water test kit

lenle-g  asked:

Gordon's holocomm is bleeping; not with Thunderbird Five's emergency channel but with the personal one. John's torso flickers into pale blue life and big brother waves, a little awkward and a little floaty in his lack of gravity."Happy Birthday Fishcake." He says, with an attempt at a smile,"I hope it's a good one. I, uh, left your present in my room, it's the blue wrapped box." John's gotten him squid-print socks, English fudge from his last Uni trip, and a new multiparameter water testing kit.

“Heya Major Tom,” Gordon jumped up and gasped, “I get to go into your room?”

Gordon grabbed the holodisk and ran down the hall before John could change his mind. He saw the blue box and sat down on the floor to open it. The socks were soft and fluffy, and Gordon knew he would wear them out come winter. The fudge was on of Gordon’s favourites so he knew he would have to hide it in his room.

“OMG thanks, John,” Gordon opened the kit up and poked around at different bits and bobs, “do you want to come down to the beach so I can test this baby out?”