water or some type of liquid

In case you missed issues B.A.P WAKE ME UP MV has touched on pt 2 cuz im trash and have been wheezing/crying the whole day fight me

Insecurities + Low Self Esteem/self-worth: shown through the girl with makeup around her and she soon tries to apply lipstick, only ending up smashing the mirror.
Murder/Shootings: The man waving his arms around as if conducting a musical piece until lights spark at his fingertips (like gunshots being fired) and then people dead surround him.
Anxiety/Depression/Mental Illness: The man in the bathroom, coiled up by the bathtub as he looks at his surroundings afraid of something, only to submerge himself into the water in his bathtub.
Illness in General/Suicidal thoughts or attempts: The girl who drinks down those pills as well as some other type of liquid can represent either illness in a physical aspect or portrays the attempt to suicide.
Eating Disorders/Hallucinations: The scene with the woman chopping veggies can allude to two different interpretations. Hallucinations as she almost eats a worm or it is the symbolic representation to express eating disorder.
Societal/Political Issues: The probably most iconic scene where the man is holding up a sign “Emotion Revolution”. This is representative of public demonstrations we see on the news today to fight for equal rights and social justice. The people passing by as if its nothing represent those who are unaware of the issues that surround them.
Revolution is starting to be achieved when these people who went through their own respective life problems come together to help ‘spread the awareness’. I guess you can say they, “wake up” into new ‘selves’, represented through celebration towards the end of the MV.

This isn’t even it. The MV is very diverse in nationality and they haven’t placed labels/stereotypical roles on these people according to the colour of their skin or where they came from. Each and every person was given a role that any human being would go through in their life because every human being is a human being despite race, colour, place of birth, gender, etc.

Not only did B.A.P create a song concerning social justice but they went even deeper this time. They went into mental illness, problems that we have as individuals at a personal level rather than just ‘society’ as a group. They looked into people in their variety and represented it through WAKE ME UP MV.

B.A.P aren’t just ‘kpop idols’. You probably thought I’d say “they don’t fit in the kpop category anymore.” No. This is something far bigger than just the music industry.

When Baby is on her Period

-she might be more little or less little than normal. Listen to your babies cues and hints. If she is feeling little, treat her little. If she is feeling big, treat her big. Don’t try and coax her into feeling big or little, just let her be where she needs to be. 

-She might be in a limbo stage. Not big or little. Give as many choices as possible, cup or sippy for example. But don’t force her to choose. If she cant choose, get her both. That way one minute she can be big, and the next little. This is helpful because just like mood swings are prevalent during this time, switching between big and little also happens, at least to me.  

-be understanding, give punishments less frequently and less harshly. Try to remember that she is probably in pain and is just trying to express it. If you would normally give spankings for doing something, try lines, or corner time, and if you do give punishments during this time, after care is so important! She is probably very emotional and vulnerable right now and need reassurance. 

-Get her some medicine and a cup of water or juice to help her get it down. Your baby is probably in pain and medicine helps so much. Basically the only time I ever take pain killers in during this week.  

-If baby wants cuddles, she should get them. If she wants to be left alone, leave her be for a bit. 

-LOTS of liquids. If your baby wants a special drink, try and get it for her, unless its alcohol. If you normal don’t let her have soda, consider it once or twice during this week. She is losing LOTS of fluid, and it needs to be replenished. Water and juice are the best, but any drink gets some liquid back in her system, except for alcohol. I always like to have like three cups at all times during this week. Three different drinks in three types of cups.  Maybe a cup of coffee, a bottle of juice, and a sippy of water. This way I can have lots of choices.

-Try to remind her to change her pad or tampon. I know this may be awkward for some, but if she is feeling extra little it might be hard for her to remember. Try to give reminders every two hours to be safe. 

-snacks and meals. Similar to drinks, try to be lenient.  She still should be eating healthy, but if she has a craving, try to get it. If she wants mac and cheese, try and make some, but also make her favorite veggie. She might not want it, but it will help if you get it ready. If she is not hungry, I never want to eat during this week, encourage her by making some of her favorite foods and snacks and give her the choices. Don’t force her to eat, but if you keep her favorite foods around and ready, it will help her find the will to eat. 

-Your baby might be more tired than usual, encourage naps and rest time. 

-Set up a bathie or shower for her. Warm baths are the best, but if that isn’t an option, get her a warm shower towel and help her get in. Getting the energy to get up and actually take a bath or shower is hard, but it helps so much! She will feel much better during and after. 

-If you can’t be with her, like if you need to go to work, send as many cute messages as you can. It makes us feel really special and loved. 

-If she needs to go to work, remind her that it’s very important. If she needs to take a sick day, that’s fine, but encourage her to only do it once. Usually for me its the first 24 hours that’s the worst.

-Set up her favorite show or movie and lay her down. If you have a TV in the bedroom, her bed is probably the best place. Lots of pillows and blankets, so she can sit or lay. I always get cold, and then hot, so try to have a fan and blankets so she can switch back and forth. Ask if she want to watch a big show, or a little show, but again don’t force her to pick. If she can’t make a choice try a teen movie or show, something she might like to watch no matter what she is feeling, or if you have a special show you two like to watch together do that. 

-Ask your baby if she needs anything. Try to be helpful in any way you can. 

-Remember that even if your baby is fussy she still loves you and really appreciates all the things you do to help her. Emotions always run high during this week. She might be really sad, really happy, really mad. It might switch every few minutes. Keep a level head. If you get emotional, it won’t help. 

-remind her constantly she is beautiful, cute, sexy, loved. She might be feeling really self conscious, bloated, or just ugly in general. -Never ever blame a littles behavior or emotions on her period, even if you know that’s why. Yes, we are more emotional or likely to act out, but NEVER say “are you acting out/being bratty because of your period?” Our feelings are still valid and very real.
Treat your family like shit? Enjoy losing everything you care about!

Okay, so this particular revenge plot was enacted on my sister. She’s a huge spoilt brat, extremely selfish, but she’s also extremely vain. Now this comes after she’s done some pretty asshole type things, including waking me up in the middle of the night when I was sick to give her clothes (which she stole off my body), stealing my personal items, and all around being a major douche. But I don’t get mad. I get even. So I’ve slowly been adding Nair to this fifty dollar a bottle shampoo she has us buy, slowly been ripping the seams of her pants with a seam ripper, and watering down her liquid makeup. Oh, and I emptied out one of her highlighters and replaced it with glitter, sand, coconut oil (makes her break out), and chapstick. She tries to make my broke ass pay for her vanity? Uh, I think not!

Moral of the story: treat your family like crap? Enjoy going bald, losing all of your clothes, and greasy ass skin! Also, since you’re too lazy to get a job, have fun stealing from the rest of your family to pay for things that you want (asswipe)

Story submitted by: aesthetic-hazelnots

SkinCarebyMarley - #1 Basics

   Okay so heyyy you guys!👋🏾 I’m back and I decided I wanted to start my skin care series! The first part is going to be the basic steps/products that build my skin care routine and that can be fit into any budget. Stay tuned for part two on what products I use in my routine and how I use them! (Disclaimer‼️: I am not a skin care expert but this is what I’ve built my routine around and it works even for friends who ask what they can do for their skin)

The outline of my skin care routine consists of:

Makeup Removal
Cleanse/Exfoliate (if you’re using an exfoliating sponge or brush)
(Optional Treatments)
(Optional Treatments)


Exfoliate (if using a scrub or chemical exfoliant)

Read More to learn about each step and choosing products for you

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Yuri on Ice/Avatar TLA AU

I don’t know if this has been done yet, but I’ve been thinking in a Yuri on Ice/Avatar The Last Airbender AU and so far these are my ideas:

-Yuuri Katsuki: Just like in the anime, he’s very shy and unsure of himself. He’s an airbender, the first bender born in his family in over a century. He doesn’t feel comfortable being an airbender because everyone tells him that he should become a monk and only live a spiritual life. Because in his hometown there aren’t any airbenders, he doesn’t learn to bend properly; instead he just trains basic defense moves with Minako (nonbender, chi blocker). Later he meets Celestino (a nonbender rebel nomad monk) and Phichit (another air-bender) and even when he tried to train with them, he felt like he was just trying to please everyone  instead of just bending for the pleasure of it or for the connection with his element. He meets Viktor by accident and is very impressed by the perfection of Viktor’s bending. When Viktor tells him that he’s going to train him, at first Yuuri doesn’t believe him and thinks that Viktor is just making fun of him because how could a prodigy waterbender teach him to airbend? But what he learns is to be confident and to love his element as well as the people around him. That alone gives him the control of the air and even a little glimpse of the Spirit World. He meets Yuri when the younger bender goes to his house in search of Viktor. He likes Yuri, but he’s afraid of him… until he gets to know his softer side.

-Viktor Nikiforov: A waterbender prodigy, but not a fighter. He has the potential but he prefers to perform ice skating mixed with some form of mist-bending and ice sculpting to create dream-like scenarios. When he meets Yuuri he’s so excited because he never met an airbender before and wants to know everything about his bending type… until he discovers that Yuuri has very little knowledge of his own bending… And Viktor takes as his personal quest to train Yuuri. How? He doesn’t know. Maybe he can use some of the lessons his old master Yakov taught him. He’s very patient with Yuuri, trying to show him that his bending is a gift rather than a mistake. He wants to give Yuuri an engagement necklace, but he knows airbenders aren’t supposed to be attached to mundane items. So instead he gives him a coral mala (or prayer beads necklace).

-Makkachin: Viktor’s cute sea-otter-dog… or a goat dog… or something like that.

-Yuri Plisetsky: Another waterbender prodigy, but unlike Viktor, he’s very enthusiastic about fighting (pro-bending or something like that). He relies almost only in a very aggressive type of icebending, and he uses some moves and kicks from firebending (he learned from Lilia, who’s a firebender master. She also taught him the basic moves to deflect a lightening, but of course he’s never tried). He has problems trying to control water in liquid form because that needs him to be in total control of his emotions… and of course he is not. Viktor promised him to teach him waterbending but then Yuuri happened. At first he was jealous but while training with him and Viktor he learns to deal better with his emotions and feelings. He hasn’t told anybody but one time he accidentally bloodbent. His grandfather was having a heart attack and he tried to use waterbending to heal him, instead he stopped his heart for several seconds before making it beat again. His grandfather healed after that and hasn’t had another attack since then, but Yuri was so scared he has never tried to bloodbend again.

Otabek Altin: Born in a little town that used to be a colony under siege by the Fire Nation. He discovered he was an earthbender just after his 17th birthday, that’s why he’s still learning. He trains hard and even when he’s not really naturally talented, it’s his hard work that makes him an excellent bender in just a couple of years. He’s physically stronger than average and that helps him controlling large amounts of rocks, also he’s an adept in listening and waiting before making a move. Even with his strength and ability, he doesn’t like to fight, he prefers using his newfound bending working with blacksmiths and fixing satomobiles (?). He’s trying to learn metalbending but as this day he hasn’t been able to do it. Has a pet Komodo rhino that rides often. Yuri is an inspiration for him, because even when he has been a talented bender since he was a child, he still trains hard every day to improve his skills and does not rely only in his innate ability. Otabek carved a jade stone and gave it to him in a “friendship” necklace. He has the vague idea that Water Tribe people make and give necklaces as tokens of friendship or as good luck charms. Yuri won’t tell him its real meaning even when he likes the idea of being engaged to Otabek. Viktor is the one to tell the truth to Otabek… And he doesn’t mind. He makes another necklace for Yuri, this time a real engagement necklace. Yuri uses both.

Phichit Chulanont: He’s a carefree airbender who travels the world with Celestino as his trainer and teacher. His goal is to form a group of players and performers and that’s why he admires Viktor’s theatrical and dramatic dances on ice. Has several southern Water Tribe white hamsters as pets.  After training for some time with Yuuri and Celestino, they part ways and while visiting the Earth Kingdom he gets lost near the Si Wong Desert. Then he meets this handsome and mysterious sandbender who helps him to get to the nearest town. He doesn’t leave his side after that even when at first the sandbender doesn’t look very comfortable around him. He tries to convince the sandbender to join his group (What group?) and the sandbender hasn’t accepted yet. But hasn’t refused either.

Seung-Gil Lee: A sandbender of the Si Wong desert. Serious and quiet; he loves the desert because it’s a lonely place. One day, while hunting buzzard wasps he finds a lost airbender and walks him to the town. It’s weird because this boy is the complete opposite of him, not only in his element but in his personality. However, he doesn’t find the boy’s constant talk annoying and actually considers the idea of joining his future group of players.

Guang Hong Ji: He’s a nonbender, the only son of a famous weapon seller and swordsman in the Earth Kingdom. He had to learn to use swords and daggers, and actually he’s very skilled with a jian. He only trains because is a family tradition, but his dream is to become a player and perform in Ember Island theatre. Otabek has worked with his father and Guang Hong admires him because seems like he really enjoys what he does.

Leo de la Iglesia: He’s the eldest son of a Fire sage, and a firebender who doesn’t like fire. That’s because when he was practicing some time ago he accidentally burned his little sister in the leg. She isn’t afraid of him or the fire, but he still blames himself and tries to avoid bending at all. He’s expected to become a Fire sage, but all he wants is to be a musician. He meets Guang Ho when he went to his father’s armory to get a ritual dagger. Since then they spend a lot of time talking about joining the Ember Island players.

Those are the main ones. The other headcanons I have are:

Mila Babicheva: Firebender who trained with Yuri under Lilia’s guidance.  

Michele Crispino and Sara Crispino: From the Earth Kingdom. He’s an earthbender, she’s a nonbender.

Emil Nekola: Artistic (?) metalbender

Georgi Popovich: Nonbender. He’s the only one who actually works at the Ember Island theatre. Very dramatic actor. Has lots of fans.

JJ LeRoy: Waterbender. Comes from a family of well known Pro-Bending fighers. That’s why he’s so arrogant and he’s always challenging Yuri to fight with him.

Christophe Giacometti: Firebender HOT DAMN. Too hot to handle. He turns every single pool and bath into a sauna. Poledance with fireworks and sparks. Yeah.

Kenjiro Minami. Firebender chicken nugget. He’s from the same town as Yuuri and also finds him interesting just because he’s an airbender.

I was kinda hard for some character, since is easy to imagine them all as water/ice benders… duh…

Bedroom cooking with rice cooker and shelf stable foods

I sometimes have a hard time leaving my room, so I’m trying to amass a collection of shelf stable foods that I can make when it’s hard to venture further. I’d be particularly interested in ideas for foods that can be cooked and/or steamed in a rice cooker, aside from rice or oatmeal or grainy or porridge-y type foods since I can’t handle those textures. Some things I’ve thought of so far:

  • Mac and cheese from a box (I keep shelf stable milk boxes on hand and could probably swap out the butter for some oil or a bit of extra liquid; also the box mix and either chicken stock from a box or water on hand; could throw in a pouch of tuna)
  • Udon noodle soup (miso and water or chicken stock, seaweed, a pack of noodles; could add some tofu or pre-cooked chicken if I make it as far as the kitchen)
  • Pasta with red sauce or pesto (pasta, water, jar of tomato sauce or pesto or really any flavored sauce that seems like it could pair with pasta; could be a filled ravioli or tortellini for extra protein)
  • Garlic pasta (pasta, water, a bit of oil, a seasoning packet from a pizza place; could add some parmesan from the kitchen; could also use a filled ravioli or tortellini)
  • Won ton soup (this one definitely requires going to the kitchen - throw frozen potstickers or won tons onto the steamer, everything else goes into the main compartment; either chicken stock or a combo of miso and water, a bit of sesame oil; could add some seaweed or green onion if there’s any on hand)
  • Ramen (ramen packet, water; optional additions such as egg, chicken, green onion, mushrooms, etc)
  • Steamed ravioli (refrigerated ravioli in the steamer basket, water in the bottom; requires traveling to the kitchen)
  • Preflavored couscous (box of couscous, seasoning packet, water or chicken broth; optional additions include feta, lemon juice, tomato, paper thing slices of zucchini, cooked chicken)

Some ideas that don’t require heating up: 

  • Tuna sandwich (take a pouch of tuna and rip it open; add a packet or two each of mayo and relish; stir it up then spoon it onto bread)
  • Peanut butter sandwich (bread, peanut butter; optional sweeteners such as Nutella, honey, packets of jam, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate chips, banana, etc.)
  • Packs of shelf stable hummus and crackers


  • Trail mix
  • Jerky
  • Pretzels and peanut butter or Nutella
  • Fresh fruit that’s stable at room temperature (apples, pears, bananas, oranges, etc)
  • Fruit cups
  • Fruit squeezy pouches
  • Pudding cups
  • Snack cakes
  • Granola bars, protein bars, fruit and nut bars, etc.
  • Junk food (chips, candy, packaged cookies, crackers, etc)

I’d love to see some ideas other people come up with on the topic!

Dangerous Stranger

Bucky x Reader

Summary: It’s your first day or work and it’s making to be a very interesting day.

Word Count: 1410

Warnings: Curse words. Suggestive language.

It was your first day on the new job and you were already late. You cursed yourself for allowing your best friend to make you breakfast. You’d nearly spilled your orange juice all over you when you ran out of the apartment building.

You were lucky the tall building was only a few blocks away, but you weren’t thrilled about breaking in your heels this way. The rush of cold air that hit you on the way in made you sigh. You didn’t know what people had done without air conditioning. The thought of it made you ill.

You took a deep breath and kept up your march toward the elevator that stood right behind the turnstiles. You flashed your ID at two security guards; they nodded you onward.

You hit with an unexpected delay. Papers flew off like a flock after a gunshot. Her water went flying. Your purse hit the ground and a liquid lipstick rolled to freedom. This was not the type of morning you had in mind.

Coins bounced and rattled on the marble floor. You crouched down to catch some coins on the run.

“I’m sorry.” She flushed as she attempted to collect all her papers.

“We’ve all been there.” You gave her a sympathetic smile.

Your hand was chasing a dime when a black oxford stopped it. You waited just a moment for the tailor clad oxfords to move, but they stood in all their black luxury. You arched your back and titled your head to see who they belonged to.

The custom three-piece Brioni suit made you a little feverish. However, it was the towering, powerful body underneath that made it so exquisite. You felt your core tighten a little. You reached the man’s face and your ankle weakened.

Good lord.

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You must recognize the Importance and the Power of Water. Here’s a article I ran across about Spiritual Bathes and anyone that is looking to obtain Spiritual Growth should consider taking Spiritual Bathes. You can make them however it feels Good for you.
This is what this gentleman has to say about it;

The Importance of Spiritual Cleansing

Having worked in numerous religious systems, such as Vodou, Espiritism, and Santeria to name a few. It is important for people to understand the significance of Spiritual Cleansing of one’s self. Just as we take a shower or a bath to clean our external bodies and periodically flush out or insides from toxins, we must also cleanse on a spiritual level to remove negative energies from our Aura and spiritual existence.

While I am not stating anything in reference to Curses, Hexes or the like. There are quite a few times where we would want to cleanse. Some of these times could be to deal with negative energies that effect our day to day life.

Rash of bad luckMoney ProblemsAttracting the Wrong sort of people into our livesIssues finding a job

These are just a few things that negative energy can affect. Every day we pick up negative energies from other people, situations, etc. Even as positive as we can always be everyday sometimes just being around someone that is negative has an effect on what we do and the energy that we send out to the universe and start to attract. The law of magnetism states that what we send out is what we attract. If we are constantly bombarded with negative energies and do nothing to cancel that out and change it. We end up becoming a magnet for this same energy.

Many traditions from all over the globe subscribe to the use of cleansing products and herbs to help clean that energy. We all know that every Herb has its own properties and influences that are used for certain purposes. Roses are attributed to love and friendship, frankincense to cleansing, lavender to relaxation , etc.

While it made not seem like a lot to some people to do this. It is an important part of a spiritual person’s life. We go to the doctors for health issues, the counselor for certain therapies, the dentist for our teeth. We should be going to our spiritual counterpart for spiritual assistance as well. Some people do not believe in curses, hexes, or the like and this article is written with this in mind.

We do however need to address the issues of what to do when I do need help with negative energy, bad luck, money issues, love issues, court cases, etc. So what does one do in order to facilitate change in these areas of one’s life.

You could just go about life the same way you always do and just hope things get better. There is a far better way that you can go about it. We will cover basics for Spiritual Cleansing yourself. This meaning using items yourself to remove negativity and promote a better magnetism of energy for yourself.

I will cover a couple of Spiritual baths that you can make yourself at home with a list of ingredients that you can obtain online from stores and botanicas. Some of the items you may be able to find in your grocery store or any bodegas (Spanish shops) that may be near you.

So let us get started with a bath for cleansing. The items that are listed have been known and used by various traditions to remove negativity.


WHITE SAGE (this can be bought in your produce department at the grocery store) FRESH HERBROSEMARY ( also in the fresh herb section of your grocery store)HOLY HYSSOP (used for cleansing can be ordered online)BASIL (also in the fresh herb section of your grocery store)HOLY WATER (FROM A CATHOLIC CHURCH) Just ask for some some have a store you can purchase it in.FLORIDA WATER COLOGNE (You can find this a lot in botanicas, bodegas, Spanish stores or online.)7 small white penny candles or small emergency type candles

I have been using this bath for years in my daily practice. To start take about 1 gallon or so of water and add all the herbs to it and let it boil. Boil it till the liquid turns dark. Then let it cool. You can strain the herbs out so you don’t clog your drain. Personally I prefer to allow the herbs to fall on me when I do this.

When the bath is cool I reach in with my hands pull up the herbs, bunches at a time and begin to scrub them with my hands and squeeze out the juices as much as I can while I pray. Asking god and my guardian angel spirits to bless this mixture to help cleanse me. You can also do a few Our Fathers and Hail Mary’s as well. Add the holy water and a few squirts of florida water into the liquid after it cools. Place the bath next to your bath tub or shower.

I make about a gallon at a time the reason for this is to allow me to do 7 days with of the cleansing bath in a row.

Take a portion of the bath mixture put into a bowl and add some warm water. Light 1 White Candle for your guardian angel spirit. Shower as you would normally. Take the bowl of the mixture and hold it over your head and pray. Ask God and Spirit to cleanse you of all negativity, remove blocks in your life, etc.

Slowly begin to pour this mixture over your body from the Neck down. Not on the top of your head. Once you have taken your time and done this use your hands and wipe down your body with your hands and away from you signifying pushing the energy away from you.

Pat yourself dry or air dry but do not rub. I recommend changing your bed sheets and wearing light colors or white to sleep during the 7 days.

During the process of this cleanse you may begin to notice how different you may be feeling. You may also start noticing people that are not that great to have in your life moving farther away from you. This is a normal and a natural part of cleansing, so do not worry. It just means that they are not good to be around.

When you finish the 7 days of cleansing, You should follow up with a positive bath or what some call a sweet bath. Sweet baths can be made for nearly any purpose such as LOVE, MONEY, HEALTH, etc.

For this article I will use a love bath since it’s around Valentine’s day and love is in the air.

The process for making the baths are very similar with different ingredients.



Fresh Rose PetalsFresh or dry Lavender FlowersCinnamon SticksCatnipDamiana

Some of the herbs you may need to find online or at an herbal shop or new age store.

Florida Water7 pink or red penny candlesYou can add any sweet perfume you wish I like to use Pompie Lotion Which you can find online

Boil the herbs the same as with the bitter bath and strain the herbs if you like. Let it cool and add perfume and some florida water. Add fresh rose petals to your bath ( I prefer to soak in my sweet baths for best effects)

Fill your tub with warm-hot water and pour a portion of the mixture into your bath and soak for at least 7-15 minutes. I like to pray and sing while I bath. Pray for love to come, ask god and spirit to bring love into your life. Imagine yourself full of love energy, smell the aroma and how intoxicating it is.

Pat dry or air dry sleep on fresh sheets and wear white or light colors. Just wait to see what happens. Often people begin to notice others around them acting different being nicer to them even at work. Your energy has changed and spiritually people notice it.

There are many advantages of doing spiritual baths. Not only do they help change your energy but you can also notice how great they smell, how you actually feel afterwards, how great the love baths are for your own sense of feeling. They are also relaxing and can benefit you in a multitude of ways. Stay tuned for the next part of this article which will be on more cleansing baths and more recipes for money and good luck as well as relaxation.

Peace and Love


The SCP foundation is a fictitious organization, dedicated to containing and cataloguing supernatural objects. SCP stand for both the foundation’s title, Special Containment Procedures, and its motto: Secure. Contain. Protect. The research done there is unethical, often including using death row inmates, political prisoners, and occasionally average civilians as test subjects; due to the highly dangerous nature of these abnormalities. Every object located by the foundation is put into one of three categories: Safe, objects that have been thoroughly studied as to become predictable and are easy to contain; Euclid, objects that tend to be unpredictable, but are containable under special protocols; and Keter, objects that are highly dangerous and highly unpredictable, often only containable under strict high security and sometimes not even able to be contained at all, creating an immense danger to humanity. 

Some examples of SCPs are:

SCP-294: A coffee machine with a digital keyboard on the front. Depositing 50 cents activates it, and typing in any sort of liquid will produce said liquid into a styrofoam cup. These liquids can average from simple water, to dangerous chemicals. Interestingly enough, no matter what is in the cup, it will not melt. This SCP used to be located in the faculty break room until an incident prompted staff to remove it to a guarded location.

SCP-1867: A sentient Nudibranch that communicates via telepathy. It will introduce itself in a polite manner as Lord Theodore Blackwood, an explorer and naturalist. It speaks in a British dialect, but often uses phrases and references from the 19th century. Prompting it to discuss anything after 1910 results in failure. Further discussions reveal that this creature is an expert on many different sections of science and the occult.

SCP-049: With the appearance of a Plague Doctor, this creature has a lethal touch. Once dead, the SCP will inject the body with various liquids in order to reanimate it, upon which the body will roam around aimlessly until it locates a living human and attacks. Although 049 is sentient and capable of speech, it rarely does so. On the occasions that it does, it will often speak of “the Great Pestilence,” which is, in fact, humanity’s own mortality.

SCP-096: A gigantic creature, with long arms, that it uses to cover its face. If anyone happens to catch a glimpse of its face, it becomes agitated, throwing itself into emotional distress before attacking. 096 attacks with such great speeds that the attack is finished in seconds, leaving no trace of the victim behind.

SCP-173: This concrete statue must be watched at all times. When not in direct sight, whether that be through video feed or in person, the creature is free to move, often lashing out violently toward whatever persons are present. As long as something is watching it, it can not move. Its cell must be cleaned on a bi-weekly basis, as mysterious fecal matter and blood build up there. During this time, at least three guards must be present and must alert the others if they so much as need to blink.

SCP-106: Appearing as an elderly figure in advanced decomposition, 106 is a hunter that hunts for the fun of it. It will spend long periods of time in a dormant space to lull potential victims into a sense of false security. Any object or person that approaches this creature begin to corrode almost immediately. During hunting, the creature will spear its victims through vital organs and drag them into a pocket dimension, sometimes keeping them alive in there for extended periods of time.

SCP 413: This parking garage can change it’s layout internally, while externally remaining the same. As such, traveling through it can be disorienting and researchers are instructed to keep a rope attached to themselves to find their way out. It has been discovered that the building is in fact sentient, capable of communication through the graffiti that litters the walls. Through interviews, it has been revealed that the garage has a mischievous personality.

Eating well while housebound

If you have a hard time getting to the grocery store due to health issues here are some tips. I have written this based on my own personal experience so your needs may be different, go ahead and share your ideas if you have any. I am sure readers will appreciate them.

Please keep replies positive and lets help one another!

Choosing foods that keep

If you want to minimize your trips to the store or food bank you want to think about what foods last a long time. Usually food in cans or jars lasts a long time, buying fresh veggies or meats to freeze can keep them edible for months. Just be sure to mark a date on the bag you froze them to make sure they are still good. (Also if you are in the position to do so, donate these kinds of foods to your local food bank, even if you aren’t housebound.)

Choose foods that have multiple uses

Try to buy foods that have a use in more in one dish. Things like rice, eggs, meats, beans and cheese go great in lots of different things so you won’t get bored of the same meals over and over. Mrs. Dash is a good all purpose seasoning that is low in salt.

Choose low salt foods

This is important because a lot of people who can’t get out need foods that keep. Canned goods, frozen foods and ramen noodles have a good shelf life but contain high sodium. Too much sodium can cause high blood pressure, dehydration and make you feel awful in addition to whatever conditions you already have. Of course too little salt can be bad too. Read packages and make an educated decision on what is right for you.

Stay hydrated

Whether you eat salty food or not your body needs water to function so do not forget to drink enough liquid. Roughly about 64oz of water should be enough but take into consideration your body type and the climate you live in. Everyone is different.

A tip to get someone to buy food for you

If it is a challenge to get to the grocery store or food bank offering to cook someone something in exchange for buying food can help. If you can develop a skill with cooking this can be very effective. (I understand everyone’s circumstances are different but this can work for some people)

In a pinch order out

Yes, it is costly but so is not eating. You are better equipped to handle any challenges or issues that come up when you have eaten rather than while you are starving. You are worth it. Order out if you need to.

Eat what sounds good and treat yourself!

Sometimes those of us with health issues don’t feel like eating. It’s sometimes a matter of figuring out what sounds good, or just trying to eat something small. A muffin or a mug of soup is better than nothing. Positive eating experiences lead to better eating habits. Also treating yourself to your favorite comfort foods (French fries, bacon, chocolate, gummy bears) can be good once in a while too. No one should feel guilty about enjoying treats in moderation.

Human Sample #1

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7

Stanford held his breath as the intergalactic animal control passed by mere feet from his hiding place, behind a stack of crates. They were an ugly looking species. Four legs and two arms apiece, their skin was a dirty green colour and had a similar texture to worn leather. They each had three eyes, with irises that seemed to glow pale green in the light. There were four of them. Three of them were brandishing nets, the fourth a tranquilizer gun. Apparently, in this dimension, humans were regarded the same way as stray dogs were back home.

Home, Ford sighed. That was a place he couldn’t stop thinking about. It had been almost ten years since he’d been knocked through the portal. Almost ten years since he’d seen Fiddleford. Almost ten years since he’d last seen his brother. Before then, it had been another ten years since Stanley had been kicked out and Ford had turned his back on him. That meant Ford had only seen his brother once in twenty years, and that had only been to tell him to get as far away as possible.

Stanford put his head in his hands. He was in real deep shit and this time he didn’t have anyone to pull him out of it. Sure, over the last ten years he’d been in more than his fair share of crap, but he’d either been lucky or had some means of defending himself. He’d lost his blaster when they were chasing him, shortly before he’d found this hiding spot. Against his will, Ford let out a harsh sob. His stomach growled furiously. It seemed like forever since he’d last eaten - anything that was safe for him to consume was rather scarce out here. At first, he’d managed to bargain his way into food and shelter, but as he moved through dimensions, that tactic had gone cold. He’d resorted to stealing bits of food from tables and houses that had been left unlocked. He hated stealing - it was dishonest and rude - but he had had no other option. As the dimensions grew more populated, it got harder for him to get food that way. He had, until recently, been raiding trash bins for anything he could find, and had rarely been able to keep down whatever he did find. Who knew what sort of diseases he had?

Ford heard a shout come from ten yards in front of him, snapping him out of his misery, and he clamped a hand over his mouth. Ford heard the officers approach, before the crate he was hiding behind was pulled away, revealing the man curled up behind it. He immediately got to his feet and tried to make a run for it. He felt a breeze over the back of his neck as a net just barely missed him. Panting heavily, Ford ran as fast as his legs could possibly carry him. It didn’t help that he couldn’t remember the last time he’d eaten and his stomach ached painfully as he forced himself to move.

He didn’t get far before something sharp embedded itself into his right shoulder. He let out a yelp and swing his left arm around, ripping the tranquilizer dart out. He knew this was pointless, however, as the sedative was already coursing through his system. His head was beginning to spin. He found he couldn’t keep running, his legs feeling like lead weights. Eventually, he stopped altogether and collapsed onto the rocky ground. Shapes moved around him, voices becoming inaudible as Ford felt his strength leave him. As his vision faded, Ford felt himself being dragged over to what looked like a large pet carrier. They shoved him forcefully into it and hauled the cage into a truck. As they drove away, Ford’s world went dark.


Ford woke with a jolt. He was still in the tight cage, his knees pressed right up to his chin. He was terribly cramped. He had a pounding headache, most likely the result of the sedatives wearing off. The truck hit another bump in the road, making the cage to jump up and causing Ford to smack his head into the ceiling. He yelped. That wasn’t going to make his headache any better. The spot where he’d been struck with the tranquilizer dart was swollen and sore and it hurt for him to use it.

Ford had no idea how long he’d been asleep, but it was roughly an hour after he’d woken up when the truck finally came to a halt. He heard the officers get out and walk round to the back of the truck. Ford felt them lift his crate up and carry it forward. He could hear them talking, but couldn’t understand a word. Putting a hand to his throat, Ford gasped. His translator! They must have removed it while he was unconscious. The crate was jostled again and his head hit the ceiling, causing him to groan in pain.

Next thing he knew, he was being thrown into some sort of enclosure. He landed face down in the dirt. By the time he’d scrambled to his feet, the cage door behind him had been locked. He grabbed the bars and pulled furiously, but the door refused to budge. Three or four creatures in khaki green uniforms were standing on the out side having a conversation. He couldn’t understand a damn word anybody was saying, not without his translator. His anger soon left him. His hands shook and his eyes stung. Two of the four walls of the enclosure were glass, with multiple species of alien on the other side. Multiple cameras flashed and small children pointed at him, asking their parents strange questions in strange languages. The other two walls were made of black brickwork. He was in a zoo.

Walking across the purple grass, Ford sat down cross-legged and hunched over, putting his face in his hands. His shoulders shook as he sobbed. What the hell was he going to do now? He couldn’t ask for help - nobody could understand him without his translator. He was on display like some sort of freak of nature. Ford laughed bitterly to himself. Freak. It wasn’t like he hadn’t heard that before. He’d always been branded as a freak back home, but never like this. To these people, he was as interesting as a white lion in an Earth zoo. They were taking photos of him. They saw him as some sort of attraction.

As he calmed down, Ford took some time to look around at his new ‘home’, if that’s even what it could be called. Multiple piles of straw were placed around the area. A large bowl of clear liquid stood in the centre of the space, like a makeshift pond. There was a pipe in the middle, filtering the liquid from the bottom of the pond and releasing the clean stuff back into the bowl. Ford just hoped that was water. The whole enclosure was maybe twenty foot by ten foot. There was some sort of shed in the back corner, built out of a dark orange type of wood Ford hadn’t seen before. There was a large dog door on one side, with a small ramp leading from the dirt to the entrance. The structure looked like a huge wooden chicken coop. Getting up, he walked over to it to get a closer look. Inside, in the corner by the brick wall, was a large pile of straw, clearly with the intention of being a bed. A large bowl stood beside it, full of the same clear liquid. In the opposite corner, around the corner of a separate wall, was what he could only assume was a toilet. The ceramic bowl was cracked and stained, but when Ford pushed the handle down, it flushed. There was a roll of toilet paper on the ground beside it. He figured that was the only luxury he had in this place. At least he wouldn’t have to squat in a pile of straw or stand up against a tree like a dog. It was out of sight of the zoo visitors, too, so he at least still had his privacy.

Ford made his way over to the pile of straw and sat down. It wasn’t the most comfortable thing he’d ever sat on, but at least it was better than sleeping in the dirt. He shrugged his tattered coat off and laid it down, leaving him in his torn and still blood-spotted shirt and pants. He was a mess; ten years of jumping between dimensions had left him in less than perfect conditions. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a shower. He’d have to use the pond to wash himself down. When, of course, night fell. Like hell he was going to bathe himself in front of all those cameras.

Ford felt a lump in his throat and he lowered his head. How could they do this to him? Was there some sort of cosmic law that stated he had to have a rough time while away from his home dimension? Was it decided, when he was born, that he would have to struggle more than anybody else? He briefly wondered if this was due to his birth defect, but dismissed the thought almost as soon as it came. That was ridiculous! He wasn’t the only human to have been born different. There were people with far worse defects than just an extra finger on each hand. Still, ever since he had first started school, he’d been the object of ridicule amongst both students and parents alike. The teachers generally liked him, since he frequently aced subjects and was always eager to learn and achieve. That didn’t stop Crampelter and his gang threatening him and beating him up on a near-daily basis, but it at least made it easier knowing he had his teachers’ support.

He’d had Stanley, too, which is more than he could say now. His twin didn’t share the same intellect, but his brute strength, fighting abilities and headstrong attitude made up for what he lacked intelligence-wise.


Ford was sitting in the dirt, using a stick to draw in the dust between the patches of grass. He sketched eyebats, leprecorns, scampfires and a number of other oddities he’d found in his time in Gravity Falls. By now, he’d grown immune to the cameras flashing in his face constantly. He’d already been here nearly two Earth months. He had no idea how long that was in terms of local time, but his watch told him it was currently 3:50am on Earth in his home dimension.

The man wiped a hand over his face to try and get the dirt out his eyes. He only succeeded in smearing it. Grunting in frustration, he got up and walked over to the pond. Since discovering the liquid was just water and wasn’t infused with any sort of poison or sedative, he’d been using it to keep himself relatively clean. He knelt beside the pond and removed his glasses, cupping his hands under the pipe and splashing his face with the cold water. It was icy cold, something he took as a benefit in the heat. It must have been the height of summer on his planet, as even though his enclosure had a cooling system, he was far too warm. He’d taken his shirt off, leaving him in a short sleeved T-shirt which was smeared with dirt and smelled foul. The pipe could only get so much of the grime and stink out of his clothes.

Ford scrubbed at his face with the water. He knelt forward, submerging his face in the pond. He scrubbed his fringe and tossed his hair back, wiping his face dry with his shirt collar. He looked over to the glass, where a group of small children were standing, looking in on him. They appeared to be on a school trip of some sort, judging by the uniforms. A taller, older creature of the same species, presumably the teacher, stood to the right of the group. The creature pointed at Ford and spoke to the kids. Ford assumed they were telling the children some probably-not-true facts about humans, like the colour of their eyes determined hierarchy and any red-haired humans were considered royalty and served by the others. The man rolled his eyes, got up, and walked over to the shed. He crawled through the door and sat down in the straw. It was much cooler in the shed than outside. He wiped his forehead with a six-fingered hand and laid down. Despite the air conditioning unit above his head, it was still uncomfortably warm in his enclosure.

Ford still hated that word, but he couldn’t think of a better term. It’s what he was in, after all. An enclosure. He’d never be able to look at an Earth zoo again, now that he knew what it was like on the inside. He had tried so many times to get out. He’d tried bending the bars on the door apart, but only succeeded in dislocating his shoulder. The zookeepers had noticed the injury and he’d been sedated so they could fix it. He’d tried climbing on top of the shack in the corner and attempted to remove the air conditioning to make a hole big enough for him to escape, but had only succeeded in slicing his palms open on the sharp fan blades inside. He’d had to sacrifice the right sleeve of his shirt to bandage them, but he was sure they’d become infected. After he’d been caught trying to dig his way under the fence, cinder blocks had been laid around the edge of the enclosure to keep him in. While he couldn’t understand anything the zookeepers were saying, he had a feeling that if he tried to escape again, they’d have to …. alter his anatomy to keep him calm.

That was enough to put him off from any further escape attempts. Since then, he’d been planning a method of liberating himself from incarceration which required less brute force and more clever thinking. His mind drew a blank, though. Usually, his quick thinking and careful planning helped him out of sticky situations. Here, however? The roof of his enclosure was half wooden planks, half wire net, so he couldn’t climb out. The fence at the back of the enclosure was blocked off by cinder blocks, which he had no hope of moving, even if he did manage to dig his way underneath again. He couldn’t break the lock on the door - it was made of a substance he’d barely seen before and was virtually indestructible. He didn’t have any scissors, knives, lockpicks or even so much as hairpins that he could use to get out. All he had where the clothes on his back, the muddy, worn-out boots on his feet and his glasses. He couldn’t bargain with the keepers, since they didn’t understand English and he couldn’t understand them.

In other words, it seemed hopeless.

Ford had never really believed in hope. Sure, as a kid, he’d always dreamed of sailing round the world with his brother, but as time went on, that dream faded into obscurity. After Stanley had been kicked out, he hadn’t contacted his brother in years. Sure, he could have used his grant money to pay for his travels, but it was no fun doing it alone. He couldn’t live their dream without his brother by his side. Since then, he’d discarded the idea of hope and focused on his studies. He couldn’t just hope that he’d get out of this damn zoo, he had to do something.

A loud banging noise snapped him out of his thoughts. He looked over to the glass panels on the far side of the enclosure. Two young creatures were banging on the glass with their fists, clearly trying to make Ford do something interesting. He was reminded of going to the zoo with his twin and mother as a kid. Despite Ford’s protests, Stan had insisted on knocking on the glass of the enclosures of most of the animals there to try and get them to move. Ford sighed and looked away. He wasn’t going to give those kids what they wanted. What did they expect him to do, ride around on a unicycle and juggle bowling pins?

When the creatures didn’t get a sufficient response out of Ford, they just knocked harder. Ford growled. The noise echoed around him and was starting to give him a headache. He looked over at the creatures and got to his feet. Taking a deep breath, he clenched his hands into fists and marched over. He stopped three inches from the glass, glaring directly at the kids. He gathered a little saliva in his mouth and spat it at them, smirking at their disgusted expressions before turning on his heel and marching back over to the shed. He crawled inside and sat down on the pile of hay.

He was starting to go insane in this place. He’d already lost his cool once and he was determined not to lose his mind too. He hadn’t spoken to another person, alien or otherwise, in months. He’d taken to talking to himself quietly. He knew that was one of the first signs of madness, but he feared he would grow insane much faster by not talking to himself. Sometimes, when he was knelt by the pond, he’d stare at his reflection in the gently rippling water and imagine he was talking to Stanley. It hurt, knowing that his own twin had been the one to get him stuck in this mess in the first place.

It was an accident, Ford chided himself. You were fighting and he lashed out at the worst possible moment. He had no idea what was going to happen.

Ford sighed and stared at the wall. It wasn’t going to do him any good dwelling on the negative thoughts like this. He had to figure out a way of escaping. He was starting to believe that this was it. That this was as far as he could go. Despite years of being on the run, he couldn’t think of a way out of this one. He felt like he’d disappointed not only his parents, but himself, by giving up like this. He could just imagine his father’s unimpressed comment and cold glare. His mother’s sad gaze, seeing that her son had given up when faced with a challenge such as this. He’d never given up over a particularly difficult test paper, even when his teachers gave him degree-level work to complete. He hadn’t given in whenever he’d been surrounded by Crampelter and his gang, with or without his brother’s help. Sure, he’d had more than his fair share of rough days, but nothing he couldn’t overcome.

This, however, was rather more significant than anything school had thrown at him. There hadn’t been the threat of starvation, capture, dying from loss of blood or being forced onto display like a circus animal back at Backupsmore. At least there, if he failed, he had the opportunity to work harder and make things right, rather than have his manhood taken away. Just the thought of that happening made Ford feel physically sick.

Ford took a deep breath to try and calm his nerves. He’d noticed that his hands were shaking, and balled them into fists and shoved them into his pockets. He couldn’t afford to keep getting upset. He’d had his moment, he’d done that bit. Now was not the time to start crying and whining about how ‘life isn’t fair’ and ‘why me?’. He had to keep a level head if he ever had a chance of getting out of here.

That was easier said than done when you were locked up like an animal.


This was meant to be a short fic - it’s 3300+ words! This is what happens when I’m allowed access to Google Docs, which I have access to on both my laptop and phone. Based off the bonus bit of

this post



. I saw that little extra, a plot bunny was born and refused to leave me alone. Thus, this happened. Typos, blah blah blah. Probably won’t be fixed later, can’t be bothered.

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Tangela tagliatelle!

Face: thin slice of baked eggplant (with salt and olive oil), two circles of white cheese, eggplant skin for the pupils

Feet: Baked red pepper

Vines: Tagliatelle with eggplant and tomato sauce

For the pasta: To dye the tagliatelle, I made them in blueish water that I got from boiling around two cups of chopped red cabbage. Red cabbage pigment changes color depending on pH, to get blue the water needs to be slightly basic. It turns green if very basic, then teal, then blue, then purple, and then bright magenta if acidic. The color changes are reversible. I used lemon juice and vinegar (acidic) and baking powder (basic) to adjust the color. If you make this, keep in mind that the tomatoes in the sauce are slightly acidic and will affect the color of the pasta!

For the sauce: Oil (~tablespoon), 1 finely chopped garlic clove, 1 cup chopped eggplant, 1 chopped medium-sized tomato, salt, basil, oregano, blue pasta water, regular water

I heated some olive oil in a frying pan over medium-high hear. I added the finely chopped garlic to the oil, and before the garlic browned I threw in the the tomatoe, eggplant, salt, basil and oregano before the garlic browned. I fried this for about a minute, then I added some of the pasta water. I stirred occasionally, pouring in water whenever the liquid was almost fully evaporated (once the pasta water was finished I just added regular water). I kept repeating this until the tomatoes and eggplant were dissolved and the consistency of the sauce seemed just right. Then I thoroughly mixed the sauce with the pasta.

Talking with Salazar? Yep.

I would never imagine that, but I had a dream, which on I met captain Salazar somewhere over the rainbow at the sea bottom. I don´t realize, how I got myself down, but I remember some maelstorm and bubbling water. We sat there, at some pile of wood from shipwreck on the sea bottom, and… trust or not… discussed about nazi fighters, which sunk around. I was fuckin´ surprised, because of his knowledge. He knew about every single type of messerschmitt and spoke much. He knew about “flying pencils” and  many things about bombers, fighters… everything…, also he joked about my work and things I have to do today. That was fuckin´ best dream I´ve ever had. Especially, when he kissed me goodbye and told me to visit him again. 

(Btw: That black… liquid, or how to explain it, has funny taste. I swear honestly, that was like cuba libre!!! So when you see captain Salazar anywhere, don´t afraid to kiss him, because at the most you will be drunk.)

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Honey and Lemon- Sollux x Sick!Reader


[f/n]= first name

I won’t be typing in a lisp, because I would inaccurately write a lisp due to never hearing it in person.


    I feel so gross, like I’m nothing more but a sculpture of sweat and snot. And despite my face burning up, my body shivers in a chill when it’s not even cold. So here I am, my trembling body wrapped in a blanket, as I watch Sollux tap away at my computer. I should be in bed, but I’ve practically slept the day away until night approached, and now I’m no longer able to at least sleep through the shivers, drool, and snot. T.V. gives me a headache, I’m unable to focus on reading, and I lack the spirit to play video games, so I opted to listen to the calming tapping of keyboard keys in the presence of the troll I love.

Though, he doesn’t know I love him. The only reason he’s here is he happened to call me, and I erupted into a fit of coughing. I was shocked when he insisted on coming over, claiming a sick person shouldn’t be left alone. Sollux is ahuge introvert, so to him, being alone isn’t a problem. That’s why it’s a shock that he would keep me company when I can’t even play video games. There’s something about being sick that makes a person feel forlorn and needy, so him showing up at my doorstep was a type of medicine on its own. He had immediately taken my temperature, force fed me medicine, tucked me into bed, and even made me some soup. Sollux isn’t much of a cook, considering all his talent is pretty much spent on computers, but I ate it nonetheless. Then he took claim to my computer and told me I was not allowed out of bed. But now that he’s absorbed into the digital world, he hardly notices I’m watching him.

That is, until I erupted into another fit of coughing. His fingers cease their movement as he turns to me, his eyebrows furrowed. “I’m in the middle of hacking, but I don’t need your hacking,” he says as I continue to cough roughly. “Back to bed.”

“No,” I croak out after the coughing recedes. “I’m bored and unable to sleep, so I just want to watch you hack.”

“Too bad, you’re sick and you have to follow the rules of being sick bound.”

“I’m not going back to bed,” I insist determinedly.

He sighs as he pushes away from the computer. I expected him to forcefully lead me to bed, but instead he opens his arms. “Come here,” he demands.

“Huh?” I breath out, confused as to what he actually means.

“If you’re not going to bed, you’re at least going to sit down, and I don’t mean on the cold floor. Sit on my lap,” he says as if it’s nothing.

I feel a whole new kind of heat flush my face, and I think I’m going to overheat. “B-but you’ll get sick!” I weakly protest. I actually do want to sit on his lap, but at the same time, I don’t want to be obvious about it.

“I’m a troll, we’re far more superior to you humans as we cannot catch your measly viruses. Besides, all viruses fear me personally,” he says with a small smirk. “Now hurry up, I want to get back to hacking.”

      I swallow heavily, which doesn’t feel good going down my soar throat. My heart beating a mile a minute, I shyly step forward and hook my legs around Sollux, straddling him. Slowly (oh Gog, my face feels so hot!), I rest my head against his chest. His heartbeat pounds in a soothing rhythm, which eventually starts to make me feel sleepy. But it seems like his heart is beating faster than it should. I wonder why? As much as I’d like to think it’s because he feels the way I do, I have a hard time believing it. Maybe a troll’s heartbeat is different from a human’s? And his body is heavenly warm. With his heat transferring to me, I’m no longer shivering. I feel him scoot back to the computer, and the sound of clicking keys return. With the sound of his heartbeat combined with the sounds of the keyboard, I’m gradually lulled to sleep.


I think I’ve been asleep for a long while before I’m suddenly awakened by the feeling of skin pressing against my forehead and Sollux’s concerned voice. “Hey, [f/n], you feel very hot,” he says, a hint of worry in his voice.

“Really?” I slur out, the world seeming hazy around me, like a dream.

“Damn it,” he curses as he shifts me so he can carry me bridal style. “I think you have a high fever.” I say nothing as he carries me towards my bedroom, the world seeming to spin around me. He gently places me on my bed, then grabs the thermometer off of my table. He places the thermometer in my mouth, his eyebrows furrowed in concern as he impatiently waits for its degree. Soon I hear a little beep from the thermometer, and Sollux rapidly pulls it out from my mouth. “102 degrees,” he mutters more to himself.

“Sollux,” I moan out. “My throat really hurts.” My voice sounds very raspy, considering it feels like the inside of my throat is coated in cuts that secrete acid.

To my surprise, Sollux gently runs his fingers through my hair in a soothing gesture. “Ok, I have something that might help,” he tells me, his voice soft with affection. Sollux is rarely ever this affectionate towards me, he’s usually teasing me, so this newfound treatment makes my heart flutter a bit among all this misery.

Since I don’t want to talk, for it would only hurt, I nod my head in affirmation. With swiftness, Sollux leaves the room. Just as quickly, I suddenly feel extremely lonely. Without him around, all of my aches and pains seem more severe. I feel utterly miserable, and I’m starting to feel like I’m willing to trade in the medicine for Sollux’s company.

After what feels like forever, he returns with the medicine in one hand and a cup of some type of liquid in the other. “Sollux!” I cry hoarsely. but with immense relief. “What’s in the cup?”

“Lemon water and honey,” he tells me as he sits on the bed. “It’ll soothe your sore throat, so drink it with your medicine.”

“Thank you,” I tell him with a weak smile as I take the cup and medicine from his hands. I pop two pills into my mouth, and proceed to take a sip from the cup. The drink is nice and warm, and tastes sweet yet tart. It’s pretty delicious, and it actually feels good going down my mouth. As I’m drinking it, I realize the drink is like Sollux. Warm and sweet, despite being tart. After finishing the drink, I settle back down onto the bed.

“Feel any better?” he asks me.

“Yeah, it really helped,” I reply gratefully. “I love it.” Ah, my head is really spinning…

“Good,” he says with relief, his lips twitching into a small smile.

I can’t help but giggle, for it’s rare for Sollux to smile at me in a non-teasing manner. I love this special treatment I’m getting, I love Sollux period. “It reminds me of you,” I mumble out, my eyes drooping in sleepiness. “That’s why I love it very much.” I smile dreamily at Sollux before I slip into a deep sleep. Beyond my closed eyelids, I don’t notice Sollux’s face becoming flushed in a bright yellow.


I mumble sleepily into my pillow, unable to ignore the bright sunlight filtering into the room. But despite having to wake up when I could of slept a bit longer, I feel very good. Well, I still have traces of sickness, but I feel a lot better compared to yesterday. A yawn escapes my mouth as I sit up, my arms reaching out in a stretch. I blink tiredly as I glance around the room, ready to get a change of clothes. But I freeze up when my eyes land on a familiar troll. Sollux is sitting in a chair, his head resting on his arms that lay sprawled across my bed. From the looks of it, he had stayed with me the whole night!

I tightly squeeze my mouth shut when he starts to stir, holding back the squeak of surprise that had threatened to escape. He groggily sits up, his 3D glasses askew. “G-good morning, Sollux,” I greet shyly.

He quickly fixes his glasses, his face dusted with pale yellow. “Ah, hey, good morning,” he greets nonchalantly. “How are you feeling?”

Much better,” I tell him with a smile. “Thanks to you.”

“No problem,” he mumbles. Silence settles over us, which makes me feel a bit embarrassed. I must surely look a mess: bedhead, morning breath made worse due to illness, my face feeling gross due to dried snot and drool, and clothes that feel dirty from sweat. Suddenly, I really want him to go away.

I open my mouth to politely ask him to leave so I can freshen up, but his voice interrupts me. “What did you mean by what you said before you fell asleep?” he asks, focusing on me intently, much to my discomfort.

“What are you talking about?” I ask in turn. Honestly, I can’t remember much from last night after falling asleep against Sollux. I remember him carrying me to bed, and giving me a yummy drink mixed with lemon and honey, but that’s it.

“You said the drink reminds you of me, and that’s why you love it,” he informs me. “What did you mean by that?”

Oh, oh no! My face erupts into a feverish blush as I realize what I had let slip. “Ah, well, um,” I stammer out, my heart pounding in my chest. With Sollux staring at me so intently, it’s very hard for me to think of a lie. It’s best if I just tell him and get it over with. Besides, I guess I would of told him someday, might as well now. “It’s warm, and sweet, and the tartness adds a special flavor to it,” I tell him slowly, shyly. “Much like you, and, well, I-I love you for it.”

“You love me?” he asks, as if he’s verifying my confession.  

“Yes,” I whisper, afraid to see his reaction.

“I didn’t think you’d love someone like me,” he mumbles, his gaze casted downwards. “You’re so bright, while I’m not. I’m filled with failure, screw ups, and doom follows me wherever I go. There’s nothing about me that’s sweet or warm.”

“That’s not true!” I cry with conviction. “You stayed with me all day yesterday and took care me of me, without me even asking. Whenever I’m in a jam, you always end up helping me, one way or another. And even though you don’t like it, you always listen to me when I need to complain or talk about my feelings. And I know you hate talking about feelings! You sacrifice so much for the sake of others, and if that doesn’t make you sweet and warm, then nobody can be sweet and warm.”

Sollux scoffs unbelievingly at my words. “Sure, when I go out of my way to avoid everyone and act like like a huge prick, I’m sweet,” he says sarcastically.

With a huge need to prove him wrong, I lean forward and wrap my arms around him in an embrace. “Guess what?” I breath into his ear. “I even love those traits about you. I find them endearing.” I giggle as I feel him stiffen up, taken by surprise. “Besides, what are we even debating about? I love you, and you can’t make me feel otherwise. But…how do you feel about me, Sollux?”

I can’t help but squeak in surprise when his own arms wrap around me, pressing me closer. “I guess I’d have to say I feel what humans call ‘love’ for you,” he tells me, his breath tickling my ear.

“Really?” I ask, finding it too good to be true.

“Really,” he tells me. “I’d kiss you, but your breath smells rancid.”

I laugh, amusement and slight disappointment mixing together. I pull away from his embrace, my eyes twinkling with love and mirth. “Well, you’ll just have to make up for it when I get better.”

“You better get better soon, then,” he replies with a small smirk.

“If you go get me some more of that lemon and honey drink, I might. Can you go make me some while I freshen up?”

“Geez, always ordering me around like I’m your slave,” he grumbles jokingly as he stands up. “Yes, master, I’ll go prepare it for you.” But before he leaves, he leans down and kisses me on the forehead.

“Thank you,” I reply with a warm smile, my fingers grazing the skin where he kissed me.

“Just a sample of what to expect,” he says smugly before exiting the room.  

I think honey and lemon blend perfectly together. To me, no matter how insecure he is, Sollux is perfect. I’m glad I have him to help me when I’m bedridden!


The End

How to clear your sinuses with a vibrator


It’s same basic principle as shaking a ketchup bottle or an earthquake triggering a mudslide.  You’re going to use vibration to turn a semi solid into a liquid.

If decongestants or antihistamines aren’t cutting it (or you can’t take them) and its too blocked for neti pot to get through, you can try using a vibrator.  

You’ll need:

  • a vibrating device of some sort. you can use butt end of an electric toothbrush or electric razor if needed. just be careful of moving parts
  • a washcloth and/or some type of covering for your device. whatever shape is appropriate
  • Tissue or handkerchief 
  • glass of water (you’ll be gargling)
  • Somewhere to spit afterward

Take off any facial jewelry or earrings.

Make sure your device is CLEAN. Now wrap it up.  You can use either a thinner wrapping or the washcloth. you may want both.

Turn it on. Open your mouth, and start by applying at point of jaw,below ear.  Now close your mouth and hold teeth together. If too intense, adjust setting OR wrap in another layer of washcloth.  Now run slowly along the grove behind ear, running to jawline. This MAY make your ears pop if they’re clogged. adjust speed/wrapping again if this seems too intense.

Now do the facial sinuses over eyes.  Go  slowly along forehead, above eyebrows, moving in towards nose. do both sides. again, adjust if it seems too intense

Now to the main event.  Have tissues handy! Put next to ear, by tragus and then slowly move along and slightly underneath the cheek bone, towards the nose. gently. don’t press hard.  Make sure NOT to go above the cheek bone and into the orbit of the eye. Go slowly along until you’re actually touching nose, then hold there for a few seconds.  Repeat and do other side.  

The last part tends to make me personally sneeze and then everything runs like mad. Blow nose and repeat until you feel like you’ve got everything flowing. 

Depending on what part was actually blocked and how your sinuses are tilted, it MAY run down back of throat instead of coming out nose. Gargle to clear out anything that may have gone down back.

If you like neti pots, you may want to follow up with the neti pot now that there’s a path for it to drain through.  

And make sure to clean up your tools afterward!  either throw out wrapping (if temporary) or throw it direct in the wash and then clean off your device.


  • if it actually HURTS at any point, STOP. You may have more serious issue than temporary congestion. If it just feels weird, adjust angle or setting and see if there’s a better one. Of you may want to try a different type of fabric that lets through more or less vibration.
  • If you device is oddly shaped, you may want to work in front of mirror so you don’t poke yourself in eye with sticky outey bits
  • If you find direct contact is too much no matter what you do, close your jaw and just run along mandible. You’ll still get some vibration of lower sinuses that way, but it will be much gentler than direct contact
  • If you have braces on your teeth, be careful not to go too low and  hit them through your upper lip. that may result in cut lip. be gentle.
  • If your ears are clogged, spend some more on step one behind the ear.  This may cause you to want to cough or yawn as stuff moves around. Try not to do it from front, by tragus, for too long as many devices are going to be unpleasantly (and possibly dangerously) loud in that position. Focus on jaw and neck instead.
  • BE GENTLE. don’t press too hard!


Japanese version is similar to the color scheme of Hoseok’s teaser after he takes the pills. In the Japanese version it appears that he is pouring the pills into a punch bowl filled with some type of liquid, probably liquor, because you can see little splashes. Its a parallel to when he pours the pills into the fire in INU, but of course fire would have destroyed the pills making them unusable. It appears they are making some type of hallucinogenic drink that is causing them to enter into this alternate world the same way Hoseok enters into a new world when he takes the pills. Also, when they show him shooting the arrow the arrow splashes through the water with paint splatters that are the same color as the ones on the wall of his teaser. During the Run video when they have the scene where Jungkook is sitting on the floor and the others are partying and drinking from the the red solo cups its possible they were drinking the same drink being mixed in BST Japanese versions. Which is why that scene seemed like a dream like scene with Jungkook being the only sober or not high one being disconnected from what is happening around him. Also, in Run when they pulled Jimin into the bathroom they are all drinking from the cups in that scene as well, but this time Jimin is the sober one. I think most of us have assumed that Hoseok was suffering from a depression and was taking the pills to cope, but maybe Hoseok has been purposefully abusing the pills and getting the others to partake too. The nature of all these videos suggest that they are supposed to be misfits that purposefully get into trouble. Maybe he wasn’t in a mental institution, but a drug rehab facility. When he collapsed on the bridge maybe his parents or whoever is guardian was finally made aware of his addiction and took him to rehab to rid him of his addiction. Think about the fact that the pulls poured into his room in his teaser. There was an excessive amount of pills that would be symbolic of overconsumption or abuse of the substance not taking pill in its intended way. He takes just one that would suggest he is finally not taking more than necessary and coping with the addiction. Then at the end of his teaser he eats a Snickers. Some people who are battling addiction end up substituting other things like swets for the substance that they are abusing.

This is all over the place, but hopefully makes sense.


[opening image description: a glass jar against a white background, stoppered with a large cork, filled with pastel-coloured orbeez/water beads layered in rainbow order from the base to the cork: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. The edge of the same bottle, larger, has been photoshopped in the viewer’s top-right-hand corner of the screen; text between the two bottles reads “air freshener orbeez” in blue, rainbow and black type. Emoji of a smiling face with heart eyes and a pink heart decorate the screen above the orbeez jar.]

Video Tutorial - Scented Orbeez Jar, Cute Life Hacks

This is a pretty easy tutorial for making a decorative jar filled with orbeez/water beads coloured with food colouring and fragranced with a mix of water and scented hand soap or shampoo. Anything scented and liquid that can be blended with water and used to swell the water beads should work.

(Note that most of these products have artificial scents, which may be a problem for some stimmers.)

I can see this being really good for keeping a home-decor-styled scented item on your desk or bedside table, anywhere easy for a stimmer to grab the jar, remove the lid and breathe in. The smell will fade if stored in an open jar or bowl, but can be refreshed by re-soaking the beads in scented water.

You can get clear water beads on eBay–this listing has a pack of 1000 for $0.79 USD with free shipping.


  • Glass jar
  • Clear water beads/orbeez
  • Food colouring and toothpick for delivering the colour
  • Scented hand soap or shampoo
  • Water
  • Bowls or plastic containers for preparing the water beads

Video has auto-generated closed captions in English and moderate background music.

All I Wanted Was Your Honesty - Barry Allen pt. 2

Summary : After being kidnapped by Cold and Golden Glider and using your powers for one of the very first times causes you to pass out and Barry brings you to S.T.A.R. Labs to get you checked out and to make sure you’re okay. 

Word count : 2012

warnings : nudeyness, that’s all.

N/A : I really need people to send me in requests or writing ideas because I honestly don’t know what to write about. part one - here

Barry’s p.o.v.

I ran as fast as I could with Y/n in my arms. She was out cold, her hands were blue, purple, and swollen. I blinked quickly, getting the tears out of my eyes.

She was like this because of me, because I didn’t tell her my secret. Maybe if I had she wouldn’t have left and she would still be with me, but not like this.

I ran Y/n into the lab, putting her on a bed and yelling out for Caitlin and Cisco. Caitlin ran in, her mouth opening into an ‘o’ form of surprise. 

“What the hell happened to her?” She asked. Barry shook her head.

“I just..Cold kidnapped her and she has..powers. She’s a meta.” I said. Caitlin gently picked up each of Y/n’s broken hands. 

“Jesus, all of the bones in her hands up to her wrists are broken.” She looks up at me. “What exactly are her powers?” I shrug, rubbing the back of my head.

“She can create energy waves, like earthquakes.” She raises an eyebrow. “I know, weird.”

Caitlin puts in an IV while Cisco tries to work up a device that will quickly heal Y/n’s broken bones. I covered my mouth, just wanting to cry out and apologize for everything that has happened to her. 

Your p.o.v.

Everything hurts, especially my hands. I could hear some talking, and I knew the voices but one particular one; Barry’s. 

I moved my head to the side, groaning at the sudden burst of pain in my head. “Where…am..I?” I groaned out lowly, my voice hoarse and my throat scratchy.

“Y/n…hey, hey you’re at STAR Labs, you’re okay. You’re safe.” Barry’s voice said softly, caressing your arm. You squint, the pain making your vision blurry. “How are you feeling?” He asks, watching your movements intensely.

“Broken..” You mutter. Right as you say that Caitlin, Cisco, Iris, and Joe walk in.

“That’s because you have two bruised ribs, a mild concussion, and all of your bones in both of your hands are either fractured or broken severely.” Caitlin says, giving you a sympathetic look. “But, Cisco is working on something to help heal your injuries quickly. Barry strokes your hair lightly and you try to move away the best you possibly can. He frowned and put his hands by his side. 

“Just stay here and don’t move around so much, okay? Cisco will have whatever he’s working on done soon.” She nods and leaves you and Barry alone, but you don’t even want to look at him, you were still so angry at him.

“Baby, please look at me. How many times do I have to apologize for not telling you my secret? I was just trying to keep you safe, and now I know that not telling you put you in more danger than telling you.” He says, his voice breaking a couple of times.

“I don’t know Bar, it’s just..I thought that we could tell each other everything, and you proved to me that we can’t.” You looked down, your hands were wrapped in a brace, trying not to prevent them from being any more damaged than they already are. 

“You can’t say that to me, Y/n. You didn’t tell me that you had powers either!” You laugh dryly, the laugh turning into a bad cough from how dry your throat was. 

“I hinted at it several times, Barry. You just never got it, you were all tied up in your own little universe.” Barry shook his head.

“I thought you were talking about someone else! How was I supposed to know that you were hinting at yourself?” You looked down and you felt his hand on your bicep. You weren’t in the mood for all this fighting so you just let him lay his hand there. “I’m sorry, Y/n. I love you, I really do love you, and I’m still so sorry that I didn’t tell you.” He moves his hand up to your cheek and you lean against it, letting the pad of his thumb run over your cheek bone.

“I love you too, Bar, I’ll always love you.” You both smile. Tears dripping slowly from both of your guys’ eyes. 

Originally posted by gustinfucker

After a few minutes Cisco walks in with a pair of gloves, almost like gauntlets. 

“Here ya go, put these gloves on and pulses will start to go through them and start to heal your fractures. You smile at Cisco, Barry takes the gloves. 

“Thank you, Cisco, this means a lot to me.” He nods, smiling softly. Barry gently takes off the braces, and puts on the new ones. You wince and Barry mumbles a sorry, trying to be as careful as possible with your fragile hands. He gets them on and slowly put your hands in your lap.

“So, now that we know you have powers, how do you feel about joining Team Flash?” Caitlin asks, not being able to help the smile that was spreading across her face. I raise my eyebrows and then look at Barry.

“I mean if I can learn to use my powers properly without hurting myself, I’m okay with it? I already know how to fight, shoot a gun and any other weapon.” I shrug. They all look at me with yet another surprised look on they’re faces.

“When did you learn to do all of that?” Cisco asks. 

“After the Accelerator explosion I went to Star City, and I may or may not have come in contact with Team Arrow?” Barry laughs a little, thinking you’re joking but then realizing you weren’t joking.

“Oh, wow. And when exactly were you going to tell me this?”

“I don’t know, when were you going to tell me that-” Caitlin cut you off with her hands being thrown in the air.

“Let’s not argue, okay? Y/n, you need to heal, so sleep and we’ll be here okay?” You nod, and Caitlin and Cisco leave, going to a different room. Barry kisses your temple and starts to walk off, but you reach out for his hand.

“Please don’t leave me, Bar. I can’t sleep without you by my side.” He turns around and nods. He speeds off, then coming back in sweats and and a sweatshirt. He gently moves you over just enough to where you two can sleep on the small, uncomfortable hospital bed. 

After three weeks of your fractures healing completely, Cisco, Caitlin, and Barry insisted on you trying to use your powers again, but not at such a high rate this time.

You stood in the bunker under STAR Labs, punching bags and glasses full of water in different parts of the large area. 

“Okay, now all you have to do is aim your energy waves at the bag -not the glass- but the bag, with as much force as you can possibly give.” Cisco says as they walk to a protective area where they were pretty sure they couldn’t get hurt. You took in a deep breathe and raise your hands, trying to force out as much energy as you possibly could. 

The force of power pushed you back, sending you falling onto your ass. You groan but look up, the punching bag on the ground, spewing out sand from the inside. You smile to yourself and look at your friends (and boyfriend) from the glass mirror. “Did I do good?” You ask, slowly getting to your feet. They all nod, Barry smiles, obviously very proud of you. Him and the others walk out to where the glasses full of water were and you stand with them, giving them a confused look.

“What am I going to be doing with wine glasses full of water?” You question, looking over at Cisco.

“Okay, so you know how when these glasses filled with some type of liquid and someone runs their finger tips over the edge and it makes a sound?” You nod, a signal for him to continue. “That is what you will be doing, but without touching it.” You raise an eyebrow.

“You think I can actually do that?” You laugh a little and then feel Barry’s hand on your shoulder. 

“I know you can.” He kisses your cheek, then steps back a little. You pop your shoulders and then hold out your hands once again, making the water in the glass vibrate and create somewhat of a high pitched noise. You smile to yourself and move your hand slowly, each of the glasses giving off a different frequency. “There you go babe, see I told you you could do this.” You get to the last glass, the sound much higher than the others, causing it to shatter. You jump back slightly, along with everyone else.

“Well, now we know that you’re getting used to this and you’re controlling your powers.” Caitlin says, very happy with your improvements. You smile and walk over to Barry, his arms instantly wrapping around your lower abdomen. 

“Can we go home now? I really want to sleep and take a shower.” You whisper to Barry, looking up at him  through your eyelashes. He nods and kisses the top of your head.

“We’re gonna head on home, just call us if you need anything.” Barry says. Caitlin and Cisco nod, the two occupied with cleaning up the glass and talking about your progress. You and Barry walk back to the Cortex, him scooping you up in his arms and pressing his forehead to yours. You giggle, wrapping your arms around his neck. He super speeds home, the entire time you keep your mouth and eyes shut, squealing as the wind passed over your face. 

Barry got you two back to the apartment safely, setting you on the ground gently and then opening the door to your home. You walk in and head straight to the bathroom so you could shower. He follows, sitting on the counter as you wipe off all of your makeup from today. A smile never leaves his face as he watches you. You turn and look at him, raising an eyebrow.

“What, Allen?” You tease, using his last name as you speak. He shrugs and smiles.

“Nothing, I just don’t know how I ended up with such a beautiful girlfriend.” You blush and then start to undress yourself. You and Barry had seen each other naked plenty of times, so you felt normal changing around him. You turn so your back is facing him and you pull your hair to the side. 

“Can you unclip this for me please?” You ask, to lazy and tired to do it yourself. In a second its off and you shiver, the cold causing goosebumps on your bare chest. You get into the shower, Barry following suit. You two washed yourself in silence, a peaceful silence and not an awkward silence. After you’re done washing up you just stand against Barry, your arms wrapped around his back as you two sit under the water. There was no heated make out session, no sex, just peaceful silence with the two of you.

When the water finally ran cold you two jumped out, Barry pulling on sweats and you pulling on spanks and one of his t-shirts. You climbed into bed, Barry pulling you into his arms and holding you close.

“I love you, Bar. I hope you know that.” You whisper, pressing a gentle kiss to his exposed collar bone. He nod and raises your head a little, his thumb and index finger lifting your chin.

“And I love you, don’t ever forget that.” He connects his lips to yours, your mouths melting together in a slow, yet passionate kiss. He pulls away to catch his breathe and you smile softly.

“All I ever wanted was your honesty.” You whisper softly.

“And that’s what you’ll get, I promise.”


Pokémon in our Biomes pt. 8: Xeric Shrubland

I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypothetical thinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found in the world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble. 

EDIT: I decided to change this post from Deserts to Xeric Shrubland.

This post will be on the Xeric Shrublands, which are a type of desert that encompass a large portion of all the deserts in the world. In the map below, the darker yellow portions represent xeric shrublands.

About one fifth of the earth is covered in some form of a desert. Generally, all kinds of deserts have one common feature: they are dry. Although cold deserts technically have water in the winter, it is not in liquid form. Most cold deserts have very cool winters and evenings, and usually produce a fine layer of frost or snow over the sand and shrubs. In this post, we will be focusing on xeric shrublands, which are common images that we see when we picture the Australian outback, or the deserts in central U.S.A. Usually containing some plant life due to slightly cooler temperatures at night that allow for some rainfall, xeric shrublands are home to many different grass, cacti, and bush species, as well as countless invertebrates, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Pretty much all of these species in the real world burrow into the cool earth during the day to avoid he scorching surface of the sand or rocks. 

Let’s get started!

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