water reminding app

Some ideas to encourage you to drink more water! 

You probably know the health benefits of drinking water (it helps your kidneys, skin, brain, liver, muscles.. Every part of your body needs hydration!) but it can be hard to drink enough water if you don’t like the taste, if you’re used to the sweeter taste of soda or if you tend to not notice your body’s thirst signals.  

“I hate the taste of plain water!” 

Some ideas: 

- Add lemon juice

- Add sliced fruit 

- Add sliced cucumber 

- Add a splash of your favorite juice 

- Let it soak in flavor by adding sliced fruit in the evening and then put it in the fridge overnight to enjoy it in the morning 

- Mash berries in the bottom of the glass, then add water 

- Steep some fresh mint leaves in the water before drinking 

- Freeze clementine slices and use as ice cubes

- Make juice ice cubes and add to water 

“I miss the sweetness of soda!”

- Mix your favorite soda with water and use a little less soda each day to get used to it slowly 

- Make a plan to drink water to hydrate and soda for fun (for example allow yourself soda in the afternoon but drink water in the morning and at night) 

-  Many of the ideas above will also make the water taste sweeter, give it a try! 

- Follow each glass of soda with a glass of water

“I always forget it!” or “I rarely feel thirsty even if i didn’t drink much!”

- Set a reminder in your phone that reminds you each two hours

- Get one of the many free water reminder apps 

- Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go

- Try to get more in touch with your body! Set a reminder to ask yourself “How does my body feel right now?” each two hours. Is your mouth dry? Do you feel tired? Try to pay attention to these subtle signs. 

anonymous asked:

I have the plant nanny water reminder app and one of my plants is this cute little clover so I named it Jacky and Jacky has been a cute plant but now he's reached level 4 and he has these five purple things that look like hands and it's low key freaking me out. What happened to my sweet boy. This five handed smiling creature won't stop waving at me.

Dude I had to stop doing plant nanny bc they were creepy towards the end what gives! Poor Jacky plant

I suck at drinking water. And if you’re like me, it’s perpetually on your to-do list, an abandoned New Year’s resolution (15 years running). And if you’re like me, and have IBD, it’s really important to get your 8 full glasses/day.

I stumbled across this app in a pregnancy forum (the cutest water drinking reminder app ever) but I wanted to share it with my IBDers too. It’s called ‘Plant Nanny’- choose your own plant, pot, and setting and then ‘feed it’ whenever you finish a glass of water in real time. It will remind you if you’ve gone too long without hydrating with notifications.

There’s something about that little creature and the joy it displays as a result of my hydration. Somehow I don’t really care too much if I get dehydrated but if that sweet little plant starts to wither, it’s game over for my emotions -I have to save it!

I know it’s strange to gamify water drinking, but hey, I’m actually winning for the first time! Check it out. It’s free in the App Store and ridiculously adorable.