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Voltron Pokémon au time!~

So I’ve been planning out this au a bit and here’s some things about it:

-hunk is ash, Pidge is misty, and Lance is Brock
- instead of water types, Pidge is in love with Pokémon that are mechanical or have like a technology type of feel to them. So whenever she sees a voltorb, or a magnemite, her eyes get all sparkly and she’s super excited~
- Pidge’s partner Pokémon is a porygon, which was given to her by Matt before he disappeared
- Lance of course is a water type specialist~
- hunk started his journey with his partner pikachu, which he named yellow~
- hunk also has a bulbasaur 💗😊
- Keith is officer Jenny. Although he’s the only male officer in all of kanto and he shows up whenever the gang encounters team rocket
- Lance flirts with all the girls, like he and Brock do, but he end up falling for Keith. Hard.
- like him and Keith didn’t work well together when they first met, but like, love happens in the strangest of ways~💗💗
- team rocket is of course galra, and Giovanni is zarkon
- also Keith was a part of team rocket before (becuase he was orphaned at a young age and team rocket took him in) but realizing what they were doing to Pokémon, he escaped the organization and ended up becoming a cop to stop them
- I feel that prince lotor should be like Jesse and James? I really hope he’s a ridiculous villain like those guys~
-it was hard to figure out who shiro should be, but I feel he should be Lance. Like champion Lance. The guy with the dragon type specialty you battle in the elite four.
- I think allura should be nurse joy? A kickass nurse joy
-Lance flirts with her a lot and her Chansey beats the crap out of him each time~
- I feel coran should be gym leader Blaine. They give off similar personalities~
-oh yeah, Matt and Pidge’s dad were taken by team rocket to help them make mewtwo

And that’s all I have so far! More to come (especially art~💗)

In the wild, Goldeen are pretty much the same with one natural subspecies. However, there is a massive market for aquarium-bred Goldeen with special attributes.

Common Wild - The most typically encountered Goldeen. Pretty with its dance-like movements and flowing fins. Fast with good Attack and Defense.

Shiny - The exact same as Common Wild only a different color pattern, making it that much more sought-after. Same stat arrangement.

Comet - The only subspecies found in the wild normally, the Comet trades in some of its high Attack and Defense for amazing Speed. It’s gold scales make it a true prize for any Water-type specialist. Coveted by battlers.

Telescope - An odd by-product of selective breeding, the Telescope Goldeen boosts insanely high HP and is as hardy as a Magikarp. It’s considered an invasive species in certain parts of the world after breeders released them when they didn’t hatch into the Goldeen they wanted. Has poor eyesight but can amplify its Supersonic attack to echolocate.

Oranda - Goldeen bred with a large fleshy cap covering their heads. The cap can absorb most special attacks leading to a high Special Defense stat. Have the best memory retention and can learn Psybeam naturally. The best Goldeen to give to children as they lack the poisonous horn.

Tamasaba - The rarest of Goldeen varieties, and prized by Coordinators. The majestic Tamasaba is specially adapted for colder waters and learns a variety of Ice-type moves that normal Goldeen cannot. High Special Attack with the trade-off of being rather frail. It’s fins refract light into a rainbow of colors that further glitter in ice.

More Pokemon variations! This time Goldeen based off of various types of goldfish.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon.

You are challenged by Gym Leader Kris!

Third in the Gym Leaders Series!

Water Type Specialist Kris and her Mega Gyarados!

I wanted to upload this one at the same time as Lyra, since they’re technically from the same games, but work got in the way XD

EDIT: btw, Gyarados is meant to be WAAAAAY bigger than that…but I had to be able to fit him onto the page! He can be a special type of mini Gyarados XD

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We’re dinoflag-elated to meet you! Our Kelp Forest exhibit is still blooming with Akashiwo sanguinae phytoplankton. The Mountain Dew hue of the water is caused by trillions of single-celled algae—each one half the width of a human hair. These blooms have happened at the Aquarium before—in fact, a similar event nearly derailed the filming of Star Trek IV!

One of these ridiculously tiny rusty rocket-ships was photographed by our water quality specialists under a microscope. Every day, our collective of cool chemists characterizes the aquatic makeup of the Aquarium to keep our critters content. So far, this bloom is just a novelty inside our building—but in the wild, these blooms can create a sea foam that acts like a detergent to the water-proofing oils of bird feathers.

This beautiful bloom is a reminder to all of us human-scale beings that over 60% of the oxygen we breathe is produced by ocean organisms on the same scale—and smaller—as this particularly imposing phytoplankter. Green food dye for thought!