water is the driver of nature

Blackmans Bridge



On an island safari tour, we crossed this bridge on a 4x4 Jeep Safari holding 10 passengers not including the guide and the driver. In other words, it was a pretty heavy load. Halfway through the bridge, the vehicle paused, allowing us to catch a glimpse of the gully below and possibly see wildlife like monkeys. After crossing, the tour guide let us know that the bridge was built in the 1600s and that the glue holding the limestone rocks together were a mix of molasses, egg whites, rock, and sand. Who would’ve guessed that those common kitchen ingredients is the foundation of holding this bridge together for hundreds of years?!

Thursday 11th February 2016

Woke up early this morning to get ready for my drivers test.
I had enough time to walk around and water the garden as my parents are away for the week and I’m in charge for the lives of all their colourful darlings. It was so lovely, and seriously good for the soul. The smell of sunshine on wet earth is just delicious.

Anyways accidentally bumped into a spiders web. We both survived the collision although his web was pretty much ruined (sorry 😓) but he got straight back into it, chewing up the dregs of his web to try and rebuild half his house.

Nature is just insanely beautiful.
Earth and ocean. It’s what were made of.

I’m craving getting away for awhile, going somewhere where the ocean and forest are next to each other. Might plan a road trip to Byron or Queensland. 🌱🌴🍃🍀🐝🌺🌊🐬🐚🐠

Murder Murder

Ophelia had just had her first date with her husband in a while, some cheap wine and delicious Italian food at a restaurant that had just opened. It was such a beautiful night, the moon glowing brilliantly in her love’s emerald eyes. So naturally, she wanted to go for a walk before they got back in the Impala to go have wild sex in an abandoned parking lot.
Holding his hand tight, she heard someone cat call her as they drove past and she had to contain Dean from yelling.

She pulled him to the park to watch the moonlight reflect on the pond water, maybe sit in the grass or just have sex there.

Halfway there, the same car drove past /again/, this time, the driver honked obnoxiously as the passenger made a V with his fingers and licked between it.

Eventually the car slowed to a stop.

“Dean, this doesn’t feel right, let’s go back to the car.”

But they were already getting out of the car and walking towards them.

“Dean, please.”