water tribe korra

Guys the past twelve years of my life just made sense

We all know Sozin’s plan and “the avatar is the Fire Nation’s greatest threat” blah blah blah but listen. Twelve years after Roku died, Sozin attack the Air Nomads. He thought he killed the Avatar. Then where did he send troops? The Southern Water Tribe. The avatar was to be born of water next. They didn’t bother with the Northern Water Tribe until 100 years later when Zhao went ape shit, I think that they stopped because they knew Aang was hiding somewhere. Where was their third target? The Earth Kingdom, more specifically, Ba Sing Se, the heart of the Earth Kingdom. My friend asked me when we were watching AtLA “they know that if they kill Aang that the avatar will just be reborn, right?” So then I thought of the Red Lotus from Korra, their plan was to kill her in the Avatar State to end the cycle. Sozin wasn’t stupid, and Sozin’s best friend was the Avatar. He would have known that the Avatar would just be reborn. So why didn’t he try to end the cycle like Zaheer? I’m like 100% certain that Fire Lord Sozin’s ORIGINAL plan was to go through the other three nations, the order of the cycle, killing any benders that could be the avatar. He was trying to cheat his way through the cycle to get another Fire Nation Avatar. He even made a point to Roku that the Avatar and the Fire Lord could, in fact, take over the world. He needed a new Avatar to mold to help him take over the world.

Imagine Katara growing up to become an influential, respected world leader or advocate instead of just being remembered as Aang’s wife and Tenzin’s mom. Where was her statue? Where was Bolin freaking out to meet her? Why did she suddenly change her mind and decide that the healing huts were where she belonged?

Guys. Listen please. PSA.

Stop being mad about Katara in the healing huts. She is not only the “best there is” with healing, but she is in her 80’s. She buried her husband and her brother and Appa and Momo and Iroh and Hakoda. She fought a war when she was fourteen, continued to fight (until where the comics currently are), had three kids, watched them leave, helped create Republic City, and trained Korra. She is tired. She is too old to be fighting the way she used to. Even Toph admitted to her back killing her. She is tired. Healing is how she can still help. If you wanna be mad about something be mad that she didn’t get a statue.