water u doing with ur life

the signs as pokémon types

aries- fighting- aggressive, physical, powerful, afraid of birds

taurus- normal- well-loved, classic, snorlax

gemini- electric- quick, shocking, created by accident in a powerplant

cancer- bug, poison- annoying kill u slowly, most are weak but some are surprisingly strong

leo- fire- burn bright, explosive when enraged, lit

virgo- grass- slowly drain ur life force to heal themselves

libra- fairy/ice- pretty to look at, pretty useless in a fight

scorpio- dark, ghost- spiteful, hold grudges, curse, occasionally bite

sagittarius- dragon - see bagon pokedex entry 

capricorn- ground, rock, steel- hardened, impossible to penetrate, DO NOT GET WET UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE

aquarius- flying, psychic- smart, free, weak and easy to kill

pisces- water- fish wtf did u expect

drinking tips 4 beginners

ok so i know i have a lot of young followers and i haven’t rlly seen any posts like this so here r some tips i’ve learned from personal experience, observation, n friends!!! i hope this helps u guys and feel free to add ur own!!!

  • DRINK WATER in between drinks im so serious it’ll help a lot w the hangover in the morning 
  • eat a big meal before u plan to drink a lot n also make sure to eat something afterwards/before sleeping!!!! 
  • know ur limit…like rlly know when to stop
  • if u drink wine u WILL “lose ur legs” 
  • never ever ever drink alone!!!!!!!!!! be with people you trust to take care of u!!!!!!!!
  • know the alcohol content of whatever ur drinking bc if u drink a couple of beers ur gonna be alright at the end of the night but if u go for The Hard Stuff just know ur gonna get hammered way sooner
  • dont drink if u dont want to bc peer pressure is real n it’s more than okay to say no
  • (i only drink red wine so i would say to only have 3 glasses of it bc after the lucky number 3 things go down hill pretty fast)
  • dont take drinks from strangers!! never leave ur drink alone!!! always carry it with u wherever u go!!!!!
  • dont switch drinks like if ur going to drink beer then stay with that choice all night dont switch to whiskey you’ll thank me later ok just trust me
  • again…..know when to stop
  • dont get absolutely toasted every time u drink bc thats not fun 
  • before u go to bed make sure to lay out a glass of water n pain killer just in case u feel like garbage in the morning
  • just know that u will say and do embarrassing things when ur lit it’s inevitable
  • dont go to bed without washing ur face or showering,, this isnt a real tip just a reminder that it’s better to be hungover n fresh than hungover n nastee!
  • if u wear sunglasses indoors everyone will know ur hungover but it’s ok bc #relatable
  • turn off ur phone when u go out bc like u have to be super super intoxicated to actually drunk text but better safe than sorry!!! ur ex wont think it’s cute btw!!! (also drunk selfies r sloppy n no one knows what ur gonna post when ur out of it lmao)
  • dont post pictures of urself drinking on social media just dont (especially if ur underage)
  • if you’ve never drank before know that when u get Tipsy the room will be fuzzy n even if u dont know it ur going to be stumbling lmao
  • dont wear high heels if u know ur getting drunk just DONT bc then ur going to have to go barefoot wherever u are n that’s never a good idea bc germs
  • know that drinking is 100% ok for young ppl (18 or over) n that it can be fun but u absolutely do not have to do it, u can stop whenever u want to, and it’s not an every day activity!!!!! don’t make it a habit bc it’s a good time until it’s not!!!! just make sure ur comfortable and safe and it’ll be ok!!!!! stay safe everyone n bottoms up!!!!

protips if ur in med school

- dont cry; if u do save them and drink it bc ur gonna need water and to stay hydrated
- get out and exercise. (to show ppl ur actually doing smth w ur life)
- dont paint the textbook w highlighter ink
- color code ur notes. like jesus they saved me
- eat. simple.
- actually attend lectures. and ask qs bc it means u actually understand shit
- dont go on tumblr when ur in lectures too.
- when dissecting smth keep in mind that the corpse will sometimes make noises like low growning noises bc of the small intestines ripping bc the body bloats w gas during decomposition
- go to libraries to study in if u rly wanna concentrate.
- dont drink too much caffeine
- stay alive and good luckkk


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viva-la-swen  asked:

Yes hello I am a girl who loves another girl and she's so sweet and beautiful and I tell her everyday but I don't think she really believes me all the time. She's like sunshine and moonlight and the scent of a campfire in the summer or a drink of fresh water in heat. I love her more than anything else and I want to spend my whole goddamn life with her if she'll have me. She makes me want to do better for myself and her, by extension. She's just... so amazing and I remind myself of it everyday.

wtf this is really cute!!!! i hope she knows u think of rly pretty metaphors when u think of her that’s the tru way to a girl’s heart!!! i’m so happy for u guys!!! <3

tell me abt ur crush lol

tfw ur ex takes ur passport and leaves it at his new gf’s house and u go get it and the new gf is super pretty but she doesn’t have time to help u find ur passport (bc she’s flying to indonesia) so she makes u go into her house and get it -_- and then she has all the lights on!!! during the day!!! anyways she said u weren’t supposed to touch anything but u do and then when u have to go use the restroom a girl is taking a bath in the shower and then she goes back and u think u gave her a heart attack bc she’s like dead looking and not responding in the tub but then she’s actually not and afterwards after u get new clothes bc she tried to smother u in the water she does this stupid hiccup thing and then kisses u and calls it cpr and u end up telling ur life story to her and ur like oh shit i want to kiss her again and she offers to grill u mackerel for the rest of ur lives and grow old together and u make out w her again. and u still didn’t get ur passport yet.#justrelatablethings

jaehyunsleatherpants  asked:

once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. then, you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers. 💐


/sweats bc i have 2 think rlly hard for just 5 things/

- nice eyes

- soft hair

- knows the perfect setting on the toaster

- good at short showers

- can make kraft dinner without reading instructions

the signs as waffle toppings
  • Aries: almonds
  • Taurus: maple syrup
  • Gemini: a double yolked egg and its yellow
  • Cancer: strawberry syrup
  • Leo: pickles???? why are u like this
  • Libra: JUST1C3
  • Virgo: strawberries with whipped cream
  • Scorpio: chocolate chips. ur doing well in life
  • Sagittarius: banana and cashews
  • Capricorn: corn. or candy corn. whatever
  • Aquarius: water
  • Pisces: fish eyes and blueberries
things 2 do when u hit rock bottom horoscopes
  • aries: it's time that u took the leadership role of that secret undercover society you've been fake ignoring 4 so long. like sure u know ur a team player but u were destined to be the leader plus steve wasn't doing shit anyway fuck steve ur gonna be on fuckin tv
  • taurus: u did a gr8 job at keeping shit 2gether when everyone flaked off but hey this wasn't ur responsibility people are gonna learn the hard way so now is ur time to party down hard and make out with the hottie near the water feature as the good lord intended bless u
  • gemini: go hella baller and disappoint ur fam by following ur dreams u were gonna upset them anyway but at least you'll b working with your own guide lines also enjoy the quieter moments in life but embrace the chaos. steal your exes car and watch it burn to hilary duff's so yesterday
  • cancer: it is ok to let it all out for once u don't owe strength to anyone like if walking alone on a beach for a week sobbing it all out is gonna help u do it just drink a lot of water and make sure some one is feeding u along the way also call ur loved ones some time soon they miss u
  • leo: ur generous as hell but 4 too long theres been to many fuckwads taking advantage of ur kindness don't be afraid to ditch ppl who don't nourish u, the people deserving of your warmth and devotions are those who will meet u @ rock bottom, ur a human ligh bulb anyway so
  • virgo: go the fuck off virgo. u've tried the whole diplomatic garbage fest and all that's handed u is fucking chad stealing ur house and ur car so fuck u chad but u have nothing to lose here call out everyone's bullshit, make that fucking burn book and rise from the flames RISE
  • libra: look at u with ur rad people skills and ur diplomacy and the whole life of the party but where are the those parties at rock bottom? guess what u don't owe everyone ur attention or empathy pick a side this time PICK YOUR SIDE
  • scorpio: u don't owe people the kind of goodness you're performing to those who are gonna read u wrong anyway, if people don't get that you're a charming and complex and emotional being then fuck them fuck them all it is ur party 2 day and u can do what ever u want
  • sagittarius: 2 many assholes worked hard on putting u down but just bc ur @ rock bottom doesn't mean you've lost out on ur pursuit, take it as a hibernation phase bc when u get out there again ur gonna be haunting them in aesthetically displeasing dreams for the rest of their weenie lives
  • capricorn: everyone's looking at u down here like "how the fuck did u get here" bc ur a capricorn, u don't plan for failure u took every step to not have failure buess what, u did and u know what ur gonna do? ur gonna take failure by the horns and say "i'm not afraid of u" go hella baller
  • aquarius: ur one of the few people who'll look at rock bottom and start thinking about how can u make life better for people down here. idk what is with u being a natural humanitarian and all but in a world that likes to knock the shit out of tenderness and empathy, u got that locked down.
  • pisces: u c the thing about u is that u probs knew that rock bottom was gonna happen eventually so while every1 else is pity buying a pet shark u already figured out how ur gonna spend your time here and before anyone else decided to waddle out, you've bounced back in a way THAT NO ONE EXPECTED BC UR A PISCES

I literally can’t imagine hating on a girl for doing something that makes her happy or feel good about herself. Like what kind of sour demon loser do u have to be to actually take time out of ur day to contemplate how ur gonna make a perfect girl feel bad about herself?? Lmao get a job! Get a life! Drink some water!

For those who went on and done did the  #charliecharliechallenge a.k.a I’m a dumbass who wants my ass to get haunted  here are a few tips for when you done the challenge :

  • Have a Bible, Qu’ran anything holy near your ass cuz u gonna need it
  • Light some fucking candles, cuz y not make it creepier 
  • Drink only holy water from now on
  • Baptize your ass after you’ve done it
  • Attend church every Sunday until you die 
  • Apologize to your mama for bein’ a dumbass 
  • Pray that your ass doesn’t get haunted 
what the signs are obligated 2 b like (according to tumblr)

Aries: probably satan
Taurus: eating/sleeping. bonus points if smn tells u 2 stop but are too stubborn to listen
Gemini: u must like puns. u have to or else u would be upset at all the twin puns people make. also u can’t be upset that’s cancer’s thing
Cancer: crying. any kind of crying, but u must cry
Leo: never stop looking in mirrors. ur so self centered ur life might depend on seeing ur reflection
Virgo: too critical
Libra: indecisive. so indecisive. how do u do anything
Scorpio: seductive. but like a black widow spider. pls do not eat people
Sagittarius: not have a personality
Capricorn: the person whose jokes u feel obligated to laugh at because they creep u out a bit
Aquarius: always ready for water jokes
Pisces: in love with water. everything and anything to do with fish. expect people to take u to aquariums even if u don’t like them

  • Harry: *lowkey shops whilst subtly sipping some coffee*
  • Harry: * has lunch with a friend somewhere, hair resting in a bun*
  • Me: HSSRRY???? Harr?? HARRY WHY CAN U PLS NOT HARRY !!!?? When did I GIVE U perMISSION TO FUCK ME Up??? Wheres UR CHILL?!????
  • Harry: *eats*
  • Harry: * spits water on stage, grabs crotch and moans on stage as if his life depends on it*
  • Me: haha cutie.

if you want stronger tea do not steep it longer bc that will just result in bitter tea, not stronger tea. to make ur tea stronger u need to add more tea leaves or tea bags. it is a v basic concept ur just upping the concentration of tea in the same amount of water ok so pls stop over brewing ur tea unless u genuinely like how that tastes in which case pls continue bc it’s ur life 

  • Rumple: cya Belle I'm off to murder ya old boy
  • Belle: oh hELL NO
  • Belle: *smacks her mouth on his aggressively* NOW LET HIM GO, I'M NOT USING THE DAGGER FOR KINKY FUN THIS TIME. LET HIM GO.
  • Rumple: (holy shit this is kinda hot)
  • Belle: Okay, children, now can we, GASTON U LITTLE SHIT, SERIOUSLY UR GONNA DO THIS? *slams his ass into the water*
  • Rumple: I have never been so turned on in my entire life.

boys are sucky

boys are lame

don’t date boys

drink water instead

and exercise

and go to school

and do your homework

and eat good foods

and be nice to your parents

and hang out with your friends

ok u can also do dangerous things if u want

but whatever u do

don’t do the most dangerous thing

don’t give ur heart to a boy!