water marble rings


water marble nail polish jewellery :)

something I’ve been working on recently. I needed a few quick gift ideas for friends and as I don’t have any ‘fascinating’ polishes (duo/multichromes, holos etc.) I thought I’d try water marbling some jewellery as I’d never seen it done before :) & i think they turned out alright!

now i’m curious lovely followers so I have a question for you all: if you saw something like these in a shop/on sale would you buy them?


Models Own Purple Blue, Pinky Brown and Golden Green water marble ring.

And that’s enough nail polish jewellery spam for the night! Hope you guys like ;)

If anyone has any comments about these, please let me know; I would love to hear your feedback. I think my marbling seems to be improving, wish I could say the same for my nail art in general!