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Infinite stability is impossible. The Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) represents stability and life. Stability is simultaneously strong, yet fragile… just like life itself. It looks so strong due to its seemingly unbreakable structure, yet at the same time, one little change can break it all apart.

A negative outcome of Earth energy is investing and working with the mindset that stability is infinite. The mindset is restrictive and narrow. Life in itself is full of mystery, and a lot of it can’t be categorized and organized into convenient little packages for our want of safety. Change is inevitable.

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) can easily burn the foundations of Earth down to the ground. Forest fires are devastating, for it is destruction of an entire ecosystem, an organized, but delicate system of life. It takes a lot of work through succession for ecosystems to be established. However, fire can break down leaves and other items in the forest, replenishing the soil with nutrients they couldn’t get before. With destruction comes an opportunity to restart with something better… With breaking down stability, there is a chance on doing things better than before. The fire signs can show that volatility and passion, if applied well, can change stability for the better.

Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) has the power to erode the Earth over time, and to shape it. Water has the power to create canyons, destroy mountains and make other unique landscapes. With unique new structures brings life and new opportunities. Water itself brings life and depth to the stability Earth wants to have… It enhances the stability of the Earth by making it beautiful and fascinating. However, to get to that point, the Earth has to go through the fluctuating, free flow of emotions and intuition, and realize that beauty can often come from places that are not always seen physically. The water signs show that changes through emotions and intuition can enhance the state of stability for the better.

Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) provides protection for the Earth. The atmosphere is a blanket of protection. In order to protect yourself, you must educate yourself, learn the nuances of the world around you, and think constantly on how to make the world better. You must be constantly creating and destroying your mental preconceptions over and over again. Without an atmosphere, without air, the Earth is prone to be attacked by various comets and asteroids due to no protection… Without an atmosphere, life may cease to exist. The air signs show that changes through your mind and logic can help maintain and protect stability for the better.

Earth signs need to learn that stability can be ironically gained through change. Adaptability is a large part of what needs to be done to maintain stability. By feeling the disappearance and recovery of stability due to change, it will not only make the Earth signs stronger, but also appreciate stability on a deeper, fulfilling level.

Swhaggar is confused as to why she isn’t the one taking over the universe

I wish you would open up to me,
let your skeletons dance with mine,
I would melt your highest icebergs,
while you cool my forest fires,
water is the most essential element,
together we could create oceans,
as expanse as the universe itself,
let us run away and create water,
so we can quench the universe.
—  Lynette Simeone  

guys for a creative writing project I’m wrtitng a story/series about 8 teens who has elemental powers and save the world from darkness. the first story is called Aqua. Naomi is a bisexual latina who controls the sea and communictes with water type animals. She ran away from her home in San Francisco because her sister died of a illness and her father kicked her out because of coming out and murdered her mother (who accepts her).

She ends up at the beach and a storm comes over and washes Naomi far away and she ends up on a magic island with spirits that can help with powers and train her to find the other teens to help save the world. What do u think? Should I do it? I’ll add the chapters on my blog if you’re wondering

earth signs are so practical and down-to-earth. they are realistic, they know how the world works.

but the grand irony of earth signs is that although they are practical and they know the ways of the world, some of them can’t wrap around the fact that life is not just made of simplicities that are supposed to make sense. the world is more than that, and the earth signs are often baffled by such complications. taurus clings onto what they know, virgo works to create order, and capricorn tries to make a mark in the world that makes sense to them.

and that’s where the water signs come in. they embrace the beautiful, unrealistic nuances of the world. they may not understand how the world works, but why it works. cancer feels the world, scorpio investigates, and pisces embraces it. they embrace everything they see, but with all that acceptance, they can get lost in their emotions.

and that’s where the air signs come in. they make sense of the messy acceptance the water signs are lost in. gemini makes sense of spoken words. libra makes sense of people. aquarius makes sense of society. they place the stabilizing logic that emotions can’t establish. the most beautiful thing is that this logic is smart, but also open. however, logic can’t always show everything, and the drive of the world is absent.

and that’s where the fire signs come in. they ignite and drive the world to move. they burn and break what is known and established - they rebel against what is know and ignites passion. aries starts the fire. leo dominates the world in its flames. sagittarius observes the ashes afterwards and creates millions of possibilities.

and then it starts all over again. the four elements are very much distinctive, unique, and powerful in their own ways, but they can’t live without the other.

Saltwater Witchery’s Greatest Hits: Vol. I

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Things About The Elements

for anonymous - the elements are just a way to classify and distinguish the zodiac signs. they show common archetypal traits between the different signs.

FIRE SIGNS (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) - The Doers

  • Super expressive and adventurous
  • Happy to defend people
  • Can get caught up in their emotions
  • They’re actually living life
  • They do things without thinking
  • Passionate about everything they get involved in
  • Ready to take initiative

EARTH SIGNS (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) - The Supporters

  • Super chill and unemotional
  • Won’t get caught up in their thoughts and emotions
  • They think, then they do
  • Stubborn and dependable
  • Love things that attract their senses
  • Really down to earth
  • Supportive and supported

AIR SIGNS (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) - The Thinkers

  • They think and dream, but rarely do
  • Emotionally detached
  • Intellectual and justice-oriented
  • Social butterflies
  • Open-minded, but their feet are rarely on the ground
  • Soooo clever
  • They love to share their grand ideas

WATER SIGNS (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) - The Feelers

  • The darkest element, in my opinion
  • Intuitive, and they always know how people feel
  • Dedicated and caring
  • Sort of fussy
  • Emotional and moody
  • Passive, but they love to meddle
  • A great understanding of human emotion
karmic astrology: soul age + elements (part one)

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(fire and air will be covered in part two)

Notes to consider:

  1. There is no way to find out your soul age from your natal chart. Your natal chart is only a snapshot of your current lifetime, and you can never be completely sure how many lifetimes you may have had because your chart suggests life themes in a way that is not quantifiable.
  2. Karmic astrology is fluid and intuitive, so therefore, it is a study full of exceptions. I will mention below which elements are most likely to be used in certain lifetimes, but all the signs can be used in any of the lifetimes for different reasons for different souls.

When it comes to karmic astrology, it can very much be a study that can make you stop and think and consider the innermost part of yourself: your soul. You are forced to ask some very important questions that are hard to answer. Now, this post is made with the belief that our souls pick a birth time, day, and location to achieve a very different and specific destiny. With these birthdays, there are certain signs and elements involved, meaning that there are different tools and lessons for souls to go through. There are various kinds of cycles or lifetimes: baby, young, mature, and old.


  • More likely to be used in younger lifetimes
  • Reason for use in younger lifetimes: to survive
  • Reason for use in older lifetimes: to provide for others

Earth is the element most likely to be used in younger lifetimes, especially Capricorn. When a baby or young soul enters the world, it does not know the way of the world. Earth signs are the perfect signs to teach this. The Earth signs teach souls to be responsible, mature, and realistic so that the soul can survive in the world.

Capricorn is a good sign to have in a chart for very young souls for it is a sign that can keep them safe by making them careful from making any destructive moves. Taurus is a sign that is used to flourish a soul after it has taken a strong root into the world. Those with Taurus elements are more likely to enjoy the pleasures of the world and eventually learn about their own comforts and values. Virgo comes after Taurus. This is logical since after we have successfully and safely taken root into the world (Capricorn,) relished and comforted ourselves in what the world has to offer (Taurus,) we can now focus on our skills and serve others and become more independent (Virgo.) Notice that in younger lifetimes, the self-applicable aspects of the earth signs are focused and are best suitable for survival and establishment.

However, there are applications of the Earth signs that are focused on other people rather than the self that can be used in later lifetimes. With Capricorn in mature lifetimes, Capricorn can be used to establish leadership for the betterment of others. For Taurus, it can be having the ability to provide physical comforts and needs for others. For Virgo, it can be the ability to serve others.


  • More likely to be used in both younger and older lifetimes (depends on the sign)
  • Reason for use in younger lifetimes: Learning to love and depend on others
  • Reason for use in older lifetimes: Learning to love others and to be dependable

The water signs work a little bit differently from the earth signs when it comes to development. The main purpose of the water signs is to establish love and emotional development. However, the water signs are more likely to be used after the earth signs (or at the same time) for the reason that it is hard to emotionally establish yourself when you are dependent purely on survival.

Cancer is usually the first water sign used in an individual’s lifetime, usually used in the baby and young cycles. Cancer teaches an individual how to depend on others. Cancer is a sign that is strongly emotionally intelligent, so the art of emotion is taught to souls when there is Cancer in the chart. This would make sense. After some lifetimes of survival, your emotions can be buried under for the purpose of survival. Cancer will rise your emotions from the ground so that you will learn to love and depend on others.

Scorpio is the next sign to be used after Cancer. They are mostly used in the young and mature life cycles. After dependency is established, Scorpio is the sign specialized to make relationships and love to be deeper. Scorpio is a sign that is meant to teach intimacy and deep exploration of the self and others. With this, Scorpio primarily teaches us to understand the humans we live with and become deep with them.

Pisces is the most likely to be used in old lifetimes. With emotional and spiritual development, Pisces is the sign that goes beyond emotional matters that take place in the world. This is a sign that will make you contemplate on how to give love and emotional understanding to others rather than yourself. This would make sense. Once you learn emotions (Cancer) and go deeper and more intimate into it (Scorpio,) you can now focus on how you can use emotions to help others (Pisces.)

Source: Symbols of the Soul by Gina Lake