water or some type of liquid

Overnight Oatmeal

This is like…….. the most recent white mom trend ok so don’t judge too hard but I swear by it it’s so easy to make and if you have a few spoons you can make multiple batches at the same time and then save them for later when you’re hungry but can’t do anything. 

  1. Get a container (mason jars are the trendy thing but it really doesn’t matter so much)
  2. Put in some quick oats
  3. Put in anything else you want in your oatmeal (I like frozen blueberries, cinnamon, honey, and chia seeds)
  4. Put in water or any type of milk (you want roughly the same amount of oatmeal and liquid, a usual serving is half a cup of each)
  5. Mix it all up (I usually just close the jar and shake it)
  6. Put it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes 
  7. Eat it out of the container

You can theoretically use any type of oatmeal, but quick oats will be good to eat in about 30 minutes, while other types of oatmeal will generally need to stay in the fridge overnight. Feel free to experiment with things to mix in!

Pokémon in our Biomes pt. 8: Xeric Shrubland

I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypothetical thinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found in the world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble. 

EDIT: I decided to change this post from Deserts to Xeric Shrubland.

This post will be on the Xeric Shrublands, which are a type of desert that encompass a large portion of all the deserts in the world. In the map below, the darker yellow portions represent xeric shrublands.

About one fifth of the earth is covered in some form of a desert. Generally, all kinds of deserts have one common feature: they are dry. Although cold deserts technically have water in the winter, it is not in liquid form. Most cold deserts have very cool winters and evenings, and usually produce a fine layer of frost or snow over the sand and shrubs. In this post, we will be focusing on xeric shrublands, which are common images that we see when we picture the Australian outback, or the deserts in central U.S.A. Usually containing some plant life due to slightly cooler temperatures at night that allow for some rainfall, xeric shrublands are home to many different grass, cacti, and bush species, as well as countless invertebrates, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Pretty much all of these species in the real world burrow into the cool earth during the day to avoid he scorching surface of the sand or rocks. 

Let’s get started!

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Doctor Kay.

Y/N’s p.o.v.
I hate being sick. I love sleeping all day but I hat being sick. I had spent about 90% of the morning throwing up. “Here sweetie, have some meds” Robbie says handing me a glass of water and a box of tablets, “hopefully you can keep them down long enough” if only throwing up had been the worst part of it, I had a blocked nose, sore throat, and a headache. “Thank you” “need me to run to the store for anything?” “I could do with some throat lollies, maybe a nasal spray type thing for my nose and some vapor rub?” “Sure thing sweet. Be back in like 10 minutes” between coughing and throwing up, I managed to drift off to sleep.

“Aww baby, have managed to keep anything down?” “No” I cough out, “Not solids, not liquids. Nothing?” I shake my head, coughing violently. Robbie sits on the end of the bed, patting my legs, “I think we should get you to a doctor” I groan “nooo” “you need to go, baby. You can’t keep anything down”

Robbie got what he wanted. I went to the doctor, got a whole crap load of meds and some powder stuff to mix in drinks and put in ice to hopefully keep me at least somewhat hydrated. “I’ll get you home to bed then run to the store and get some lemons and honey” I nod, just wanting to go home and sleep.

I had been asleep for like 20 mintues when Robbie came bragging into the room, loudly as hell, “Doctor Kay is back, got you some more tissues while I was out” I groan, slowly rolling over to face him, “sorry baby, we’re you sleeping?” “Not really, just, just resting” He sighs, sitting on the edge of the bed next to me, running his hand through my hair, his fingers getting caught in a few small knots, “My poor baby” “pass me the bucket please” I had never seen Robbie move so fast, he practicality shoved the bucket in my face. After throwing up for what had to be the 10th time today, I was surprised I had anything left to bring up. “You rest up, sweetie. I’m going to go make some ice and ice blocks and out some of that stuff in them and later we can cuddle” “No. I don’t want to get you sick” He shrugs, “it’ll be worth it” “Not a risk I’m willing to take, Robbie” “one I’m willing to take” He tries to peck my lips but I quickly pull the blanket up to cover my face, “no” I let out a muffle groan, “kiss me baby” I pull the blanket down, in yet another coughing fit, “nooo, it’ll taste like vomit and I don’t want to -cough- get yo-cough-you sick”

I had given up, I wanted cuddles with Robbie. I wanted this horrible flu to go away.  “Here, get this in your system” Robbie hands me a mug with hot water and lemon juice in it, we both knew I wouldn’t keep it down for long but the doctor recommended it so, I guess it was worth a try. Robbie bent down beside the bed, patting my legs, once again. “How’s that?” “Tastes kinda gross, actually” He gives a quick confused look before taking my mug off me and having a sip for himself, “Robbie no!” I croak out, “eww, that is gross” I sit there, looking at him with my jaw dropped, “what?” “You might get sick now” He shrugs, placing my mug on the bed side table. “Can I get a kiss then? I’m already at risk of getting sick so I don’t see why not” He says matter-of-factly, cocking his eyebrows at me, “you’re going to keep trying until you get one, aren’t you?” He nods, smirking at me. I sigh, causing another coughing fit, “can I have some cuddles?” “Only if I get my kiss” “fine” “yay!” He leaps across the bed, jumping on to his side of it, I roll over and snuggle into his chest, “My kiss please” I look up at him and quickly peck his lips, “don’t blame me when you get sick” “I won’t”

***2 days later***
I was feeling better by this point, however, it was now Robbie’s turn to be sick. “Since you were so kind in looking after me when I was sick, it’s my turn to look after you now, huh?” He nods, groaning, trying his hardest to unblock his nose, “this is your fault, baby” “Hey, you drank out of my mug at your own risk, not mine and you’re the one who wanted a kiss” “but you wanted cuddles” “oh, right. But still, can’t blame me. I’ll be back with some meds and stuff in a sec, okay?” He nods and I kiss his forehead, playing with his hair, “My poor boy” He begins to cough and I instantly back away from him, “yeeeeaaah, I’m not kissing that” He groans and I run out of the room, “Doctor Kay 2.0 will take good care of you”

A/N first imagine of 2016. Hope everyone had an awesome new years. Here’s to all all of you lovely people and many more imagines this year. Hope you like it!