water serpents i


Two Reclining Nudes Viewed from the Back, 1905/06
Pencil on chamois simili Japanese paper, 349 x 551 mm
Study for the painting Water Serpents II, 2nd state, 1907

Gustav Klimt

Study image and description from beyars.:  “In his playful and erotic paintings Water Serpents I and Water Serpents II, both created between 1904 and 1907 and changed several times, Klimt first took a detailed look at the subject of lesbian love. The drawing presented here belongs to the large group of studies created between 1905 and 1906 to prepare the painting Water Serpents II in its second state (finished in 1907; Strobl 1441–1519). In these drawings Klimt concentrated on naked female bodies positioned parallel to the picture surface, rendering both individual figures and groups of twos and threes.

This study shows two nudes with their backs slightly turned, their forms captured within a single outline, which seem as if they are being swept away by the crumpled bed sheets as if on a wave. The impression of flowing is given added emphasis by the rhythmic interplay of the sensual bodies’ contours. At the same time these outlines demonstrate the artist’s thorough knowledge of the anatomical finesse of the female body, expressed in those little, subtly drawn out flaws like small rolls of flesh and fine wrinkles. This balancing act between anatomical exactitude and meticulously crafted aesthetics reaches its sensual culmination in the dark accentuated genitals of the reclining figure in the foreground – the provocative and also magical focus of the depiction. This work is one of fifteen drawings which Klimt contributed to the bibliophile, 1907 edition of Lucian’s Hetärengespräche (Dialogues of the Courtesans).  Marian Bisanz–Prakken”  Literature: Alice Strobl: Gustav Klimt. Die Zeichnungen. 1904 – 1912. Band 2. Verlag Galerie Welz. Salzburg (via: beyar.com)

coralprince-rp  asked:

"For your unparalled dedication to helping people and to bettering snake-and-human relations, I would like to extend to you the honorary title of 'Ambassador of Water Serpents'! Though--now that I think on it, is 'serpent' a demeaning term...?"

Oh wow, thank you! I humbly accept this honorable title. And nah, ‘serpent’ is fine. Just don’t call me a belly-crawler and we’ll be just dandy, haha~


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Water Serpents I

Gustav Klimt (Detail, c. 1904-07)