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The signs as Renuzit™ air freshener scents

Aries: Spiced Cider

Taurus: Orchid Petals

Gemini: Pumpkin Patch

Cancer: After the Rain

Leo: Purely Peach

Virgo: Tahitian Breeze

Libra: Hawaiian Sunset

Scorpio: Super Odor Killer Original

Sagittarius: Fresh Lavender

Capricorn: Alluring Lavender

Aquarius: Sapphire Waters

Pisces: Seductive Pineapple

Three Birds -- a modern godstuck dave/dirk jamboree

100 million thanks to littleplantman for letting me write fic of their fantastic au (CLICK THAT LINK YOU SHALL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED) and for not getting annoyed with me for pestering them with questions endlessly. i’m sorry it’s so shitty and that the end is so lame and OH BOY OK HERE INTERNET ENJOY

quick plot summary: dave is the modern god of urban birds, and dirk’s a lonely schmuck who likes feeding pigeons, and the pigeons like dirk so much that dave’s maybe just a little bit fuckin jealous

This morning, Dirk decides, is most assuredly a blessed and fortuitous morning, because this morning a huge mangy albino crow has chosen to leave a dead mouse on his radiator.

An omen of good fucking tidings, if ever he’s seen one.

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Heretics Walk the Streets

Ware, faithful child of Ishgard:

When chaos and uncertainty reign, all manner of fearful tales are wont to spread, and difficult it may be to sort the sensible warnings from the baseless hysteria.

Mayhap you, pious child, have heard rumor of heretics walking the streets in unprecedented numbers, so embolded by the turn of recent events that they have no fear of conducting their business in plain daylight. Some say that heresy now prefers the capital and grows faster and more weedlike in Saint Reymanaud’s shadow than it ever did when exiled to the corners of Coerthas.

Not all the rumors spread in these troubled times have basis in truth, but this one, alas, has fact as foundation.

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Montana has released a whole line of low-odor, water based, eco-friendly spray paint. I’m so stoked on this. Hopefully I can make the full switch and exclusively use this stuff in the future.