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New study finds that moving out of segregated neighborhoods lowers black people’s blood pressure

What if I told you that getting away from things like over-policing & police brutality, constant stop-and-frisks, concentrated poverty, bank redlining & blockbusting, food deserts, limited public transportation, environmental racism, higher unemployment rates, and all the stress those things bring, what if I told you getting away from all of that is going to lower anybody’s blood pressure? Getting away from the structural racism that specifically targets black neighborhoods is good for your health. Who knew? I mean, besides black people

Conversely, if you removed all of those things from black neighborhoods—and yes, that’s entirely possible to do—then black people’s blood pressure would also drop. I’m not knocking desegregation, because that has repeatedly been demonstrated to be the greatest equalizer of all (that NIMBY America still doesn’t fully embrace) but, yeah, black people can leave the hood to escape racism, or society and racist institutions could stop targeting black neighborhoods. That could work both ways

Funny how something as simple as equal opportunity and equal treatment can lower blood pressure, huh?

  • The Shape of Water: *releases trailer*
  • Guillermo del Toro: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Dudebros: She ain't gonna fuck the fish
  • Guillermo del Toro: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • The Shape of Water: *shows lady protag gettin' handsy with the Feesh Man*
  • Dudebros: Their relationship is pURELY PLATONIC
  • The Shape of Water: *gets an R rating for SEXUAL CONTENT*
  • Guillermo del Toro: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Dudebros: PURELY PLATONIC-

FFXV WEEK – 8/14 | DAY TWO – Episode Gladiolus
——- >>> Episode Gladi-Oh My Lord, He’s Attractive


The Baby Sitter 

for @pottedplantson

@tyrantofthefirmament someone has to water your kid when your off cavorting with @shockb00b  


what i want in a sinnoh remake: a very long list of unreasonable demands

- diamond and pearl opening- bring back being attacked by starly. c’mon. that as a fully animated cutscene would be a lot more impactful than platinum’s opening

- and while we’re at lake verity, throw in a mesprit sighting. links the player into the overarching plot much earlier on; when did we first hear about the lake spirits in the originals? celestic town? i cant remember it’s been too long

- speaking of surfing, for the love of Arceus please make surfing faster and reduce the encounter rate for water (and caves while we’re at it- mt. coronet without repels is more of a hell than the distortion world could ever hope to be)

- bidoof is every ride pokemon. need to fly somewhere? tie it to a drifblim. surf? tape it to a floatzel. fight me.

- also can we have a way to get through that snow faster like please. give us skis or something. i don’t want to deal with that every time i want to get a glaceon or some shit.

- can we have the option of wearing platinum clothes before we go up to snowpoint? think of poor dawn. she’s in a miniskirt. in a blizzard.

- please use the platinum regional dex oh my god if i have to use a rapidash again i might cry

- bring back mega evolutions- z moves are an alolan thing and we need a way to get more mega stones in gen 7 anyways

- put a key stone / z crystal port on the poketch bc otherwise we’ve got like three wrist things to wear

- more battles with dawn/lucas, tag battle or regular battle, i don’t care, include them more

- i’d suggest triple battles with dawn/lucas/barry but given that this would (hopefully) be on the sun and moon engine that would probably be slower than surfing in d/p/pt was

- cyrus had such a good backstory incorporate it into the main story please

- hey remember those walk cycles datamined from sun and moon? if they are only used in amity square im going to cut someone use them in the whole overworld you cowards

- fix the great marsh, and make it memorable- it’s the last safari zone we’re probably gonna see for a long time

- please don’t kill the game corner please don’t kill the game corner please dont kill the

- if you have to kill the game corner, keep the music and put it somewhere else

- spear pillar goes down exactly like dppt except, you guessed it, giratina shows up and drags everyone into the distortion world. if you really wanna make it about the mascot legendaries you could, like, make giratina unbattleable and have it holding the mascot hostage and you have to battle it to save it or whatever


- since pokemon bank is now a thing, the pal park will probably be obsolete- replace it with something really cool, don’t just leave it there and have it permanently closed or something

- opinion: don’t bring back the festival plaza. it made interacting with friends online way too complicated. the wifi plaza in the basement of the pokemon center could probably do a good job of replacing it

- battle frontier or riot

- give me a lillie cameo please please please

- arceus post story please

- incorporate the darkrai event- that was bomb af

okay that’s all i have thank u for reading

◦ tattoo ◦

Originally posted by milky-melon

pairing: yoongi x reader 

genre: smut (rated m)

word count: 1.9k

❝ a deep red, you’re inside of me… I left a mark on your body❞

side note: this is based off the song “tattoo” by elo. here’s the link if you want to listen to it. enjoy!

“oh shit, y/n” he mumbled as his lips formed a small “o” shape. he placed his hand under your thighs, producing an intense grip. as he clawed into your skin, you cried out, following a soft gasp.

“yoongi, please let me cum”.

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Part Four: Writing Travel With Non-Humans

If a list were made of the top mistakes made by–particularly fantasy–writers, surely travel, travel times, distances, and the needs of animals during that travel would be right up there. Consider for a moment that Frodo and Sam’s journey took approximately 6 months to get from the Shire to Mount Doom. But Pear, you say, it’s not like they were walking that whole time! They stayed in Rivendell for two months after he agrees to take the ring! And of course, you’d be right, but consider that they are two days in Moria, and it takes the group 7 days to get from Bree to Weathertop, a time frame which was just travel, for the most part. Take a look at it on a map:

And now consider the entirety of the world map:

Taking into consideration breaks for eating and sleeping, difficult terrain, horses, boats, and walking, Tolkien did a fairly good job of making sure the travel times for his world were accurate or at least plausible.

Now consider that 30 miles is the maximum a human can walk in a day without stops and without considering gear, and it’s more accurate to guesstimate ~10-15 miles. It’s ~40 miles from Washington DC to Baltimore, Maryland and can be driven in ~1 hour. Now consider that roads and highways have turned difficult terrain into easily navigable areas, and that cars have drastically lengthened how far and how long we can travel. A team of horses pulling a carriage can expect approximately 50 miles over an 8-12 hour day. A horse will tire from a gallop after approximately 3 miles, but could trot 15 miles without too much strain as long as a few breaks to walk were interspersed. It’s been recorded that on one particular journey, a horse averaged 31 miles per day, though 20 is a more reasonable. (I haven’t put anything regarding companions with wings due to severe variability. Migrating Alpine swifts have been known to fly 200 days straight while other birds don’t even really glide very well. If your companion has wings, do very thorough research into wing bones and strength and do your best.) My point is: We don’t go as far as we think we do, and neither do our creature companions unless we care for them properly.

Long story short, distance matters.

When you’re trying to decide how long it takes to get from one place to another in your story, or attempting to figure out how long it would take an advancing army to reach their destination, consider that our modern view of maps and distances has become severely warped. “It’s not that far,” and “They could make it there in a couple of hours,” and “They’ll be here tomorrow,” are common assumptions for writers, but they might not take into consideration that our characters, creature or otherwise, cannot travel all day without pause, even on roads.


Remember to take terrain into consideration. Your creatures accompanying your characters have different physiology than your humanoid characters, so how fast can they travel? Do they have the body strength to be able to carry someone, specifically the spinal strength? Remember that the more people you add to the back of a creature, the slower the creature will travel, even horses. Additionally, consider what their feet are made from. A horse’s hooves are a dense material that takes long usage fairly well (rocks and terrain difficulties aside) which is part of why they (and other hoofed creatures) make good pack animals and “vehicles,” alongside other factors. We don’t go around riding creatures with paws because paws rub raw faster when burdened with weight and asked to go long distances. Creatures traveling on their own legs will travel differently over different terrain. Remember when I mentioned earlier in the series that you should be thinking about where your creature companions originate from? Their physiology will be tailored to travel best over that kind of terrain. If they’re from meadows, rocky mountains will slow them down. Obviously, travel speeds will change depending on the terrain, and the endurance of your creatures will, too. Horses will become lame if rocks or other materials become lodged in their hooves (think about having a rock in your shoe!). Consider how terrain could impact your creature companion in similar ways depending on the construction of their feet.

Food & Water

The most common trope for feeding our humanoid characters on their journey is that they have rations in their packs: dried fruit, tough bread, hunks of cheese, dried meat jerky, etc. What’s often forgotten about is sufficient and appropriate food and water for creature companions. Water retention and metabolism rates vary widely across creatures. You can’t assume that they’ll function like your humanoids do.

When you were planning your creature companion and where they came from, I asked you to consider what kind of eaters they are (herbivore, carnivore, omnivore) to get a good basic idea of what your companions eat. They’re likely not going to be carrying around their food like your humanoids might, so you need to plan for your characters to either be hunting for the creature or to allow the creature to go off and hunt. But don’t just say, “They went off to hunt, returning three hours later with a bloody maw.” You need to know if the area they paused in has the types of foods your creature eats available. Know the environments they’re traveling in; know what’s around and what’s not. It’s okay for your creatures to go without a meal now and then, but it’s not going to make them happy or pleasant to be around the longer they miss out on food. Be aware of how their personality, their travel speed, their fighting capability, and their focus will be impacted when they are forced to go without food.

For emergency water supplies, it’s recommended to carry 1 gallon of water per person per day while cats and dogs generally need 1 gallon each per 3 days. These measures are not taking travel into account, which would raise the predicted amounts. We almost never think about having that much water hanging around our characters for their trek across wherever, but giving our creatures the breaks they will need and the water they’ll need often gets entirely forgotten. Take breaks. All-day travel is hard, hard work on anyone, car or not. Make sure your characters are traveling between places with potable water, whether that’s sources like rivers or cities with wells.

Stress, Sleep, and Special Care

Travel isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a long, grueling journey, filled with difficult decisions and dangerous encounters. There’s socializing and surviving, and it’s not as simple as going out to do the thing. Stress is going to come into play more and more the longer your characters and creatures travel. Think about how this increase in stress will effect your creature companions. Do they know what’s going on? What’s their perspective on the trip? Have they perceived themselves in danger yet? How will they react when they do? How do they deal with being forced to spend a prolonged amount of time in close quarters with others? Is that normal and welcome to them, or is it strange and not preferred? Will they seek out their own space or stick close to the others?

Remember that sleep is not going to be ideal. It may be few and far between, after long days of intense activity, interrupted by attacks, unfulfilling because of discomfort or anxiety, or any number of other things. You still need to consider how your creature would normally try to sleep, and then think about how they could if they needed to, because, trust me, they’re going to need to. Similar questions to those above should be considered including how your creature will handle going some sleepless nights. How will its mood and ability to handle changes in plan be impacted by lack of sleep? How about appetite and willingness to perform? All the problems we encounter with sleep, sleeplessness, interrupted sleep, and less-than-preferred amounts of sleep will need to be considered for your creatures, as much as for your humanoids.

Some creatures will need tending to when travel ceases, whether for a break or at the end of a day. They may need special attention like horses having their tack removed and a nice rub down, or creatures that traveled in a backpack or on a shoulder may need to wander a bit and stretch the legs. Please, please, pay attention to these things. There’s nothing worse than reading poor animal care from a farm boy going on their first big adventure. Casual mentions of the care and attention are sufficient, but completely ignoring this facet leaves out a big part of what travel is with a creature companion. If your creature is a mythical beast, break it down to its root characteristics to determine how they may need to be bedded down for the night. Are your dragons more lizard-like and likely to seek out warm places for the evening, perhaps burrowing for a nest in the ground? Are your hippogryphs able to find enough materials to nest in or do they take more to the horse side of things and sleep standing? Break things down and determine appropriate care for your creatures, then make sure your humanoids are performing those actions they need to ensure comfort for their companions.

Look. Just don’t forget you’ve got another character who has different needs. Don’t pass them off, don’t forget about them, don’t gloss over them. If you’re going to have a creature companion, you need to make sure you’re treating them like any other character and paying attention to their wants and needs the way you do for humanoids. Make sure you’re not asking them to go too far, too fast, without appropriate access to food and water. Take care of your creatures!

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Dead!Endeavor is the cause of Sugar Daddy!TodoDeku

Mmmmkay thanks for your patience now pls consider this au I got while counting hundreds of individual cigarette packs at 6 in the morning:

  • Todoroki Shouto is watching a stupid game show he doesn’t even like when he gets the call from Number 2 Hero Best Jeanist that his father is dead 
  • Endeavor died attempting to fight off a villain that was trying to take an entire school bus of children hostage (according to Best Jeanist it was a fiery blaze of glory just like how Endeavor would’ve wanted it)
  • Todoroki thanks him, cuts off the call, and hurls his phone at the wall
  • Endeavor is dead
  • Not before being lauded and praised as the truest hero there ever was by the press, by the families of those children he never saw, and especially by other heroes
  • No one outside of maybe a dozen people know who Endeavor truly was
  • It’s too late now
  • What use is the future that Shouto worked night and day for to a dead man?
  • Endeavor will never know how much Shouto will have eventually succeeded without becoming him
  • Endeavor will never know just how much his sons and daughter hate him
  • Endeavor will never know that not once has Shouto never needed his help his entire life, and everything he’s done for himself has been through his own hardwork and power?
  • There’s nothing to prove to a dead man
  • Shouto sits in silence for hours until a knock at the door stirs him
  • Midoriya is on the other side and he keeps him company through the fury and the injustice vast sea of feelings he has yet to sort through 
  • The funeral is attended by top heroes and civilians but no tears are shed
  • The papers believe that Shouto is so wracked with sorrow he could not attend (in reality it was him, Midoriya, and Yaoyorozu who spent the day playing board games and throwing popcorn at shitty movies)
  • Not even a week later, Endeavor’s will is read
  • he has left everything to his youngest son and child, Todoroki Shouto

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Huge Genyatta Fic List

Thanks to Tumblr user @blackmage2317 , a long list of Genyatta fanfics has been organized. Hundreds of fanfics for you guys to chose from! I want to give a big thanks to blackmage2317 and their dedication for finding and putting together all these fics. I feel it’ll be a big help for people searching for fics to read.


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If FCC drops net neutrality, get used to higher prices, slower service & more political censorship on Internet

Talk about the other shoe dropping. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wasted no time after changing one regulation that will decrease access to news and freedom of the press to change another that does the same thing. Less than a week after announcing it would allow companies to own both broadcast stations and newspapers in the same town, the FCC is proposing to end net neutrality.

Yes, you read right.

The Trump FCC is on the verge of overthrowing net neutrality, the policy that Internet service providers (ISP) and governments must treat all data the same way. Net neutrality prevents ISPs from discriminating or charging different rates because of the user, content, website, platform, application or type of attached equipment.

Current net neutrality rules prohibit ISPs from slowing down, blocking or charging more for the delivery of Internet content. Without net neutrality, ISPs like Spectrum, Verizon and Comcast could create different levels of service, sending the content of big corporations that can afford the higher rates at faster speeds and slowing down other content. You could experience slowdowns in receiving and in sending content. As the New York Times points out in the first story it did on the new FCC plan, Verizon could slow down delivery of movies from Netflix because Netflix competes with Verizon’s FiOs.

The most profoundly disruptive part of the FCC plan—constructed by telecom henchman and FCC chair Ajit Pai—is the reversal of an Obama administration decision to consider Internet broadband service to be a utility. Because utilities such as electricity, landline phone service, home natural gas service and water, are considered essential to the participation in modern life and the economy, they are allowed to be heavily regulated—not just by the federal government, but by states as well. Governments regulate many aspects of a utility’s business—for example, what it can charge, how it can charge, the level of service it must provide, when it must provide free or subsidized rates, how it can advertise, where and how it can extend service, and standards and procedures for beginning and shutting off service.

There is currently little regulation of broadband service, but the Internet is still relatively new. Considering broadband to be a utility will make it easier in the future to institute those regulations that will make high-quality broadband service available to everyone at reasonable rates, like water and electricity. The FCC decision to take the “utility” label off broadband service is short-sighted and will eventually lead to more expensive or lower quality Internet connections for many, if not most people. It will be the equivalent of suddenly turning off the water tap or limiting electricity service to certain hours of the day.

Just as with the FCC decision to allow companies to own both broadcast and print media properties in one locale, Pai’s rationale for ending net neutrality is to enable telecoms to compete with Google and Amazon. And once again, the reasoning makes no sense. Google, Amazon and other Internet portals are not ISPs. They neither provide nor enable electrons to pass over wires or radio wave impulses to travel through air according to strict and highly detailed engineering specifications. All Amazon and Google do is provide content—a whole heck of a lot of it, to be sure.

If the FCC or the federal government have a problem with Facebook or Google, they should go after these companies, not create new regulations that threaten access to the Internet and freedom of speech. It’s increasingly clear that both Facebook and Amazon control vast amounts of information and business. For Amazon, the answer is simple—break the company up, like the government broke up Standard Oil and AT&T. The case of Facebook is less simple, because as a social media site it has become something of a utility. We could declare Facebook a utility and then break the profit-making part of the business—selling ads on Facebook—into several businesses, perhaps based on territory, which was the basis for the AT&T breakup. But when the FCC blames Facebook and Amazon as the excuse for ending net neutrality or allowing companies to own more local media outlets, it’s creating more large and problematic business behemoths instead of addressing the concerns about the existing behemoths.

Note, too, that this primary rational involves the impact on businesses, not the greater good of consumers or society. As usual, a right-winger is making the argument that if we help the already powerful, they will have the tools to help all of us. As with lowering taxes on the wealthy, it’s faulty logic that fails in real world conditions.

According to the Times short article, the FCC will vote on ending net neutrality in its December meeting, with the tally likely to be along party lines, 3-2 in favor of the proposal.

That means we don’t have much time to protest. Write to the FCC, to Donald Trump, and to your Senators and Congressional representatives. Attend any rallies or marches organized to uphold net neutrality. Spread the word via social media.

I imagine those who want to preserve net neutrality will be getting a lot of help from the large content-providing corporations that funded the protests in 2015 when the Obama FCC was considering the net neutrality issue. Those who naturally feel squeamish supporting anything that big corporations are behind, keep in mind that it was the support of big corporations that helped win the fight for gay marriage and transgender equality. Big corporations also helped to preserve the Affordable Care Act. Many are lining up against the GOP’s awful proposal to cut taxes on the wealthy and pay for it by raising taxes on the middle class, increasing deficits and cutting programs. Sometime you don’t get to choose who your trench mates are. You join hands and fight the common enemy, knowing you may be fighting your fellow soldier in another battle once this one is over.

Like so many of the battles being fought against the current administration, a lot is at stake. If we want to continue to have an open society with an easy flow and equal access to information and commerce, we must preserve net neutrality and the concept that broadband Internet is a utility.

The internet glorifies eating disorder recovery. It makes it look like there are girls out there who eat lots (they don’t) and can stay thin. It’s all pint parties and romantic looking hospital trips and being skinny with no visible consequences. Platforms like Instagram do not promote full recovery because to be ‘fully recovered’ would mean, in most cases, leaving the cosy, comfortable Instagram community and going out there and facing the messy reality of life. And that’s not ‘Instagram ready’.

Instagram does not show what life is like 5,10, 15 years down the line. When treatment teams have given up on you, you’re ‘non-compliant’, when going to psychologist/psychiatrist/dietitian/nurse appointments is boring and simply rehashing well worn ground. You’re 25 and sitting in a cold apartment, wishing you could afford pints of B&J’s but all your cash goes on gas and electricity and water rates and toilet roll. You get up, go to work, think of food. Your friends, bless them for trying for so long, have given up; they have travelled, they’ve bought houses, they’re married. You’ve never even had a relationship, never mind walked down the aisle. While those around you start to have babies and worry about sleepless nights, you worry about the calorie difference between cornflakes and cheerios. 

I never thought I’d reach this age and still have my ED. Two seconds ago I was a teenager, a little girl who thought she’d just wake up magically better with a career and money and friends and a husband. I didn’t need to do the therapy, stick to my meal plan, ohhhh no. Then BAM, here I am. 

Listen to me - time flies. It passes so quickly. Don’t believe in the recovery facade. Get out, or at least start climbing that ladder, before you wake up alone with only 8 years worth of meal lists and missed opportunities next to you.