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Please fire me. I worked as a lifeguard at a water park and a mom came up to me and asked me to tell her weeping, hysterical child that there are no jellyfish in the wave pool.

And a man had his infant child 4 feet deep in the wave pool, I whistled at him and told him all guests under 48 inches must have a life jacket on. He yells back, “I’m in the Coast Guard, I am her life jacket!”

The Types as People at a Water Park
  • INTP: Riding all the slides
  • ENTP: Riding the slides with INTP
  • INFP: Probably wanting to go on the slides but won't
  • ENFP: Chilling by INFP
  • ESTP: Trying to flirt
  • ISTP: Riding rides
  • ISFP: Screaming on a ride
  • ESFP: Swimming
  • INTJ: Either with INTP and ENTP or with INFP
  • ENTJ: Eating or swimming
  • INFJ: Sunbathing or in the lazy river
  • ENFJ: Riding rides
  • ESTJ: Probably with INFJ
  • ISTJ: Sunbathing or riding rides
  • ESFJ: Trying to convince someone that they're going to die if they go on a big ride
  • ISFJ: Waiting for someone to get off a ride
Kiss the Girl (1/4)

Request:  could you write something like the avengers going on like a roadtrip to a waterpark and maybe bucky and the reader realize they have feelings for each other and theres tons of fluff?!

AN: I’m not sure if this counts as super fluffy, but I do like how it turned out.

Warnings: maybe language? idk.

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You had to hand it to him. Tony Stark was a conceited genius with an ego the size of his IQ, but he really knew how to get the team to loosen up. When he pounded on your door at eight in the morning, yelling about spending the day at a water park a couple hours outside of New York City, you threw the covers off and ran for the closet. Your water-based powers definitely heightened your love for swimming and being in the water, and you hadn’t had much time to do it recently.

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