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a while back, ghostbong bought a very cheap, very used Roomba from craigslist.  "so, you’re going to ‘hack’ this, right?“ said the man at the parking lot rendezvous.  but we just wanted a vacuum.  since then, the addition of the word "robot” to our casual, every-day lexicon is continually jarring, as if even living in the future will give you future-shock.

doing maintenance on the robot.  the robot is stuck on a cord.  the robot ate a sock.  the robot ran out of power before it got back to its charging station.  the robot knocked something over.  it doesn’t help that the Roomba programmers saw fit to outfit the little thing with a series of Artoo-like MIDI scales and honks, to convey the mood of its message: docking successfully produces a tiny fanfare, and getting its brushes jammed on a foreign object makes it cry out in sad distress. do i verbally reassure the robot when i pull a wad of cat hair and bread bag tabs out of its works and set it back down on the floor? you bet i do.

but the larger point is that it is now possible for me to say (or type) out loud and without irony, sarcasm, or any kind of fictitiousness: “the robot knocked over the kitten’s water dish >:I ”

the future is here, and it is me on my knees on the floor yanking hairballs out of a domestic droid while it softly boops at me

Water Scrying

Water scrying is the art and practice of gazing into water to see the future or receive a vision. Water scrying is a great way for clairvoyants to develop their skills, but can also be done by anyone. -Mod J

  1. To start, you are going to need a bowl or something that holds water. Preferably the bowl or water holding object should be a solid color inside so you don’t get distracted by patterns. Black, white, or a metal bowl are ideal because these are colors that are easy to gaze at for extended periods but any solid color should work.
  2. Fill the bowl with water
  3. Now set up your space. It helps to turn off the lights and have a candle or a few around the bowl giving some light but not close enough that you see the reflection in the water.
  4. Now this is the hardest part, gaze into the water in the bowl and let your eye lose focus. Your vision might get a little blurry but try to fight the urge to look around and refocus your vision. After a while of doing this you might be able to correct the blurriness without losing focus on the water. Around this point when your gaze softens some kind of vision should appear in the water.
    It’s important to understand that what you see might be a real depiction of what your scrying for/about but it’s more common for you see symbolic images instead. Learning to translate these symbols takes some time and practice so keep working at it.

    Another thing to note is that you might feel like your mind is just making you see things in the water that isn’t there, and i guess on some level that is correct. The water it’s self isn’t what’s producing the vision, you are receiving because you asked to, and are using the water and bowl as tools to help perceive it.

Here are ways to help enhance your water scrying that i know of:

  • You can charge your bowl over night with tea made from certain herbs. I like to steep some mugwort and lavender in my bowl to charge it while i sleep and empty it in the morning.
  • You can a few drops of essential oils to your bowl while scrying, or before to help charge the bowl and water’s energy. The oily surface can also help keep you from getting distracted and gives your eyes something to focus on.
  • Another way to prevent distraction is to put a small crystal at the bottom of the bowl around the center. It gives you a fixed point to look at, but I’ve noticed for me that is often cut off some of the vision and everything will move around the crystal rather then appearing in the whole bowl.
  • Using your bowl for offerings. I find this helps charge and enhance my scrying bowl’s energy by putting offering in it when i work with other spirits and deities.
  • Sometimes it can also help to instead of building up the energy in the bowl do a cleansing and put some salt water in the bowl to soak.
  • You can also use moon water, sun water, or any magically enhanced water that might be specific to the type of reading you are doing. I find moon water is always good for all water scrying.

If you try water scrying and find it doesn’t work for you that’s alright. It’s not for everyone, and even those who do it regularly have off days where they can’t get anything to come through. So give it a few tries before you decide if it’s something for you. Good luck with your scrying! -Mod J

Marines Potential Previews

Some potential previews of what’s coming up/what you can look forwards to in Marines not to say they’re 100% gonna happen, just at the moment they are

Is this what a heart attack feels like?

Buggy knows that hair, knows that face, knows it all like he knows the sun and the sea and the sky.

He wants to croon from the rooftops because forget those eyes, Buggy knows who the real father of this young woman is. Only…

Only he remembers the hunts, remembers the terror, the deaths. All to find Captain Roger’s child.

He might detest Shanks, but he wouldn’t wish the death of his girl on his old rival.

Even he’s not that heartless.

“And how would you know that?”

“I recognised your name.”

“And I recognise your hair. Never thought that scallywag would have a child.”

“He lives to surprise us all.”

“That he does, that he does.”

Crocodile stares down at the sketches, because… those eyes… does he really want Hawk Eyes on his ass for fighting his daughter?

His finger traces one of the deep black rings in the iris, a trait he’s never seen outside of his fellow Shichibukai. That these eyes are just as yellow, just as haunting…

Oh well, he can take the swordsman. And who will find out it was Crocodile that did the girl in?

It’s not like Hawk Eyes is anywhere nearby, after all.

His hand is laced with sweat for the first time in years. Heat no longer bothers him, after all; it’s just a shame he’s still quite capable of a nervous sweat.

From the corner of her eye, Riskua shoots him a questioning glance, her hand cool against his own.

“Okay, stop a second,” she murmurs, drawing both of them to a halt. Her hand works free of his for a moment, replaced swiftly with the excess fabric of Ace’s flame-patterned robe.

Fucking hell, of course she noticed, of course-

Before his blush can have his cheeks bursting into literal flames, Riskua’s hand returns to his own but instead of the gentle hold they’d had going on, she threads her fingers fully through his. It’s a solid hold, firm but not tight. Now neither of them are sweaty, the perspiration wiped free of their palms.

“You said you’ve been here before, right?” She asks, eyes scanning the crowd and acting as if the whole hand holding thing isn’t happening in the least. Is she just not bothered by it? Or does it feel as natural to her as it does to him? Or does it mean nothing and that’s why she doesn’t seem to care? Or-


Startling at the call of his name, Ace returns to the present and offers Riskua his best grin, hoping to god it doesn’t come off as nervous as he feels.

“I know a place we can eat,” Ace confirms, because while he might not have stopped here for very long, he recalls the joint; hopefully the owner won’t recall him though. He’s barely finished the sentence before his lips run away from him and he hastily tags on, “just the two of us.” Holding his breath, Ace flicks a glance to Riskua, watching her watch him.

Her head’s titled to a side and Ace hasn’t felt so intensely observed in a long time.

“Just the two of us,” Riskua agrees with a smile. “like that dine n’ dash back on Dawn.”

Fuck that dine n’ dash, that’s what started this whole thing. Though Ace has acknowledged his feelings to the point he knows if it hadn’t hit him at that dine n’ dash, they’d have caught up to him at some other point.

“If it’s just the two of us we can catch up, talk.” He can spend some time with her, time without the rest of Luffy’s crew or even Luffy himself poking his nose in.

“So, like a date?” Riskua questions, lips wrapping around that final damning word until it sounds foreign coming from her mouth.

And fuck Ace’s life because suddenly it’s like he’s swallowed a mouthful of seawater, like his tongue doesn’t have the energy to move. And when it finally does, the words that come out aren’t the ones he wanted.

“We’re here, it’s this diner.”

Where was the ‘yes’ he’d wanted to voice?

He doesn’t know whether to kiss Luffy or kill him.

Well well well.

Staring down at the latest set of bounties to grace his desk, Law gracefully sets a specific few aside; his future rivals. Though there are two of specific interest, two that he’s been waiting on.

Staring down at the photograph, Law’s lips twitch up slightly at the sight of Dracule Riskua, of Ris-ya’s visage smeared across the wanted poster. The little nickname is far from threatening, though it seems to be a trend with this crew, given the captain’s own moniker. Not to say that it’s inappropriate, but still.


In the very least it’s distinctive.

The captain of the Strawhat Pirates also holds the final puzzle piece to a little problem he’s been mulling over for the last few years.

Because he too has a tattoo, a very familiar one in the same likeness as the other two Law has seen.


Three people out of four with visible tattoos; it can be concluded the fourth has one that is not visible, especially given his… day job.


Ace, Sabo, Riskua… and Luffy.

These four people are all interconnected through the ink they wear. the initials of the other they carry, and a mysterious past that links them together.

Two out of these four are confirmed ‘Ds’. Portgas D. Ace. Monkey D. Luffy.

Three out of the four are Pirates.

Two out of the four belong to dangerous fractions Law is in no way ready to tangle with yet.

Ris-ya unquestionably has links to the World’s Greatest Swordsman, her last name confirms it.

Fire Fist is a member of the Whitebeard Pirates, while Sabo-ya declares himself the second in command to the World’s Most Wanted Criminal.

Undoubtedly there’ll be unseen bonds that make Strawhat Luffy as dangerous as the other three.

Yes, definitely one to keep an eye on.

I know you’ve been hurt too much by people around you, your last relationships were disasters. It sincerely makes me upset that anyone would want to hurt you in any way. You’re this radiant warmth beautifully contagious person who I want nothing more than to see be happy and succeed in life, knowing your worth. You are beautiful inside and out and I’m sorry they have made you feel anything less. I know you’ve been hurt but I hope I can show you that I don’t want to be and I will try my hardest not to be someone who will ever cause you pain. I’m not perfect, I will say the wrong thing or annoy you, but that’s as far as it will go. I want nothing more than to see you smile and make you laugh everyday, you deserve that. I want to support you, especially on the rough nights when everything hurts and all you want to do is cry. If you need kind words and someone to hold you when you cry, I can be that. If you want nothing but to have me there to sit in silence, I will be there. I can be your best friend, and your rock. Whatever you need, I will try my best to be. You deserve good things and I want to be one of them.
—  You never have to apologize for being who you are anymore, that’s who I fell for

In the future, your water bottles and other pieces of plastic could dissolve like sugar

  • Discarded plastic is seriously polluting all corners of our earth, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.
  • But recent inroads in biodegradable versions of plastic may potentially reduce damage to our planet in the future, so long as the world adopts it.
  • Researchers at the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies in the U.K. developed plastic made from sugar and carbon dioxide, which could transform any polycarbonate-made item of the future. 
  • Polycarbonate is typically used for your average water bottle, CD or DVD, along with other objects such as phone screen protectors. Read more (6/14/17)

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