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It was long time…so it’s going to be long story and full of gifs….please enjoy~ 


It is wonderful to live alone. You can do what you want, the decor is as you want, you can have as many animals as you want. It was an ordinary day, quite rainy, but always liked this kind of weather. Your dog started beeping with hunger. It was already quite late, but because you did not have any food for your pet, you decided to go out to the store. You took an umbrella and walked out of the house. You went through a couple of streets and You made it to the store. You did shopping and by the way also bought some food for yourself. You walked out of the store and headed to the house. On the street it was very dark, and generally there were no people. You heared a sound. You didn’t want trouble, but your curiosity won, You went it’s way. You came to the streets and did see something strange. * Something black … what is it? an animal? a dog? * You came closer. You stomped on something what spended quiet sound. You looked down and then back to the strange figure. The whites of his eyes frightened you, you dropped the shopping bags and jump back to the rear. The figure headed in your direction. You closed your eyes, and when opened them, the  strange figure was searching bags. It was a boy. You didn’t see his face but he was very run down. Tousled hair, torn clothes and dirt on his face hit hard in you. * Homeless? * Suddenly, the boy found the food for your dog. He tore of the pack and began to eat dog food handfuls. Shocked, you was watching everything. You came closer and took the baguette from one of the bags.

Y / N: “Here..it’s. -”

The boy looked at you and quickly ran to you. Jump back terrified, you hit back against the wall of the building behind you and still holding a baguette in the hands you took it to your face. The boy looked at you scary, bared teeth in your direction. He growled softly, and you closed eyes with fear. Seeing how you react boy calmed down suddenly and walked away from you. He sat on the ground and you looked at him. *What’s with him? why is he behave like this? He is hungry? *

Y / N: “please….here You go…it’s much better” You moved hand with a baguette in the boy’s direction.

He looked at it and then on you, not knowing what it was. When unearthly smell of baking came to him, he grabbed a baguette and began to devour it greedily. You was glad that he liked it. Suddenly you noticed his arm covered in blood. You scared, thinking that someone would do this to him. You didn’t think much about it. The boy looked at your age and you found him on the street wounded and wanted to help him. The boy finished eating and looked at you menacingly.

Y / N: “Come with me…i want help You”

It took a while before he followed you to your house. Before entering you stop and you told him to wait. You put your dog to another room for fear that the boy might react strangely again. You unpacked shopping and came back to the room. The boy was sitting on the floor. You came closer, and moved hand toward the boy.

Y / N: “Come….You need wash yourself..”

The boy looked at your hand and then put his on it. You grabbed it gently and took him to the bathroom. You turned on faucet in the tub and turned to the boy. You noticed collars around his neck and came closer. You caught by a small plaque attached to it.

Y / N: “ J-I-M-I-N …..oh …is it your name?”

The boy looked at you and repeated after you.

JIMIN: “N-a-me..”

Y / N: “ok then….lets take a nice bath, ok Jimin? “ You said and walked out of the bathroom, leaving him alone.

After a few minutes, you got up from the couch to see water flowing from under the bathroom’s door. You opened the door.

Y / N: “Oh noo….”

You ran to the bathtub and turned off the faucet. His arm began to bleed a little more. You crouched down next to the boy.

Y / N: “Ah….You really don’t know whats going on …don’t you Jimin-ah?” 

Ignoring the water and mess on the floor you took care of his wound. The boy even for a moment didn’t take his eyes at you. He watched you, and even though he didn’t trust you, he let you touch him. Once you finished you looked at him.

Y / N: “Should I …. should i help You wash yourself ?” You sighed deeply.

Y / N: “Please dress off…” 

The boy didn’t know what you mean. So, You removed his shirt and you’ve indicated on his pants. The boy understood and began to take them off. You turned around. * Damn his body is hot …. * Once he removed it all, he stood and watched you. Trying not to look down, your eyes were fleeing in all directions. You caught him by the hand and helped him get into the tub. A little scared sat in a bathtub full of warm water.

Y / N: “Doesn’t it feels good Jimin-ah? Let’s wash up now , okay?”

You said and bent his back. You started to wash him and he didn’t resist even for a moment. You removed collar from his neck on what he reacted somewhat nervously, but then again, was quiet. You was washing him thoroughly, until you went to the front.

Your eyes met and you instantly went dry in the throat. Suddenly you understand that if you were going to wash him then you have to do it exactly ….

You took a deep breath and your hand went along his belly. The boy flinched slightly but did not stop you for a moment. Your hand went down, and finally touched his dick. The boy groaned when you caught it by hand. His eyes widened and he looked at you constantly. You started wash it and move hand along his dick. He was getting hard and with it you was becoming more and more excited. Jimin breathing more, and you could not stop touching him. He was breathing faster and faster, you pull oneself together, stopped doing what you were doing and finished washing him. You  cleaned up in the bathroom and when walked out to your surprise, the boy was laying on the floor in the same place as last time.

You didn’t want to disturb him, he looked tired. You gave him your brother’s clothes before, that once he left in your flat. You went to the dog and gave him eat. The day is over and you got a new member of the household …

You woke up and immediately went toward the place where the boy was sitting.

Y / N: “Good morning Jimin-ah..”

You’ve gone from him and went into the kitchen. You cooked chicken and some vegetables.

You called him but didn’t approach. So you took a plate and went in his direction. You moved plate close to his face to tempt him by smell.

Y / N: “Come on ~ Look what i have for You …let’s eat ~”

He looked at the plate and in a moment timidly followed you to the table.

Y / N: “Please sit here…” You’ve indicated to him the place and he struggled but after a while sat down.

He looked at the plate and waited, it seemed that this time waiting for permission to start eating. You took a piece of chicken from his plate and you gave feed him. He began to eat.

You chuckled when you saw his face.

Y / N: “Is it that good ??

The boy did not say anything and just ate with great commitment. You was glad. For so long you have not eaten with anyone. Even if Jimin could not speak it still was so nice. You looked at your plate. *He is weird, right… he act like dog, right… but he is kind of sexy …he have big…..yhhmm….and he is actually cute -* You picked up eyes, and you looked at the boy.

*-yeah..never mind..*

You ate and do the dishies. Suddenly they both heard a quiet squeaking. You opened the door and Jimin growled loudly. Your dog ran out of the room. The screams and squeals echoed in the room. You calmed your dog and you took it to Jimin who hid behind the couch.

Y / N: “Jimin-ah…look it’s my dog …his/her name is d/n …don’t be scared…he is good dog…”

Jimin looked at him and said slightly confused.

JIMIN: “good dog??”

Y / N: “ yes~ it’s okay… touch it”

You took his hand and put on your dog. Jimin smiled for the first time and your heart melted. He began to pat him in a rather clumsy way, but your dog has always been calm and resist even the worst kids in the street.

JIMIN: “ D/N …”

Y / N: “yes~ good ….and i’m ____ “

Jimin stopped and looked at you seriously.

JIMIN: “ ….____ “ He approached you and took your hand. He put your hand on his head.

JIMIN: “…____ ….Jimin, good dog…” You looked at him worried.

Y / N: “No… Jimin is not dog”  Jimin looked at you in surprise.

JIMIN: “Jimin …no dog?” You stroked his head gently, touched his hair and smiled to him.

Y / N: “No…. Jimin is boy….beautiful boy …. Jimin isn’t dog just like ____”

JIMIN: “….beautiful….____ boy ?” You blushed immediately.

Y / N: “ymmm…no ..no …emm…____ isn’t boy… i’m girl “

After his expression it was obvious he did not understand everything that is said to him. You got up without explaining more and went to give food to your pet.

A week passed and you decide to take Jimin to the store. You went inside.

MAN: “ Oh….____ how nice to see You…how are You? Oh…You came with boyfriend…”

Y / N: “Good morning~ eh no no it’s my friend..-”

JIMIN: “friend..”

Y / N: “-  his name is Jimin… “

The man held out his hand but Jimin not knowing what to do just looked puzzled. Cashier withdrew his hand and clutched at his back of the head. You told him briefly about Jimin and asked him to guard him. The man agreed, and stayed with him.

MAN: “Jimin…how do You feel ?”

Jimin didn’t know what to say. For the next half hour the man explained to the boy what means to feel good and what is bad. He explained to him the other things that he should know. Jimin learned quickly from the outset. He worked hard for the last week learning to speak and read, but many basic things still didn’t understand.

JIMIN: “____ said ( “ Jimin is beautiful boy “ )..”

MAN: “oh…she did say that ?? thats good ..”

JIMIN: “good? “

MAN: “ Yes …very good …that’s mean ____ like You”

JIMIN: “____ like Jimin?”

MAN: “she like You…so she like be with You and play with You…it’s hard to explain..but You know what i have something for You..” 

The man pulled out a book of his nephew who goes to kindergarten, and his niece who just went to elementary school. Jimin took the books, and you just came back. You’re back home and Jimin helpe you unpack shopping. Then he took the books, sat on the floor and began to study them. A month passed and Jimin had already started to understand a lot and talk more. He made friends with your dog.

Sometimes had fun together. You laughed for a good few hours. You looked like Jimin hugs your dog and smiles at him. Your pet also loved him and would not leave him on the step. Often you read a book on the couch and they were enjoying themselves on the floor next to you. Lost in your own world, not even noticed how often Jimin was watching you.

JIMIN: “____ is beautiful girl..”

Y / N: “what ?? i’m…”

JIMIN: “Beautiful ..____ beautiful..” The hot air hit your cheeks and you looked down.

Y / N: “t- thank You…” Jimin looked at your reaction and alarmed.

JIMIN: “____ feels bad?”

Y / N: “No..no i’m good, don’t worry”

Everything was fine as far as possible, but not for long. Recently your dog behave strangely. You started to be afraid of him. He was breathing hard, and almost not moving at all, he did not want either to eat either. You went to the vet and found out that nothing can be done. They had to put him to sleep. You came home that day, and Jimin, as always, waiting for your return. You sat hard on the couch not paying attention to Jimin. After a while you moved down and were sitting on the floor. Jimin came up to you and looked at you.

JIMIN: “____ is sad? Is Jimin bad boy?”

Y / N: “No… it’s…” You looked at him and from your eyes began to fly tears. You caught Jimin and pulled to your side. You hugged him and still crying, said:

Y / N: “ d/n is dead…Jimin….i miss him/her”

JIMIN: “miss d/n …i miss him/her…”

You sat there for a moment, and he embraced you. You were so helpless but you felt so good in his arms that you didn’t want to leave. Jimin was learning a lot that he knew what had happened. After this happening, you were very sad and quiet.

JIMIN: “____ come play…”

Y / N: “..no …i’m not in mood…next time okay ?”

JIMIN: “____ it’s bath time ?”

Y / N: “oh…so go wash Yourself… You already know how to do it , right?”

Jimin said nothing. He turned and walked toward the bathroom. You felt sorry that he was so repelled by You but you still was thinking about your dog. You were a close-knit with it and now it was gone. But if Jimin understand how you felt? Jimin have to take care of himself, so he discovered the TV remote control. Hours watching TV but thanks to learned new things. A week passed, you went to sleep. Jimin could not sleep so turned on the TV and watched all night …. learning the world.

In the morning your mood has improved and you went to look for Jimin, he surprisingly was sitting in the same spot where it first when you bring him home. You came to him and knelt beside him.

Y / N: “Hey…Jimin …whats wrong…are You sad?”

JIMIN: “____ don’t like Jimin anymore”

Y / N: “Whaaa…. of course i like You.. why?”

JIMIN: “____ don’t want to play with Jimin anymore…and ____ is not helping Jimin with bath…” You blushed.

Y / N: “I’ m sorry….really…i’m just …you know i’m girl… so i ..-”

JIMIN: “____ don’t want touch Jimin…but Jimin love ____ so want ____ to touch ….me”

You looked at him shocked. * What did he just said ??* 

JIMIN: “In TV …boy said he love girl so want her to touch him …and Jimin wants too… because when ____ touch me ….it feels nice..” *I’M GOING TO HELL*


JIMIN: “and then sex…” *NO FUCKING WAY..*

Y / N: “You know what sex is?…have You seen…”

JIMIN: “Yes…”

You looked at him, desiring every centimeter of his body, but you were not sure if you should. It is true that you often was thinking about him that way. Your heart was going to break out of your chest and you, yourself, felt the excitement in the lower abdomen. You looked at Jimin pants and his dick was ready too. Without thinking long you moved hand in his side and touched him through his pants. The boy groaned and looked at you excited. You was massaging him for a moment, when he grabbed your wrist.

Y / N: “What’s wrong?” 

Confused Jimin stood up unsteadily, as if drunk and took you with him. You walk over to the couch and he pushed you gently on it. You looked at him as he stood between your legs.

JIMIN: “Boy in TV did that ….”  *Oh i see ^^’’ *

Jimin stood before you and you started to unbutton his pants. Each time you touch him, Jimin sucking air quickly and violently. You removed his pants and boxers. You got up for a moment and removed also his sweater throwing it on the floor. Slowly sitting back on the couch with your hands dragging along his entire body, causing his muscles tremor. Once you sat, you looked down and seen his dick hard like a stone. You caught it by hand and tasted tip of it. He groaned deeply, gently losing his balance. You licked along it, then around and eventually you put it to your mouth. First, you was teasing him moving slowly at the very top. After a while, you was coming down lower and lower and he was getting harder.

His slight growls caused tat you didn’t want to stop. You wanted to give him more, more of you, the depths of your throat. You started to gently suck even more driving him to insanity.

JIMIN: “____ …”

Y / N: “hmm??” You muttered without removing his penis from your mouth.

JIMIN: “It…what is this feel……”

Y / N: “hee…nn -” You ran tongue along the entire length of his dick “-what feel?”

JIMIN: “it feels….weird..” Still massaging his penis by hand, you answer :

Y / N: “weird ? …not good?”

JIMIN: “good….i …i don’t know” 

You put it back in your mouth and started to suck harder. His moans grew louder, until finally white liquid spilled all over your mouth. Jimin growled loudly and grabbed your head, pulling it closer to his body instinctively. You choked up but you managed to swallow everything you got. Jimin fell down between your legs tired but satisfied. He looked at you and began to take off your pants. After a moment, they were already on the floor and next to them your shirt, panties and bra. Jimin watched your body and sitting on the floor between your legs, stroking your thighs.

JIMIN: “____ is beautiful girl. “ He said, licking his lips.

A moment later he opened your legs more and you been watching him admiring his body and thinking how much good TV brought to your life. He came to your pussy and after a while your body was pulled toward him. You lay down on the couch and he put your legs on his shoulders. His tongue awkwardly touched your input. You moaned by surprise, but after a while your surprise turned into ecstasy. His tongue knew what it was doing, Jimin knew what he was doing. You were just as intrigued by how fast this guy is learning as much as the feelings aroused from his hot breath on your wet skin. He knew with what movement of his, your moans grew louder. He moved in such a way to hear as much as possible. After a few minutes he began to suck your clitoris bringing you into total bliss. * How the fuck he know what is it ~~ !! * You arched back and leaned head. Jimin was moving faster and harder. His head moved from side to side and his mouth was spending wet sounds. You was moaning happy because of his efforts.

Amazing feeling pierced through you when suddenly Jimin stopped and grabbed you by the thighs and put your whole body on the couch.

JIMIN: “____ loves Jimin ?”

Y / N: “yes…i love You… I love Jimin.–nnn” You said in a hurry and gave him a wet kiss on the lips.

JIMIN: “Ji…Jimin wants more..”

Y / N: “kiss..?”

JIMIN: “kiss..” You touched his face and pulled gently to yourself.

Your lips touched his mouth and both of you desired more. He opened his mouth and you started to kiss his lower lip. After a while Jimin caught the rhythm and do same as you. Your tounge after a while entered Jimin’s mouth what surprised him at first, but after a while his tongue began to explore the inside of your mouth too. Your tongues touched and Jimin’s kisses became more and more passionate, fast and intrusive. He grabbed the back of your head and you’re caught his penis. Unable to wait any longer you put it in your inside moaning excited. Together with you Jimin let out a loud sound of delight. You caught him by the hips and pulled closer. He went in you all and rested his head on your shoulder distracted.

Y / N: “it’s okay Jimin-ah …..move Your hips like this…see..” 

You caught him and gently moving in front and back. Jimin growled and moaned softly when his penis was coming into you deeper and deeper. His hips began to move by itself in its own pace. You caught with his elbows and he straightened up a bit. Looking at you moved his hips and made you enormous pleasure. Suddenly, pushed harder what you were somewhat surprised but quickly forgot about what you was thinking when his movements became strong and fast. He drove you to orgasm while still ruling over it. You wanted to come, but he didn’t let you, controlling your body and sensations. He made you pleasure while impeding your climax. You started to scream, and he accelerated. You was moaning his name when suddenly he stopped. He came out of you, leaving you empty and hungering for his return.

JIMIN: “____ hurts?”

Y / N: “No …of course not Jimin-ah…”

JIMIN: “…but ____ scream so much…” You kissed him gently.

Y / N: “It’s because it feels so amazing…. You are very good”

Jimin picked you up and rolled over on belly. You lifted hips and put a pillow under your head.

JIMIN: “I’m good boy…” He came into you and began to push with all his strength not giving you what were you planning to say. Your screams grew louder and between them can be heard only isolated words.

Y / N: “very ……good……..very………good……boy”

He grabbed your buttocks and began to push slowly but completely filling your interior. Pestering you constantly changing rhythm. He drove to madness your senses. Your legs began to tremble, and you felt your feeling more and more violent.

JIMIN: “Why ____ ….we didn’t ….before….” He moaned constantly trying to catch breath.

You didn’t managed to answer his question, his movements became animal and unstoppable. He pushed you hard enough that with him moving forward also your body.

JIMIN: “AH…Jimin don’t want to …stop”


You shouted and he lost control of his fingers on your hips which tightened hard enough to leave bruises on them. His movements meant that after a few more moments you figured.

Jimin pushed several times and also came. He fell on the floor and pulled you behind. You fell on him and he hugged you.

JIMIN: “So…-” Panting and wet Jimin tried to say something. You looked at him and since he finished. “ - …is ____ will help me with bath now?”

I hope You enjoyed it ~♥hahahah I know i know…it was so long^^ i’m sorry…i’m trying…really…but some time ago i was watching this movie with Jet Li “Danny The Dog” and then i dreamed about Jimin just like this….so You guys just readed my dream ~♥ But still You are here …Thank You so much ~

Love You~♥


Molecule of the Day: Quinine

Today’s featured compound is probably something that most of us have consumed! It has a bitter taste, and is the ingredient that gives a certain fizzy drink its characteristic flavour - any guesses?

That’s right - it’s quinine (C20H24N2O2)! It’s a colourless solid that is insoluble in water, and is used (as its soluble salts) to give tonic water its bitter flavour. It is also a fluorescent compound, and causes tonic water to flow under ultraviolet light! (See 2nd picture above)

Quinine was first isolated from the bark of the cinchona tree, which the Quechua, a group of indigenous people of Peru, used as a muscle relaxant to reduce shivering caused by cold weather. It was then brought to Europe, where its antimalarial effects were discovered, and was used to treat malaria outbreaks in Rome in the 17th century.

Until now, quinine is still used as an antimalarial, although it has been largely superseded by artemisinins as a first-line drug and is only used when they are unavailable.

While synthetic production routes of quinine have been devised, the most cost-efficient and prevalent industrial production method is its extraction from the bark of Remijia, which is cheaper than that of cinchona.

So next time you pick up a glass of tonic water (or gin and tonic for the alcohol-inclined), take a second to remember the rich history of quinine!

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Mars Gullies Likely Not Formed by Liquid Water

New findings using data from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter show that gullies on modern Mars are likely not being formed by flowing liquid water. This new evidence will allow researchers to further narrow theories about how Martian gullies form, and reveal more details about Mars’ recent geologic processes.

Scientists use the term “gully” for features on Mars that share three characteristics in their shape: an alcove at the top, a channel, and an apron of deposited material at the bottom. Gullies are distinct from another type of feature on Martian slopes, streaks called “recurring slope lineae,” or RSL, which are distinguished by seasonal darkening and fading, rather than characteristics of how the ground is shaped.

Water in the form of hydrated salt has been identified at RSL sites.

The new study focuses on gullies and their formation process by adding composition information to previously acquired imaging.

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) in Laurel, Maryland, examined high-resolution compositional data from more than 100 gully sites throughout Mars. These data, collected by the orbiter’s Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM), were then correlated with images from the same spacecraft’s High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera and Context Camera (CTX).

The findings showed no mineralogical evidence for abundant liquid water or its by-products, thus pointing to mechanisms other than the flow of water – such as the freeze and thaw of carbon dioxide frost – as being the major drivers of recent gully evolution.

The findings were published in Geophysical Research Letters.
Gullies are a widespread and common feature on the Martian surface, mostly occurring between 30 and 50 degrees latitude in both the northern and southern hemispheres, generally on slopes that face toward the poles. On Earth, similar gullies are formed by flowing liquid water; however, under current conditions, liquid water is transient on the surface of Mars, and may occur only as small amounts of brine even at RSL streaks. The lack of sufficient water to carve gullies has resulted in a variety of theories for the gullies’ creation, including different mechanisms involving evaporation of water and carbon dioxide frost.

“The HiRISE team and others had shown there was seasonal activity in gullies – primarily in the southern hemisphere – over the past couple of years, and carbon dioxide frost is the main mechanism they suspected of causing it. However, other researchers favored liquid water as the main mechanism,” said Jorge Núñez of APL, the lead author of the paper.

“What HiRISE and other imagers were not able to determine on their own was the composition of the material in gullies, because they are optical cameras. To bring another important piece in to help solve the puzzle, we used CRISM, an imaging spectrometer, to look at what kinds of minerals were present in the gullies and see if they could shed light on the main mechanism responsible.”

Núñez and his colleagues took advantage of a new CRISM data product called Map-projected Targeted Reduced Data Records. It allowed them to more easily perform their analyses and then correlate the findings with HiRISE imagery.

“On Earth and on Mars, we know that the presence of phyllosilicates – clays – or other hydrated minerals indicates formation in liquid water,” Núñez said. “In our study, we found no evidence for clays or other hydrated minerals in most of the gullies we studied, and when we did see them, they were erosional debris from ancient rocks, exposed and transported downslope, rather than altered in more recent flowing water. These gullies are carving into the terrain and exposing clays that likely formed billions of years ago when liquid water was more stable on the Martian surface.”

Other researchers have created computer models that show how sublimation of seasonal carbon dioxide frost can create gullies similar to those observed on Mars, and how their shape can mimic the types of gullies that liquid water would create. The new study adds support to those models.

APL built and operates CRISM, one of six instruments with which the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter project has been examining Mars since 2006. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the Caltech in Pasadena, California manages the project for the NASA Science Mission Directorate in Washington. Lockheed Martin Space Systems of Denver built the orbiter and supports its operations.

IMAGE….The highly incised Martian gullies seen in the top image resemble gullies on Earth that are carved by liquid water. However, when the gullies are observed with the addition of mineralogical information (bottom), no evidence for alteration by water appears.
The pictured area spans about 2 miles (3 kilometers) on the eastern rim of Hale Crater. The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter took the visible-light image. Color-coded compositional information added in the lower version comes from the same orbiter’s Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM). Color coding in light blue corresponds to surface composition of unaltered mafic material, of volcanic origin. Mafic material from the crater rim is carved and transported downslope along the gully channels. No hydrated minerals are observed within the gullies, in the data from CRISM, indicating limited interaction or no interaction of the mafic material with liquid water. These findings and related observations at about 100 other gully sites on Mars suggest that a mechanism not requiring liquid water may be responsible for carving these gullies on Mars. (Gullies on Mars are a different type of feature than seasonal dark streaks called recurring slope lineae or RSL; water in the form of hydrated salt has been identified at RSL sites.)
The HiRISE image is a portion of HiRISE observation PSP_002932_1445. The lower image is from the same HiRISE observation, with a CRISM mineral map overlaid.

“I’m not used to people sticking around when things go bad.” 

a rebelcaptain fan mix. listen here

STARDUST i’ll be your afterglow / your sweetness and your light / i’ll be the chemical that helps you sleep at night / we’re stardust, you and i  DROPS OF JUPITER now that she’s back in the back in the atmosphere with drops of jupiter in her hair / she acts like summer and walks like rain / reminds that there’s a time to change COUGH SYRUP and i run to things they said could restore me / restore life the way it should be / i’m waiting for this cough syrup to come down VEGAS SKIES say goodnight / our first goodbye / i’ve only got forever and forever is fine / just take your time / we’ll stop the clock together and know that the timing was right  ➤ JYN ERSO & HOPE SUITE from the rogue one: a star wars story original motion picture score  ➤ SATELLITE CALL  this one’s for the lonely child / broken hearted / running wild / this one was written for the one to blame / for the one that believes they are the cause of chaos in everything AVALANCHE carry me down / rolling in your arms / cause i can’t remember ever falling this hard / tell me tonight / all that we have been / wasn’t nothing more than noise inside my head / crashing down / crashing down / in your avalanche SILHOUETTES there’s nothing that i’d take back / but it’s hard to say there’s nothing i regret CASSIOPEIA then the spark from a star shooting too close / they both smiled / what a day to explode / she said / tonight / come on, come on / collide  ➤YOU WON’T FEEL A THING when trouble thinks it’s found us / the world falls down around us / i promise baby you won’t ever feel a thing ALL OF THE STARS so open your eyes and see / the way our horizons meet / all of the lights will lead / into the night with me / and i know these scars will bleed / but both of our hearts believe / all of these stars will guide us home ➤ I DARE YOU TO MOVE welcome to the planet / welcome to existence / everyone’s here / everybody’s watching you now / everybody waits for you now / what happens next / i dare you to move ➤LEVITATE  there’s so much on my mind / i don’t know where to start / there’s a light filling up the dark / though i lost myself / i know it’s not the end / you are my shooting star / you make my heart ascend  ➤ YOUR FATHER WOULD BE PROUD from the rogue one: a star wars story original motion picture scoreANGEL WITH A SHOTGUN they say before you start a war / you better know what you’re fighting for / but baby you are all that i adore / if love is what you need / a soldier i will be KISS ME SLOWLY well i’m not sure what this is gonna be / but with my eyes closed all i see / is the skyline through the window / the moon above you and the streets below. ➤ RENEGADES long live the pioneers / rebels and mutineers / go forht and have no fear / come close the end is near GOODNIGHT MOON when our hearts are heavy burdens / we shouldn’t have to bear alone / so goodnight moon / and good night you / when you’re all that i think about. EVER THE SAME we should stand in the wind / we were free like water / flowing sown under the warmth of the sun / now it’s cold and we’re scared / we’ve both been shaken / look at us / this doesn’t need to be the end STARS all those times we looked up a the sky / looking out so far, we felt like we could fly / now i’m all alone in the dark of night / the moon is shining / but i can’t see the light 


The Call of Your Soul - Chapter Four

As fast as autumn came it was gone and winter had his icy claws wrapped around London. The constant dark outside made me feel melancholic and made it hard to deal with the void in my soul. I just lived from day to day trying to not think about the future. And suddenly it was Christmas. The town sparkled in the glow of a million fairy lights, the air was filled with the scent of mince pies, mulled wine and cookies and you could hear Christmas sings being played in all the stores. Annoyed I make my way through the crowds on my way to work. I don´t feel festive at all and I´ve been avoiding everything related to Christmas. Dan is spending Christmas with his family somewhere in India, miles away from London, out of my reach and too far away for the chance of finally meeting him.

I eventually arrive at the office, greeted by the beeping sound of the door as I swipe my key card through the look. Looking at the floor I make my way through the hallways to my office. I turn on the lights and my computer, when I hear footsteps behind me. “What are you doing here?” I turn around to see my mother standing in the doorframe. “What to do mean? I´m working here.” I answer confused by here strict tone. “No, not today. It´s Christmas Eve tonight and you´re not going to spend Christmas at the office! Go visit your grandparents or something.”

“But you´re here!” I say, wanting to start an argument, but she immediately cuts me off. “I don´t count. Now go and have a festive Christmas Eve.” She´s clearly not in the mood for discussions, so I simply sigh, roll my eyes, take my bag and leave. My mom quickly presses a smooch on my cheek and goes back to her office.

I decide to follow her advice and visit my grandparents. As I step outside the cold streets of London it slowly starts to snow. Little soft snowflakes gracefully start to fall from the dark sky. I take the tube and half an hour later I arrive at my grandparent’s house. My mum obviously told them I was coming as my grandma doesn´t even ask why I suddenly drop by. The next hours go by painfully slowly. I feel restless and just stare out of the window as it snows heavier and big snowflakes cover the streets in a white coat. I thought I was getting better, that I had everything under control; but I feel more miserable than ever. I´m back to feeling the emptiness in my soul. I wrap my arms around my legs and rest my head on knees, focusing on my breathing and try to fight down the tears watering my eyes.

“What´s going on?” the soft voice of my grandma interrupts my thoughts and brings me into the moment. “Nothing, everything is fine.” I answer and the words sound weak even in my own ears. “Darling, I´m not stupid. You´re thoughts are running wilder than the stormy sea.” She caught me off guard I just don´t know what to say. I stare down at my hands, fumbling my fingers. “I´m sorry, I didn´t want to ruin the festivity.” I murmur.

“Don´t be sorry, my dear. Maybe it´ll help to talk about what´s bothering you?” she says, putting her hand on my arm. “I can´t talk about it.” I say shaking my head. A deep sadness floods my body and adds to the constant pain in my soul. “Well, than I can give you only one advice. If your minds restless, than go.”


“Yes, just go. Walk right outside the door and walk until you feel better and maybe you´ll end up just where you need to be tonight. And don´t worry about your mum, I won´t tell her you spend Christmas alone wandering through the streets of London.”

She seems to be serious and I don´t see why I shouldn’t at least try it, so I grab my coat and bag and say goodbye to my grandparents. And then I just walk, not thinking about going left or right, I just aimlessly wander through the streets. The snow under my feet turns to disgusting brown slush. I eventually find myself on Westminster Bridge and the Big Ben strikes 8pm. I stop and start watching the dark water of the Themse flowing under the bridge while big snowflakes melt as soon as they touch the icy water. As they dissolve into the black void of an endless stream running into an infinity ocean. As they are torn apart by the flow of the river. And I feel just the same, torn apart, restless travelling down the stream of my life in a black emptiness. I never would´ve thought my life would have come down to this. Standing on a bridge full of pain with a soul that screams for its other half without being heard.

My thoughts are interrupted by a dark shadow looming above me. I recognize the outlines of an umbrella that´s being held above my head. “I´m sorry, but are you ok?” A wild shiver runs through my body causing me to get goose bumps. Suddenly it feels like something is exploding the core of my soul. I feel the adrenaline kicking in, sharpening my senses and suddenly everything around me seems incredibly intense. I don´t need to turn around to know who this velvety voice belongs to. The warm smooth tone of the voice fills my head. I turn around and look at the face I´ve seen so many times through screen and that one terrible time at the hospital. I recognize his beautiful pale complexion that looks very healthy compared to the time I saw him in the hospital. His eyes spark in the warm yellow light of the street lanterns, giving them a fiery amber glow, even though his face lies in shadow.  

“I´m sorry, that was pretty invasive, considering I don´t even know you.” He adds as I still haven´t said anything. His words but a smile on my face and I can feel that I´m definitely blushing. “No, don´t worry! That was very considerate of you. I guess I just have a little Christmas Blues.” I say giving him a bright encouraging smile.

“I understand that very well. I never spend Christmas alone before. I was supposed to spend Christmas with my family on a hot exotic beach in India, but I kind of couldn´t go and decided to stay last minute. Like something was calling for me to be here – Why am I telling you this?” Dan rambles, still looking into my eyes and holding the umbrella above my head, while snow is slowly sinking to the ground around us. I laugh at his words but can only imagine how confusing this must be for him. Meeting a complete stranger and suddenly feeling your soul vibrating and resonating with the vibrations of another soul. “I have no idea.” I giggle “But I´m glad I have met you tonight.” I add with a smile. Dan gives me his famous side smirk, revealing his dimples. He rubs his neck with his free hand obviously unsure what to say next. “Well – I’m on my way to a restaurant.” He says embarrassed.

I feel the happiness drowning from my body within a second. What if he leaves right now and just forgets that he met me? What if he couldn´t feel what I feel and everything was just a big stupid mistake? I try to keep a straight face to not show how disappointed I am. A second ago it seemed like my happy end was right there, my chance to finally be with my soulmate and finally fill that void in my soul that was consuming me like a black hole since the events at the hospital.

“They serve a traditional Christmas dinner for those who can´t cook or are alone on Christmas Eve. And you seem a little lonely too. Do you want to be plus one for my Christmas Eve feast?” His voice is soft but he´s seemingly embarrassed. I just silently stare at him, surprised he´s actually inviting me to spend the evening with him.

“I´m sorry, I don´t know why I asked that. That was really creepy, we just met. Oh god, that was so embarrassing. I don´t normally do this.” Dan starts to stutter and looks down at his feet. “I don´t think it´s creepy. I would love to be your plus one for tonight.” I interrupt him and give him a bright smile. He smiles back and looks very relieved. “I seriously have no idea what I´m doing. This doesn´t look like me.” Dan adds and I can tell that he is really struggling with his feelings. I softly put my hand on his arm. “Let´s just call it fate we met and enjoy the rest of the night. After all no one should spend Christmas alone.” I say calmly. Dan smiles at my words and I know I convinced him. He nods and points down the road. “This way my lady.” He says jokingly and offers me his arm. Only too happily I take it and follow him down the road.

We spent the evening at the restaurant, laughing and talking about our lives. I feel bad for lying about my job, but I can´t tell Dan about the halfgod things, so I just tell him I have an office job which is technically not too far from the truth. And a few times I almost slip information I shouldn´t have. I feel terrible for lying to Dan, but I waited almost 5 years for this moment, so I decide to drop the guilty feeling and enjoy his evening. At 2am they very politely tell us that the restaurant is closing. “I didn´t even notice how fast time went.” Dan says as we step outside the restaurant. “Me neither. It was a really nice evening.” I answer, sad that this evening is ending way too quickly. “I kind of don´t want to go home just yet. How about a night walk along the Themse?” Dan suggest in a hopeful tone. I don´t bother to answer and just take his arm.

The rest of the night is magical. We talk a walk under the stars along the Themse and Dan walks me home. We struggle to say goodbye, both knowing that this night is special. Suddenly Dan kisses me. His lips feel warm and soft. He gently breaks away and looks into my eyes. “I don´t know what happened today, all I know is that earlier on that bridge I felt like your soul was calling for me and I never felt connected the way I feel connected to you.”

68 Years later

Dying is silent. Dying is quick. And dying is easy. I spent 68 years with Dan by my side. A life filled with love and happiness with my soulmate. We moved in together, we got married and had two beautiful children. But dying was the real happy end. Dan and I were old and one night we both just let go and our separated souls finally became one, connected for eternity.

You jump, I jump

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The Grey toned river water flowed 50 feet beneath you. Tiny raindrops landed atop the water, before mindlessly disappearing into the river. The day, November 15, was cloudy. It misted all day, creating a layer of humidity fog over your small town. It may have seemed like just an ordinary day, but it surely wasn’t because it was the day you met him.

Your blue striped pajama set complemented your dull eyes as you looked down into the flowing water. A light layer of rain ghosted itself over your high ponytail. You sniffled a little bit wiping away a stray tear from your cheek. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. Why were you the 20 year old girl standing on the bridge. You were on the other side of the rail, a place where only a few people in your town had been. The ones who had jumped or “fallen” never lived to see another day. That was exactly what you were hoping for.

You rubbed your wet eyes again to get a clearer look. This was how it was going to end for you. You’d jump off of this bridge at 7 in the morning. You’d doubted that any one would even notice you were gone or care, for that matter. They’d all just assume you’d runaway again, just as you did last summer. But how would they feel when you didn’t return again in the fall?

“Hey!” a flustered voice called out to you. The voice was unfamiliar, which was odd for this town. Everybody knew everybody and it’d been like that for as long as you could remember.

You didn’t dare look back. You were scared if you did, the person would try to dissuade you from jumping. And you would probably listen to them and get off of the bridge. That was how it was the first three times, anyways. See, this wasn’t your first time trying to end it, and if you didn’t succeed it wouldn’t be the last.

“What are you doing?” the same person said. This time they were closer. They were practically right behind you. Once again, silence. The deadly kind of silence.

The man had an accent. It was Australian to be exact. It kind of made you wonder what’d he would be doing in a small town in the states.

“Fine, if you won’t get away from the edge to talk, I’ll come to you,” he warned. From the corner of your eye, you watched his tall body come to the other side of the rail. He stood next to you, about an arms length away. You noticed his tense body as he was shaking.

“You’re afraid of heights,” you acknowledged his presence for the first time.

“Just a little,”

“You should probably get down from here then,”

“Not ’til you agree to do the same,”

For the first time you looked at him. You’d never forget that first glance. It wasn’t much of a glance, however. You caught yourself staring into his crystal eyes. They were bluer than the river water flowing 50 feet under. He had a blonde quiff, but it was partially flat from the rain drops.

“Please don’t jump,” he begged. You’d wondered why he’d cared so much. You didn’t even know him and he seemed to care more for you than your own family.

“You don’t know me,” you shook your head.

“And I don’t have to. I know you have something to live for. Just think about how the people in your life would be affected if they heard you jumped,” He raised his voice.

“No one would care,” you wiped away a tear.

“I would,” he shrugged his shoulders. He was slouching against the railing with his hands in his jean pockets.

“And again, I don’t know you, so why would you care?” you asked.

“I’ve been like this before. I know how it feels and I have gotten better. Trust me, you don’t want it to be like this,” he insisted. You didn’t believe a word he said. You truly did want it to be like this. You’ve prayed for the moment when water would fill your lungs and the weight of the world would be off your shoulders.

“You aren’t like me. You don’t know anything about why I want to do this. You don’t even know my name,” the venomous words rolled off of your tongue. Luke shuffled towards you, carefully. He was now standing over your short figure.

“Your name’s (y/n) and I know exactly why you are doing this,” he replied.

“How do you know me?” you questioned.

“I was a senior when you were a freshman. I’ve been away for school, but I’m back now,” he answered.

“Tell me why I want to do this, then. Quite frankly, I’m not even sure why,” your voice quieted down as you spoke.

“I watched you get bullied from afar. It took everything I had not to stand up for you, but I knew better than to get into drama,” he shrugged. There was a moment of silence before he took out a cigarette and lit it. You hated the smell so much, but you didn’t say anything.

When he finished the last of his cigarette he threw it into the water and let it get caught by the wind. One leg after the other, he carefully stepped over the bridge’s railing.

“Take my hand,” he ordered. You looked down at his palm, but you didn’t take it. You didn’t want to take it.

“(y/n), I’m giving you a choice. Take my hand and get over the railing, or jump and I’ll jump with you,” he said.

“That’s insane. If I jump, theres no way you would,” you retorted.

“Wanna bet?” he challenged. He knew you wouldn’t jump if it meant him jumping too. He knew you weren’t going to jump all along. He took your small hand in his and helped you over the railing.

“Why’d you care about me jumping so much?” you asked when you made it to the other side.

“Because I’ve been you. I’ve been the guy who wanted to jump, I’ve been the guy who actually jumped, I’ve been the guy who was pulled out of this same river, and I’ve been the guy who is still alive today. Imagine if I had killed myself that day; I wouldn’t be standing here with the prettiest girl in this town after I just saved her life.”

↳Under the cut I compiled a masterlist of lyrics from various Disney movies. Of course, there’s so many Disney movies out there that it would have taken forever to get all of them, so I apologize if I missed your favorite, but I did get the most popular movies and the movies with the most songs. They’re in alphabetical order by movie, and then in alphabetical order by song. Please like or reblog if you found this useful!

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21) Post no-good-very-bad-day cuddles


Positive Mental Attitude.

Archie, in all of his pop psych wisdom, peddled the idea that simply choosing to have a good day would yield favorable results. Regina snuffed out that idea as she slowly rubbed the bump on her head and squeezed her tired dry eyes closed as a warm blanket of pain seared through her scalp in a wave. The alarm had startled her awake, and the shock from being jerked out of sleep so abruptly had her quite literally jumping out of bed. She clamored to turn the intrusive alarm’s incessant painful bleating off and in the process tangled her limbs in the bed covers and fell off the side, banging her head on the sharp edge of the night stand.

She sat up on the side of the bed and angrily tossed away the clinging covers, and slammed her palm down on the alarm to silence it. It was then she noticed her ass and feet were cold and wet. Holding one hand to her head, she winced and poked the plush cream colored carpet in her bedroom. The floor was flooded. She hobbled to unbalanced feet and stumbled to the flooded bathroom, a pipe must have busted as water was flowing from under the sink cabinet like a river.

There was such a thing as N.M.A. she decided; because once the negative events began there was no turning back no matter how many unicorns and rainbows she conjured in her mind’s eye. After locating and turning off the main water stopcock, she called a plumber. The only one in town and who apparently was still holding a grudge against the Evil Queen because he insisted he couldn’t be there to fix any of her pipes for at least two days. She was just supposed to go without water until it could be fixed. How was she supposed to dry her carpet?

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We’re Not The Same

In honor of the hiatus I decided to take advantage of the current unknown status of these gems and go ahead and (attempt to) write, in a canon-based AU fanfic. If anyone likes it, I may write a second part, since this is essentially just an opening that explains the dynamic of what’s going on.

Word count: 1274
Summary: Displaced Peridot discovers Lapis Lazuli’s gemstone.

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Be My Hero

“I can’t believe you actually agreed to let me do this!” Steve laughed aloud as he wrapped his arms around Bucky’s shoulders, giving him a good shake. His soft blue eyes twinkled as he looked out over the waters that flowed under the Brooklyn Bridge. When he said he wanted to bungee jump off the bridge, he had been partially joking and ok so partially telling the truth. None of his other previous bodyguards would have even let him out of the house, much less entertained the thought of actually letting him go through with this plan. “Have I told you yet that you’re the best bodyguard in the whole world that ever existed?”

However James Buchanan Barnes was different. Steve was finding that out in so many different ways. Bucky, as he was now nicknamed thanks to Steve, had only been Steve’s bodyguard for three days but what a wonderful three days it had been so far. Agreeing to go out with Steve went a long way in making their relationship a bit more unique as well. He couldn’t deny he found Bucky Barnes the most fascinating and beautiful man in the world. Funny, it had nothing to do with his looks.

Each morning they had started out with breakfast together. Even if Bucky didn’t eat anything and just had cup of coffee, they spent it together. Steve no longer got drunk each night or did something relatively stupid the night before. Usually he and Bucky playfully fought over which movie they were going to watch. Steve used his big baby blues to get what he wanted. Last night didn’t count because Bucky came straight down from the shower and Steve got a load of that still wet bare chest glistening with water droplets. Fuck, he would have given up national secrets at that point in time. That is if he knew any. Steve let Bucky choose the movie and any other perk he wanted as well. 

Getting suited up for the jump, Steve grinned at Bucky. “Thanks again for letting me do this. You’re the best ever.” He leaned over and let his lips brush against Bucky’s cheek. “I swear I’ll come back in one piece.” Then just as he was pulling back, Steve froze.

His eyes focused on a man that was standing a bit off from Steve, Bucky and the bungee instructor. Yet it was the square of the shoulders and the way the man carried himself that caught Steve’s attention. He thought maybe had enough time to move away before the man turned but no such luck. The man turned and caught Steve’s eye and his face turned up into what could only be described as an almost evil sinister grin. The man waved at him but Steve was just frozen. When he didn’t answer the man began to walk over to him until he was right there in front of him. “Well well well what do we have here? Long time no see….Steven.” The man said with such slickness that you’d swear there was oil coming from his mouth. 

Steve ground his jaw as he stared at the man. It took him several seconds before he could speak. “Hello….Rumlow." 

I’ve been finding puddles of water on my floor all week, and I assumed I’d accidentally left the window open (it’s been raining). Today I realized it’s actually the heater which is leaking water. That means the water has been flowing under my desk all along. Most of my clothing is soaked and several textbooks that I’m renting are probably ruined. 

my brain is, as usual, noticing that it’s utterly miserable and then generating tons of theories for why it’s so upset: “maybe all our friends hate us!” “maybe we’re going to fail out of college!” “maybe our whole life has been a wasteful selfish joke!” despite the fact that this level of upset is actually totally explained by the thing that obviously caused it