water tribe bolin

Afire Love

Summery: Katara imparts words of wisdom to Asami, who takes them to heart.

Rating: K

Pairing: Korrasami, mentions of Kaatang

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“It takes a tremendous amount of bravery you know, not to pat myself on the back of course,” Katara said.

The entire crew had transplanted, once again to the Southern Water Tribe. Bolin joked that Korra had to have had enough of the snowy icecap at the bottom of the world after three years down there. Mako was just happy to be invited, Opal was ecstatic to meet Katara. And Asami was nervous at the prospect of facing Tonraq in a much less friendly way. Though Korra insisted he would not be nearly as harsh on her as he had been on Mako because he actually liked Asami. But still…

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