water tastes like nothing

the gang on a cruise - hcs

requested by anon - these take place in a modern au!!

  • who comes up with this wild idea???? 
    • “so…….guys…. we got u all together here today because” (soda looks at two)
    • “how bout we go….”
    • “on A CRUISE”
    • two and soda said that and nearly everyone erupted in a collective “NOOOOOOOO”
    • steve and johnny were the only two to say “yEAH”
    • lil steve has never been more excited for anything in his damn LIFE 
  • the curtis household is an actual MESS between booking it, packing and just the whole thing in general
    • there’s literally never a dull/quiet moment (as always) (but now it’s 10x worse)
  • they literally dont pack until last minute
    • like it’s 5 hours before they’re supposed to be leaving 
    • and nO ONE
    • NO ONE
    • bc we know darry probably drilled down on pony to make sure he was packed on time
    • darry is losing his fuckin mind when everyone is at the Curtis house asking for shit
  • they have to catch a flight to miami bc their cruise is to the bahamas
    • darry saw the groupon and he hasn’t looked back since
    • darry is def on the plane asking if someone has aspirin or excedrin
      • “sometHING I NEED SOMETHING” 
      • dar thought he was getting a vacation asap but this whole process of preparing and getting there has never made the times so stressful
  • steve keeps asking for food??
    • yknow how they give out pretzels or peanuts?
  • johnny is softly sleepin
  • dally is kicking the chair of the lady in front of him
  • and two is snoring at mAX volume
  • before they board the ship
    • they have all their luggages and shit and their hair is all messy and fucked up w/out grease!! (but in a sloppy-cute way)
    • but darry turns around and he’s like
    • “when we’re here, i don’t know any of you. i don’t know your names, u don’t know mine. if you bother me or make trouble, i swear on our parents that i WILL RING YOUR DAMN NECKS”
  • steve ends up yelling
    • “AWWWW FUCK”
  • soda’s all
    • “can we drink it”
    • “it’s water isn’t it?” (steve)
    • “ITS BLUE WATER” (soda)
    • and then u can hear darry speedwalk w his squeaking flipflops 
    • “god, you guys r just embaras-”
    • *already drinking it*
    • “you guys it’s saLTWATer”
    • *already spitting it out*
  • dally’s reaction to the water is ike
    • guys it’s just water
    • it’s just saltwater
  • stevepop takes another swing at drinkin the water to see maybe if it tastes different a second time (spoiler alert….it doesn’t)
  • but pony and johnny r still so struck by it
    • “wow. it’s just so beautiful. you see how the sun glistens off the water johnny? it’s awfully gorgeous”
    • and johnny’s like
    • “i aint never seen somethin so big in my life. well, except for the sky of course. it just looks neverendin”
    • steve overhears and says passingly
    • “calm down u two, the water aint nothing special it just tastes like ass”
  • two foR once in his LIFE
    • isn’t putting his two-bit into somethin
    • he’s actually speechless about the water
  • on the cruise itself tho,
    • darry is deadass in the saunas
      • he’s gettin massages and facials and shit
    • steve and soda are chasing each other around one of the decks
    • pony is getting seasick as FUCK
    • johnny is eating icecream
    • dally is smoking his life away
      • and getting yelled at by staff for it
      • and then continuing to do so anyways
    • two is having margaritas and sangrias at 3 in the afternoon bc he promised not to drink heavy
      • even tho by like midnight
      • he drinks a six pack of beer and he’s havin a grand ol time
  • steve and soda are horseplaying
    • on the deck
    • in the saunas
    • in the pool
    • in the meditation room
    • all im picturing is that in each room darry is somewhere w a grump face
    • while steve and soda are messin around with the playfighting and chasing and backflips??
    • LMFaO just change the backdrop of the location and stevepop are still fuckin around while darry is just “omgfdsfkh”
  • im tellin u rn that the playfighting becomes real after some time
    • like someone’s startin a fight
    • steve gets his tooth knocked out again
    • “cmon soda really??? the doc just replaced it”
    • “don’t be stupid it’s the tooth doctor u fuckin airhead”
    • “it’s the deNTIST U DROPOUT”
  • dally & two are always checkin out girls w soda
    • but soda only comes along when steve sleeps in
    • bc he loves hangin w his bro :’))
    • “soda what are you doing”
    • “move, ya michelin man. ur blocking my sun”
    • “you’re sunbathing?”
    • “well darry whAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE”
    • “well u need sunscreen, that’s what it looks like”
    • “go and get a massage or somethin jeez”
  • pony is 1000% gonna yank johnny down where they can see the sky real well at 7:02pm exACTLY
    • in order to see the sunset and stargaze afterwards
    • johnny will probably appreciate it but knock the fuck out
  • dally is definitely burning holes in towels with his cigarettes on purpose after he gets yelled at for smoking
    • they have to drag two away from the mic
    • buT before he leaves, he gives the microphone a drunk peck of a kiss??
  • okay well johnny is just THE happiest lil boy
    • he’s just so happy to be there with everyone in a place so far away from home
    • he’s just chillin with that ice creams and makin sure pony isn’t dead
    • and fkjshfk he’s just a lil ball of sunshine on the cruise, this kid
where hearts collide: part iii

thank you all for the sweet comments on the first two parts! i didn’t know if i was going to write more of this or not, but i got super inspired and couldn’t help myself. unfortunately, this is not the reason why claire leaves, but it is the first time they meet each other. (it’s rather long, also, so i’m going to cut it right after the title. #yourewelcome) i hope you guys like it; let me know what you think!

as always, huge thank-you’s to @internallydeceased​ and @marlosbooknook​ for listening to me complain about anything and everything.

title inspiration here (x)

read the previous entries here!

***** !! disclaimer: I am not trying to make light of a horrific situation or use other people’s suffering for entertainment purposes. I know that many people were affected by the tragedy used in this work and that a lot of the wounds are still fresh. Please know that I am sorry if I hurt you in any way, for that is not my goal. If you wish to talk to me more about this or voice your concerns, please feel free to message me! I’d be happy to explain to you the reason why I chose this event. !! *****



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i followed the stars

or multiverse!au

In which Lexa and Sara Lance exist in the same new reality, are (strictly) bros, and work together at finding what they both lost in a previous life.

(You can expect resurrection, angst, and humor mixed with some odd mashing of worlds and a whole lot of liberties taken. Some great soulmate type action (yes, Clarke). Oh and some heavy feels thrown in because duh, this is also a clexa story.)

((Please direct any and all yelling to @blindwire, as she nudged this whole idea along))

The light is blinding.

She blinks against it, unable to see anything but the neon behind her eyes. A hand up to block it, but it’s coming from everywhere and nowhere all at once.

There’s a ringing in her ears, high pitched and strange.

And then it’s gone.

All at once.

And she opens her eyes and blinks it away again, wiping at her watery eyes and patting her cheeks.

She’s in the middle of a walkway, in the middle of a crowd.

It looks familiar, feels familiar.

She sees someone just ahead.

There’s something she knows in the girl’s walk. A swagger, assuredness down to the very core.

There’s a tug inside Lexa, an urge.

The wavy blonde hair falls along leather clad shoulders in a way she’s seen before.

And something ignites inside of her.

Lexa quickens her own step, unable to breathe, unable to think about anything besides the blood rushing in her ears and the way the world suddenly seems like it’s shaking around her.

About to open up and swallow her whole before she gets closer.

Before she can reach out and touch.

Before she can find what she thought was lost to her forever.

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the “fruit infused” trend that every beverage company is joining right now is so dumb i keep getting tricked into buying water that tastes like nothing just because the packaging says it’s infused with raspberry flavor like bitch this tastes like feet and you know it. everyone’s out here paying 4 dollars for bottled water just for the “essence” of fruit i honestly believe the human race is devolving like what kind of foolishness

human “taste bud” observances:
  • fruit very good, enjoy banana most. apple very cronch, grape very “sour”, orange very squirt juice all over bastion face.
  • raw carrot very good. cooked carrot very not. texture bad.
  • bird seed is not for human eat.
  • chili make bastion face leak all over and had to drink lots of “milk”. would do again.
  • apparently need drink water constant to sustain human body. taste like…nothing, very strange.
  • have learned hard way not to take bite out of onion.
  • bastion also learn that pen lid, paper, corner of tablet, clothing sleeve, bottle cap, soil, bullet, feather, hair, dvd, motor oil, lipstick, crayon, leaf, glass, miscellaneous scrap and bird poop are Not For Put In Mouth.
Goodbye Forever

Request: Yes. An anon (*cough* Lauren *cough* @mc-universe *cough*) left the following in my inbox: “hi bbg could you maybe write me a fic about reader having a glass of peter’s neck water? that ability gives me the chills god i wish it was canon 😩😩😩👅👅👅💦💦💦”

Word Count: 666

Ships: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Kind of angsty, mentions of oral sex (jokingly, I DO NOT write smut)

A/N / Summary: I hope you like it Lauren. This is also kind of a Pt. 2 to @mc-universe ‘s “New Abilities” Fic 

“Please.. Please, love, give me one more chance.” You turned away, hurt and angry. How could he?

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anonymous asked:

cum anon here lol- i haven’t LIKED any i only do it because i used to like how my ex loved it but i’ve always heard smokers taste awful (haven’t experienced it myself) like realistically he could finish in my eye and i wouldn’t care but since i’m not sucking his dick irl i can’t help but wonder 💭

ah i see lmao! im not some connoisseur of jizz so idk for sure if that’s true. i think it depends on diet? one guy i was with drank hella water and his cum tasted like literally nothing 👍 he drank like 2 gallons everyday 

anonymous asked:

Can you comprehend it? Let’s imagine for a moment that the scientific theory of the Big Bang is true. Can you imagine that something came out of nothing? Can you imagine nothing? No black no grey no white no color no movement no life no ANYTHING. And from that nothing came a something. How can it just appear, that something. When I try to imagine it, I see a flower bud bursting into bloom in fast motion out of a blanket of heavy blackness. What do you think of?

Well, I think of the taste of water (Char I think this is you) because water tastes like nothing, right? So, going off that I imagine a lot of flavors bursting out of the water and lights shining through it. I guess? Best idea.


Pairings: NicoMaki, NozoEli, RinPana, and KotoUmi
Words: 4900+
Summary: The three stooges of μ’s causing some trouble.
A/N: Had to write something funny to make up for breaking my Under the Cherry Blossom readers’ hearts with my latest chapter. (Sorry)
21 Jump Street inspired, but also note that no drugs were consumed by our precious babies.

“Just admit it; we’re lost,” Nico stated, looking out the window of the van to a vast space of nothing.

“We’re not lost,” Eli replied, her hands gripped onto the steering wheel. “We just took a different route.”

“Yeah, we’re definitely lost.”

“We’re lost, nya!” Rin shouted beside Nico.

“We are not lost!” Eli assured her, using the rear-view mirror to look at the first-year. “We’ll get there. Don’t worry about it.”

“We’ll get there when we’re dead,” Honoka muttered, pressing her face against the window glass as her eyebrows scrunched up in annoyance.

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i’m sorry…. i apologize…. but it has to be said. it really does…. water doesn’t taste like anything!!! nothing!!!!!! no flavor!!!!!!!!!! NONE.

#11 Neighbor!5SOS: Star Crossed Lovers Back To Where It Started

 [Requested: Yes :) It’s the final part (sorta), so people gotta know]

Where you left off perspective


The sun was starting to set and Michael finally let go of your hand. You tightened your hand into a fist and drew it back to your lap. You found it hard to look at him now that your old memories and feelings were filling your head. “(Y/N)… I need an answer.” He says with his voice cracking slightly. “I can’t give you that Michael… It’s really just….” You said with your voice fading and the tears starting to form in your eyes. “I get it, you don’t like me like that anymore, I understand.” He says smiling at you reassuringly and you looked up with him. “No… Michael I like you, I really like you, it’s just….” “Just what (Y/N)?” “Things are different now, you’re famous and I’m in school, you’re going to be moving around and the distance between us will always change.” You pointed out and he leaned back in his chair. He was silent and letting your words sink in. “We could work it out… If we try.” He suggests and you just shook your head. He pressed his lips into a thin line and stood up suddenly, slightly shaking the table. He was angry, you could tell, he wouldn’t look at you and his hands were in his pockets, “I want to make this work… I’ll wait… I made you wait so it’s my turn… I’ll always love you (Y/N)…” Michael said and started to walk. Your mind kept flooding with things you could say before he left. You thought of different scenarios of what you could do before he walked out the door, but your body did nothing, your body was paralyzed. You sat in the seat and looked back at your drink that was left untouched after one sip. You stirred the drink and tried taking another sip, but you tasted nothing, it was just watered down and tasteless just like the emotion that was eating at your heart. It was supposed to finally happen, like how you always wanted it to. To be by his side, to hold him and cross the boundaries of just friends. Why was it so difficult for you? Why were you so scared? You paid for the drink after you finished it and grabbed your things. You headed back to campus and couldn’t help but feel the regret building inside you. The ads around the city with Michael’s face was not helping you. When you entered your dorm you stopped to see a big 5SOS poster that your roommate was hanging up. Her words were melting together and you couldn’t focus on her excitement. You dropped your bag on the floor and slightly snapped but quickly apologized. She toned down her excitement and decided to ask what was wrong. Your head started to feel like it was having an overload from all the things happening. You word vomited every single thing that was bothering you, ever feeling and emotion, and every memory with the mention of Michael’s name. When you finished you had tears running down your face and screaming into a pillow. Your roommate didn’t react to the fact that you knew Michael, and instead calmly comforted you with understanding of your feelings. “What should I do? Why am I pushing him away?” You asked. “I can’t answer that (Y/N)… Maybe you are scared, when the reality sets in you are trying to adjust to it. His feelings for you are real and after years of misunderstandings and waiting, your heart is trying to adapt to the late truth.” She says and you looked up from your pillow. “… I always assumed that our relationship would be doomed from the start, in the beginning it was always one sided… I guess from way back then I’ve always liked Michael. Even if all the girls were scared of him or that he blurted out that he didn’t like me, even when he says that and acts all tough he is really the sweetest person I knew. His kind side is the side I was always used seeing, and that’s why I’ve liked him, for so long regardless of how he felt towards me….” You said and sniffled, “Maybe I’m scared that….” You said with your words fading. “That…? What (Y/N)?” “I’m afraid that one day he’s going to say it again, that he doesn’t like me, so maybe I’m just setting it up for myself.” You mumbled and rubbed your eyes, “ugh, I’m being so complicated, what should I do?” You asked again trying to not cry. “Give it a chance…” Your roommate says simply, “give the relationship a chance (Y/N), it’s better than going through it then never at all. It happened once, a second time is really rare.” She says and stands up. “Thanks…. Sigh… I’ll try and talk to him again, he should be staying-” “Wait… (Y/N), you can’t contact him…. 5SOS is just making a stop here, they should be leaving tonight to their real destination in a whole other country.” She says. “What?” You said before quickly grabbing your phone and locking yourself in the bathroom for privacy. You scrolled in your contacts until you got to his name. You pressed call and listened to the ring but it automatically went to voice mail. You tried again but again it was voice mail. Later that night you tried texting him but your messages wouldn’t send due to where he was. You were out of options to contact him, and again you were stuck to wait… Days passed, months, then a whole quarter, and finally the end of your second semester. Even with all the days that passed by, your feelings were sure and strong. You were heading back for the holidays, and you knew the band was heading home as well. Your roommate gave you best wishes after dropping you off at the airport, and after hours of waiting, you were boarding a plane home. You arrived there around early morning and was picked up by your parents who were happy to see you. When you arrived back to your home you looked to the side at Michael’s house feeling slightly anxious if he was home yet or not. You needed to get settled first before worrying about him. While unpacking you were thinking about the ways to confess to him and make up for all the waiting both of you did. Were you going to be romantic or spontaneous? The thought of you acting out of character made you cringe. You sighed and looked to the side only to notice a small gift on your desk. It was wrapped with news paper with the words “To: (Y/N) From: Michael” written on it with his messy handwriting. You ripped the gift open to find a CD case with a disk that had the words “Mix CD” written on it. The memory was all so familiar, the day you realized your feelings for him, and found a Mix CD, though it wasn’t for you, but it had your favorite songs. You looked at the playlist and smiled at each song that he chose to put together. It was really punky and had a lot of his favorite music, which you didn’t mind because of your similar music taste. You closed the case and held the mix to your heart smiling….. Michael arrived in the late afternoon by his father. The sun was setting and he didn’t even bother to look at your house when he stepped out of the car. He wasn’t ready for what would happen next between the two of you. He didn’t set his mind up for the rejection and decided to set that up tonight. He entered his house giving his mother a hug and kiss before heading straight to his room. He didn’t hear what his mother said to him, but before he could ask for a repeat he opened the door to his room and stood there dumbstruck with the sound of Linkin Park’s Shadow of the day playing softly on his speakers. “Oh, hey.” You said sarcastically. Michael closed the door to his room, remembering the familiar moment as if it was yesterday, “what do you mean, ‘hey’….” he said with his voice fading, “you made a mess of my room, who gives you the right to make it messy?” He says smiling at you. You smiled back and stood up with your eyes on him, “what? But we’re friends right?” You said and he looked at you with a nervous expression. You looked down to your feet and continued, “maybe…. More? If you want it to be.” You said with your voice slightly cracking. You covered your face with your hand and felt the blush growing. You felt his arms wrap around you gently and his forehead pressing against yours. He told you to move your hand and when you did he kissed you lovingly to the sound of a mix CD about you. “Sooo…. Want to have a sleep over like when we were 9?” He asked ruining the moment and grinning genuinely at you. You shook your head at his nonsense and kissed him again before he could speak another word.


“I’m sorry.” Calum said again, “I’ve been doing this a lot haven’t I? Since way back, making your cry over me…. Even though I promised you that I wouldn’t allow you to cry like that.” He says and you were unresponsive, he continued, “I guess this is your answer then, right?…. I shouldn’t force an answer-” “I…. I like you Calum…. I really do.” You managed to say while pulling away from the hug. He tried to wipe your tears but you did it yourself. You took a moment to calm down and stepped back to put some distance between you to. “If you like me, then why is it that we can’t be together?” Calum asked looking at you with a hurt expression. “Calum… Since the day I’ve met you and until now, I’ve realized that maybe we aren’t destined to be together.” You said. “(Y/N), you are talking crazy. Destiny? The universe doesn’t make up what we do, we are in control of that.” He says. “Calum, think about it. No matter how much we try, we aren’t going to end up together…. Our timing is just bad. I could have liked you back then, I had so many chances to tell you but I was just too late….” “We have now, we are aware of our feelings now so-” “Then what?…. This is your last day here and you have like a hundred more shows to do and then what?…. I really doubt we can make it work Calum….” You said and took another step back. “You have your thing and I have mine Calum… You’re doing fine with or with out me being your girl.” “You’ll always be my girl (Y/N)….” He says looking at you but not with a nervous expression. His face was serious, his eyebrows together slightly but his look softened and he turned around. “Think what you want, destiny or bad timing… It doesn’t matter. The point is that in this very moment I love you and I’m willing to make this happen…. I’ll wait again, I’ll get the timing right.” He says before walking back. You looked away not wanting to see him leave, but when you did he was already gone, probably picked up and off to the airport…. The next few days you had a daily routine of finishing your work and going straight to sulking in your bed. Your roommate took your earphones out of your ears and sighed, “(Y/N), I can hear Amnesia through your earphones…. It’s been on repeat for how long? Are you going through post- concert feels? You know they will have other shows in the future right?” She says giving you a reassuring smile. You covered your head with your blanket not wanting her to see you cry. “I let him slip away from me again… I’m the cause of the bad timing…” You said. “Uhm…. You’re not making any sense but is this about a guy?” “… Yeah…. A childhood friend, uhm, my neighbor.” You mumbled and tried hard to make Calum’s name cryptic while explaining. “I see….” Your roommate says after you explained. “Well (Y/N)… I really think you are over thinking the situation… I really do think your neighbor is right. The universe doesn’t control you, your the one to make the decisions, and if you miss it the first time, who’s to say that there won’t be another opportunity? Think of it this way, if you and your neighbor were given so many chances on attempting to be together, then that means the universe wants the two of you together as much as you do…” She says and you took a moment to let the words sink in. “Please get your life together, you’re really worrying me, and if your neighbor saw that he was the reason you look like a total mess, I think he would be upset.” “Y-Yeah, you’re right.” You mumbled before sitting up. Your roommate took off to have dinner at the cafe, you on the other hand tried to sit up on the bed and shake off the sadness that filled up your body. You thought to call Calum, but when you heard the voice mail, you assumed that he was on a plane. You dropped your phone on your bed and laid back down, “bad timing.” You mumbled and scoffed, “what a pain.” You mumbled again and took a deep breath to relax instead of sulk. Your eyes opened and you sat up quickly to head to your closet. You opened it and sat on the floor before grabbing the box in the corner. There in your hands once more was the old soccer ball that you took with you. You traced the words over and over again and held it to eye level. You moved the ball to where it had Calum’s name written in his younger hand writing and took another deep breath. “I love you.” You practiced and then cringed seconds later feeling embarrassed confessing to a soccer ball. You tried once more, “I love you…. I…. Love you…..” You said before putting the ball back down to your lap and tracing the letters once more, “I love you Calum Hood.” You mumbled before hugging the ball in your arms…. The semester passed and you were on your way home. You didn’t know if Calum was coming home or not, but from the news floating around, you knew that his tour ended a week before you left. When you got home your mother was in the middle of cooking you a welcome back feast. She was frantically running around the kitchen and cooking. You didn’t think to check if Calum was even home, a part of you was scared to see him. You had to get the thoughts in your head straightened out and confess to him without being a stuttered mess. You thought to try and confess tomorrow, or even check if he was home or not. You tried sleeping in your room but only woke up around 3 in the morning to a kicking sound from outside. You took a moment to let your eyes adjust to the darkness before getting up and realizing who it was. You hurried downstairs, quiet as you could, and stood outside to see a soccer ball in the middle of your yard. You stood there for a moment before walking on the cold grass and picking it up in your hands. You look to your side to see no one in the other yard. You rolled the ball around expecting a message but nothing. You threw the ball back and waited. You felt the cold wind brush up against you and you shuddered.You decided that waiting for him to come out would be pointless if you were going to end up getting sick if you waited for him. You turned around waiting to head back into the warm inside, you heard the door open and the ball head back to your side. “Sorry my ball keeps going on your side, I’m…. Really bad at playing.” He says and your heart started to beat fast at the memory of when you first met him. You turned back and held the ball in your hands and looked straight at him. This is where everything started for the both of you, “why do you always hide in your house when it happens?” You asked. He crossed the yard and held you by your waist but his gaze never left you, “well, it’s because if I see you, who knows how I would act.” He says and you felt the ball slip out of your hands, already feeling flustered by his words. “The timing is better right?” He asks. “It’s three if the freaking morning Calum, what kind of timing is that? Worse timing ever.” You mumbled and felt him pull you closer to him. “Well, it’s a better result this time.” He mumbled, “can we…. Try again?” He asked and you smiled tip toeing slightly and finally share a kiss. Calum didn’t look at you and rested his head on your shoulder, you could tell he was smiling though, genuinely happy.


“(Y/N)… I love you.” Ashton said once more and you looked at him and the serious expression he had on his face. You couldn’t answer, you couldn’t say it back. You thought it was just a dream, like a fairy tale in one of those stories. In the end you were supposed to fall in his arms like a prince and princess, but this is reality. You shook your head again and he looked at you confused. “So, that sign you left on my window before you left?….” He asked and you cringed at the memory. “Ashton… I do like you, I really do, but it won’t work out. For once there isn’t a happy ending to this, I knew there wouldn’t be the moment I met you on the roof.” You said, letting out every emotion you’ve kept in, “you deserve someone way better than me.” You mumbled. “You have no right on who I choose to like or not (Y/N), I think you are perfect the way you are, I like you, I choose to like you.” He says. “Even if we did work out, it’s not like we can continue like before…. I don’t live next to you Ashton, I live here now and you can’t just waste money on plane tickets to see both your family and me…. A relationship doomed since the beginning.” You said leaving the both of you silent. Ashton looked like he was trying to figure out a solution to this, but nothing. Minutes later a car stopped next to the both of you and Ashton backed into the rain and opened the door looking at you one last time, “please come with me?” He asked. “I… Can’t.” You mumbled stepping more into the shade. He stood there expecting you to change your answer instantly, his hair was getting flat, his expression softening as if he has already given up. He got in the car and it drove off getting distant to the point where it was out of sight. You walked back home, letting the rain try and clear your thoughts. When you did your mother frantically grabbed a towel and lectured you on how you shouldn’t have walked home and how you could have gotten sick. “Where was Ashton?” She asked. “He had work so he left into a car.” “And you didn’t take the offer for the ride? This is why I’m glad I could move with you here, if I just left you alone to dorm, who knows if you would be eating on time, or sleeping on time, or-” She says but stops after she sees you crying. “What’s wrong?” She asks. “Ashton told me he loves me…” You mumbled. She was silent and sat back into the couch, “finally huh….” She says and you look at her blushing, “finally? M-Mom!” You stuttered. “I see the way he looks at you, since you were way young. He always showed worry in his expression, but always smiled when you would…. So what seems to be the matter?” She asks. “I’m scared… I’m scared to be with him, because what if I mess things up? Our whole family was messed up and it was embarrassing and I…. I just feel like he should deserve better than me.” You mumbled and you mother pulled you close to her. “A life time watching me and this is your thought process… I’m sorry (Y/N) for making you scared to love someone…. In honest truth, falling in love isn’t supposed to be like this you know. You are supposed to smile and be happy. That’s how things should be. Don’t let my love experience give you such expectations. For me, I just thought having a father figure for you would make things easy, but sadly I have a bad taste in men.” She says before kissing your head. “Thanks mom…. But you know, even if I do admit my feelings to Ashton, it would be useless, he lives there and I’m here… There is no way for us to be together, yet, another roadblock in this story.” You said before deciding to get ready for a shower. “Actually (Y/N)…. I got a letter….” You mother says stopping you….. Ashton returned home from tour, the only thing on his mind was that bitter sweet day with you. He kept on thinking on what he should have done instead, thinking that if he did that then things would be different for the both of you. Before he entered his house he glared at the beat up house next to his, the house that housed a terrible bitter man. “You know, when you were gone, the old man got in big trouble.” Lauren said standing next to him. “Really? What did he do?” “He didn’t pay his bills on time and I heard he got into business with the wrong people… They say he’s getting evicted out of the house. Possibly jail or relocating.” She says and held her brothers hand. “I really hated him.” Ashton says. “Mum says that the house has been given away, the old man gave a name on who the house should be left with.” She says. “He could do that?? Great, I bet the person he gave this house away to will be like him. Angry and loud.” He mumbled before heading inside. Anne reassured her daughter and they all went inside with his bags…. A week later Ashton could hear the movers making their way to the house next door. It’s been noisy since he came home. Something about refurbishing the house to make it less broken up. He heard movers yelling where to put boxes or pieces of furniture. “Ashton, come downstairs, you won’t believe who’s moving in.” Harry says barging in the room. “Harry, I’m sorry but not now. I’m not interested on who is moving in.” He says turning over in his bed. “But-” “Harry please….” He mumbles. Harry sighed and closed the door quietly. Ashton curled up feeling bad that he was taking his bad mood out on the family. He was getting a headache from all the noise that was happening and tried to close his eyes to take a nap and block the sound. He head a knock on his window, which he thought he was imagining. He heard another knock and sat up confused. Behind his closed curtains he saw a silhouette, his heart beat nervously as he drew them back. “(Y/N).” he mumbled to himself and opened the window. “Hi, I just thought I would say hi. I’m your new neighbor (Y/N)…” You introduced. “You’re the one taking over this house?” He asked. “Yeah…. My mom got a letter from my ex father’s lawyer. During the divorce they made an agreement that if anything were to happen, everything he owns would go to us. I heard he let his life slip. That guy.” You said. “Lauren said he got into some trouble, probably bitter that he didn’t have anyone serving him anymore….” Ashton said before slipping out his window and onto the roof. “Why would you want to live here, isn’t there bad memories that come with this house?” He says looking at your worried. “Not all of them were bad… This neighborhood made up for the bad memories of this house. The best memory was on this roof.” You said looking at him and smiling. “Besides, my mom is practically shipping us and she was determined to move back-” You said blurting out random nonsense until you felt Ashton’s lips pressed against yours. You didn’t try to fight it, and instead you gave in. Happily ever after…. “Look at them, the sun is setting too, what is this the end of a story book?” Lauren says looking up at the roof from outside. “Ewww they’re kissing.” Harry points out and Lauren shuts his eyes, “shhh don’t look.”


“I love you.” Luke says with a serious expression on his face. You relaxed in his arms and felt the world spinning fast, making you dizzy. “Luke…” You mumbled, “we can’t….” You said before getting out of his hold. “I really don’t understand it (Y/N)… You tell me you don’t like me, then you take the CD telling me to see you to get it back, and now that I’m here you are pushing me away again. Even if you are so confusing I like you, I’ve liked you for the longest time and I’ve been so patient trying to wait and understand but….. What now?” He asks. “Luke, I don’t understand it either. I want to be with you, but I feel like if this happens it changes, everything will change and if something happens, I might mess everything up. I don’t want things to happen to where we are avoiding each other and not talking anymore.” You said before sitting down on your bed. “(Y/N)… It’s already like that, it’s been like that because we aren’t putting the effort to even be friends. If we aren’t a couple, and if we are barely friends, then what are we? I really didn’t come for the CD, I came for you.” He says before tossing the album to the bed and putting his hand on the door knob. “If things are going to be this way every time you are with me, then please, move on and find someone who could make you happy. Don’t let me stop you.” Luke says before pulling the door open and leaving. You sat in your quiet empty dorm trying to let everything process. You took your pillow and threw it at your wall and fell to the bed shutting your eyes tight. “Why do I always push you away Luke? Why?” You kept asking yourself. Memories of the past flood your head, the moment you met him, the day the class teased the both of you, middle school, high school. You liked Luke from head to toe, the way he smiled, the way he scrunched up his nose, if he was chub or a total beef cake, if he was 8 feet all or just below your chin, you liked him, but why was it so hard for you to go along and say it? Were you scared of breaking him to the point where that childhood image would just shatter like glass? Luke’s upset voice was replaying in your head over and over and the hurt expression he had when he asked you those questions were burned into your memory. You let out a sigh and looked at the clock realizing that it was late, you turned off the lights and was getting ready to sleep properly, but saw the album that Luke gave back. You grabbed your laptop off your desk and decided to listen to the album once more. Each song was making you shed tears for him till you fell asleep. You wanted to start off as yesterday never happened, a part of you still wanted to love him, but another part of you wanted to move on knowing that you missed your chance again. For the semester you studied and gave in to a few dates here and there, but still, no spark. No other guy could make you feel the way Luke did. You were in a music shop staring at the 5 Seconds of Summer album. Him standing with his band mates smiling, something you’ve missed. “(Y/N)?”  Your classmate called out, the same guy you went on a date with when Luke visited campus.  You put the CD down and looked at him forcing a smile even though you were sad, “hey, what are you doing here?” “I work her, well part time.” He says and gives you a worried expression, “are you okay? I mean, the school year is over, I thought you would be happy returning home soon.” He says. “I-I am…. Kinda…” You said with your voice fading and your eyes glancing at the album again. “Hmm, 5 Seconds of Summer? Their album is a hit in the shop. I heard their tour just ended and they should be heading home soon.” He says taking the album to look at it and putting it back in it’s place. “Now really (Y/N), tell me, what’s going on. I’ve seen you going on a few dates here and there, and I expected one of them would end up your boyfriend, but in the end it’s the same result….” He says. “Let’s just say…. The guy who stole my heart visited me…. Then I made things complicated and I made him give up on me.” You said fiddling with your fingers, “he said that I should date someone else if every time I bring him close but end up pushing him away.” You said looking down to your feet then back at your classmate. “However, if you date someone else, your heart can only think of him…. What do you want to do (Y/N)?” He asks. “I want to be with him.” You said, “but it isn’t simple, what if I mess up, then I lose him?” You said. “That’s how a relationship is, it’s kinda like a gamble. No relationship is perfect (Y/N), you’re going to mess up at some point, but it’s up for you guys to put the effort and fix it or end it. It’s better to try than quit when you never really started.” He says giving you a reassuring smile. You smiled back feeling the confidence back in your body, “thanks….. That really helps a lot.” You said to him with your smile growing. I’ll see you next school year (Y/N)…“ He says before waving you goodbye. The plane ride home was long, but you arrived around early afternoon. After settling with the family you decided to pay a visit to next door. Liz opened and greeted you back, "wow, you’ve grown so much (Y/N), how’s the college life?” She asks. “Stressful, deadlines and finals were really stressful.” She says welcoming you in, “so…. Is Luke around?” You asked. “Luke? I’m sorry, you missed him. He said he was busy and headed out.” She says. “Do you know where?” You asked. “Sadly no. He’s been a little moody, I’m not sure why, but he should be home if you want to wait.” She says. “N-No, it’s fine, I don’t want to intrude.” You said thinking about asking his band mates on the whereabouts of Luke. Before you could let yourself out, the door was shut by Jack who was grinning like he had a secret. “Long time no see.” You mumbled. “First things first.” He said flicking your forehead again, “that’s what you get for breaking my little brother’s heart a second time. You even made the chance for yourself and blew it.” “Please don’t remind me Jack.” You grumbled and rubbed your forehead. “Second, I have a message to give you, Luke wants to meet up with you, he told me to tell you to meet him where everything started.” He says. “Everything started?…. Where would that be?” You asked. “I don’t know, he said you would know.” He says and you hit him. “How would I know? That’s too vague of a riddle!” You said hitting him again. “I"m just a messenger! Jeez, when I passed your message to Luke when you went to college he did the same thing.” Jack says rubbing his arm. You stormed out of the house trying to think of possibilities. The first time you met was in front of the house, which was a no go. You dropped by your old elementary school thinking the 6'4" noodle would be standing at the top of the slide, but the campus was empty. You checked the old ice cream shop, checked where they first started rehearsing for their band (which gave Michael a heart attack when he thought someone broke into the garage), and checked the venue of their first gig, but Luke was still gone. No matter how much messages you sent him, or calls you make, Luke wouldn’t answer to give you a hint. You walked back home tired and irritated, how were you supposed to know the answer to this? Not knowing made you feel like you were the worse friend in history because you felt it should have been obvious. You headed back home, and instead of going to your room, you decided to head to the tree house. The tree was getting bushy and needed another trim, but you didn’t mind, it gave excellent shade. You climbed the latter and made your way to the entrance. You pulled the door open and pushed the curtains back to find him there, sleeping on the futon. “You were here?” You said and he stirred in his sleep. He looked at you and rubbed his eyes before sitting up, “what took you so long?” He mumbled. You stared at him, grabbed the pillow from the side and threw it at him, “it was your cruddy riddle that made me take so long. What does the tree house even represent!?” You said. “It was the first place we listened to that album… You should have gotten it right off the bat, I gave away the answer when I told Jack to pass the message.” “He mentioned nothing of the album, he sucks as a messenger, maybe he was getting payback for me breaking your heart. I walked around all of town and almost got hit with a weed whacker by breaking into Michael’s garage.” You said and sat down in front of him trying to catch your breath. “Luke, I’m not going to run anymore…. I’m not going to push you away. I really am scared but, it’s better to try than not at all right?” You said looking at him. He laughed slightly at your dramatic confession, “I figured… When I left, I regretted when I said you should date anyone who would make you happy. I want to take that role, and I kinda beat myself up for it… Then I thought, 'who is going to be able to handle your complicated attitude?’” He says and you playfully punched him, “then I realized that I was the only one who could probably take it.” You smiled and sat a little closer holding his hand, “Luke, when I’m with you, everything seems simple, and I like that… I think I need a little simple…” You mumbled feeling too shy to look up at him. You felt him inching closer, and his lips pressed against yours. When he pulled away a serious atmosphere was created, but the the two of you ended up laughing, serious just wasn’t you…. “Lewi, I think you should go home, I may have misdirected (Y/N) to mess with her, so you might need to find-….” Jack says peeking through the door to see You and Luke napping on the futon surrounded by old momentous from your childhood that the two of you decided to look through. Jack climbed back down to where Ben was waiting, “so?” he asked. “They are so cute it’s disgusting, let’s give him 10 more minutes.” Jack says before heading to their side of the house.

The End (sorta)

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#2- Making Friends On The First Week of School

#3- Summer Sleepover

#4- The Class Thinks You’re Dating and Teases You

#5- Middle School Crushes

#6- High School and Social Media

#7- You Meet The Band

#8- You Realize Your Feelings And Things Change

#9- He Drops Out To Go On Tour, But Comes Back 6 Months Later

#10- He Visits You In College While Touring To Confess

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Chell had more or less chugged the odd bottle of liquid she’d found in one of the older Aperture offices, having had the impulse to see if the what she thought was a drink tasted good or not and, to her knowledge, it just sort of tasted like clean water, nothing too worrying or special about it…yet. 

After discarding the bottle, the mute made her way back to the central chamber to more or less bug the AI housed there.