water in a jar

Sea Water Replacement 🌊

🌊  maybe you don’t live near the sea or ocean, or maybe you haven’t been able to get to the shore. by combining from a few to all of the following ingredients you can create a seawater equivalent to use in spells. 

🌊  gather and combine in a jar:

  • clean tap water (preferably full moon charged)
  • sea salt, or regular salt
  • sea glass chips (or bottle)
  • pinch of sand 
  • seaweed strips
  • sea shells

🌊  combine as many ingredients as is possible for you, to create a magical water as similar to real seawater as you can manage.

🌊  you can strain the ingredients out for better storage after they have charged the water with their properties sufficiently. 

🌊  store normally, unless it has seaweed in it, in which it should not be stored for more than a few days, lest it mold. 


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To be honest, the tumblr witchcraft community taught me more than any book on witchcraft I ever read.


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I made four simple jars that correspond with the energy of earth, air, fire, and water!



Tree bark

🍃Seal with wax from a brown candle and green thread.



Bird feather
Leave some space in the jar for air!

🌬Seal with wax from a white candle and yellow thread



Black pepper
Red pepper
Burnt match head

🔥Seal with wax from a red candle and orange thread



Crushed Seashell
Amethyst chip

💧Seal with wax from a blue candle and blue thread

Witch Tip:

Put glitter in your full moon water before charging it to amplify the moons energy. You can change up the color of the glitter to correspond with the specific purpose of the full moon water as well. If the water is meant to be consumable, you can use edible glitter to mix in with potions and teas for a magical effect. Or if you aren’t intending on drinking your water, you can set the intent that every time you shake the jar and watch the glitter swirl around, you are amplifying your psychic abilities.

Alice Tear Jar Spell 💧

a disney inspired jar spell to help keep you afloat in your sadness

💧 gather: two jars of different sizes, one that can easily fit inside the other. blue glitter, moon water, a taglock.

💧 prepare the first jar with the taglock inside. seal carefully so no water can get inside

💧 fill the second jar with the moon water and blue glitter. 

💧 put the smaller jar inside, and seal the smaller bottle in the larger bottle

💧 shake gently when sad, and each time, when the the small jar rises to the top, so do your emotions

💧 the water may represent tears, but they are healing in their own way. 

lavender self love jar

simple self love jar ritual

🔮large jar
🔮dried lavender
🔮white candle
🔮rose water

🔮place a single white candle in the middle of your jar. your white candle represents the destruction of negativity.
🔮place your dried lavender and rue around the candle, for the lavender represents healing, and higher consciousness. your rue also represents healing and health.
🔮light your candle, and chant:

“my body is ethereal,
too pure for this realm.
i light this candle in recognition of myself,
for i am one with the wind and sky,

🔮blow out your candle. feel the positive energy in the room.
🔮sprinkle rose water around your creation, to cleanse and protect your jar.
🔮seal your jar with a cork or wax, and follow the same steps when you need to feel a little more love for yourself.


~ medicating and meditating before practicing yoga 🙊🕯 I think that mornings are actually my favourite time of day 🌾🐚✨