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Voltron Pokémon au time!~

So I’ve been planning out this au a bit and here’s some things about it:

-hunk is ash, Pidge is misty, and Lance is Brock
- instead of water types, Pidge is in love with Pokémon that are mechanical or have like a technology type of feel to them. So whenever she sees a voltorb, or a magnemite, her eyes get all sparkly and she’s super excited~
- Pidge’s partner Pokémon is a porygon, which was given to her by Matt before he disappeared
- Lance of course is a water type specialist~
- hunk started his journey with his partner pikachu, which he named yellow~
- hunk also has a bulbasaur 💗😊
- Keith is officer Jenny. Although he’s the only male officer in all of kanto and he shows up whenever the gang encounters team rocket
- Lance flirts with all the girls, like he and Brock do, but he end up falling for Keith. Hard.
- like him and Keith didn’t work well together when they first met, but like, love happens in the strangest of ways~💗💗
- team rocket is of course galra, and Giovanni is zarkon
- also Keith was a part of team rocket before (becuase he was orphaned at a young age and team rocket took him in) but realizing what they were doing to Pokémon, he escaped the organization and ended up becoming a cop to stop them
- I feel that prince lotor should be like Jesse and James? I really hope he’s a ridiculous villain like those guys~
-it was hard to figure out who shiro should be, but I feel he should be Lance. Like champion Lance. The guy with the dragon type specialty you battle in the elite four.
- I think allura should be nurse joy? A kickass nurse joy
-Lance flirts with her a lot and her Chansey beats the crap out of him each time~
- I feel coran should be gym leader Blaine. They give off similar personalities~
-oh yeah, Matt and Pidge’s dad were taken by team rocket to help them make mewtwo

And that’s all I have so far! More to come (especially art~💗)


i made a similar post for the hyung line a few days ago, and it got some really good responses from everyone! so without further ado, here is the maknae line version!!


JIMIN - psychic type specialist

  • “….”
  • “Oh, I know that look. You’re expecting me to be a water type gym leader, huh?”
  • tbh, no one could blame you for thinking he was a water type specialist because his gym was pretty much submerged underwater–literally
  • his core value, determination, was pretty much evident from the get-go. without the use of any diving apparatus, you had to come up for air every so often in order to pass through his gym in order to get to his room
  • “Don’t worry!! No one has drowned yet… I think.”
  • what is up with all the gyms in this region?? why is it like all the gym leaders were trying to kill you?
  • also, another pressing question: what if you can’t–
  • “You can’t swim? Oh, me too! The most I can do is a doggy paddle, and I’m not even that good…” Jimin laughed, his eyes squinting adorably
  • wait you didn’t even say that question out loud. was he–?
  • “Am I psychic? Nope! I just have really good intuition. Look, try to think something really weird and random. I promise I won’t be able to tell.”
  • ok. you start mentally saying to yourself: ‘holy shit you’re really fucking hot and cute, your hands are really small and i want to hold them and i would really love it if you could maybe stick them up my–’
  • “See? I have no idea what you’re thinking!”
  • (when you aren’t looking though, you don’t notice the keen smirk on his face HE HE HE)
  • “Anyway, about the drowning thing: don’t worry! My slowking and I will save you if you ever start looking like you’re having some trouble.”
  • getting saved by a hot gym leader who had killer abs to boot? maybe you should pretend to drown just so you could maybe see him in action well now you have nothing to worry about
  • as you go through his gym with some difficulty due to your lack of swimming skills, you noticed from the corner of your eye how jimin was indeed swimming alongside you, except he wasn’t exactly swimming
  • “Did I forget to tell you? You could use your psychic type pokemon to create a bubble of air around you to make it easier. Haha, how silly of me to forget” he told you this telepathically, a mischievous grin on his face
  • (you promptly rise up to catch your breath, slap him on his firm chest in annoyance, and summon your psychic type pokemon to help you complete his hellish gym)
  • now that you have the help of your psychic pokemon to aid you, you reach his gym leader room quickly
  • the room had less water and appeared more normal in comparison to the rest of his gym, with a simple dust battleground for the battle and a chair for where jimin was supposed to sit
  • except the chair wasn’t empty like it should have been
  • lo and behold, the neighboring gym leader, kim taehyung, had come to visit (if you haven’t pieced it together, he was the one sitting on jimin’s chair)
  • “How many times have I told you not to visit during a challenge?”
  • the pout on taehyung’s face was as fake as the baby voice he used: “but jiminieeeee i missed you :<”
  • “Omg–i’m so sorry, my darling. Are you fine with him watching us battle?”
  • not really sure what the fuck was going on, you let him do as he pleased
  • when you acquiesce to his ridiculousness, taehyung points you a saucy wink, which pretty much short circuits your brain and breaks your concentration
  • so all in all, you could definitely blame your defeat to taehyung’s way too intense staring and overzealous hooting
  • after the battle, jimin comes over to you and pats you on the shoulder, half-apologetic for his weird friend
  • “I’m so sorry about him, but I suppose this is a way for you to get used to him because you will have to defeat him eventually. Come back next time and i’ll make sure he doesn’t interrupt again.”
  • (taehyung, does in fact, visit each time you rechallenge jimin)
  • (not that you were disappointed to lose more times than you can count. if it meant seeing jimin and his beautiful thighs each time, then honestly you should be thanking taehyung)

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It’s #WorldWaterDay - Follow the journey of a Water Sanitation Specialist

The River

The city of Am Timan has a population of 70,000 with an estimate of 8 people per household. As part of our Hep E emergency response, our vision is to ensure that all 8,750 households have adequate (chlorinated) drinking water. 

The river is used for bathing, washing, drinking and playing!

Holes are dug on the river’s edge to collect drinking water.

Open defecation is a huge problem as most communities lack basic latrines. (Hepatitis E is contracted via fecal matter).

Public well with a hand pump.

Buckets, containers and jerry-cans are plunged into open-air pools to collect water.

The plan is to have 2 chlorinators working 6 hour shifts to makeup 12 hour days at each of the 120 water points around the city. We are also going to have a hygiene promoter at each water point to promote the importance of good hygiene. To map the 120 water points in Am Timan, we sent two teams to the field to collect their respective GPS locations.

Life as a WATSAN

I’m Alex and I’m an Engineer from Canada on my first mission with MSF. I have a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and have spent the last few years working in the Oil & Gas Industry. As a Water and Sanitation Specialist, I am helping plan, implement and monitor the water, hygiene and sanitation activities of the Hepatitis E Virus outbreak response project in Am Timan, Chad.

In the wild, Goldeen are pretty much the same with one natural subspecies. However, there is a massive market for aquarium-bred Goldeen with special attributes.

Common Wild - The most typically encountered Goldeen. Pretty with its dance-like movements and flowing fins. Fast with good Attack and Defense.

Shiny - The exact same as Common Wild only a different color pattern, making it that much more sought-after. Same stat arrangement.

Comet - The only subspecies found in the wild normally, the Comet trades in some of its high Attack and Defense for amazing Speed. It’s gold scales make it a true prize for any Water-type specialist. Coveted by battlers.

Telescope - An odd by-product of selective breeding, the Telescope Goldeen boosts insanely high HP and is as hardy as a Magikarp. It’s considered an invasive species in certain parts of the world after breeders released them when they didn’t hatch into the Goldeen they wanted. Has poor eyesight but can amplify its Supersonic attack to echolocate.

Oranda - Goldeen bred with a large fleshy cap covering their heads. The cap can absorb most special attacks leading to a high Special Defense stat. Have the best memory retention and can learn Psybeam naturally. The best Goldeen to give to children as they lack the poisonous horn.

Tamasaba - The rarest of Goldeen varieties, and prized by Coordinators. The majestic Tamasaba is specially adapted for colder waters and learns a variety of Ice-type moves that normal Goldeen cannot. High Special Attack with the trade-off of being rather frail. It’s fins refract light into a rainbow of colors that further glitter in ice.

More Pokemon variations! This time Goldeen based off of various types of goldfish.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon.

I could talk about the original trio’s interactions for days, but let’s take a break to talk about the Alolan peeps for now. I mean, did anyone talk about how Lana is a total fangirl for Misty and her greatness and how she asked if it would be okay for her to come back and visit again? Because she totally asked that and Misty, being the great water master senpai she is, was totally happy with the idea.

But wait, let’s go back to that last episode where Misty introduces herself to the new kids. 

And here is their reaction including Lana who is sliding from behind Mallow to get a better look at Misty. I think this is just a great way to show how far Misty has come, to be honest? Remember all the times where she deeply admired every and all water Pokemon trainer she encountered? And yet with Lana, it’s not that she’s disinterested because she even praises her during their battle (yes, Lana and Mallow do a 2 vs 1 battle against Misty). 

I think this just further shows Misty’s development and how much of an upstanding gym leader and water Pokemon specialist she’s become to the point that she’s a role model to other trainers. It’s really awesome to see!

Well, we got another new trailer earlier for the ‘I Choose You movie, and it’s over three minutes long. THERE IS A LOT TO COVER HERE.

So, unlike the start of the first episode, we see Gengar facing off against Blastoise instead of a Nidorino.

More of the lab scene of Ash acquiring Pikachu. Of note, Delia meets him inside the lab rather than outside.

Ash’s ‘You have to go thru me!’ moment too,

More with the Rainbow Wing.

More with Erika too, and we get an actual Gym battle with her! (I’m pretty excited to see her, since she’s my second-fave Gym Leader from Kanto after Sabrina.)


More of Souj and Makoto.

And Ash’s Butterfree, but I wonder who’s Lapras that is? Maybe Makoto, if she’s a Water-specialist as Misty was?

Get ready to re-live some feels in incredibly stunning animation. Like, every trailer so far has been gorgeous.

Ash’s Charmeleon vs. Cross’s Incineroar. (I have to wonder how he’ll be as an antagonist. He seems pretty ruthless from what we’ve seen so far, from siccing his Incineroar on Ash in an earlier trailer to brutally curbstomping Charmeleon here. Rather than being similar in character to Gary, I wonder if he’ll be closer in characterization to Paul, since the information given about him says he views strength as everything.

And lastly, more with Marshadow and Ho-Oh.

You are challenged by Gym Leader Kris!

Third in the Gym Leaders Series!

Water Type Specialist Kris and her Mega Gyarados!

I wanted to upload this one at the same time as Lyra, since they’re technically from the same games, but work got in the way XD

EDIT: btw, Gyarados is meant to be WAAAAAY bigger than that…but I had to be able to fit him onto the page! He can be a special type of mini Gyarados XD

Other works in the series:








homra-no-artemis replied to your post “headcanon. if you think this man is above petty gossip about his…”

// petty gossip abt my Steven pls give me the tea

i’ll tell you a secret, archer. steven can’t swim. i mean, i’ve tried to teach him, because after all i’m a self-respecting water specialist, but what can i say? he’s hopeless! it was almost painful to watch–i wouldn’t have stood for it if he weren’t my friend. he may seem suave and graceful on land, but as soon as he gets in the water, he flails like a dunsparce trying to fly. it’s hilarious. ❞

The Hunyad Castle (Romanian: Castelul Huniazilor or Castelul Corvineştilor, Hungarian: Vajdahunyad vára) is a castle in TransylvanianHunedoara, present-day Romania. Until 1541 it was part of the Kingdom of Hungary, and after the Principality of Transylvania.

It is believed to be the place where Vlad III of Wallachia (commonly known as Vlad the Impaler) was held prisoner for 7 years after he was deposed in 1462.

The castle is a relic of the Hunyadi dynasty. In the 14th century, the castle was given to John Hunyadi Serb, or Sorb by Sigismund king of Hungary as severance. The castle was restored between 1446 and 1453 by his grandson John Hunyadi. It was built mainly in Gothic style, but has Renaissance architectural elements. It features tall and strong defense towers, an interior yard and a drawbridge. Built over the site of an older fortification and on a rock above the small river Zlasti, the castle is a large and imposing building with tall and diversely colored roofs, towers and myriad windows and balconies adorned with stone carvings.

As one of the most important properties of John Hunyadi, the castle was transformed during his reign. It became a sumptuous home, not only a strategically enforced point. With the passing of the years, the masters of the castle had modified its look, adding towers, halls and guest rooms. The gallery and the keep – the last defense tower (called “Ne boisa” = Do not be afraid), which remained unchanged from Iancu de Hunedoara’s time, and the Capistrano Tower (named after the Franciscan monk from the castle court) are some of the most significant parts of the construction. Other significant parts of the building are the Knights’ Hall (a great reception hall), the Club Tower, the White bastion, which served as a food storage room, and the Diet Hall, on whose walls medallions are painted (among them there are the portraits of Matei Basarab, ruler from Wallachia, and Vasile Lupu, ruler of Moldavia). In the wing of the castle called the Mantle, a painting can be seen which portrays the legend of the raven from which the name of the descendants of John Hunyadi, Corvinus came.

In the castle yard, near the chapel built also during Vlad The Third’s ruling, is a well 30 meters deep. The legend says that this fountain was dug by twelve Turkish prisoners to whom liberty was promised if they reached water. After 15 years they completed the well, but their captors did not keep their promise. It is said that the inscription on a wall of the well means “you have water, but not soul”. Specialists, however, have translated the inscription as “he who wrote this inscription is Hasan, who lives as slave of the giaours, in the fortress near the church”.

In February 2007, Hunyad Castle played host to the British paranormal television program Most Haunted Live! for a three-night live investigation into the spirits reported to be haunting the castle.

Pokeshipping Week- Day 3 “Confessions” (from the second set of options)

Rated: T. Ash and Misty are 18/19

After his relationship with Serena had dissolved and reset itself into only a shadow of the platonic bond they once shared as children, Ash put romantic notions away from his mind for a while.  He went as far as choosing to travel without any human companions so as to not risk any of them falling in love with him, because according to Serena, he left a trail of broken hearts in his wake and was too self-absorbed to realize it.  

Unfair, considering he never tried to string anyone along, or was even aware when someone was crushing on him. Still, Serena’s words resonated with Ash, and he dug through the layers of his memory trying to locate any moments that could give him an indication of who may have had a crush on him at some point.

He thought about his earliest companions, starting with Misty, but come on, they had been children. There was no way any of them besides Serena had liked him as more than a friend when they were ten years old! In any case, they were still all very good friends, and he would have known by now, wouldn’t he?

Eventually, Ash got tired of  wandering without having at least one other human around, and decided that the best traveling companion would have to be an old childhood friend, one that certainly hadn’t and didn’t harbor any romantic feelings for him whatsoever.

What Ash hadn’t considered were his own feelings.

 “Wow, they’re all so beautiful,” Misty cooed at the water-type Pokémon swimming blissfully inside an aquarium. At her insistence, they had stopped to visit the Aquatic Pokémon Research and Rehabilitation Center, and were being given a tour by a water-type specialist, a man around their age named Finn who had nearly all his attention focused on Misty. “You’ve done a great job.”

“It’s an honor to hear that coming from the renowned gym leader of Cerulean City,” said Finn, speaking to Misty with a smile on a face that had very little physical flaws.  

Misty blushed at the compliment. “I still have a lot to learn. I mean, I don’t even know some of these Pokémon. Like that one for example.” She pointed at a green and blue Pokémon that was unfamiliar to Ash as well.

 “Oh, that one, well that’s-” Finn began yet another lecture on the various kind of Pokémon he and his staff had rescued and rehabilitated, walking alongside Misty and leaving Ash and Pikachu to follow their tail as they had been since they first arrived.

It was one of the few times Misty responded positively to a guy flirting with her, having found most of the lot creepy or annoying. Atop from sharing an enthusiasm with water-type Pokémon, Finn was irritatingly handsome, and seemed to be a genuinely nice guy, which irked Ash all the more.

That aggravation flared all the more when at the end of the tour Finn asked Misty out on a date

“Excuse me, what?” Ash asked, unable to stop the words from tumbling out of his mouth.

They both turned to him. Misty lanced him with her eyes. “It was me he asked, not you,” she sassed, then answered Finn with “I’d love to.”


The impending date was so distracting to his mind that it nearly cost him a victory. Fortunately, his Pokémon came through for him where he had failed, and Ash could tack on another badge to his collection. Despite his win, he felt like he was about to lose something, something far more important.

“You can still change your mind.” Desperation seeped into his tone as soon as Misty emerged from the bathroom. She looked lovely in a strapless turquoise dress that matched her eyes, her hair down and pinned on the side with a seashell-shaped hair-clip. She always looked pretty- he wasn’t blind- but seeing her dress up this nicely for someone else was tearing inside him with jaws. Curled up on the bed beside him, Pikachu looked at its master with concern. 

“It’s just food, Ash,” Misty said, exasperation in her voice. “No need to get all jealous.”

“I’m not jealous.”

She threw her hands up in the air. “Yes you are. It used to be sorta cute but now it’s just frustrating. I thought you had matured a little after dating Serena.”

“That’s hitting below the belt, Mist,” he said, anger and hurt spiking in his chest.

Her expression softened. “Sorry, you’re right. That was uncalled for,” she apologized, biting her lip. “It’s just… I’m tired of waiting.”

“Waiting for what?”

A groan tore from her throat. “For you, Ash! I’m tired of waiting for you!” With that, she moved hastily passed him, grazing his shoulder with hers.

For a second, he could only stare at her back dumbly. She was slipping a shoe onto her feet, and then another, and then she reached for the door.

“Wait! I mean, crap. Hold on, I have one more thing to say.”

To his surprise, it worked, because she turned to him, her hand still on the doorknob. Her eyebrows knitted, impatient. “One more thing.”

“I…” his heart was pounding the way it did before a battle “I like you. A lot,” he said, holding his breath at the end of his confession.

Her eyes widened, and then her mouth puckered into a pout. “That’s nice,” she said, sounding disappointed, and turned to leave again, slamming the door behind her.

Panic hitching up his chest, he ran to the door and forced it open, yelling: “I mean I love you!”

There, it was out. He didn’t know if that was the answer she was looking for, or the complete opposite of it, but it was all he had, and whether she did or didn’t want to hear that, at least now she would know.

She was frozen in place, stiff except the rise and fall of her shoulders, as if she was steadying her breath. When she turned around, there was disbelief as well as a twinkle in her sea-green eyes that made his heart kick. “You’re not- You’re not just saying that as a last-ditch effort to stop me, are you?”

Vehemently, he shook his head. “I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it.”

A smile cracked open on her mouth, a happy, little gasp spilling from it. “I was hoping you’d say that.”

He sucked in what air he could. “So does that mean…“ Dare he ask? He took a few steps closer. “You love me too?”

“Yes, you idiot knucklehead. Since, like, forever.” She closed the gap between them, her fists coming down on his chest in a mock- beating before she pulled him in for an embrace.

All the tension and dread that had been stuck in his chest came out as an exulted, short laugh. He was so happy he could kiss her, which he leaned in to do but was blocked. “Let’s postpone that until after the date, okay?”

His heart fell to his knees. “You mean you’re still going out with that guy?”

“It would be rude to cancel at this hour. And besides, I’d like to ask him a few more questions. Research, you know. Don’t worry. I’ll let him down easy.”

Ash snorted. His heart was still pounding, but he found some relief in the prospect of Misty’s rejection of Finn. “By all means, drop him as harshly as you can.”

“Don’t be petty, Ash,” Misty said, rolling her eyes. She stepped back, breaking contact with him. “You would probably like him if he wasn’t interested in me.”

“Maybe,” he admitted. “Just, be careful, okay?”

Rolling her eyes once again, she waved him off. “You’re not my boyfriend as of yet, Ash Ketchum. We still have a lot to discuss.”

“I’ll be right here,” he said, and with reluctance, let the woman he loved go on a date with someone else. 

~To Be Continued in PW Day 4, Part II: “First Kiss” (which I still haven’t typed out)~


I didn’t specify the name of regions or certain Pokémon since this is set in the future and I obviously don’t know which places and Pokémon are yet to come. In my headcanon, Serena would eventually win Ash over and share at least a few years of happiness together, but alas it was not meant to be.  

I made a post a little while back about how I have a headcanon that May is from Ecruteak City, and I want to expand on it based on some observations from the anime that I found interesting. To start, I’m definitely no expert on Japan or Japanese culture, so if I flub anything, let me know!

Specifically, I’m going to be taking a look at gym architecture. Here’s the Petalburg Gym:

The architecture looks pretty traditionally Japanese. The City of Petalburg, however, appears to be a bit more modern:

What’s more, gyms in general are not structured like the Petalburg Gym. In the anime, gyms are often structured in a unique way to benefit the gym leader and the type they specialize in/way they battle. Looking at other Hoenn gyms, none look anything like the traditional set up of Petaulburg’s:

Rustboro Gym (Rock specialist):

Dewford Gym (Fighting specialist who emphasizes surfing for his training):

Mauville Gym (Electric specialist):

Fortree Gym (Flying specialist):

Mosdeep Gym (Psychic specialist with emphasis on the Space Center):

Sootopolis Gym (Water specialist):

The exception is Lavaridge’s gym, which has traditional architecture as well. But I think this is because the gym is supposed to represent a Japanese bath house, as Lavaridge is famous for hot springs. This is the gym in comparison with a Sentō, a type of Japanese bath house:

Back to the Petalburg gym. Whether it’s coicidental or not, there is one gym the Petalburg gym shares resemblance too—and that’s Ecruteak’s.



They’re strikingly similar! As I stated earlier, the architecture for the Petalburg gym is a bit odd compared to the more modern architecture of the rest of the city. However, the architecture for the Ecruteak gym isn’t odd at all! The city itself is very traditional, its motto in the games being, “A Historical City Where the Past Meets the Present”. The city itself is based of Kyoto, Japan, a very traditional as well as one of the best preserved cities in the country. The city of Ecruteak looks more like this:

When Ash, Misty, and Brock go to the city in the anime, they make many references to how traditional it is compared to any other place they’ve been, Misty even noting that the gym is “unlike any gym” she’s ever seen. Because of this, it’s interesting Petalburg seems to mimic it in a more out of place city.

Even May’s house in Petalburg, which is either attached or at least in close proximity to the gym, has some connections to architecture seen in Ecruteak City.


May’s house:

It might be a bit hard to see, but the same wall is present and there’s an implication of a rock garden in both.

So, headcanon: It’s stated Norman is a new gym leader (and I have their family move from Johto to Hoenn due to the main protag in RSE moving from Johto to Hoenn), and unless a gym leader is simply taking over another gym (like Flannery), due to how unique gyms are to a gym leader as an individual, it’s likely gyms are constructed specifically by what they want. It is likely Norman had his specified, since he has a green house specific for his wants for his Pokemon.

Because of this, I think Norman purposely had his gym built with architecture commonly found in Ecurteak City, using its gym as a template. Norman is native to Hoenn, but Caroline is not, and their family grew up in Ecruteak once both settled from their journeys. When Norman got his job and they had to move, he had his gym and home built in a way where it would be reminiscent of Caroline’s home as well as the home they shared and raised their family in.

When you think of saffron, dark red strands from Spain or Iran may come to mind. But the delicate spice, one of the most expensive and labor-intensive in the world, grows well in another country long plagued by conflict: Afghanistan.

Rumi Spice, a small, enterprising company in Brighton, Mass., is trying to build an Afghan saffron connection for lovers of the spice in the U.S., and cultivate peace through trade.

Behind Rumi Spice is a group of veterans who served in Afghanistan who are now business school students, a lawyer, an Afghan water specialist and farmers the vets met while serving there.

How Afghanistan Vets Are Trying To Cultivate Peace Through Saffron

Photo credit: Cristina Hirschkorn/Courtesy of Rumi Spice


We’re dinoflag-elated to meet you! Our Kelp Forest exhibit is still blooming with Akashiwo sanguinae phytoplankton. The Mountain Dew hue of the water is caused by trillions of single-celled algae—each one half the width of a human hair. These blooms have happened at the Aquarium before—in fact, a similar event nearly derailed the filming of Star Trek IV!

One of these ridiculously tiny rusty rocket-ships was photographed by our water quality specialists under a microscope. Every day, our collective of cool chemists characterizes the aquatic makeup of the Aquarium to keep our critters content. So far, this bloom is just a novelty inside our building—but in the wild, these blooms can create a sea foam that acts like a detergent to the water-proofing oils of bird feathers.

This beautiful bloom is a reminder to all of us human-scale beings that over 60% of the oxygen we breathe is produced by ocean organisms on the same scale—and smaller—as this particularly imposing phytoplankter. Green food dye for thought!