water refill

got a request to post this as a text post so here is my #GotYourBack ficlet again!

Dex winces when he sees the waitress again, trying not to notice her pitying smile when she refills his water for what must be the third time tonight, looking pointedly over at the empty seat across from him. He’s not exactly upset, it’s not like he was in love with Sarah or anything, he just feels awkward. He’s been fiddling with his phone for the past twenty minutes, but there’s nothing new on his timeline, so he decides to text in the SMH group chat.

serious q: if i got stood up am i supposed to just leave or do i just like order a meal to go…

No one answers, which is kind of annoying, but he figures they’re all just busy or something. He decides he’ll just go and leave a good tip when the waitress comes back.

“Hey, I’m actually - ” He’s interrupted before he can finish by the door to the restaurant slamming open.

“Babe!” He hears from across the room. Dex startles and looks up to find Nursey barreling towards them. “Sorry I’m late, my car broke down and my phone’s dead,” he exclaims loudly, dropping a kiss to Dex’s cheek and sitting down across from him.

“Oh, I’ll give you two a minute to check out the menu,” the waitress smiles, sounding relieved.

“What the hell are you - “ Dex starts to ask, but he’s interrupted yet again.

“Dex! Thank goodness you’re still here!” Chowder yells, practically sprinting towards them. “I was stuck in - oh, hey, Nursey.”

“Hey, bro,” Nursey grins, reaching out to fist-bump Chowder. Dex cannot believe his life. Chowder’s pulling up another chair to their table when the door opens again, and Dex groans because this time it’s Ransom and Holster both.

“William J. Poindexter!” Holster shouts.

“Bro, wait, Nursey and Chowder are here,” Ransom says, poking Holster’s side. They’re still walking over when Bitty bursts through the door.

“Dex - oh,” he laughs a little to himself, looking at everyone gathered around the small two-person table.

The waitress looks more than a little flustered when she comes back.

“I think we’re going to need a table that’s a little bit bigger,” Nursey drawls, smiling sweetly at her.

“Um, yeah, of course,” she nods, “Let me just go find a hostess.”

Dex can’t help but laugh at all of them dropping everything just to come in place of his date. They’re ridiculous. He loves them all.

“Thanks, guys,” he says.

“We got your back,” Bitty shrugs, ruffling his hair. They all jump when the door slams open again, and Dex almost falls off his chair laughing.

“Sorry we’re late!” Tango yells, tugging Whiskey behind him towards the table.

How to get stuff done:

1. Drink some water, bro. Hydration is key.
2. Stretch, wake up!
3. Make a list of things you need to do.
4. Say “I’m gonna do it” out loud. (You can whisper it to yourself but the louder the better)
5. Breathe and assure yourself you can do it.
6. Put on some great music (like some classical music or some super motivational stuff, whatever you like, maybe none at all if it helps)
7. Get out all the stuff you need.
8. Get comfy (wash your hands, change your clothes, put your hair up, put on some chapstick, take off your shoes, etc.)
9. Set a timer and tell yourself what you are going to do with your time
10. Smash your goals, sunshine!

Take breaks and during those breaks get moving! Refill your water! Get your new stuff out! Choose some new music if you want! But don’t go into a slump, take your break and go back to work! That’s all bro! Go kick some asteroid!

Jealous- Older!Damian Wayne x Reader

(Requested by anon)

Damian sat with his girlfriend in the most expensive restaurant in Gotham. She looked absolutely stunning. The waiter serving them definitely thought so too. Damian clenched his jaw; watching the waiter wink at Y/N as he refilled her water. Once he was out of earshot, Damian huffed.
   “I don’t like him,” he announced. Y/N raised her eyebrows.
   “Why? He’s perfectly nice,” she asked. He grimaced.
   “Yeah. He’s being really nice to you.” A smirk crossed Y/N’s face.
   “Wait a minute… are you jealous?” she wondered aloud. Damian looked away. Y/N laughed lightly.
   “Damian Wayne, jealous. Who would have thought,” she chuckled. Damian rolled his eyes.
   “You see, beloved, I never used to get jealous. Then again, everything changed when I fell in love with you.” Y/N grinned.
   “I love you too, Wayne. I love you more than anything in this universe; more than life itself. You don’t have to worry about anyone else, why would I need them when I have you?”

After dinner, Damian took Y/N out for a walk. He couldn’t help but admire the way the moon illuminated her face. He had stopped paying attention to their conversation for a minute, studying her appearance. Her hair, her eyes, her smile; everything, in his view, was flawless. Y/N, on the other hand, had noticed Damian’s lack of conversation.
   “Like what you see?” she joked, gazing into his eyes. He smiled, pulling her toward him for a kiss.
   “Damian,” Y/N said as she pulled away, “there really is no need to be jealous. I’m all yours.” Damian smiled, touching the hidden ring in his suit pocket.
   “Yes, beloved. And I am yours as well.”

Chinchilla Ownership Pros and Cons

I’ve wanted to make a post about the joys and perils of Chin ownership for a long time! 

Let’s start with the positives:

  • Chinchillas live a really long time! A lifespan of 15 or more years is common! My last chin lived to be over 13. 
  • Chinchillas are pretty low maintenance. Once you have a cage set up, all they need is refilled water, food, and hay every day, and weekly cage cleanings & new things to chew. 
  • Chinchillas can live in same-sex groups, pairs, or alone. Some chins even prefer being solitary! 
  • Chinchilla poop is hard, easy to clean, and has no discernible smell. They’re like little brown grains of rice!
  • Chinchillas are not susceptible to pests such as fleas. 
  • Chinchillas are very clean. They love to bathe and their hair is so dense it doesn’t get very messed up, provided weekly dust baths. 
  • You can give them dust baths as much as you like! It’s adorable and they love it. 
  • Chinchillas smell really good. Unlike most other rodent pets, they and their cages smell fresh and clean. Even their pee is pretty close to odorless. 
  • They are incredibly soft. 
  • They’re the best looking animal on the planet. Blending the awkwardness of a squirrel with the plump sweetness of a bunny, a chinchilla is truly the whole package. 
  • They are pretty affordable to keep, once you’re set up
  • While they enjoy playing and can form close bonds with their humans, they also are just fine chilling out in their cages for extended periods and won’t get depressed if left alone a bit. 

And now the negatives!

  • They have very specific dietary needs and delicate GI tracts. Unlike many other pets, you cannot give them bites of human food, even fruits or veggies. Pellets, Hay, and safe treats are it. 
  • Very few treats are safe for them. Most available in pet stores are loaded with sugar and fat, which their bodies can’t digest well. The only safe treats are: oats, plain shredded wheats, dried goji berries, and rosehips. 
  • They need to have plenty to chew, and will chew everything. That means no plastic or easily torn fabrics in the cage, and a regular supply of safe wood chew toys. 
  • They must be closely observed during play time to ensure they do not eat anything unsafe, destroy furniture or power cords, or climb into small spaces never to return. 
  • They can squeeze into very small spaces and hide there, despite their chubby appearance. Don’t let their fluffy butts fool you. Their ribs are collapsible so they can wriggle in passages of two inches or less. 
  • They poop a lot. Those chocolate tic tacs are gonna be everywhere. 
  • They like to throw hay, bedding, and poop outside of their cages. 
  • They waste a lot of hay. Their instinct to forage makes them very picky eaters in this regard. 
  • They can develop diabetes if you do not feed them well. Again, simple pellets, hay, and safe treats only. No foods filled with added fruits or puffs. 
  • They often fall prey to dental problems. If their teeth grow too long or at an odd angle, this can even be fatal. Tooth spurs are also a problem. 
  • They hide illness very well. Like most prey animals, they have an evolved tendency to obscure any signs of weakness. This means you may not catch illness until it’s too late. 
  • You should be prepared to cage every chinchilla separately at any time. Even if two chins got along as cagemates for 10 years, they may begin to fight seemingly out of nowhere and need to be split up. Their relationships are complex!
  • Cage set up is expensive! A chinchilla needs a place to sleep/hide, multiple safe ledges, chew toys of wood, pumice, and other safe materials, an exercise wheel or flying saucer, a food bowl, a hay rack, a safe water bottle (glass), and a place to take dust baths. Expect to spend $300 or so at first, on top of the cost of the chin itself. 
  • Chinchillas are not great with kids or other pets. 
  • Chinchillas are not cuddly lap pets. They like to roam around and hang out in their cages. If you bond really closely with one, it will let you hold it and may even sleep in a blanket on your lap…but this level of trust can take literal years to develop.
Devil’s train (OPEN RP starter)

High pitched creeking of the break  ended the quietness of the night.The large train slowed down,until it stopped.The only light being the flame in the main train.

A blue dragon stepped out,holding a large,metal bucked,aiming for water,they needed to refill the tank.

Even in the dark,a white creature was seen lying on top of the train,ocassionally hidden by the smoke from the train’s chimney.

so the environment is going to shit and the ice caps are melting but there are little things you can do to help

  • eat less meat, or meat that isn’t from cows (chicken, pork, and seafood are good alternatives)
  • why do you have to highlight text to bring up the option to make this a bullet pointed list jfc
  • recycle or repurpose trash wherever you can
  • donate your old clothes instead of throwing them away
  • use reusable bags when you’re grocery shopping they’re like 99c for one giant bag (plastic bags are now banned in california as of november 2016)
  • buy your fruits & veggies from local farmers if possible
  • plant a tree anywhere honestly
  • drink water from refillable bottles
  • you get a discount at almost every coffee shop for bringing in a travel mug

there’s a bunch of other stuff too that i can’t remember so feel free to add- we’re fucked but we aren’t beyond pulling ourselves out of this pit

Action Plan!! First Quarter of the Year!

Food/ Nutrition:
No missing breakfast!
Avoid buying food at school/  fast food places
Meatless Mondays - veggie based meals and no meat if possible. 
Limit starchy carbs like white bread, pasta, and rice or try gluten free alternatives when possible.
Drink and refill 32oz water bottle a minimum of 3 times/day.
No pop or juice.
Limit alcohol consumption, drink gluten free options when possible. NO sugary drinks.
No going back for seconds.
Stay within a 2000cal limit (as prescribed by a nutritionist, and not my own personal beliefs on caloric intake) 
Enter food in a food journal/ Myfitnesspal 
NO skipping meals. 

Minimum 3x/week at gym. Session includes: 
30 minutes regular cardio, medium/ strong resistance on machines
10-15min HIIT training on elliptical/stair climber/rower/ treadmill
30 minutes various weightlifting targeting either total body movements or targeting arms/legs/back etc.
Every workout includes a core workout, even if just 30 situps. 

Self Care:
Wake up with enough time to shower and have breakfast
5 minutes every day minimum for meditation ( This really helped me in my most stressful times, I use an app called Insight Timer to help me focus)
Look in the mirror and say,  “ I am beautiful, I am enough. I can do this.”
Check negativity in thoughts or verbalizations.

Sleep in one day a week.
Spend one afternoon without my phone in hand.
Make sure to get enough sleep.
Long bubble bath with Candles and one glass of wine.

One Cheat meal of my choosing
One Veg day where I don’t leave my bed/couch 

Weight loss:
8-10lbs/ month

the weight loss tips that work for me

These are just a few of the things I’ve learned over the years on my way to becoming the healthiest me.

1. Drink water. I know, I know… You hear this from everyone, but it is so true. When I’m hydrated I have less cravings. I’m not one of those big nalgene or gallon jug drinkers. I just have my little 15 oz. swell bottle that I fill with ice in the morning and refill with water throughout the day. I drink so much more with it since it’s always cold! Your body will thank you. 

2. Eat a no (or low) sugar breakfast. I typically start my day with 2 eggs on a slice of Ezekiel bread. It’s 250 calories and full of protein. Ezekiel bread is my favorite because it has a low glycemic index. This means that unlike other more processed breads (including whole wheat), it doesn’t get broken down to sugar super quickly. It takes a bit longer and keeps your blood sugar at a more stable level for longer, rather than spiking your blood sugar, which leads to a quick drop off. 

3. Have a morning routine. How I start my day determines how I will finish it. If I start off the morning with a bowl of sugary cereal and no plans for the day, it will typically lead to consuming more junk food, not working out and not being productive. I get up, drink a glass of water, have my breakfast and make a to do list for the day. I tend to keep my breakfast the same. It is one less thing that I have to think about and I know it will set me up for a good day.

4. Don’t sacrifice, compromise. Don’t eliminate the foods you love completely and deprive yourself. For me, I’m a HUGE coffee drinker. When I first started trying to lose weight, I forced myself to drink black coffee. I don’t have the funds to buy the nice stuff that actually tastes good black, so I was miserable. I LOVE MY COFFEE. I used to drink it with half and half and sugar every morning, which adds to my calorie intake quickly. I switched to stevia and then eliminated the sweeteners completely, but I still get to have my half and half. Love pizza? Use a whole wheat tortilla instead of dough. Ice cream? Try halo top (it’s delicious!). If you try to make yourself completely give up the things that make you happy, your journey will be a struggle.

5. Try to get out of the all or nothing mindset. This was something I had a really hard time with. When I was struggling with binge eating, which went on for about 6 years or so, I would use the excuse that the day is already ruined, so what did it matter if I kept eating? I know how hard it is to stop mid-binge but the sooner it ends, the better! If you can end the binge by the afternoon, have something healthy before bed and set yourself up for a better tomorrow. I also struggled with being very restrictive when I first started. 1200 calories just was not realistic for me. I didn’t lose weight because I would get discouraged when I went over the number and then just gave up completely. Set your net calories at something you can be satisfied with and that is sustainable FOR YOU. 

6. Write down what makes you successful. Everyone is different. Certain methods or mindsets or goals will work for some but not others. It’s taken me many tries to learn what works for me. I’m a person who needs to track calories (though I know this doesn’t work for everyone). I enjoy running. I can’t go without creamer in my coffee! This also really helps if you fall off track. If I’m trying to get back to losing weight, I start tracking my food and doing tips 1 & 2. If you had a week where you stayed on target and felt super health, write down what you think made that week so great! That way, if you find yourself struggling, you have something to remind you what it is that makes you successful. 

7. Don’t overwhelm yourself. When you’re first learning how to lose weight and live a healthy life, it can get very overwhelming. You’re trying to figure out TDEE’s and looking at hundreds of workouts and figuring out healthy recipes. It’s a lot. So if you’re just beginning, start small. Find one healthy breakfast that you like and incorporate it. Find one workout that you enjoy and start working at it. For me, I get overwhelmed with weight exercises. So I just made a list of a bunch of choices and I’m slowly adding one each time I work out. 

Festival season is right around the corner! Better start preparing!

Festival season is right around the corner! It’s my favorite time of the year. (: If you’ve never been to a music festival where you camp and stay for a week, I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s an incredible and life changing experience. I’ve spent some time and have come up with a list of some essentials to have for those who haven’t been or are going for the first time. Although it says Electric Forest Essentials, most of this stuff applies to all festivals. I hope you enjoy my list and that it helps! Positive vibes to everyone. (:

Electric Forest Essentials

By: Isabel Leite

  • $$$$$$ BRING MONEY $$$$$$
  • *HYDRATION PACK* (any sort of backpack with the refillable water pack. STAY HYDRATED PLEASE)
  • Disposable cameras (it’s super awesome when you get the pictures developed)
  • Canopy
  • Tapestry or sheet (wrap around the canopy sides to keep the sun out)
  • *Shower bag*
  • Chairs
  • Small table (not necessary but it’s nice to have a place to roll and put food and things that you don’t want on the ground)
  • Picnic blanket (or something big to lay down on the ground to sit on)
  • Tent (duh)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Blankets (it gets COLD at night so bring warmer clothing too, *light jacket*)
  • Pillows
  • Lantern
  • Flashlight
  • Batteries
  • External battery pack for your phone
  • Pipe, grinder, rolling papers,lighters
  • Simple first aid kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • *Toilet paper*
  • Facewash, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush
  • Tampons or pads (just in case)
  • Hair ties and headbands
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Rain ponchos
  • Glow sticks! (any glow toys/apparel you have too)
  • Cooler
  • Water bottles
  • Gatorade or Powerade
  • Food (we’re bringing mostly breakfast stuff and munchies for late at night. there’s lots of good food inside)
  • Gum
  • ENO hammock (not essential but VERY recommended. doesn’t have to be ENO, just make sure it’s easy setup)
  • Big 2 gallon bucket (this is ratchet and not necessary, but we used this to pee while at camp. for girls obviously: sitting on the bucket is easier and better than squatting on the ground and pissing all over your feet lol)
  • Clothes: you can literally wear anything you want! Everyone is smelly and gross and on drugs, so nobody cares. I think it’s better to overpack and have too much than not have enough. Bring a swimsuit. Skimpier and breezy is better. It’s pretty hot during the day but it gets cold at night. Bring jackets, some pants, and long sleeves. Lots of underwear to help keep the stank to a minimum lol. I recommend making kandy to trade with other people.
  • Drugs: it’s smarter to just bring lots of money and buy drugs there instead of bringing them. Seriously, there are A LOT of drugs there. It’s fine if you bring a lil bud for the trip, but don’t risk bringing too much because if you get pulled over THEY WILL SEARCH YOU. If you smoke in the car make sure to bring febreeze or ozium to get rid of the smell immediately.  
  • Stay low-key and don’t write on your car. The cops are on high alert on the way to the festival. Don’t make it apparent that you’re going to a drug festival lol. DON’T SPEED!!! Pack all your paraphernalia deep in your shit, the forest people kinda search before you go in the festival but not really. They won’t allow glass items in.
  • Make sure to get there early! The earlier you get in line, the closer your campsite will be to the forest. That makes a HUGE difference when you’re walking back to camp tired as shit from dancing all day. Have a full tank of gas before you go in.
  • If you forget or need anything,there’s a store in the forest with essential shit but it’s expensive. Usually you can literally ask any of your neighbors or anyone, and everyone is so nice and willing to share and help in every way possible.
  • And most importantly, don’t forget to bring your positive vibes!
seventeen as grocery store employees
  • scoups: works in the shipping dept and starts work in the wee hours of the day (think 4am) and carries loads of boxed groceries with ease bc thicc thighs saves lives
  • jeonghan: hes ur local supervisor that is vry friendly with all the workers and customers, is always smiling and his hair is in a different hairstyle everyday but he automatically bRAIDS THEM WHEN HES STRESSED
  • joshua: works in the produce section and does his best to take out all the bad veggies and neatly organizes the round ones like the limes and avocados and hes just so cute the store doesnt even deserve him
  • junhui: that one guy who doesnt wear his uniform properly, probs missing an apron or wears jeans instead of the usual work pants; works in the front end and bags for the cashiers, gets extra friendly with the customers especially the hot ones and can carry water refill jugs and groceries to his customer's cars like its nothing staN TALENT
  • hoshi: works in the food court and always gets people extra servings of food on their boxes; eats the leftover pizzas for lunch breaks and shares them with whoever's in the staff room with him during break??????whaT AN ANGEL RLY
  • wonwoo: he thE COOLEST EMPLOYEE @ WORK everybody thinks he looks mean but really, hes just a cute bean trying to make money to pay for his car insurance; works as that guy who gives out flyers ab the store's sale items and wishes everyone who leaves and enters the store a great day
  • jihoon: works in the produce section with joshua and is vry strict with sanitation practices and cleans up after the mess sometimes customers make when shopping; the managers probs plays his self recorded songs inside store to help him get extra rep
  • seokmin: hes a very friendly cashier that smiles at everyone even tho some ppl r rude af n gives him shit!! he greets everyone and asks if they found everything they needed and strikes up casual conversations with his happy customers; becomes vry cute when kids go to his till and buy candy ;-;
  • mingyu: ok so mingyu would be that one guy in the sample booth at the middle of the store and hes just so enthusiastic and happy ab this ??? he sneaks in the food samples in his mouth once in a while when hes hungry but whenever someone comes near his booth he automatically lights up and explains what the new product is, what the pros n cons are and why his customers should buy it. is also good friends with Wonwoo and makes him tell the people entering the store to check his booth out for free samples omg what a cutie honestly
  • minghao: he works at the grocery department and is the guy that makes sure every bar code is working and scanning properly; the type to ask you what you need and what you're looking for plus giving u deets on what the best deals are. probs chats it up with mingyu during breaks and makes a pact on mingyu sneaking him food samples while he supplies him with future coupons that arent even valid yet till next week i meAN IF THIS ISNT BEAUTIFUL IDK WHAT IS
  • seungkwan: bOIIIII THIS GUY PROBS the EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH 4 TIMES A YEAR??? HOLDS THE MOST NUMBER OF EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH CERTIFICATES??? his photo has been sitting inside a shelf in customer service for the longest time bc tHEY KNOW ITS GONNA BE HIM AGAIN. got promoted from cashier to supervisor 2 weeks ago and is very chatty and happy and responsible in everything he does. he remembers the names of his regulars and treats them like his friends and omG IS ALSO THE TYPE TO GIVE U THE STORE'S GIFT CARD AS A PRESENT FOR UR BDAY?????
  • vernon: works at the bakery and whenever ppl out of work ask him what he does at the grocery store, hed say "catching baes at the bae-kery"....works part-time bc hes still in school and actually works really hard, personal hygiene is a+++ and decorates cakes like a boss. also plays pokemon go on his breaks and never refuses to take some extra bread home to his mom
  • dino: newly hired kid trainee at the food court and works with soonyoung, is just there to save up for uni expenses (what a sweetheart) and whenever customers buy food fr him he would be rly quick and make sure all his customers are happy; jots down the recipes fr the kitchen and give it to his mom after work and never fails to smile and greet customers (honestly just awesome). he'd get lost sometimes and make mistakes on special requests fr his customers so he hitS up soonyoung and learns fr his mistakes later on.
Romance is Alive and Well- Steve McGarrett Imagine

Pairing: Steve McGarrett x Reader

Word Count: 625

Request: Can you do a Steve McGarrett imagine where it’s a date night and it gets heated? x

A/N: Requests are still open! 

Steve McGarrett and romance were to words that were not commonly linked. Sure, Steve could pull a spectacular off, but it took a lot of planning. To him, spontaneity was better.  

In this week’s case, spontaneity meant going for a hike on the Kuliouou Ridge Trail. It was your favorite trail to hike, but not today. Halfway through, it started to rain, which made the trail extra slippery.

By the time you and Steve made it home, you were both covered from head to toe in mud.

“No more hikes for a while,” you heavily sighed, tossing your muddy boots aside.

“That was fun,” Steve said, refilling his water bottle.

“I beg to differ,” you muttered under your breath, “why can we never have a normal date? It’s either extreme sports outdoors or drinks with the rest of the Five-0.”

“Fine, we can have a ‘real date’.”

You were a bit taken back. You expected Steve to put up some sort of fight.



“Alright then, how about you pick me up at eight tomorrow?”

“Y/N, we live in the same house.”

“For the sake of this date, we don’t. I’ll get ready at my sister’s house,” you said, making a mental note to ask your sister if that was alright.

“Okay, eight o'clock sharp.”

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