water on window panes

One day, one rhyme- Day 793

Water drops on a window pane
Like rain soldiers on a campaign
Heading towards some common goal,
A continuous downward role
Leaving behind faint water trails.
Against water, the glass prevails,
Stands strong through the heaviest storm
A triumph of its fragile form.
The vanquished droplets are now found
In growing puddles on the ground,
While smaller indoor counterparts
Are forming from our breaking hearts.
Ever turbulent salty seas
No match for lifeboat memories,
And so those of us that are left
Still afloat, albeit bereft,
Can know the window will remain
For when the sun while shine again.

In loving memory of Andrew John Monteith 1933-2016

Though you go where I cannot follow, I will someday.


Imagine you went to Hogwarts in 1974 and you end up finding Tom Riddle`s diary when you started to write in it, the two of you oddly ended up opening up to each other.

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Rain drops streamed down the glass pane as the water pellets hit the window. It was a lonely day, nearly everyone was at Hogsmead but you couldn’t get permission to go so you found a silent, peaceful spot to wait out the afternoon. Feeling the sudden need to talk to someone, anyone, you pulled you bag onto the stone ledge you sat on and pulled a black leather diary with brass embellishments on the corners and the name Tom Marvlo Riddle pressed into the back.

Pulling out your quill and a small glass jar of ink you opened the book to the front page, which was still blank even though you had written on it several times.

Tom are you there? You wrote and waited eagerly as the inky reply appeared across the page.


You could tell by his one word answers that he might be a little upset you hadn’t contacted him in a while, maybe because the last time you did you felt a little foggy on the mind, like your body wasn’t entirely your own.

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while. You Scratched across the page hesitantly and watched the ink sink in. A few moments later a slightly longer message appeared

Why haven’t you?

You bit your lip and decided to tell the truth and dipped the tip of the quill into the ink and replies, I was afraid.

Afraid of what?

I don’t know…

There was a pause.

Are you afraid now?

Swallowing hard you shook your head and wrote.


You paused a moment before adding on

I’m Lonely

Tom replied almost instantly, Why are you lonely?

Everyone has gone, I don’t know but….

You paused and the ink began to sink in before you could stop it. there was a heavily delay of replies and slowly a new message appeared that lifted you heart a little.

It’s okay, what do you want to talk about?

You smiled and little and dipped you quill in the ink.

What’s it like were you are?


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Fandom: The Hobbit (?)

Pairing: Bard x Wife!Reader

Word Count: 1090

Warning: Maybe a bit of sad fluff? 

Notes: I am having mad Bard x Wife!Reader feels right now, so please forgive me if my future posts reflect that. :p I hope you kinda enjoy it? I dunno, it’s kinda sad…not really. Kinda? :p

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It was raining outside. Water-drops running down the window pane.

“Do you want me to get something special for after dinner, love?”, he asked, “I’ll be running to the groceries. I forgot … “. He paused.

“What did you forget, baby?”

“I forgot what I forgot. Damn”, he answered.

She started to giggle “I love you”, she said.

“That is what you say now”, he replied, “But later, while we’re preparing dinner, and you have no butter… Butter! That was it. Butter. I forgot to buy butter.”

She bursted out laughing. She laughed so hard that she dropped the still half-filled cup of coffee, which shattered on the floor, spilling coffee everywhere.

“See”, she said, wiping the tears of laughter out of her eyes, “I’m not perfect either”

He looked at her, then at the mess on the floor. His eyes started to wander through the living room they were in. He became quiet when he realized the huge brown coffee stains on the new white sofa.

The expression on his face changed.

“I’m sorry”, she whispered. “I… I’ll go clean it up”, she said, and tried to rush to the kitchen.

He grabbed her by the arm when she was about to pass him. His voice was calm, assertive, and deadly serious when he looked into her scared face.

“I don’t want perfect”, he said, “I never wanted perfect. All I want is you. Always you. I wanted you before you were born. I wanted you before I was born. I wanted you since the beginning of time. Now go, get your coat. We’re going for a walk.”

She was about to grab her umbrella when he just shook his head and opened the door for her.

It was raining outside. Water-drops running down their faces, washing the makeup off hers. And she was more beautiful than ever before.

- She


Remind Me (an Olicity songfic: Part II) (Part I: Easy)

(Word Count: 3,431 )(Rated T)(less angst, more rom/com)(I highly recommend listening to the song, it really sets the tone)

Oliver stared at the black lettering against the light blue text bubble. He read it once, twice, so many times he lost count. He’d take a sip of his watered down cocktail, replace it to the marble surface, and pull his phone out once again just to make sure he hadn’t imagined it.

“I’ll always be your girl, Oliver.”

In the distance thunder rolled and small droplets of water started to hit the large glass window panes of the ballroom.

At first he was so excited, but the longer he kept re-reading the text, the more he started to doubt himself. Maybe she hadn’t meant it the way he interpreted it. To be fair, when he’d said those words to her several years ago, he had been in a relationship with someone else. He hadn’t allowed himself to realize their weight. Saying it had been as natural to him as breathing.

He had to know for sure. He didn’t want to make assumptions, and he definitely didn’t want to make her uncomfortable with unwarranted attention. God, he hoped she meant it the way he thought she did. The last seven months without her had left him with a deep yearning. He wasn’t drowning without her, not like he thought he would…but he wasn’t really living either. Without a second thought he was on his feet in search of the source, in search of her.

By the time he had made it outside, the droplets had turned into a relentless downpour. He ignored it and hailed a cab, already having dismissed his driver for the evening.

Within ten minutes he was staring up at her new place. She had only been there a month or two, and outside of escorting her home on a few late nights, he hadn’t had the privilege of being invited in. He had watched her though, numerous times through the large windows of her second floor balcony. He only ever did it on those nights when it seemed like the scars left by Darhk cut a little deeper. He just didn’t want her to be alone.

He could see at least a couple of lights on, so he didn’t hesitate to ascend the steps to her townhome. His heart pounded as he got closer and closer to her front door, each step up his legs becoming heaving and heavier.

Perhaps he was about to make a fool out of himself, but that was the point though, right? That was the sacrifice you make when you’re ready to fight for somebody.

And oh, was he ready to fight.

As he reached her door, he tugged his phone out once more and stared at her text. Rather than knocking right away, he chose another course of action. He decided to text her.

“Hi. You busy?”

Within a few seconds, his phone vibrated.

“Nope, unless you count making love to a bowl of mint chip, :) .”

At that he smiled thinking about the countless nights spent together on the couch eating ice cream while watching movies. He wanted that back so bad. Oliver counted to ten, then took a deep breath and knocked on her door.

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yoonmin rainy day au

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rated e for everyone already kno it gonna be angst right
word count: 815 
for milkt-ea and sayjjanhae cause ur both yoonmin trash LOL 

Yoongi loves the rain.

There’s something about it that soothes him, the streaks of water against the great paned windows that line the walls of his entire house (does it ever get lonely, living by yourself? Sometimes, yeah–) like almost-words that form almost-letters. He likes to think that they’re letters from the sky, about why it cries so much, and sometimes, Yoongi wonders if they’re happy tears because nothing can be that sad all the time, right?

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