, and shirt.

“Yah, just give Tae his stupid toy back.” Namjoon grunted, opening the door.

“It’s not just a toy!” He snatched it from Jimin and his devilish smile.

“We’re finally back,” Hoseok said, coming in with bags of food.

“Time to eat!” Jin cheered happily, skipping inside.

“He’s been excited the whole way here,” Jungkook glared at him.

“Here (Y/N),” Jin handed you a styrofoam box, “Oh, you have a little..” He pointed at his neck, “Cover it and I won’t tell.” He smiled sweetly. “Yoongi,” He shook his head, “Here.” He patted his back roughly, sending him forward a little.

“Thanks,” He grabbed his meal, making sure his shirt was down.

“Ugh, Yoongi..” You pouted, fixing your shirt and hair. “Is it covered?” You pointed to where Jin said the ‘little’ was.

He bursts out in laughter, making some of the guys turn their attention to him. “Not even close,” He whispered, “Here, have my sweater.” He grabbed a sweater lying on the ground next to the wall. He sat closer to you, glancing at the rest of the guys then back to you. “It’s not little, I’ll tell you that.” He pecked your cheek lovingly, “Don’t worry about it, this’ll cover it.” He stood up, helping you in it as you raised your arms.

“How big is it exactly?” You worriedly asked, fixing your hair.

“Mm, hold on.” He reached in the sweater’s pocket taking his phone out. “I’m gonna move your hair out of the way, but I’ll put it back.” He brushed your hair over your shoulder, and some lose strands behind your ear. Looking down he chuckled, bringing his phone to it. You heard a light shutter sound, and he held it out to you.

“Yoongi-!” He covered your mouth knowing you’d scream.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” He looked over your shoulder, “I’m sorry, okay? Do you forgive me?” He looked at you in the eyes, smiling cutely. “Please, (Y/N)?” He held your hands, “Please, jagi?”

You sighed in submission, “Alright.”

“Thank you,” He pecked your lips, but but his while quickly checking if anyone saw. “Whew,” He touched his forehead, “Eat up.” He poked your stomach, then fixed your hair.

Once everyone finished eating and were done messing around, it was time Hoseok took you back to his house where your mothers were probably blabbering. “(Y/N) said she really liked you guys,” He smiled, putting his arm around you to look at the guys lined up.

“You guys are really nice, and funny.” You awkwardly said, swinging your arms. “Thank you for treating me to food, and thank you for keeping me company Yoongi.”

You looked over to him with his arms behind his back smiling, and nodding. “I had fun with you, too.”