water ring toss


A series of famous toys from the 1990s featuring the water ring toss toy, tamagotchi and tetris console for the brand Mignonne,inc


an interesting variation on a sensory bottle! this is reminiscent of those water ring toss games that were everywhere when i was a kid. 


  • clear bottle or jar
  • water
  • hot glue or super glue
  • golf tee
  • loom bands/small elastic hair bands


  • gather however many loom bands you’d like in your bottle and put them in a container of water, set aside. after a while, remove the bands that float, as these won’t work well for the ring toss game.
  • remove any plastic/paper liner from the inside of the lid. this will prevent the golf tee from floating away from the actual lid.
  • glue your golf tee upside-down to the inside of your lid (scoring it helps the glue stick better).
  • add your bands and fill the bottle with water.
  • seal your bottle tightly with hot glue/super glue to prevent any leaks!
  • you’re done! if you use a plastic bottle, you can squeeze the sides to alter the water pressure and make the bands move. otherwise, you can simply tilt the bottle to get the rings on the peg.