water supply network

As Israel withdraws its troops from Gaza with the latest ceasefire it claims to have achieved its goals in the enclave.
This is where I get a little confused. What exactly were its goals? They said something about the destruction of the home-made rockets, about the demilitarization of Hamas and the destruction of the tunnels that are the true lifeline of the besieged people of Gaza.
Has Hamas been demilitarized? Have Israeli troops taken away all the plumbing supplies used to produce the firecrackers that the Palestinians blindly lobe into Israeli occupied territory? Have they confiscated all the shovels to prevent the beleaguered people of Gaza from digging more tunnels?
All we have seen in the last month or so was the mass killing of civilians, in their majority women and children, the destruction of homes, schools, hospitals and places of worship, the total devastation of the only power station, the sewerage system and the water supply network of the enclave. Was this the goal of the “moral” Israeli Army? To cause even more death and suffering to women and children?
—  Emilios Georgiades