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love thy neighbor (1)

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characters: jungkook x reader, jimin 

genre: smut, fluff, angst(?)

warnings: language, roughness, smut, oral, mxm references, 

Jeon Jungkook was a pain in your ass but, you would never wish the crushing pain of heartbreak on anyone.

a/n: basically,, u live in an apartment. jungkook lives above u and is loud and annoying. then things happen. i’ve been working on this one for a whileee and i’m actually proud of it so i hope u guys like it :)) there are TWO parts idk when two is being posted but im working!! leave me feedback plz

Your right eye seemed to be twitching again—the second time within an hour. Your fingers harshly dug into the side of your phone, putting your volume as high as it could go. The soothing beats and vocals from your favorite artist—that seemed to always get you through your all nighters—did nothing to block out the loud footsteps and steady tempo from above you. You groaned, slamming your pencil down on top of your notebook, a few flashcards scattering from the impact.

As often as this happened you still couldn’t get used to it. The college aged boy living above you seemed to always have enough energy to run a marathon—which is what you expected he did during his free time—always stomping around and blasting a mixture of music ranging in different genres.

The first time you were disturbed by his loud music and heavy feet was a week after you moved into the cozy apartment. You were trying to catch a nap after hours of unpacking but every time your eyes closed, a booming bass would force them open. After an internal debate with yourself, you marched upstairs, banging on the door like a madwoman. When the door swung open, you weren’t expecting a man so handsome to answer.

You could recall that day so well. He was wearing a white tee—something you noticed he wore quite often— blue jeans and had a pair of bright neon socks covering his feet. His eyes were large and a warm mocha brown, almost distracting you from the sweet bunny smile plastered on his face.

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Cherish It - Poe Dameron Imagine

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: mentions of death, nightmares, mourning

Summary: Poe and you have been together for two years, and missions were a part of his daily life. You had accepted it. The last one he mentioned but never told you how long it would take. It had been two weeks. Were you overreacting?

Word Count: 3133

You did it! You finished another simulated mission with minimal damage to the ship and the task completed with more than two minutes to spare. “A new record!” your supervisor told you and patted you on the back. “You deserve it.”

You nodded. “Well, I worked to get this far.”

“Where are you going?”

You looked around. You groaned. Again. Usually, at this time, you’d go to Poe’s room and tell him about what you did in training. However, Poe had been on a mission for the last two weeks, and it blew your schedule out of the water. You jogged back to your supervisor. “Sorry. Habit.”

Your supervisor hummed with raised eyebrows. “How long have you two been together?”

You blushed. “Uh, I believe it’s been almost two years.”


“Thanks.” You giggled. People must have thought the two of you were crazy. For two years you’ve been together, and every time one of you hears the other’s name you still blush like first loves.

Over the speakers, a voice announced, “Starfighter Unit-” and was interrupted by the clamor of people racing to the loading bay.

“Wait, what unit?” you asked.

Your supervisor shrugged.

You shook your head and ran to the landing bay. Maybe that was Poe’s unit. Maybe he was back from his top secret mission. He was a brilliant pilot, one of the best. General Organa even said so. He should be-

There were many starfighters of different sorts. One was missing, but the pilot was secure at another base from what you heard. You stared at one of the ships. What unit was it? Maybe it was his.


You tore your gaze from the empty ship. “Oh, Myung, how are you?” You peeked over his shoulder.

Myung looked behind him and sighed. “It’s not his unit, you know?”

You stomped your foot and cursed under your breath.

The man laughed. “You know Poe’s coming back.” He wrapped an arm around your shoulder and led you away from the loading bay.

You sighed. “It’s been two weeks. What could he possibly be doing?”

Your friend smiled. “Poe Dameron always comes back. You know, as he always says-”

“I can fly anything, anytime, anywhere and be back before you notice I’m gone,” you both finished. Myung continued, “Tell me again how exactly you fell for the most egotistical pilot in the Resistance.”

“No clue.” You poked Myung in the chest. “Tell me again how exactly you became the best friend of the most egotistical pilot and,” you puffed out your chest, “the best student pilot of the Resistance.”

Myung raised an eyebrow. “Who’s the student pilot?”

You elbowed Myung, and the two of you laughed. However, your laughter was cut short. A man in uniform and a march in his step approached the two of you. His eyes softened at the sight of you, even though you didn’t recognize him. He told Myung, “Lieutenant Joon, you are needed for a mission briefing. Results have come back.”

Myung nodded and gave you a quick hug. “I’ll see you later. May the force be with you.”

“May the force be with you, Myung.”

With one last look at the field, you started back to your training. You were one of the most dedicated students. Many said that if it weren’t for protocol, you’d be a pilot already. It was mostly, because, in times of war, you didn’t really have much to do besides training. You trained after hours and before. When in doubt, you were training.

You didn’t even notice two hours had passed until you saw Myung pass by. And he looked horrible. He looked sick. His skin was pale and you could see the bluish veins on his forehead. He was wringing his hands so fast that you were sure his skin would shed if he continued. His eyes were so focused on the ground, he didn’t even look up when you tapped him on the shoulder.


He jerked and grabbed your wrist and stepped to the side, ready to throw your over.

You’ve sparred with him before, so you easily evaded the attack by kicking him in the back of the knee so he lost his balance. You pushed him down to the floor by the shoulder. “Myung!”

He stared at you and gulped. “Sorry, (Y/n). I-” He stuttered.

You held out a hand for him to grab and helped him up. You rubbed his shoulder. “Are you ok?”

Myung nodded frantically. “Yeah. I’m good. I’m fine.” He shuddered a little. Once his eyes met yours, he quickly looked away. “Uh, sorry. And thanks for, uh, helping me.” He glanced around. “I’ve gotta go.”

You pulled him back. “Myung,” your tone dropped and you suddenly had the voice of a general, “what happened?”

He shook his head, his eyes glazing over with fear. Fear of what? You didn’t know. It could’ve been a load of things, really. Despite having a low status as Lieutenant, he still had a title. They told him the most general things that they kept away from the public. Where the Resistance would strike next, what information was still needed, and such. However, most news like that never struck fear into Myung so immensely. The only thing that would…

Your eyes widened in realization. “Myung, where’s Poe?” It all made sense. Poe was sent on a mission he didn’t tell you about, meaning it was classified or so simple it didn’t require a description. Either way, two weeks for such a mission was unheard of. He would’ve told you if it was that long. He would’ve!

Where could he be? If it was a simple mission, he could be stranded on a planet with no resources and just needed to be picked up by another pilot. But, that couldn’t be possible. Myung wouldn’t be so pale. No, it was more dangerous than that. Poe was missing or confirmed to be taken by the First Order.

Both possibilities made you paler than Myung. Your skin iced over in less than a second. You dropped Myung’s hand and held a hand over your mouth as the inevitable cries washed over you.

Myung reached out to you. “Nothing’s confirmed-”

“When was he supposed to be here?” you choked out.

Myung gulped. He stared at his hands and said, “Now, the mission could just be taking longer. Poe could still-”

“When, Myung?!”

Your best friend muttered with wide eyes like he didn’t want to hear it himself, “The mission should’ve taken a day, (Y/n). He has made no contact for more than 300 hours.”

Your chest clenched and suffocated your lungs. Something was crushing your lungs, and your heart was crying to be let out. You staggered down the hall until a wall stopped you from going any further.

Poe was supposed to have been here, at the base, safe and with you, two weeks ago. The mission was so simple. What could’ve gone wrong? Several things really. He could be stranded and with no resources or communications. He could be hiding on a First Order planet with a damaged ship. Worst of all, he could’ve been taken by the First Order. He could be tortured or…

You whined right into your hand. You didn’t even notice you had leaned against the wall and fell down to the floor until your tears hit the floor which was way closer than you thought.

Myung was right by your side. He hugged you as close as he could. “We don’t know what happened. He could just be recovering-”

“No one disappears for that long.” You shivered, for even the warmth of your best friend couldn’t make your skin less cold. “One week, Myung. They give pilots one week!” You gulped. “They’re not even looking for him.”

Myung gulped. “There’s no confirmation-”

“He’s gone in the eyes of the Resistance!” you yelled. “If you don’t come back in a week from your deadline, you’re considered gone, Myung! He’s-” You stopped. You pressed your palms against your eyes and tried to staunch your tears. You couldn’t even say it. You couldn’t say what inevitably must have happened. You couldn’t believe it. The best pilot in all galaxies, the pilot who stole your heart and gladly gave you his in return, the man you loved was… He was…

News spread and soon everyone was looking at you and Myung with pity in their eyes and whispers of the tragedy. You didn’t want to hear them or look at them or feel their eyes on you, so you stayed in the silence and privacy of your own room. You had passed by his room first, but you couldn’t even look at it without gasping and crying. Your room was a tad better. The room didn’t smell like him, but the pillow he used when he was in your room did. The closet wasn’t filled with his clothes, but there were a few sweaters and shirts that you had kept that glared at you every time you open your closet. Both rooms had pictures of you and him, so neither was better at that.

He was a ghost, a phantom, in your room and his, and you forgot to breathe sometimes.

Myung came by sometimes. His eyes had bags under them, and his hands were always shaking. But, he came to give you food. The two of you would eat in silence while he wrote reports and scanned reports and authorized reports. He was never seen without his files and tablets and pencils in his sleeves.

You were never seen out of your room. You had sobbed and wailed so much the first day that you got tired of crying and fell asleep. Your dreams were filled with him and precious memories so real that you believed he was still in the base. When you woke up in the evening, tears soaked your pillow, and it reminded you of why you cried. Reality caught up, and your dreams were false. You cried again.

It became a cycle of crying, nibbling, dreaming, and repeating. The dreams were more like nightmares. You were losing hope every time you woke up.

One day, you were staring at the wall when a fight had started outside. There was banging and scuffling, and it gave you a headache. You threw your head back and tried your best to tune it out. But, since… since that happened, your patience grew thinner and thinner.

You stomped out of your bed and opened your door. “Hey! Some of us need to mourn, so excuse me if I wanted some peace and quiet!” You heaved and tears burned your eyes again. You wiped your tears and glared at the culprits.

There was a doctor with a small flashlight and bandages tucked in his belt. The other man, however, was Poe, the very Poe you lost more than three weeks before. He was disheveled. His eyes looked tired, and a bruise was forming on his cheek. There were multiple cuts on his face, and there was something obviously wrong with his left leg for his weight was all on his right. Usually, in your little nightmares, he was either well or dead, never in between.

Poe stared at you. You looked horrible. Your eyes were red. Your skin was as pale as paper. Veins decorated your skin like blue chains. You were leaning against the wall, too. Obvious signs of sleep deprivation and maybe even hunger. Guilt stabbed him in the gut. This was all his doing. If he had been more careful…

“No.” You stumbled over your feet and fell to the floor. You shut your eyes and clutched your hair. “No, come on. Wake up, (Y/n). Wake up. It’s not real. It’s not real. Just another nightmare. Another nightmare is all.” You kept on chanting those phrases to yourself.  Poe was gone. You knew it. It had been three weeks, and he wasn’t coming back. You’d just wake up and feel even worse, so you had to wake up now.

“(Y/n)!” Poe shoved the doctor away and limped to you. “(Y/n), hey, it’s ok.” He reached out to brush your hair from your face.

You slapped the hand away. “No! You’re not real!” You heaved. “No, I can’t take it. Not another time. Not again. Please.” Your voice dropped to a ghost of a whisper, “Wake up, (Y/n), please.”

Poe reached out again. “(Y/n)-”


He wiped his tears. “Come on, (Y/n).” Poe hugged you to his chest and avoided your poorly aimed punches. “(Y/n), it’s me. It’s really me.”

You pounded your fists against his chest and tried pushing against his chest. However, it was no use. His warmth enveloped you, and you felt whole again. The familiar lightness and giddiness bubbled in your stomach, no matter how much you told it not to. You continued to throw your own punched at him. Right. Left. Right again.

But it was tiring. Not long after, your muscles were tired, and you couldn’t lift them without difficulty. Your body relaxed, and each curve fit exactly into his body. Two pieces of a puzzle finally joined and connected, never to be taken apart.

You sobbed. “No, it’s not real,” you whispered. You clenched your fists and scooted as much away from him as you could.

Poe pulled you in tighter. He kissed the top of your head and continued to brush his fingers through your hair. He gulped before asking, “Casanova, how can you tell if you’re dreaming?”

You froze. You hadn’t heard that nickname, let alone that question. Poe asked you that many times after a certain mission. He had come home unconscious. When he finally woke up, he was scared to sleep. He would rush to your room, for his dreams were always set on base, and ask you if he was dreaming. He’d ask you how he could tell he was dreaming.

You shook your head. “Uh, count fingers.” You stared at your hands. There were ten like they should be.

Poe held your hands and tapped each of your fingers gently. You blushed before you could stop yourself.

“Ok,” Poe smiled a brilliant smile, “ten fingers. What else?”

When he looked at you like that, words escaped your brain. His eyes were beautiful and comforting, like the cup of coffee you usually got. How is it even possible that someone with a bruise on his cheek and cuts on his forehead could still smile like the sun shines?

Poe laughed a little. “Casano-o-ova,” he sang a bit. “How else?”

“Right, uh, if I can read the same thing twice… and it doesn’t change.”

Poe pointed at his uniform. “What does it say?”

“It says, ‘Poe Dameron.’” Tears brimmed in your eyes.

He nodded. Poe brushed your hair behind your ear. “Good, you’re doing amazing, my Casanova. Now, read it one more time.”

You laughed and smiled. “Poe Dameron.” It was him. It had to be. How could a figment of your imagination be like this? So breath-takingly considerate?

“Ok, almost done. One more test, ok? You remember?”

You nodded. “Breathing even though your nose and mouth are covered.” You licked your lips. “Yeah, that’s it. Breathing when you have no way of-”

Poe was suddenly really close to you. His forehead rested against yours, and his hands were tangled in your hair. “You wanna plan this together?”

You giggled. He was real. He really was real. “Yeah.”

“So, I can cover your mouth. Try covering your nose?”

You reached out and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Good plan.” You pressed your lips against his. Tingles ran down your spine and right to your feet. His warmth, his scent, his lips were so familiar and comforting. It was like drinking a nice glass of water after a hearty and rich meal. It was refreshing, and it was home.

When Poe pulled away, he was smiling like he had won the war against the First Order. He tapped your nose. “You didn’t cover your nose, Casanova.”

With all the buzzing in your head, the only word you could say was, “Nope.”

Poe rubbed your cheek. He kissed you again. “You could be dreaming.”

“No,” you shook your head, “I couldn’t dream this up.” You ran your finger down his wounds. His many wounds. The memories of the last few weeks, the emptiness, the mourning, the pain, filled your thoughts. “You were dead. What happened to you?” You shot up to a kneeling position so you could be slightly taller than he was. You turned his head to examine the bruise. “Poe-”

“I’m so sorry. I should’ve been more careful. They knew I was coming. They caught me for a while, but I escaped. And I was stranded somewhere and next thing I know-”

“Hey, I’ll scold you for whatever you did later.” You kissed his forehead, carefully avoiding the cuts. “Right now, you need the med bay.” You pulled him up from the ground and wrapped his arm around your shoulder so you could support some of his weight. You muttered his catch-phrase, “I fly this, that, there, and be back before you notice I’m gone.” You scoffed. “Before I notice. Psh!”

Poe laughed a little. “You’re gonna kill me, aren’t you, Casanova?”

“Mhm. As long as Myung doesn’t kill you first.”

Poe cursed under his breath.

It had been a month since Poe had risen from the dead. You and Myung were by his side every step of the way. General Organa even stopped by sometimes.

You were watching Myung help Poe in physical therapy.

“Congratulations, Pilot,” the general greeted you.

You jerked. “General! Thank you.” You turned your attention to Myung and Poe.

General Organa stood next to you. “He has a strong heart, that man.”

You sighed. “That he does, General.”

“I take it you’re the reason for that, Ms. (Y/l/n).”

You gasped. The room got a few degrees hotter, and you could feel your cheeks and ears suffer from the heat. “What do y-you mean by that, General?” you stuttered.

The wise woman smiled and straightened her back. “I know love when I see it. You’re his, how does he say it, Casanova?”

Your cheeks were burning.

The general laughed. “Don’t worry, dear. He and you both need each other. It’s… simply breathtaking. With the First Order on the horizon and both of you as pilots, things like this are rare. Cherish it.”

You smiled softly. Poe was making so much progress. He caught you staring and waved a little. He winked at you before blowing a kiss.

You laughed and caught the kiss in your hand before pocketing it. “Trust me, General. I will.”

I got out another one!!! I am so happy to be back, guys! I missed writing these. Anyway, angst and fluff all in one. Also my OC, Myung! I love that dude. Hope you enjoy!

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Could you do a moriarty imagine where he's drunk and acting really silly and adorable? :3

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Reader x Moriarty

You were curled up on your couch with a book when you heard someone pounding on your flat door. Cautiously, you placed the book on the table nearby and opened it, relieved when you saw it was Jim.

“Jim, what are you doing here?” You asked. You had thought that he hadn’t wanted to talk to you after the fight you had today. Both of you had said things that you didn’t mean, but you thought he needed some time to cool down and accept that you went on a date without telling him.

“I’ve been thinking,” Jim stumbled into your flat laughing, “And drinking.” He laughed again. “And I don’t wanna fight with you.”

“How much did you drink?” You asked, guiding him into your kitchen and grabbing him some water and bread. 

“You didn’t say you that you didn’t want to fight with me.” Jim pouted and pushed away the bread and water. “That’s what they give you in prison.”

“Of course I don’t want to fight with you.” You told him, although you doubted that he would remember this tomorrow.

Jim stood up and grabbed your hand, stumbling as he walked from the kitchen to your living room. “Can we watch Frozen?”

You ran back into the kitchen and grabbed the bread and water before jogging back to Jim. “If you eat all the bread and drink all the water.”

With the roll of his eyes, Jim took the water and bread for you. “Fine, I’ll eat the prison food.” He giggled and tapped your nose, before adding, “But only for you.”

“I’m honored.” You laughed, sitting on the couch.

Jim took a seat next to you. “You should, because I’m going to prison for you. But at least they let me see you.” Jim thought for a moment. “I must’ve threatened to kill someone they love.”

“Let’s not kill anyone.” You patted his arm.

Jim slid his palm onto yours and laced your fingers together. “I’d kill him,” he whispered.

You let out a deep breath, knowing exactly who he was talking about and tried to pull your hand away. Jim held on tighter. “Jim-”

Jim cut you off. “He won’t treat you right, and you deserve to be treated like a queen. So, you shouldn’t be with him.” Jim looked into your eyes more vulnerable than you had ever seen him before. “You shouldn’t be with him, you should be with me.”

“You’re drunk.” You told him.

“I may be drunk but I’m going to wake up tomorrow morning with the same feelings for you.” Jim held your hand tighter. “I love you drunk, and I love you sober. Somethings never change.” 

“Jim-” You began.

“Shhhh,” Jim wrapped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you into his chest. “I just want to sit here with you in my arms.”

“Jim,” You began again, and this time he let you. “I love you too.”

Jim held onto you tighter, only letting go the next morning when you told him that you loved him again.

Ruin part 2

Requested by @latteshawn PART 2 PART 2 and anonymous: part 2 to ruin?? it was amazing!! part 1

AN: Thank you both for requesting! It felt really good knowing at least two people enjoyed it enough for a second part. I’m going to put out there how hard I’ve tried today to do the Shawn Mendes Accent Challenge, but I’m so technologically challenged it wasn’t working. I’m still going to try and figure out how to post it though because it was a lot of fun. Also, thank you to @ihaveabadreputation for always being up for reading over my imagines. Allison is amazing !

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 Sunday had passed incredibly slowly. You kept to yourself the entire day, avoiding your family. Shawn hasn’t texted or called, which was understandable. You just weren’t sure if it was up to you to make the next move. Even if you did, you had no idea what it should entail. It had been less than twenty four hours and you were still very committed to your boyfriend. You hadn’t bothered telling anyone what happened, either. 

Your finger hovers over Shawn’s name in your contacts then moves to your boyfriends. You came to the one conclusion that sounded fair. The only way you’d reach out to Shawn would be to end things with your boyfriend. You didn’t doubt that it was incredibly rushed, but Shawn made you feel things you only heard of in books, or movies. 

The entire idea sounded insane in your head, but you needed to be honest with yourself. ‘Why were you dating your boyfriend?’ ‘How long would you keep loving him so wholeheartedly, waiting for him to open up with his feelings?’ 'Why were you lying to your friends, but more than that, to yourself?' 

High school seemed to be built off drama between friends and relationships. Even though half the couples you came in contact with only talked through social media. Maybe you were waiting for someone to notice that you weren’t invested in your relationship the way you had once been. That didn’t mean you planned for the words to come from Shawn. 

He was the last person you expected to make you think it was ok to end something that wasn’t going anywhere. You had been no better. Even though you never thought of yourself as being in one of those “cliche high school couples” that’s exactly what you were. Chasing someone’s love who didn’t want to give it to you. Why were you making it so hard on yourself when it could be so much easier? 

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Sleepy Stilinski


Request-Being Stiles girlfriend and calling him when you cant sleep so he comes over and lots of cuddling? Also, good luck on your blog!


“How much do you love me?” I asked as Stiles answered his phone. It was almost two in the morning and I couldn’t sleep, so naturally I thought to call over the one person who can fall asleep in seconds and who also happens to be my boyfriend.
“A lot. Why?” he said, his voice muffled a bit by his face in his pillows. I knew his phone was on speaker and he was half asleep but I had tried everything to go to sleep and nothing was working.
“I can’t sleep, nothing I’ve tried is working and I was hoping that maybe you would get in that Jeep that you love so much and come over.” I answered, almost wincing as I said the last part. Everyone who knows Stiles knows that he loves his sleep, hell he needs his sleep or he becomes a drama queen, but I need my boyfriend. It was silent for a second, silent in my room, silent on the other line, just for a second before I heard movement on Stiles’ end of the call.
“You are lucky that you’re cute. I’ll see you in five.” He yawned out, hanging up and making me smile widely. I got out of bed, grabbing an extra pillow and blanket from my closet know that he would need his own or else I would be cold all night and he would be wrapped up in my blankets. Luckily, I have a full-size bed so there was enough room for two of us, but even with the bed being a good size, we always ended up as close as humanly possible. I’m sure that my hair looked like an utter mess, but I didn’t care and I know Stiles didn’t either. He was coming here to sleep, I could look like a zombie and he wouldn’t care or probably even notice. I put the pillow and blanket on my bed and then walked down stairs and into the kitchen to get some water. I always sleep better when I’m not thirsty and at this point I was just waiting for Stiles. When I heard, his Jeep pull into my drive way, I put the glass of water down and jogged over to the front door, opening it quietly and looking at a sleepy Stiles walk towards me. When he got close, his face illuminated by the porch light, me he gave me a sleepy smile and looked at what I was wearing, his 2nd lacrosse jersey, the one he uses for away games.
“Nice shirt, where did you get it?” He asked causing me to roll my eyes and pull him inside. My parents never cared if Stiles stayed the night because they knew we would never do anything rated R with them in the house but they did care if we woke them up. So, I just took Stiles’ hand and led him upstairs back to my room. Once I shut the door, I looked back at him and kissed his lips ever so softly.
“Thanks for coming over.” I whispered and he just nodded sleepily and looked around my room. My blue lights were on, something I can’t sleep without because the blue light calms me. I was wearing the most comfortable piece of clothing I own, well stole. My hair was still a little wet from the shower I had taken to try to relax. There was only one thing left to do, cuddle with my boyfriend until I fell asleep.
“Okay, sleep.” He said pointing to the bed, I grabbed his hand and pulled him over to it, laying down, with him doing the same. It took us both a second to get under the blankets, now it was just time to try to find a comfortable position. Stiles was laying in the middle of the bed, on his stomach with his arms above his head. I lifted his one arm and snuggled underneath it so my forehead was resting in the crook of his neck. It was a little bit of a weird position for us but I could already feel myself getting sleepy.
“(Y/N)?” He whispered as I snuggled as close to him as I could possible get, feeling my eyelids begin to get heavy. I just let out a small “mmhmm” wanting him to continue but not wanting to for a real word.
“I missed you. I’m glad you called. Get some rest baby, I love you.” He whispered, kissing my temple before laying back down in our new fount comfortable position.
“Love you too” I mumbled out before I let the sleep take over me. Ever since that night, whenever we sleep together we always end up back in that positon.

First You Fall

Maisie Dalton fixed things.  And Niall Horan was definitely broken.

Chapter 27

Maisie woke up with a splitting headache.  It took her a moment to remember where she was until her eyes landed on a One Direction plaque hanging on the wall opposite the bed.  She let her head drop back to the pillow with a deep sigh. 


She sat up slowly, glancing around the guest bedroom as she felt the sadness overtake her.  The guest bedroom.  Where friends stayed.

Hearing Niall say they were just friends had affected her more than she’d wanted it to.  Friends was good.  Friends was something when she wasn’t sure she deserved anything.  But the ache in her heart at the thought of never again getting to feel his arms around her overtook any hopefulness she felt that he was at least willing to be friends.

Maisie had friends.  She wanted Niall and not in a friendly way.

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cats + columbo | jughead jones

I orginally posted this on a Riverdale blog that I started ( @rivervixen9) but then I deleted it because I don’t really want to get bogged down with another blog. But I figured I’d keep it here, in case any of you enjoy Riverdale and wanna give it a read. 

“I know it’s 3am but I can’t find my cat” 

You hadn’t exactly lost your cat, per say. You had been attempting to sneak out of the house and your cat, Matlock, had slipped his pudgy body through the doorway with you. So now, instead of the much needed sleep you had been looking forward to, you were trekking around in search of a fat grey Scottish fold whose parentage likely consisted of a pack of wolves.  

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Getaway Part Five

A/N: Remember Parts will be posted every Friday until this series is over! If it gets to 100 notes before Friday, I’ll post it sooner! This story will always be written from Calum’s point of view, because things get more interesting that way. Assume it’s Calum’s P.O.V unless stated other wise. Also this is a filler, shit’s about to go down within the next few chapters.

Word Count: 3.2k +

Warnings: Drugs, detailed murder, abuse, gangs, violence, profanity



Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four

“Alright Y/n listen up!” I commanded as she rolled her eyes. We were sat out in the backyard with mats all around us. There was a huge selection of different things to do for her. The boys and I have decided we needed to help her prepare for someone to take her. Ever since Michael overheard Tommy talking to someone, we’ve been trying to keep him away from us.

If we forced him out of the gang, we know for a fact he could tell everything about us, we just need to be careful around him. If we killed him, the guys would know something was up, and that was the last thing we needed at this time.

“I’m listening, just hurry this up, I wanted to go shopping.” She pouted with her arms crossed while I sighed.

I shook my head, “You know why you have to do this. You’ve never really trained hardcore like the rest of us had. We need you to be the best you could possibly be, so shape up. We’ll start with workouts fist and then move on from there.” I said as I started making my way to an open mat.

I patted on the mat, “C'mon Y/l/n, fifty pushup, let’s go.” She groaned and got up to come to the mat.

“I don’t see why I have to do this, I think I’ll be fine as it is.” She grumbled as she got into push up position.

I grumbled under my breath and looked around, not spotting anyone, I squatted down to her level. “Look, I don’t want you to have to do this either, I know how much you hate workouts.” I chuckled, “But you have to do this, I don’t want anyone to hurt my princess.” I said in a quiet tone, as to make sure no one heard except for us two.

She smiled and giggled, “Since when was I a princess? Last I checked, I was a cold-blooded gang member.” I laughed and threw my head back as I got up.

“Y/n, there is no when in hell you are cold-blooded. You’re the nicest person in this gang, and that’s saying a lot because I’m in this gang.” I joked.

She scoffed, “Uh-huh, sure. Let’s get these stupid pushups over with already.” She laughed and started tilting her arms down.

“Keep your back straight and only use your arms to tilt yourself.” I guided, and watched as she followed my instructions. “Keep doing that, only forty more to go!” I encouraged her.

She groaned, but kept doing what she was doing. “23, 24, 25, 26…” She continued counting. Each number that passed on said with a bit more breath to it. “48, 49, 50! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!” She screeched as she laid down on her stomach.

I chuckled, “I’ll give you a five minute break I suppose, but then you have to do thirty sit-ups for me.” I said and she started to protest, but I stopped her, “No. You have to get ready and train, I’ll be right back with a water from the cooler. Just sit and rest for a few minutes.” I smirked as she sighed with a glare.

“Fine, whatever, just hurry up with that water.” She grumbled and sat up to sit on her butt. I nodded and jogged over to the cooler that was a good twenty feet away from where we were.

I grabbed two water bottles and jogged back to Y/n. “Here you go, take a few sips and let’s get the sit-ups done with too. We’ve got a huge day of training today.”

She groaned and took the water bottle out of my hands. “Thanks,” She mumbled quietly as she drank her water. I nodded my head and looked out to everything that was set up.

We have a punching bag hung on a tree for her to work on. We’ve got a few boxes with gun targets for her to practice with, and we’ve also got clay birdies for her to shoot at so she gets practice with moving targets.

On the opposite side, I set up to targets for her to throw knives at. Sadly, we cant have her go face to face with someone to practice her knife skills in fear that someone would get hurt, but that’s fine.

“Alright, c'mon, times up. Lay back so I can hold you feet, I want thirty sit-ups. Go!” I commanded. I watched her small figure flex up and down as she tried to do those sit-ups as quickly as she could.

After about five sit-ups, Y/n stopped. “Cal,” She whined, “This is too hard, I hat sit-ups.” She pouted and grabbed her water bottle again.

I sighed as I watched her chug half of it down. “Y/n, we need you to do these, I know you don’t like them, but I also know you can do them. I’ve seen you do so many before, now is no different.” I scolded, but that only made her smirk.

“It actually is different now.” She said nonchalantly while I scoffed. She lowered her voice, just so only I could hear, "This time around, I don’t have to impress you since you’re already mine.“ She shrugged and went back into her sit-up position.

I chuckled, "That’s true, but it would be super hot if you did all thirty right now.” I tried to persuade her into doing them.

“Oh I know, that’s why I was going to do them.” She said as she started doing her workout. I watched intently as she quietly counted her sit-ups. “Ok done!” She cheered enthusiastically.

I chuckled and nodded, “Good, now we can work on something more fun.” I stood up, and held my hand out for her to grab. She did, and I lifted her up into a standing position. “Come on, we’re headed to the punching bag.” I grinned, as did she.

“Awesome! I love punching things!” I chucked at her enthusiasm and let her hand go so we could walk over to the tree that held our bag. “Ok Y/n, just grab the gloves and then we’ll start.” I proclaimed, then watched as she nodded her head.

“Alright, I’ve got the gloves on. How are we going to do this? I just punch? Or are you going to be punching it on the other side as well?” She questioned me.

“You’ll just be punching it, well, I shouldn’t say that. You’ll be doing the command that I instruct you to do, and then we’ll do something a little bit different with that bag.” I explained while trying to not give away what I had planned.

She rose her brow at me, but I just smirked, “Start punching and whenever I feel like it, I’ll throw in a move I want you to do. Got it?” I asked rhetorically, but she nodded nonetheless.

She started punching away at it, like anyone would do when starting to warm up. She switched between each foot for a minute, then got into it. She started going at that bag like it had just murdered her family.

After a few minutes of her doing whatever, I decided it was time to start throwing things at her. “Jab!” I shouted, and she jumped, but still jabbed the punching bag. “You’re reflex was slow.” I observed. She grumbled something under her breath, but kept on going how she did.

“Jab!” I shouted again, and this time, she jabbed the bag quicker. “Nice, nice. Left Hook!” I shouted out to her, and watched as she whacked the punching bag on the side of it.

“Good job,” I stated and gave her a bit more time in between so she wouldn’t expect the command to be coming. After a few moments, I shouted out a combo punch. “Cross, Right Hook!”

She did as told, the Cross punch helped set her up for the right hook she threw at the bag, and she did it beautifully. “Nice Job Y/l/n.” I praised with a small smirk on my face.

She looked back at me and slightly smiled, “Thanks.”

I nodded and clapped my hands once, “Alright, we’re going to throw some kicks in there too. Be ready.” I warned.

After I commanded her to do a few different kicks mixed in with the punches I had her throw, she took her gloves off and wiped her forehead, as if that would help with the sweat.

I chucked the water bottle at her and she caught it, gulping it down like she hadn’t had anything to drink in years. After she drank her water, she placed it back down on the ground and turned to face me with a smile. “Where to now Cal?”

I pondered over where I thought would be best for her to start with next, and ultimately decided to continue with the boxing and punching area. “We’re going to go one on one over there.” I said pointing to the mat that held two boxing gloves. One to hit with, and one that gets hit for training.

She followed behind me and grabbed her gloves when we reached it. “I’m ready! Let’s fight!” She screamed out enthusiastically.

I put my gloves on and held my hands up waiting for her to start punching them. She came off strong, not showing or giving her all just yet. She slowly eased her way to punching full force, a nice strategy if you want to surprise your enemy.

“Good job Y/l/n, keep it. Jab,” I commanded. I watched her do as I told with a concentrated face. She mixed in some special moves that she wanted to do.

After about fifteen minutes of that, we put down our gear and I praised her. I got super close to her while she drank her water and made sure no one could here me. “You did a great job princess, keep it up and no one will ever be able to hurt you.” I said and then pressed a quick and subtle kiss to her temple.  

“Come on, let’s head over to the targets. You need to practice your shooting if we ever get into a really serious fight and we need you helping us.” I instructed. She gasped and looked at me with an appalled expression.

“Are you saying I’m a horrible shooter? Is that what you’re implying?” She giggled and scanned her eyes over the different targets I had set up. “Huh, this looks like it could be a lot of fun.” She said with a small smile.

“Yeah, anyway, these are all placed in different positions, wherever you see the red bulls eye, aim for that. You have to be moving at all times, don’t stop, just try to aim the best you can while moving.” I explained. Being in shoot offs is basically running while shooting people and trying not to get shot.

All she has to do, is keep moving while hitting the targets in the appropriate spots. “Ok, you’ll start on this end,” I said as I brought her over to the left end of the long row of dummy dolls with targets on them, “Then you’ll just run to the other side while shooting every single one of them.”

Her mouth hung agape as she looked up at me in disbelief, “There is no way I’ll be able to do all of those without stopping.” She said as she shook her head.

I sighed, “Look, all of them are a good distance away from each other so you’ll have a small amount of time in between each dummy to prepare yourself to shoot. It’s fine, and you can take your time next round.” I said with a roll of my eyes and a smile on my face.

She huffed, but still nodded and made sure her gun, a regular old black pistol, was all ready to go. “Here goes nothing,” She mumbled under her breath right before she started racing down the line trying to shoot every target head on.

After about two minutes of her running and shooting at them, she stopped at the other end of everything and placed her gun down. I ran over to her, and smiled at her. “Good job! Let’s go check and see how many you hit, and how many were hit dead on.”

She nodded and walked along side me as we inspected each target. There were exactly 20 of them placed, so for her to be good, she would have to get at least 13 out of 20 shot on the bulls eye.

The first one we walked to was shot right in the center where the target was, “Nice,” I said as she nodded with a smile on her beautiful face. After looking at them all, she had gotten 14 of them dead on, and the other six she missed completely.

“You’re pretty good at that, so I don’t think we’ll have to do it again.” I explained as she nodded. “But, we still have to use those clay birds we bought for you to practice shooting something that is moving, not while you are moving.”

She nodded and went back to grab her gun. I took her over to the box filled with clay birds and handed one to her, “Just throw it up and shoot, do that 30 times and we can move on to knife throwing.” I instructed her and watched as she took the bird out of my hand and into her left to throw it up.

While it was in the air, she grabbed her gun quickly and shot the bird so it instantly fell quicker to the ground. I walked over to it, and saw the bullet hole through it. “Good job Y/n, just a few more times, then we can get on with our lives.” I joked and heard her quiet laugh.

She threw up 29 more times, and they all were shot through. She cheered and placed her gun down again, doing a small dance and then she ran over to the knife station. It was basically a tree with a target taped to it, and a super sharp  knife that would be used to stab someone.

“I’m sure you know what to with these, just try your best to hit the target and after every throw, go to collect your knife and try again. When you hit the center 20 times we can finally go back inside and relax. And maybe you’ll take a shower, you’re starting to smell from the sweat.” I teased.

She turned around and narrowed her eyes at me, “What did you say about me?” She asked as she slowly picked up the knife and twirled it in her hand.

I looked down at that knife and gulped, “No, it was nothing.” I heard her giggle as she turned back around to face the tree. She set herself up, and aimed for the tree, she pulled the knife back, and chucked it directly into the center of the target.

She squealed and cheered while she ran over to retrieve the knife again. “Did you see that Cal? On my first try I got it to go right into the middle!” She placed the knife down and jumped into my arms. I laughed and nodded while spinning her around.

“I know princess, I saw that, you did amazing.” I said as I placed her down, “Just be a bit more subtle next time will ya?” I teased, “Don’t want the gang to figure something fishy is going on.” I teased further and watched as she giggled.

“No, I wouldn’t want that at all.” She said as she went back to her throwing. After she hit the center 20 times, all in a row actually, she went back inside with her water bottle, and I stood here still cleaning up everything.

I took the knife and folded it to place in my pocket. I also took the gun and placed it back in my holster where it belonged. I decided on just calling my buddy up to get him to take his dummies back himself so I didn’t have to pick those up as well.

The mats were all folded, and everything else was placed back where it would normally go in either our gym or where it normally would be. After everything was placed back, I sighed in contentment and went back inside to the sweet relief of an air conditioner.

“Hey mate,” Luke said when I walked in the door. “Hey,” I answered while walking up into my room and into my shower. A nice cold shower was calling my name, and I was gladly going to accept after the day I’ve had. Who knew helping Y/n with everything would be so much effort.

After my nice and refreshing shower, I walked downstairs in a Ramones tank and some black basketball shorts. I walked into the living room, noticing Ash and Michael sitting on the couch with some of the other guys watching a football game.

“Come On! You suck!” Michael shouted to the t.v as the other team scored a point. All of the guys were at the edge of their seats, but I wasn’t really into the game that was playing, so I went into the kitchen to get some food.

When I walked in there, I saw Y/n and Luke laughing together as she got herself a glass of water. I walked up to her and quickly pecked her cheek. “I noticed you got a shower,” I mumbled, “You smell nice.” I said as she giggled and Luke chuckled,

“Really dude? ‘You smell nice’? So romantic of you.” Luke mocked, but I just brushed it off and laughed while shoving his shoulder.

“At least I’ve got a girl, you’re lonely as fuck.” He faked being mad and pushed my shoulder, but ended up cracking up when I hit my head on the cabinet door.

“Ha, ha, ha, that’s not funny Luke.” I pouted and looked at Y/n who was trying to contain her giggles, “It was kind of funny.” She sighed.

I shook my head, “Yeah, sure, laugh it up now, but one day you guys will bump your heads and I’ll be the one laughing.” I said, the pout still evident on my face as they laughed at me even more.

“Sure Cal,” Luke said, “Whatever you want to think.”

I rolled my eyes and looked at the clock, 4:18pm (16:18) I sighed. “I think I’m going to take a nap, I’m kind of tired.” I said and Y/n chuckled.

“I was the one doing all of the hard work!” She protested with a laugh.

I laughed too, “Well, yeah. But you’re a handful, so it just wore me out.” I teased and gave her a side hug with a peck on the forehead. “Goodnight.” I said, and was about to pull away, but Luke grabbed me and pulled me into a full on hug.

he started talking in a high pitched voice, “Goodnight Calum, only have the sweetest of dreams and don’t forget to wake up so we can make matching girlfriend and boyfriend bracelets. And also so we can-”

“Ok, you can stop now.” I said as I pushed him away with a laugh. “Goodnight Luke, you needy bastard.” I said with a smile and a roll of my eyes. I trudged my way upstairs and fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I’ve been working so hard on being healthier and improving my life. Drinking a lot of water daily (I normally don’t drink water at all), jogging every night, eating more regularly (recovering from ED), trying to stay more positive etc etc

And like. It’s so much harder than a lot of people make it out to be. Trying to be a functional adult is so incredibly hard and I know I won’t ever be perfect (right now my mother goes with me for all appointments, makes calls for me etc - I’m 21. And I’m ashamed of the fact I can’t even function but it is what it is).

But I’m trying. SO hard. The dogs are what’s keeping me going, and I’m so thankful for them. 💕💕💕

i agree that Sportacus can definitely be That Guy who’s like “have u tried jogging? :) drink water and eat fruits :)” BUT

he is also a genuinely kind and caring slightly-above-average hero who just wants u to be happy and healthy, and if u told him ur depressed and don’t even have the energy to clean ur home or remember to eat, much less jump around and run, he’d be genuinely understanding. in fact he’d probably help u tidy up and cook u a healthy meal and then check up on u regularly and once in a while probably invite u out so u could move a little, even if it’s just a short walk. Sportacus wants to help you he doesn’t wanna force u to do something u can’t. he’ll be ur Emotional Support Elf if that’s what u need.

I'm sorry. Please come back.

(Okay so that ‘sleeping beauty’ ask forced me to do this I’m sorry)

It was cold, so Natemare brought you an extra blanket. Tucking you in and telling you to ‘say ow if you’re uncomfortable’ in a last ditch attempt at humour. Marvin glimpsed mare who didn’t, can’t, look at him, only able to look at you when no one else was there. “Oh, I-I can come back later…if-” “No. Just…set up, I need to get them some water anyway.” Natemare jogged down the stairs, your old glass in his hands, leaving to get a new glass of water for you. Marvin knew he got a clean glass at least a few times a day, so if-when- you wake up you wouldn’t be thirsty. He felt sorry for the both of you. Natemare came back pretty quickly, not liking to leave you alone with another, he wasn’t there for you before ; he would be now…
…It shattered right next to his feet. The violet, viscous liquid oozing out onto the floorboards and trying to ween itself Into Marvin’s shoes. “You’re doing something wrong!” He tried not to flinch from the spit raining upon him. Natemare retreated from his face, clearing up the glass in your room carelessly. “Are you even trying?”
“Of course I am!” Marvin said, appalled he could think he’d given up after just a week.
“Everything? Any new tests?!” His voice broke, and not sure if it was because of his friend or his friends power Marvin wanted to kneel down and console him. Luckily he thought better. “Well!?” Marvin blinked to bring him back to Mare’s question. “Is y/n’s only hope a stupid, and deaf, street act?!” Natemare shoved all the glass into his gloved hands and proceeded to shove him out the room, slamming the door behind him.
He lay down next to you, leaning on his elbow, but it was now a week today since you’d fallen under. And 7 days ago he had tried shaking you, tickling, even falling for that 'true loves kiss’ crap. But now, he couldn’t bear to touch you. He thought he’d always want to be close to you, holding you, have you hold him, but every time he brought his fingers to trail down your cheeks, his toes to lightly kick you, his mouth to show how much he cared, he felt nothing ; and that was worse than feeling any sort of sickness to your touch.
He also couldn’t find any words. It was like you were a stranger, he was scared, and he didn’t know what to do, not without your guidance…
Looking down at your bed he exquisitely described what state it was in for you. True, it wasn’t as messy as it would have been had you both been awake and doing more than sleeping there, but he hoped that talking to you, especially about the surroundings you could feel around for, could stir you to safety and back to motion. Hell. His voice was supposed to give him power over people, make them do things he willed, so why couldn’t he use it, just this once, on you?
His hand carefully pulled the blankets off of you, placing one kiss to your oily hair, he’d have big up and wash you sooner or later, and hooked his arms under your arms and legs, picking you up and feeling your weight against him. It was just like the time you fell asleep on the sofa and he had to carry you to your bed, with your head nestled into his shoulder, only now he wasn’t smirking at the at peace look on your face. He was begging for any other expression.
“You shouldn’t be having that coffee if you’re going to be so on edge all the time, Chase.” Jackaboy warned, nodding to Chase’s bouncing leg. “It helps keep him sane, so shut up BTECman.” Said Anti, swigging his own pure black coffee down. Angel rolled his eyes at the name calling, but understood emotions were high right now, he turned to pay attention to the magician. “So, how were they?”
“Terrible.” Marvin answered “I don’t understand why nothing’s worked, I even asked Schneeple for-” “I meant, how’s Natemare doing?” Angel smiled sadly, patting a hand on Marvin’s own.
The creak from their houseguest-… guests… made all living things in the house fall silent. The only noise the sound of the entity moving with a weight in his arms. Rob spotting you bridal style, being moved by Natemare, and his intrigue heightened. All looked up at the balcony, seeing you again, even though none of them could bare it, especially when their once hyperactive, lovey-dovey friends, now had such an absence of life about them.
Natemare placed you on the green bed of the spare room, different to the black sheets he’d selfishly insisted on having, since you two stayed over so much you had your own room in the septic house, as he promised you “I’ll be back soon baby.”, crossing your arms so they wouldn’t cramp when you woke, leaving back across the balcony. He stopped off at the laundry room to collect the fresh sheets he’d pre washed and dried, folding them up and taking them back to his room. He bundled the old ones up, shaking the fresh, hopefully stimulatingly nice smelling ones, out to straighten them, struggling with keeping the corners down as one person but managing eventually.
None of the egos usually paid much attention to what Rob got up to in the house these days, they had other things on their mind, which Rob found good since he didn’t need to be babysat all the time.
He hadn’t seen you in so long and he didn’t realise you were at home… until he saw where your best friend took you.
Anti said he didn’t 'understand’ things well, but he understood that you wouldn’t have said that to him, you would have told him he’s understanding well considering his condition, you understood that about him, you were nice. So was Natemare, but he’d seen him recently, and he’d become mean, you had never been mean to him, the same went for most of the others sure, but he was fed up with them, and was confused to why you hadn’t seen him for so long…
…The crash and cries from upstairs made all in the house run up very quickly, especially when they identified the cries or shouts coming from the two most emotional people currently in the home.
Jackaboy man rushed past Natemare, not even looking to your bed, and made a zip line for the cowering zombie hiding himself in the spider-web filled corner of the room. Rob had kept to silent whimpers as the outraged entity delivered half-assed blow after blow. But his cries came out as voices rose. He hated being shouted at. And he was also sure that the loud voice had unnaturally made him even more scared, but that didn’t change how he felt, nor how hard it was to pull him out of the shadows, even with chase, angel and Jackaboy enticing him out.
“He was lying right next to them!” Natemare continued yelling. Being shoved back by Anti and Chase every time he took a step closer to Rob, who was now crying. “You could have screwed, everything up!” “Calm down. You’re over-reacting.” Natemare grunted, shoving his shoulder hard against Anti as he argued, who shoved him back even harder. “Calm down.” “Oh, thanks Chase.” Natemare laughed unenthusiasticly “I feel so much calmer now, even though my partner is in eternal sleep!” Natemare shoved out of their grasp, the two allowing it now Rob had been escorted out to get his stitches fixed. “Don’t say that, we’re going to find a way.” Natemare grabbed Marvin’s shoulders to 'help’ him out the room after he said this, leaving Natemare be.
After slamming another door that day he rushed over to you. Smoothing down your hair and checking to see if Rob had at all harmed you for the few minutes you’d been left alone with him (and optimistically if the ruckus had caused any sign it had woken you up). Natemare couldn’t handle it any more. His emotions were already all over the place after the fight, and the shock of seeing the zombie carefree around you being so defenceless, he cried. He let his tears flow, not caring enough to wipe them away no matter how much they tickled, he put your head in his hands, lowering his own to your forehead and whispered “I’m sorry. Please come back.”


8.23.17 workout… Not a bad split imo consider it’s 98°F (36.67°C) outside LMAO. Cold af shower and sitting in front of a the with honey lemonade. (Honey+lemon- mix till honey dissolves.. add water+ice.. so simple)

Jog HIIT: 45 sec jog / 15 sec sprint / 45 sec walk. Repeat for 2 miles (3.219km, luv for my international followers - I’ll do the conversation for y'all)

Sick as Frick

Request: could u write one where you’re close with Josh and Tyler so you go on tour with them, helping out, etc, and you get really sick while on tour so they look after you xxxx

“You can just set that over there,” one of the other crew members told you as you started unpacking equipment from one of the gigantic boxes. You had been asked to join Josh and Tyler on tour. The official reasoning being that you would help set up and take down everything they needed for the shows, but you knew the boys just wanted to bring you along as their friend. However, as much as they begged you to just come hang out with them when you arrived at a venue, you always denied them. Fearing that the guilt would be overwhelming if you didn’t at least lend a hand to the rest of the crew.

So here you were, dragging bundles of cords across the stage and grabbing various tools for people. It wasn’t the most glamorous of jobs, but hey, somebody had to do it.

A headache started forming a little after lunchtime, constantly nagging you and refusing to let you think for more than 30 seconds straight.

“Hey, you okay?” Mark asked as he was setting up his camera equipment.

“Yeah, just a headache. I think I’m gonna go grab some Advil.” You made your way to the buses where your bags were stored and rifled through your medicines.

“Done early today?” you heard somebody say from behind you. You turned around and saw Josh grabbing something from his bunk.

“I wish,” you laughed, “but I’m just grabbing some medicine for my headache.”

“Dang it, I thought we might actually be able to hang out for once,” he laughed. “Well, I hope you feel better.”

“I certainly will try.” You popped a few pills in your mouth and swallowed them down with a sip of water. “I’ll talk to you later.” You headed back into the venue and continued helping out. That is, until you thought your head was going to explode.

“Y/n?” you heard somebody ask. You had managed to find a secluded corner to curl up in and try to ease the constant pain radiating from your head throughout your entire body. “Hey, you okay?” Tyler crouched down next to you, setting a hand lightly on your back.

“Head,” you mumbled, “hurts.” Every word you spoke made the pain increase. You winced as Tyler called Josh over. He must have noticed because once Josh joined the two of you he spoke in a hushed tone. And moments later you were being lifted up into Josh’s arms and hauled away to what you could only assume would be your bunk.

When you were finally set down something seemed off. It felt like a bunk, the slight discomfort of the thin mattress felt familiar on your hips. But it definitely wasn’t yours. The absence of your favorite blanket and the faint scent of spearmint gum confirmed your suspicions. You cracked your eyes open to see the boys quickly gathering things from different places on the bus and returning to you.

“Okay, so you need to take a nap. We’ll make sure nobody comes and bothers you, and feel free to text us if you need something. I’ll make sure Jenna has her phone on her at all times,” Tyler says, handing you your phone.

“Uh, here’s your blanket and a water bottle. You can use my laptop if you want to watch Netflix or something.” Josh draped the blanket over your now shivering form. “I’ll stop by before the show starts to make sure everything is okay.”

“Thanks guys,” you mumbled.

“Anytime,” Tyler smiled, “feel better.” They made one last check to make sure that you were comfortable and had everything you needed before exiting the bus and leaving you to fall into a deep sleep.


“y/n?” you felt somebody’s hand on your shoulder urging you to wake up.

“Hm?” you groaned, still stuck in a semi-unconscious state.

“You’ve been sleeping for five hours now, you okay?” you recognized Josh’s soothing voice. As you accepted the fact that you weren’t going to be going back to sleep, you opened your eyes and allowed the full affect of how sick you were to set in. Your stomach was churning, the dim lights seemed too bright for your eyes, your throat felt raw and scratchy. Josh brought his hand up to your forehead, “y/n, you’re burning up.”

“Really?” you asked, “it feels like its thirty below in here,” you added, trying to wrap the blanket tighter around you.

“Hey Ty! Do we have a thermometer?” Josh shouted over his shoulder towards the front of the bus. You winced at how loud he was and tried to bury your head further into his pillow. “Oh, sorry,” he now spoke in a hushed tone. Tyler soon appeared next to Josh and stuck the thermometer under your tongue.

“You don’t look so good y/n,” he said, brushing some hair out of your face. You all waited for the obnoxious beeping to sound, and once it did Tyler frowned. “Hundred and two. I’ll go grab some more medicine and make you some tea. How does that sound?” You let out a groan that hopefully indicated that you would love that.

“Here’s another blanket,” Josh said, wrapping a thicker blanket around your shivering body. “Do you need anything else?” You shook your head. The only thing you needed was to feel like you weren’t dying. Josh sat in your bunk which was directly across from his. As you waited for Tyler to return, your eyes fell shut and you were on the brink of sleep.

“One cup of earl grey and some disgusting cough syrup for a miss y/n.” You smiled and managed to get yourself into a semi sitting position so that you could drink without spilling on yourself.

“Thanks Ty,” you croaked, downing the shot of “grape” flavored syrup. The boys laughed as you scowled. “That was so gross.”

“Sorry. That’s all we had,” Tyler explained. You gulped down half of the tea that you had been handed, thankful to wash out the bitter aftertaste of the medicine.

The longer you continued to sit up, the worse your headache became. It soon became unbearable so you handed your mug back to Tyler and slid back down so that you were laying in the cramped bunk.

“Head still hurting?” Josh asked. You nodded slowly, not wanting to cause anymore pain. You heard him climb out of the bunk and return a few seconds later. “Here,” he said softly, placing a cold washcloth on your forehead, “does that feel better?”

“Yeah, much better,” you sighed, happy that some of the pain was subsiding.

“Well try to get some more sleep. We’ll be here if you need anything,” he said, leaving a light kiss on the top of your head. Your cheeks heated up slightly and a small grin broke out across your lips.

“Feel better,” Ty said, closing the curtain next to you, plunging the bunk into darkness. You started feeling the affects of what must have been the nighttime cough syrup and within minutes you were out.


“Be quiet! You’re gonna wake her up!” You heard two voices arguing with each other from the other side of the curtain.

“Josh, it’s 3 in the afternoon. It’s not healthy to sleep for this long!” You deciphered this voice as being Tyler’s. Wait. It is not 3 already. Is it? You clicked the home button on your phone only to find that it was in fact afternoon already. You hastily pulled back the curtain and both of the boy’s heads snapped to where you laid.

“Good morning.”

“It’s not really morning anymore,” Josh laughed, “how are you feeling?”

Right, you were sick. As soon as he reminded you of your illness you feel a wave of nausea hit you.

“You look a little green,” Tyler commented. You quickly kicked off the many layers that you had been buried under and darted for the doors of the bus. You made it off and to a row of bushes just quick enough to empty whatever had been in your stomach in a violent fashion.

The boys were quick behind you, Josh pulled back your hair and Tyler rubbed soothing circles on your back. Once your puking episode subsided, you slowly sat down on the concrete and brought your head in between your legs.

“I’ll grab you some water, don’t move.” Tyler jogged back to the bus, leaving Josh to comfort you. He ran his hand up and down your back, trying to sooth your now shaking body.

“Take some deep breaths,” he encouraged, “I know it feels like somebody just shot adrenaline into your heart, but you’ll be okay.”

Tyler returned and crouched down in front of you. “Can we do anything?”

“No, just,” you took in a large breath, “I’m sorry.”

“Are you seriously trying to apologize for being sick right now?” Tyler laughed.

“I’m ruining the tour for you guys,” you explained.

“You are not ruining tour. People get sick, you couldn’t help this.”

“I could’ve if I hadn’t come with. I’m not even really helping with anything when I wasn’t sick.” You looked up and met Tyler’s soft gaze.

“Nobody asked you to help out, and you are anyways,” Josh chimed in. “You can go ask anybody on the crew and they’d tell you how valuable you are to them.”

“Yeah I’m pretty sure they said they’ve been cutting down on the time it takes to set up because you’re always running around helping everybody.”

“I guess it always just felt like I was getting in the way,” you sighed, looking back down at the ground.

“Well stop beating yourself up. It’s probably part of the reason you’re so sick. You worked yourself ragged,” Josh said, wrapping his arm around your shoulders and pulling you into his chest. “Now, do you feel like you have to puke again? Or can I go wrap you up like a mummy in my bunk again?”

“I suppose I can go back to my sarcophagus,” you laughed. Josh picked you up and carried you back to his bunk, gently setting you back down in the small nest of blankets you had made. Once you got comfortable again, Josh handed you another dose of medicine.

“Alright, I’ve got a show to do. Try not to sleep an ungodly amount of hours again, yeah?” He laughed.

“No promises.”

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