water relfection


Untitled by Caleigh Anne

Amazing photo! It makes it look like the mountain just gave birth to a ball of energy. Again another great premise for a movie :P Now get Emma Thompson to narrate and you got a hit.

You can either go the Michael bay route and start having explosions and giants, or go the M night shyamalan route and make some sort of an eerie mystery “Like oh my gosh that ball of light is actually someonetotallyunexpectedyetnotsomuch!”…

….or go the Pixar route and make it about a cute little ball of energy that is feeling alone trying to fit in with the rest of the photons. They don’t like him because the light he emanates is too different but apparently its special and in the end its what makes it special and ends up saving the universe from a black hole… I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore.

Oh and this awesome photo is by Greg Boratyn.


Star Cloud by Matt Molloy
Via Flickr:
The center of the milky way over Lake Ontario with Amherst Island along the horizon.