water park

the trolls at the waterpark
  • karkat:he wears too much sunblock and slips multiple times on the pavement
  • aradia:she doesn't even swim she just gets food from the concession stand and sits with sollux the whole time
  • tavros:he gets stuck in a float tube and circles the lazy river about 20 times before gamzee finds him and helps him out
  • sollux:he brought his husktop with him and got it wet
  • nepeta:went in the lazy river rapids with equius and fell out and got seperated from him. just curled up on the lounge for the rest of the day. she hated the water. equius insisted she go.
  • kanaya:she spent half the time searching for equius because he refused to put on sunblock. also went on the 70 foot tall waterslide that drops straight down. didn't scream. she is strong.
  • terezi:went on the dragon themed water slide about 10 times until vriska made her stop
  • vriska:layed in the sun for half the trip tanning. tried to flip tavros in the lazy river. tripped karkat. made terezi stop going on the dragon themed waterslide. then took a nap. she was almost left behind until tavros went back and got her.
  • equius:refused to put on sunblock because he is STRONG. ended up getting sunburned all over his body. couldn't move for 3 days.
  • gamzee:he went on all the rides. all of them. his face paint washed off and he got upset for 2 seconds before seeing the lazy river. floated in it until he saw tavros and helped him out.
  • eridan:he didn't wanna go. feferi made him. he was upset the entire time. had to reform his hair after it fell flat when he got out from a waterslide.
  • feferi:she didn't leave. police had to come. she never left. shes still there. swimming, 3 days later. eridan is worried. the police gave up. she is too strong

The Waterfall Action Park, in Rodanthe, NC, was in poor repair before it closed down for a year (due to the death of the owner) and then was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.  Now permanently shuttered, this Outer Banks destination is an overgrown heap of miniature golf courses and go-kart tracks.  The highlight of the amusement park, of course, was this rickety water slide, which I decided to photograph in a long exposure by a mixture of the light pollution from the nearby resort town and full moonlight in the middle of the night a few years back.

Happy Friday! Have some new abandonment porn.

5 Enormous Modern Ghost Towns You Won’t Believe Exist

#5. Russia’s Massive Abandoned Water Park

In 1997, Moscow decided to build a huge indoor water park. So they set aside a large tract of land and started a construction project that went on for five years before they got distracted by a passing butterfly and skipped away, never to return. Originally built for the World Youth Games, the listing of its proposed facilities proves that they spared no expense, nor any fucks given for the finished product. The water park was supposed to house a 12-story glass roof, three underground floors, an additional nine floors above ground, five swimming pools complete with water slides, and a track and field (water … field?).

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It’s never too soon to start planning your next summer vacation, so we’d like to make a suggestion for those of you who aren’t afraid of heights: Behold the awesomeness that is a 17-story-tall water slide called The Verrückt Meg-A-Blaster. Currently under construction at the Schlitterbahn water park in Kansas City, the slide should be open to the public on May 23rd, 2014.

'Verrückt' is German for 'insane' and, according to park officials, this slide is going to be tallest and fastest slide in the world. Taller even than the towering Brazilian water slide we posted about last year.

"The company says it will be faster than the thrill that riders now experience on the Brazilian slide — clocked at 65 mph — although like the height, they are not yet saying what that number will be.

At the bottom of that initial plummet, riders will confront a five-story hill. They will be propelled up and over that hill for the final descent to the ride’s finish.”

All you have to do is climb 264 steps along with three friends, hop onto a four person inflatable raft, and then hope for the best. May The Force be with you.

Head over to the Kansas City Star to read about the design and construction of The Verrückt Meg-A-Blaster.

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