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I love how the Strawhats spend their free time

Nami and Robin shopping for clothes

Sanji shopping for ingredients

Then we have Zoro

Lost again

“Across the Bay”

The trees catch the warm light of the setting sun while the clouds change colour as the cross the bay.
I made this time stack by combining 252 photos into one image.

Water of Mars aka War Water

This is one of the many things I keep on hand do to it being a powerhouse ingredient in any protection, curse breaking, banishing, and curse casting spells. There are many ways to make it, so I’ll include the most simple I have and include possible additives.

You will need:
Mason jar
Rain water/river water
Iron nails
For cursing Pinch Sulfur*
For cursing/banishing Pinch Hot foot powder*
For protection/banishing or cursing Pinch Black salt*

On the first Tuesday of the month, place all ingredients in the mason jar and seal tightly. Keep in a cool, dark place, preferably your refrigerator. Do not open until the next Tuesday, then periodically open every few days to speed up the oxidation process. On the first Tuesday of the next month strain out the nails and keep in a jar until use.

Traditionally, this was thrown on someone’s doorstep in magickal warfare, but there are other ways to use it both in cursing and other ways.
~soak a picture of the person you wish to harm in the water and burn with a black candle or bury it on their property or in their path.
~draw sigils of banishing on an item with the water and give it to the person you wish to banish from your life
~sprinkle behind a person you wish to remove from your life or home.
~spray on an item of someone you wish to banish or harm
~ sprinkle around your home or a room to protect it from certain people or entities. Likewise sprinkle around an area where an entity you need to forcefully remove resides.
~paint your doorstep with the water to remove a person from your home or to keep them from coming there.
~hide in a place it won’t be found in the home of someone you need to harm to cause discord in their family.