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Good news- the small child was perfectly enchanted by her mermaid surprise unlike the first mermaid party I did where the birthday girl wanted to be as FAR AWAY FROM THE MERMAID AS POSSIBLE

they wheeled me out on a desk chair which was pretty hilarious but actually worked a lot better than a Throne of Dads

and then omfg to get me in the pool

they put me in one of those disability chairs that you sit in and it sloooooowly lowers you into the pool

so I just sat in it, princess-waving for a full 5 minutes while I’m majestically lowered into the water. hilarious

Unlike the last party I actually was SWIMMING the whole time! They plopped me right into the deep end and I paddled around with the kids (who had floaties on and were swimming with their parents). Birthday girl was more than happy to show Marina the Mermaid how she can dunk her head in the water and jump off the side into her mom’s arms (she had just turned 4). Super cute.


Soulmate AU Part One

Here is the first part to my new series! I am very excited about this one and I look forward to writing more parts! As always, feedback is welcomed! Thank you @lame-lozer for helping me with this idea and for reading it over for me. You’re a sweetheart and I am thankful for your friendship

Tom Holland x Reader Soulmate AU

Part One: 1.1k words

Warnings: Language, slight amount of angst

From a young, tender age, the idea of having a soulmate had been engrained in your mind.

The idea of having someone tailored for you perfectly, to meet your every need, to be able to feel and understand all of your emotions was something that was both swoon worthy and overwhelming all at once.

Everyone had two tattoos located somewhere on their bodies. One tattoo represented something you favored, the other represented what your soulmate favored. When you met your one and only, the plain black and white tattoos would turn into color.

Finding your soulmate had never been something that you placed a high priority one. When all of your friends had been obsessing over new ways to find their soulmate, you had been more focused on getting into the best college possible to get away from your small town life.

The years continue to pass and go by, the end of each one leaving you with the thought that maybe the universe had made a mistake and that you were really one big joke, that there really was no one for you. Maybe you should have been putting in more effort trying to find your person instead of focusing on your education and your career.

But each year you buried those self-deprecating thoughts deep down, knowing that your decisions to focus on other things were truly going to help better you in the long run.

It was on a rainy spring day that you woke up feeling slightly different. There was a tingling on the inside of your arm where your tattoo was. The outline of the dainty book felt like it was beginning to slowly vibrate, as if the pages were going to come to life and turn.

Then the other damned tattoo started to do the same thing. The theatre masks on your wrist began to tingle in the same way and you could swear that the faces actually moved.

“I don’t have time for this shit today.” You grumbled to yourself, trying to navigate your way through the busy streets to make it to school on time.

You loved your job, you really did, but on days like today you really just wanted to stay inside with a good book and a hot cup of tea.

But you really couldn’t complain. Your day was not going to be that busy seeing as how it was career day and all of your students were going to be bringing in someone from their families. It truly was one of your favorite days because you enjoyed seeing how excited and proud the young ones would be, no matter what the profession was.

As the day wore on, the tattoos began to tingle again, irritating you in a way that many would find odd. You knew that the tingling was only the beginning, that it was a sign that somewhere your soulmate was near, but instead of finding that thought endearing, you found it to be a nuisance.

Stepping out of the classroom to go and get some water before the next speaker came in, but instead of meeting an empty hallway, you ran into something solid, or better yet someone solid.

“Oh shit, I mean damn, I mean darn it… I’m so sorry ma’am.” A soft, British voice stammered out.

You let out a small laugh at this person’s flustered tone, finding it almost refreshing after spending the majority of your day sugarcoating every word that came out of your mouth.

“Oh no, it’s fine really. It’s nice hearing some adult words after having to carefully watch what you say all day.”

“But still, my mum always taught me not to curse in front of a lady, and she also taught me to introduce myself but here I am blabbering about like a bloody idiot. I’m Tom, Tom Holland.”

His brown curls were swept over his eyes that had a glittering, mischievous hint to them, and his smile was kind. There was something about him that seemed familiar, almost like he was someone you had met before.

“Well hello Tom, I’m Y/N, Y/F/N Y/L/N. It’s a pleasure to meet you Tom. Is there a reason why you are here today?”

“Uhm, well yes. You see my cousin is Andrew and his mum told me about this career day thing that his class was having and she was having a fit over not being able to come and I was over here vising for work anyways and I can never say no to Andrew because he can be so persuasive at times so here I am.”

“Ah yes. You’re the reason little Andrew is so excited today. Well it is a pleasure to have you in our class Mr. Holland but I’ve got to run to the copy room before class starts back.”

You gave him a polite smile and brought your hand out to shake his.

When his hand closed around yours, you felt the dull tingling in your tattoos exemplify to a sharp pain, almost as if someone was needling them into your skin all over again.

Glancing down at your wrist, you let out a small gasp when you saw that the simple black masks were beginning to brighten in gold and silver colors, standing out against your skin in a way you had never seen before.

The book on your inner arm began to tingle again, this time in a stronger way. You removed your hand from Tom’s to remove the sleeve of your sweater. The book had been colored in a lovely brown color, the pages a delicate creame, and the simple words had been outlined in a deep black now.

You looked up to see that Tom had done the same thing with his shirt sleeve. He had lifted it up slightly and right there was the same tattoo, your tattoo.

“Well, this definitely isn’t how I thought that today was going to go.” Tom let out a gentle laugh, looking up at you, trying to gauge your reaction.

You didn’t have any words to say, the only thoughts running through your mind were “holy shit” and “I don’t have time for this shit”.

“Well Tom, like I said, I have to run to the copy room before class starts back so I will be seeing you.”

“Wait, aren’t we going to talk about, well this”, Tom exaggeratedly throws out his arm to the side, once again showing off the tattoos, your tattoos.

“I don’t have time to talk about whatever this is right now. I have a job to do. So if you will excuse me I will see you in the classroom when it is your turn to present.”

With that, you turned around and practically ran down the hallway, wanting to get away from him.

This couldn’t be happening to you, not right now and certainly not today and not at your school of all places.

BTS reaction to when they over hear that another member also likes you

Request said: Bts reaction to overhearing a member telling another member that they have a crush on their s/o ( hearing a member has a crush on their s/o) pweez


Jin: You were talking with Suga about music. He would see that Suga would stare at you a lot, when you aren’t looking. He would just shrugged it off but when he over heard Suga talking to Rap Monster that he started to like you, that when he exploded and decided to confront him “Suga, I know Y/N is charming but she is mine!” he said with a jealousy and angry tone in his voice.  Suga knew that when he got into this stage is better not mess with him. 

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Suga: Suga was practicing his piano when suddenly he stopped and that’s when he over heard Jin saying to Jungkook that he also had feelings for you that you were so cute and pretty when you laughed. Suga got so mad that he went straight to Jin and screamed “Y/N is mine, mine only don’t you get it!!” he was about to punch him put J-hope got into the middle. 

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J-Hope: Hoseok was playfully dancing around in the dance practice room. The guys were laughing at his dance except for two people. V and Jimin. V was whispering something to Jimin that J-Hope could not hear until, Suga screams “WHAT, you like Y/N, as of Hoseok’s girl!” then since J-hope over heard that and he quickly turn off the music and went to face to face with V. “Isn’t Y/N so charming right?” said a smiling Hoseok (like the gif) but inside he is dying of Jealousy. “Yeah, she is” said V. “Well, She is mine and your are not taking her, do you copy?” said Hoseok. “Copy” said V sounding a bit disappointed.  

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Rap Monster: Namjoon was in the studio creating a song and practicing it when suddenly JungKook and J-Hope came in talking about you. He was fine with it, until he heard JungKook say that he was developing feeling for you and that’s when he started to get possessive and jealous of you but he decided to play it smart and wait for JungKook to be alone and talk to him. After a hour he saw his opportunity, he quickly went to talk to him. “Look, JungKook I know you meet Y/N first but she is with me now. I am sure that you will find someone like Y/N” said Namjoon and JungKook just nooded his head and decided to give up on you and just let you be happy with Namjoon but if he would break your heart, JungKook will accept you no matter what.  

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Jimin: He would be practicing his dance choreographies in the practice room. He suddenly went to pick out the water bottle where was behind the speakers. Suddenly he would see Rap Monster and JungKook talking and since he was drinking water behind the speakers, they did not noticed that Jimin was there. Jimin was about to go out and greet the guys but when Namjoon started talking about you, he stopped dead in his tracks. “I don’t know what she had done to me…I can’t stop thinking about her…I think I like  her” started to say Namjoon. “Well, you better find another girl” said Jimin as he got out of behind the speakers and that startled both Rap Monster and JungKook.

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Taehyung (V): He just finished talking over to you in the phone when he suddenly over hears a conversation that J-hope and Jimin were having. “So, I know that both of them are dating but I can’t help it..It’s just that Y/N is everything that I wanted in a girl” J-hope would explain feeling kind of guilty. V would try to keep his jealousy in but he couldn’t imagine you running away with J-hope so he decided to tell him something “Look, Hoseok, You are my friend but you need to back away from my Y/N. She is mine after all” 

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JungKook: He would just be playing video games with the volume super duper loud so when the game ended, he would over heard Jimin talking to V “ AH….Y/N is so cute but sexy at the same time” a shy Jimin would say while his cheeks burned red. JungKook would be surprised at first but also confused. Until he over hears again “Look at this picture of her…it’s just too…” Jimin started to say. This where JungKook would step in and say “It’s too what!! Why do you even have a picture of her in your phone…Agh…She is mine!!” he would be mad and would scream. 

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non english speaker : 

Tell me something in english !

english speaker :

Water… Earth… Fire… Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them. But when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang. And although his airbending skills are great, he still has a lot to learn before he’s ready to save anyone. But I believe Aang can save the world.

non spanish speaker :

Tell me something in spanish !

spanish speaker :

Agua … Tierra … Fuego … Aire. Hace mucho tiempo, las cuatro naciones vivian juntas en armonia. Entonces, todo cambio cuando la Nacion del Fuego ataco. Solo el Avatar, maestro de los cuatros elementos, podria deternelos, pero cuando el mundo mas le necesitaba, se desvanecio. Cien nos pasaron y mi hermano y yo descubrimos el nuevo Avatar, un maestro aire llamado Aang. Y aunque sus habilidades para controlar el aire eran grandiosas, tenia mucho que aprender antes de estar listo para salvar el mundo. Pero creo que Aang podra salvarlo.

non-french speaker :

Tell me something in french !

french speaker :

Mais, vous savez, moi je ne crois pas qu'il y ait de bonne ou de mauvaise situation. Moi, si je devais résumer ma vie aujourd'hui avec vous, je dirais que c'est d'abord des rencontres, des gens qui m'ont tendu la main, peut-être à un moment où je ne pouvais pas, où j'étais seul chez moi. Et c'est assez curieux de se dire que les hasards, les rencontres forgent une destinée… Parce que quand on a le goût de la chose, quand on a le goût de la chose bien faite, le beau geste, parfois on ne trouve pas l'interlocuteur en face, je dirais, le miroir qui vous aide à avancer. Alors ce n'est pas mon cas, comme je le disais là, puisque moi au contraire, j'ai pu ; et je dis merci à la vie, je lui dis merci, je chante la vie, je danse la vie… Je ne suis qu'amour ! Et finalement, quand beaucoup de gens aujourd'hui me disent “Mais comment fais-tu pour avoir cette humanité ?”, eh ben je leur réponds très simplement, je leur dis que c'est ce goût de l'amour, ce goût donc qui m'a poussé aujourd'hui à entreprendre une construction mécanique, mais demain, qui sait, peut-être seulement à me mettre au service de la communauté, à faire le don, le don de soi.

Avatar - The Last Airbender
Astérix et Obélix - Mission Cléopâtre.

Storm Witchcraft: Tools & Associations

Acorns, Ashes, Batteries, Bells, Besom, Black Ink, Bowls, Broken Tree Branches/Twigs, Cauldron, Charcoal, Clouds, Copper Wires, Cup, Drums, Drum Sticks, Fans, Fresh Air/Wind, God’s Eye, Lightning, Mud, Music, Plasma Ball Lamp, Puddle Water, Rain/Storm Sounds, Rainsticks, Rain Scented Candles/Things, Raindrops, Rattles, Scissors, Sea Salt, Sea Water, Smoke, Snow Water, Snowflakes, Speakers, Spoons, Staff, Steam, Storm Imagery and Videos, Storm Salt, String Instruments, Tambourine, Twine, Wand, Watercolors, Watering Can, Whistles, Wind Instruments, Windchimes, Witch’s Ladder, Yarn

Colors: Gray, Black, Purple, Blue, Yellow

Corresponds to: Strength, Power, Chaos, (Raw) Emotion, Anger, Rage, Freedom, Cleansing, Banishment, Self-Empowerment, Growth and Change

Crystals: Pietersite/Tempest Stone, Hemimorphite, Azurite, Malachite, Nebula Stone, Lapis Lazuli, Clear Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, Banded Amethyst, Amethyst, Chrysocolla, Black Opal, Rainbow Obsidian, Sea Glass, Frosted Glass, Glass/Marbles

Metals: Copper, Aluminum, Platinum

Plants/Herbs: Alder, Broom, Cotton, Fern, Garlic, Heather, Henbane, Oak, Pansy, Rice, Wheat, Barley, Saffron, Wild Rice, Grass, Thistle, Willow, Any Air or Water Aligned Plants/Herbs

Animals: Hawk, Eagle, Snowy Owl, Frogs, Birds, Oxen, Butterfly (said to predict the weather), Sheep, Rams, Ladybugs (said to predict the weather), Dragons, Serpents, Horses

Elementals & Beasts/Creatures: Dragons, Thunder Bird, Cyclopse, Kitsune, Raiju, Valkyrie, Pegasus, Great Serpents/Giant Serpents, Harpies

Sense: Hearing, Touch

Body: Feet, Lungs, Heart, Ears

Storm Related Magick: Dance, Empowerment, Power, Curses, Hexes, Cleansing, Purification, Curse Removal, Sound, Music, Intimidation Glamours, Rain, Banishing, Snow, Confidence, Weather

Beach date with Tom
  • The day would start off with definitely over packing the essentials.
  • I mean, two of you going to the beach surely wouldn’t require 4 beach towels, 2 tubes of sun lotion, 5 bottles of water, 2 bluetooth speakers, a beach umbrella, and a mountain of snacks
  • But nevertheless here you are
  • Tom had packed it all
    • and he was so proud of himself
    • Alright babe I think we’ve got everything!”
    • And you turn the corner to see the pile that he had collected.
    • “Uh….. Good job”
  • Lets be real, Tom would insist on carrying absolutely everything, being the gentleman he is. 
    • And also would refuse to make a second trip
    • Meaning he looked like a damn pack horse lugging everything on his arms and hands. 
      • Lets not deny here that his arms would look hella good carrying all that junk. Flexed biceps are my weakness
  • But somehow with only dropping minimal things, everything was packed and ready for your adventure.
  • As soon as the two of you got to the beach, instantly sand was thrown and tossed everywhere just from walking through it
  • And trying to lay down towels flat was a mission and a half
  • Lets not forget the struggle that was sticking the beach umbrella into the sand study enough so it would stay upright
    • only for the wind to pick up 5 minutes later and blow it away again
    • Honestly watching Tom chase down a beach umbrella as it tumbled across the sand was an amusing sight to see.
    • Because even though the dude is athletic af, he still manages to trip over his own feet
  • Once everything was set up though, and you were well invested into your favourite book, Tom would think its the perfect time to annoy you
    • Cold hands digging into your sides, the tickle you made you jolt and wriggle in an attempt to get away
    • And he would stop…. only to pick you up with ease, and throw you over his shoulder
    • He would then run as fast as he could to the water while you continued to kick and scream as he carried you
  • He would without a doubt throw you into the water, playfully tossing you from over his shoulder and into the ocean
  • But afterwards he would be all “sorry babe, but I couldn’t resist, you just looked too hot out there” accompanied with a wink
    • But then he’d hug you and really ask if you were okay
      • and you’d splash his with water and push him over
        • and he’d get pushed around by a wave that came at the perfect time while you doubled over in laughter
      • this would continue for a while, chasing after each other and splashing water, making a lot of noise from squealing and laughing
      • But you wouldn’t care about the other people looking at you because you were having a damn good time
  • Tom would get sunburnt for sure
    • He would be so worried about putting sun lotion on you that he forgot about himself
      • Literally every 10 minutes, “do you want me to put lotion on your back love?”, and you’d comply, but you knew it was because Tom was worried about you 
      • and also he wanted to put his hands all over you to show off in front of everyone at the beach that you were with him. 
      • You were okay with it  because it also meant that everyone knew that he was yours
  • He’d wince at the feeling of you spreading aloe gel on his shoulders
    • But he’d sit in front of you nevertheless because you assured him it would help
    • And you didn’t mind helping him because you wouldn’t want to rub their hands all over Tom’s shirtless back and shoulders and arms and chest and torso help me
  • It’d be an early night to bed for the two of you because being in the sun all day really drains him and gosh this is just such a mood how much do I have to pay for this to happen


The Signs As Stuff Around My Room

Aries:Small flatscreen T.V.

Taurus:5SOS poster from 2014

Gemini:Sketchbooks and art supplies every where

Cancer:Pastel pink and lavender plush penguins

Leo:Aesthetic clothes all over the floor

Virgo:My prized Vans

Libra:Lots and lots of makeup

Scorpio:My secret candy stash

Sagittarius:DIY flower crown

Capricorn:Huge wipe board and Expo markers

Aquarius:Multicolored water speaker

Pisces:Tons of books

The Princess and the Robins

Mini series Part 2

Prompt: The reader is the daughter of Oliver Queen. After six months you were back at the Wayne Manor, this time instead of only spending a two days you will be staying for a whole week. And that meant being with with the boys for a whole SEVEN days!

Remember, she is around six years old, but do not let her age fool you, she is quite smart!!

Word keys:

Y/n: Your name

The greens: Usually when kids eat, their parents refer to the vegetables as “the greens”.

The Imagine: Part 1

The mini series: Part 1


8:14 am

You woke up and realized you slept the hole night, besides of the bed was your tiara, with a bright smiled, you jumped out of the bed, stretched, went quickly to the bathroom and went downstairs to de kitchen where you met with everyone.

“Good morning Y/n” Bruce smiled “Did you have a good sleep?” In answer you nodded and smiled, the boys greet you and apologized for not being with you the day before, which you answered that as long they spent the day with you, they were  forgiven.

After having breakfast and changing your clothes, you walked down to the living room and saw that Damian was reading on the couch, silently you hide behind him and tried to scare him, but before you could make any move he said “Nice, try, but you will have to try harder to scare me” with a smirk he lower his book and look at you “May I ask you something?” You nodded “Why do keep trying to sneak around?”

You though for a moment and shrugged and sign “It is fun!”

“Well then, let’s look for Grayson, I bet you will scare him” He hold your hand and walked out of the room. After rambling around, you found him at the gym doing some acrobatics. You watched amused the stunts he performed and the moment he perfectly landed on hid feet you applaud eagerly.

Your are impressed by that” You hear Damian’s complain behind your back.

“Hey y/n, Damian” He smiled as he clean the sweat over his forehead.

“Can you teach me to do that?!” You signed

“Those are some advanced moves, but we can start with something more easy” He replied with a warm smile as he grabbed your hand and took you to the nearest mat “But before we start we should do some stretching so you don’t get hurt” 

Once you were ready to get started the fun began, some moves were easy to do, you had some practice before because you join your dad when he is training at home so you knew how to perfectly do summersaults, jumping jacks and you were getting close to perfectly do a cartwheel by yourself. The most challenging thing you found was the handstand, maybe it was because you were a little afraid that you would fall with your back, but Dick kept telling you that nothing was going to happen and that you should keep trying. 

You lost track of time until your stomach started rumbling, and that meant one thing it was lunch time! Once you arrive at the kitchen Alfred had already prepared some delicious sandwiches and some fruit for you, you sat on the table and without a doubt you gave a big bite, which made Alfred smile. 


Before lunch you left a little tired, but once you finished you felt so energized. So you started running all over the place, going up and down, jumping, hiding, trying to scare Damian, but you weren’t that lucky, so you decided to get another target, Tim. As you made the plane in your mind, Dick and Alfred were looking at you with certain amusement. 

“Alfred, did you gave her juice or coffee?” Said dick trying to hold a laugh.

You started to look for tim, first you thought he was in his bedroom or the video game room, when you couldn’t find him you looked in other places starting by the library, the studio, the gym, the dinning room, you kept going until you gave up, Tim was nowhere to be found, so you went back to the living room and sat in the sofa.

“Hey, whats wrong” Asked Dick with a kind voice 

“I couldn’t find Tim” You signed

“Oh, I see” He nodded “Well he’s out with Bruce, but I think he well be back by dinner time” You made a little frown and dick smiled “Hey, how about I teach you some advanced acrobatics” You smiled a little “And then we can have some ice cream before dinner, yeah?” 

“Yes!” You yelled and ran to the gym.

This time you did some backward rolls, you continued practicing the hand stand up by yourself and after a lot of falls you manage to do one and stand for almost five seconds, you were determined to do at least ten seconds, so you kept practicing until your arms felt like noodles.

“Agh” You complained as you laid on your back.

“Hey, you are doing behind great, let’s take a brake” He said kindly 

“Okay” You signed and gave him a little smile “Was it difficult when you learnt all those tricks?” You signed 

“Yeah, I had to practice for several hours, and it took me a couple of years to do all what I do now. The key is never give up” He winked and helped you get up. “Hey let’s get some ice cream” 


Unfortunately dinner was ready and you could not convince Alfred to give you some ice cream before dinner, but he assured you that if you finished your hole meal he would make you a banana split, which it was way batter than a scoop of ice cream. Everyone was ready for dinner, and because you were visiting them they were all going to eat at the dinning room, even uncle Bruce was there, he said “Gotham can survive for a couple of hours without us”.

As always the food was amazing, you loved the pasta, the meat and you ate all the greens, and you even asked for seconds, which if you dad was there he would say it was a miracle.

Even though you were full you could not resist eating the banana split, you enjoyed every bite of it and everyone at the table looked at you quite surprise, even Jason who sometimes ate a lot of food was surprised.

“I can believe she can eat all the food” Jason said

“It’s like a bottomless pit” Tim replied

“You are going to fell sick later if you don’t slow down y/n” Damian told you as he drank some water.

“I won’t get sick” You signed, once you finished you smiled and noticed that everyone was looking at you “What?” you signed.

“Nothing” Everyone replied 

“Sure…” You replied in signs 

You got off the table and took the plates to the dishwasher, you walked towards alfred and thanked him for the dinner.

“Por are welcome, miss y/n” He smiled “Would you like to have a bubble bath?”

“Yeah, thank you, can it have a lot of bubbles?” You signed


There were a lot of bubbles, Tim thought it was a good idea to give you a little water prof speaker with your favorite disney songs. They left you with the door ajar, so they could check on you, once you were in you played with some toys you brought, you sang along with the songs, you knew every word, and for the boys surprise you had a beautiful voice.

Damian was the first to hear you sing, as he sat outside the bathroom listening your perfect tunes, then Jason joined him, then Alfred, Dick with Tim and at last Bruce, who was surprised seeing everyone outside.

“Is every-” He started saying and quickly interrupt by everyone else 

“She is singing” Damian said in a whisper 

Oh” Bruce said as soon he heard you

After a couple of minutes the water started to get cold, so you picked the towel “Ah, cold, cold, cold” you said quietly, but loud enough for the boys to hear you and go somewhere else before you got out. You put on your pajamas. Alfred stayed and knocked the door before coming in “Everything ok miss y/n?” You nodded and smiled.

“Was the bubble bath fun?” He asked as he walked with you to your room

“Yeah” You signed “Before I go to bed I want to say goodnight to everyone” You smiled “Do you know where they are?”

“Yes, I believe they are at the living room” You walked with him and found everyone talking about something, you didn’t get what it was but when you arrived they all stopped talking.

“I just wanted to say goodnight” You smiled 

“Goodnight y/n” Said Damian

“Goodnight princess” Jason said

Tim and dick gave you a hug and a goodnight kiss and uncle bruce carry you to your bedroom “Goodnight y/n” he smiled as he tucked you “Your dad says he loves you and that he is happy that you are having a good time”

“I am having a god time” you said

For Bruce’s surprise for the first time, you didn’t signed to him, which made him very happy. “I am happy to hear that, see you tomorrow kid” He smiled and gave you a goodnight kiss.

You smiled and fall asleep.

If you go to uninhabited island, what are 3 things you want to go with

SCOUPS: members, house, food
JEONGHAN: Idont know why I would go to an uninhabited island, but food, members, and cruise (to go home)
JOSHUA: fishing rod, pot, match (lighter)
JUN: members, smartphone, wifi
HOSHI: Mingyu, foods, house
WONWOO: games, sleeping bag, books
WOOZI: only Mingyu is enough
THE8: music, book, fire
MINGYU: myself
DK: super power to move instantaneously, best chef, MP3
SEUNGKWAN: Kim Mingyu, phone charger, wifi
VERNON: solar generator, smartphone, speaker
DINO: water, food, music

[from Carat Japan Magazine 2017]
trans ©

anonymous asked:

Can I request a scenario where Bokuto gets a message that his s/o has been hospitalized while he was abroad for a vball tournament, but he can't fly back because of bad weather?

sorry for the wait!

“Hey hey hey!” the ace cheered once again, landing another point down. Bokuto was currently in Kyoto. His team was invited over for a friendly tournament and it was safe to say that Fukurodani was winning their 3rd set.

Bokuto was in tip-top form today, with nothing stopping him. The team that was against his was pushing him to his limits, which made Bokuto feel he was up for a challenge, and that made him feel amazing. He honestly couldn’t wait to go home and tell every single detail to you.

You were the only reason why Bokuto was homesick. Having been away for 3 days without seeing you made the captain longed for you, badly.

“Akaashi!” Bokuto cheered, walking over to his best friend, “did you see how amazing I was out there?” Akaashi let out a sigh and nodded his head. At the end of the third set, both teams were dismissed for a short break. It took Bokuto by surprise when he heard the thunder boom, and it made him jump a mile and scream. Which made Akaashi chuckle at.

“Not funny!” Bokuto pouted and hurriedly ran over to grab his phone and water. The wing speaker had never felt more attach to his cell phone, with him being away from you, texting and calling each other was the only thing left to feel connected.

There was something about the ongoing storm which made his stomach churn. But Bokuto being himself, he brushed the feeling off. He unlocked his phone to find missed calls and messages from your best friend, his heart pounded against his chest and he read the messages.

“[Y/N] collapsed today while we were hanging out, she’s in the hospital now and she hasn’t regained consciousness yet.” Bokuto froze, every part of him was telling him to go back to Tokyo immediately, but he couldn’t because the damn storm was too strong.

Bokuto checked the message that was sent to him, it was sent only 2 minutes ago. Without hesitation, he texted back asking if you were okay. Bokuto was frantic, he ran over to Akaashi and gripped him by the shoulders, ’[Y/N] is in the hospital, we have to go back!“

Akaashi stared back bewildered, “Bokuto-san, we can’t,” he said calmly, “The storm’s too bad, we’ll probably get into an accident if we leave now.” Akaashi’s calm composure made Bokuto even more frantic, “Can’t you see?” he raised his voice, “[Y/N] is hospitalized! We have to go!’

It didn’t take long before Bokuto had everyone’s attention in the gym. Even the coaches were aware of your situation but no one could do anything. "We must go, now!” Bokuto panicked. Your best friend had just texted him saying that you were regaining consciousness and there was nothing to worry about, but Bokuto was still in a state of panic.

Akaashi couldn’t do anything to stop Bokuto from being so frantic, he respected him a lot as a junior, so all he could do is stand there and watch his captain freak out. But the third years of Fukorodani had enough, Konoha walked up to Bokuto and gripped him by the collar. “Look!” he shouted into the captain’s face, “[Y/N]’s gonna be okay! Her friend’s with her and she’s in the hospital! That means that there are people there to actually monitor her.” he said, emphasizing a lot on his words.

Bokuto quieted down and had a gloomy look on his face. He knew you were safe but he can’t help but worry. He just loved you so much. Letting out a deep breath, he decided to let it go and call you, hoping that the storm would clear out soon.


Marine Corps Marathon Recap!

I should start by saying that no matter what, I’m really glad I ran this race. It was a great first marathon, and I learned a lot about the distance and about myself as a runner. And I learned I can do hard things. Having friends there made a huge difference- @littlebean-jellybean was incredible, as always, and I’ve been training all summer with my friend Lindsey so it was amazing to cross the finish line with her.

Everything about the MCM is crowded and busy. Heather and I went to the expo relatively early on Friday and it was still insane. Unsurprisingly, race day was the same! We stayed over with Lindsey in the city so we could metro to the Pentagon and not have to deal with parking, which was a great choice. We got to the metro right as it opened at 6am, and waited about 15 min for a train. Thankfully we only had a few stops because that train was packed! We did quite a bit of walking before we even got to the starting line.

Thankfully we breezed through security and the lines at the porta potties, and got into our corral (4:30-4:45, we were very ambitious) about 10 minutes before the first wave started at 7:55. I wasn’t a huge fan of the late start time- DC in October is hardly predictable, weather wise, and an earlier start would have saved us a lot of time in the sun. We crossed the start line around 8:15 and we were off!

This race is huge. Like, ridiculously huge. The crowds never thinned and we did a lot of weaving. But even with the crowds, the first ten miles were great. I saw a few of my training group friends, we were moving, it was shady, and I really love running with Heather and Lindsey. I was a little nervous going in about friend groups merging (it would have been a hella awkward 26 miles if they didn’t like each other!) but it was so good. I love when some of my favorite people get along so well! I saw my parents and husband for the first time at mile 10, and definitely choked up a little, but it was all happy tears!

Then we hit the Blue Mile. I love that MCM does this- an entire mile lined with pictures of soldiers who have given their lives in service. But it was really hard. I cried a lot. There was a sailor who looked just like my cousin Mitchell, who enlisted in the Navy after we graduated from high school- I have two cousins who are my same age on my dads side- and after he was discharged, he committed suicide. We were 22. I think about him a lot. I had some trouble breathing after that, until we got out of that mile. The last part is lined with flag bearers, all wearing shirts that say “lest we forget” and just. Wow. It really really got me.

By the time we hit 15 miles, it was heating up, we were in the sun, and I was pretty sure we weren’t going to hit my time goal (5 hours). But that was okay- I really just wanted to finish. We saw my parents and Nick again at 17, and I stopped to give them all huge hugs, which helped! After that, it got harder.

The Mall was hot and sunny. It wasn’t great (although we all got good photos there). Then we hit the 14th Street Bridge. The less said about that the better. Everything after mile 20 is just a blur. It was really fucking hard. Probably the hardest thing I have ever done.

We were smart, we stopped at all the water stops and took in water and Gatorade. Lindsey and I had trained stopping to fuel every 4 miles and we stick pretty closely to that, which worked well for us. But it was warm and running uphill in the last few miles felt almost impossible.

The crowd support for MCM is amazing, though. People came out and played live music, they brought speakers, snacks, water, ice, signs… it made all the difference. At mile 22, someone was playing “We Built This City on Rock and Roll” and there is just something about that song that I will always associate with DC, because that is very much My City. I looked over at Lindsey, and she was singing, and I was singing, and I had promised Heather a 26.2 mile party, so a dance party happened after 22 miles.

The last .2 miles are on a hill. That’s just rude. I’m looking at you, race directors.

So we finished- my Garmin said 26.8 miles. So. Many. Miles. I cried as we crossed the finish line hand in hand, all three of us together. We got our medals from the Marines, picked up our food and Gatorade, found the free watermelon in the finishers village and met up with my parents and Nick again, and I think I cried more. I was so happy to be done. So happy to have had two amazing women by my side for five and a half hours.

So we came in a full half hour over our goal time, but I’ve made peace with that. It’s wasn’t ideal conditions, and I honestly was not expecting the last six miles to be as hard as they were.

I don’t think I have a marathon in me next year, because training was so much. I’m focusing on the half, getting my time down… I have a pretty ambitious time goal in mind for the half next year. I probably will run another marathon eventually, because I know I have a better race in me than what I ran last weekend. But I’m also pretty fucking proud of what we did.