water flouridation

  • my boss: why are you so so bad at your job
  • me: hey its not my fault i grew up drinking flouridated water so now i have adhd and some kind of auditory processing disorder thats just ME baby im a millennial, baby. thats our generation. skiddly op bop bada bop im the SCATman sorry that was just some of my generations signature irreverent humor for you. i think i might have sleep apnea because im tired all day or maybe im just spiritually exhausted idk. here's the twist: i didnt say any of this out loud and am just thinking it, youve been talking to me for at least five minutes and i think ive been going "uh huh" every thirty seconds or so but i have no idea what youre talking about. now im gonna stare at outlook express for ten minutes while trying to process my job anxiety. Im a millenial baby and thats just how we

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Wanna make sure people know: I'd advise against preferencing the Health Australia Party because they're basically the definition of an anti-science party. Sure, in some areas you could say they're kinda like the Greens, but they're founded by a naturopath and thus support alternative medicine, are anti-vaccine, anti-water flouridation and believe in conspiracy theories like BIG PHARMA and CHEMTRAILS. Also if you hate conspiracy parties avoid the LaRouche inspired Citizen's Electoral Council too

I was going to make a post about this but forgot. They want homeopathy to be recognised instead of treated as “that weird thing people do that sometimes - at best - triggers the placebo effect.” This is a prime example of why you should research parties before you vote in case you get sucked in by a snazzy name and think “oh yeah, that seems nice.” No. No they are the opposite of health-focused. They want to fuck over the health of our country through adamantly refusing to accepting scientific evidence for what is good for people and cause serious harm to us. Fuck those guys.