water inflation


If you’ve ridden a roller coaster or water slide at an amusement park in the last 20 years or so, you’ve probably had a photo taken during the ride that you laughed/cringed at afterwards and then had the option to purchase as a memento. What the parks have been doing to simply generate additional income has become a spectacularly silly hobby for some creative patrons. People go to impressive lengths, including smuggling in props and rehearsing beforehand, simply to stage amusing scenes they knew would be captured on camera. Mental_Floss recently assembled an amazing collection of some of the best of these wonderfully silly photos. Here are two of our favorites:

In the top photo we see Redditor DannyCabes and his brother using one of our Horse Head Masks to great effect on the Log Flume ride at Rainbow’s End theme park in Manukau Central, Auckland, New Zealand. (The only thing missing is a pair of Horse Hooves)

For the second photo Redditor mynameiszachary went to Disneyland with his sister and cousin where they staged a fancy dinner on Splash Mountain, complete with one of our Inflatable Turkeys on a silver platter. Although they initially encountered some problems with Disney security and their props, park staff were so impressed with their photo that they gave them a free framed print. Click here for the full story.

Visit Mental_Floss to view the entire collection of roller coaster and water slide photo shenanigans.

“Oh my god, Sera, could you take any longer in there?!” Suki whined through the door. “You’d better not waste all the hot water!”

Sera always took long showers but today had gotten out of hand; she’d been hogging the bathroom for hours. “That’s it, I’m coming in there!” she shouted, hoping Sera could hear her over the running water. “I mean it!” There was no response but the continuous roar of the shower. “Three… two… one…” She paused, straining to hear anything from her friend. “Fine, have it your way!”

Steam was billowing out from the crack of the door and Suki fumbled with the obscured lock, finally twisting it open with her fingernail. A flickering thought in the back of her mind wondered whether she would still be so upset about Sera hogging the bathroom once she saw her friend standing in it, her naked body glimmering the soft light, beads of water running down her supple… NOPE, no, no this was about manners.

A cloud of steam was sucked through the door , flooding the hall with warm air – the bathroom felt like a sauna. The shower was still running but now Suki could hear something else, a soft squeaking noise like wet rubber might make. Something massive was wobbling back and forth on the other side of the room. Suki took a step forward and squinted through the steam, trying to make out what looked like… an enormous pair of tits? A spray of water like a fire hose struck her in the face, knocking her onto her ass.

Thoroughly drenched, she wiped the water out of her eyes and looked up at what had sprayed her. For a moment she thought she must be hallucinating. A massively round, beet-red belly loomed in front of her. Water was dribbling out of the bellybutton. Sure, why not. Suki pushed herself to her feet and suddenly everything made as much sense as it was ever going to. It was Sera and she was a giant water balloon.

Her friend’s entire body was bloated beyond reason. A corset was strung around her waist, holding strong apparently, and forcing every other part of her body, from her fingertips to her pinky toes, to at least triple in girth. Toes the size of golf balls wiggled through holes in her torn stockings. A spray of steaming water, calmed since it had taken Suki down, still poured from her erect nipples. Even as her body attempted to relieve the pressure, it was apparent that she was still growing. Her already ruined tights were quickly shredding to bits and it looked like ever her head was growing rounder.

Suki watched, dumbstruck, as Sera rocked back and forth on her gut, her body squeaking as it rubbed against tile, desperately trying to reach the faucet. Even if the tub weren’t blocking her, Suki doubted Sera could manipulate anything with her increasingly rounded hands. Her eyes traced a hose – the apparent source of her friend’s predicament, from the shower, along the floor, and straight up Sera’s backside.

“Heh…heheh….hehehhehehehhehhehheehhhe…” Suki giggle uncontrollably. She could feel her face burning she was blushing so hard. “You doofus! What’d you do to yourself?!” she managed to gasp out between fits of nervous, hysterical laughter. Sera pointed at the shower and wobbled back and forth. She mumbled something urgent sounding through swollen cheeks but could barely manage to part her overstuffed lips. Fighting back a number of overwhelming desires, Suki stepped toward the shower to help her friend.

As she reached for the faucet, she noticed that the temperature gauge was cranked barely halfway. As much steam as there was, Sera’s body must really be heating that up water. That was probably filling her up even more than the water. Suki rubbed her hand on her butt where she’d fallen and thought again about how Sera had been hogging the bathroom all day… so that she could get herself off… by inflating herself into some kind of a human balloon… without telling Suki… and now that she’d gone and overinflated herself, like… a big… fat… balloon… well, she was at Suki’s mercy.


Suki stepped back and shut the bathroom door before taking a seat on the toilet. What expression Sera could still manage screamed of desperation. She flailed her arms up and down, trying to motion toward the shower, as though Suki was somehow unaware of her dilemma. “Yeah, no, it’s still on, I get it,” Suki said. She ran her hand along the toilet handle.  “I’m still a little miffed, though, about you hogging the bathroom, and the way I see it, well… why let all the hot water go to waste?”

She could just hear Sera’s corset begin to creak over the sound of the flushing toilet.

Then I also wanted to see Johnny not in control of a situation so HERE'S THIS

The business world could get pretty cutthroat if it needed to be. Rivalries formed and grew as businesses expanded ever larger. For the most part, Johnathan had had very little competition to truly worry about. If he needed to after all, he could just give his competitor heads an ‘early retirement, just waiting for the company to catch back up once again after. This, however, was new.

He found himself waking up, groggy, in a hotel room one of these times. He moved his arms to stretch, instead finding them locked to the bedposts, tugging at his binds in sleepy confusion. He could remember very little about the night before-it’d been some sort of gala, he knew that. Lots of champange was shared, poor Sweetie had needed to clock in early while he drank and chatted it up. And drank…and drank…oof, that would explain the headache, he supposed.

Still, where was he? Was this the hotel they’d been staying at? It seemed like it…So who on earth-

"Hey there big boy." Startled, he looked towards the voice. A strange, ghostly woman sat before him, a look on her face of irritation but also victory, as she reached over to stroke his cheek with a cold hand. "Remember me?"

Johnathan gave her a puzzled look, “Can’t say that I do, no…Should I?”

She scowled, “I’d think so! Considering I was your first victim!”

John blinked, “Pardon?”

"…The one who originally cursed you??"

"Nnnot ringing any bells." He said, tugging at his binds.

She sighed, rubbing her face, “I had that…vanilla perfume on…”

"OH!!" Johnathan licked his lips, "Yes that was delightful! But…wait a minute…" He frowned, "Aren’t you one of my fat rolls about now?"

The witch glared, “Yes, yes I am. But I’m not letting you get away so easily with eating my body! Especially now that you used this…stupid curse to further your greed even more!” She went towards the bathroom, “It took a long time for me to figure out how to make my form seen, and to be able to hold things again. This time, you’re going to pay.”

She came out of the bathroom with a thick hose, hovering to Johnathan, “Now open wide sweetie~.”

Realizing what was going on, Johnathan growled, “Only one who gets to call me sweetie is-HMMPH!” Jammed far down his throat, the hose rested just at the back of it, John squeezing his eyes shut for a moment before he nearly gagged on it.

"Don’t try to struggle, or else I’ll make this even worse for you then I already am, alright?"

John growled, giving his binds a few more tugs, before a cold presence came over him, and he became limp. Paralyzed as her voice giggled into his head, a ghostly arm slinking out, “I’m going to fill that greedy belly of yours until you burst, piggy. How does that sound?”

"Not good!" He snarled, but around the hose it came out more like "NUH GUHDUH!" A faucet handle squeaked as water began to flow through the hose and directly into his belly, gurgling as cool water started to leak in by the pint.

With her grip on his body, he was basically trapped, belly sloshing as it began to grow. Filling out his stomach like one big balloon, John kept trying anyway to fight back against her, to shove her out somehow. The lack of control was not comforting at all, and granted he didn’t have much control to start with whenever he gorged, but at least he was moving his own body, at least he could actually /move/ those times.

He hated to admit it, but he was almost a little scared. Almost though! He didn’t get scared, that wasn’t like him!…right? God, where was Bradley right now?? Was this witch doing the same thing to him someplace else? His limits weren’t nearly as big as his…

His stomach grumbled again, focus taken back as his legs spread of his own accord to make room, the button of his pants popping off and skittering across the room, his love handles stretching outwards to allow him to fill completely. She reached out, rubbing over his growing gut, “So big already…You really can pack it away, can’t you? I’m almost impressed…”

He gave another growl, but with her distracted, it gave him a moment to realize something vital: his feet weren’t tied. All he had to do was kick off one of his shoes, then he could tug the hose out from there. Just had to concentrate, focus now…

Johnathan’s belly swelled a few more inches, as he hiccuped against the hose, that bloated, sloshy feeling starting to take up his focus. He shook his head, powering through, his foot twitching. Yes, yes! Keep focusing on that, he’s got this…

His stomach let out a loud groan, shaking as it pressed up tightly against his stretchy shirt, held back for just a moment. Sucking a breath in through his nose, John tried again, foot beginning to very slowly move towards his other foot, struggling at his heel. C’mon, c’mon, just a little further…

A button popped off, gut surging forth to push on the rest, as he began to get off his shoe, gulping. His stomach was starting to press back on the rest of his organs, laying down like this, panting through his nose as he worked at his sock, clawed feet tearing it off. Almost done, just had to get to that hose…

"Hm…this isn’t nearly fast enough." A ghostly hand snaked towards the bathroom again, and the water pressure rose in volume, John forced to stop and swallow down thick bursts of water, all of the buttons popping off now as he grew larger. His legs became pinned down by the weight, as he began gurgling against the force of the hose, trying to call out in the hopes someone would hear him. He felt increasingly full, almost dwarfing the bed when his body shifted fully to compensate for the growth. 

His belly groaned, getting tight now, straining against all that water pressure within him. He wasn’t scared, wasn’t scared at all, he could make it out of here somehow right?? He winces, feeling pain surge over his massive stomach, as it grumbled and shook, skin almost seeming to creak as it stretched.

"Mmm, you must feel so full for once. Not so nice getting stuffed to the brim when you’re not the one in charge, is it Mr. CEO?" She cooed into his mind. John heard a whimper, shocked when he realized he was the one making the sound, tilting his head back with a moan. Too full, too tight. He could hardly breathe. He felt just about ready to burst at this rate.

That’s when the sudden, high-pitched shriek sounded out, feeling returning to his limbs suddenly as the ghost shrieked and jumped from him, covering her ears. Suddenly, his knight in shining armor appeared in the form of a very hungover-looking Bradley, rubbing his throat after the yell. “Man I am not used to that.” His eyes darted back over, gasping at the state of his boss, practically leaping over on his belly to yank the hose out, sending excess water up with it from all the pressure suddenly released.

Johnathan groaned, his belly sloshing under Bradley’s body. But man was he glad to see him, hiccuping. Bradley frowned, rubbing over his gigantic form, “Crap, John, what happened to you?” He looked around, but unfortunately the ghost was long-gone, leaving no clues apart from a faint vanilla smell.

John belched, covering his mouth, “Urp…It’s…kind of a long story. But man am I…urk…am I happy to see you…” He reached forward, hugging Bradley against him before he even realized it, the bat blushing when he hugged back.

"It’s no big…gotta look out for my boss after all…" John gave a slight laugh, then hiccuped again, groaning. Bradley blinked, realizing he was still resting on his overstuffed tummy, moving off and giving it a few rubs, "S-sorry…You gonna be okay?"

Johnathan made an ‘urp’ noise as Bradley shifted off of him, feeling water rush up his throat, swallowing it back with a small nod, “In a bit…you may need to wait outside for juuust a moment though…” He paused, “…And while you’re waiting maybe…get the number for a-how do I put this…ghost problem?”