water egress training

May 1962, USAF pilot Gordon Cooper and US naval aviator Walter “Wally” Schirra seen during water egress training as all US Mercury space missions ended in a splashdown in the North Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. Mercury 7 astronaut Schirra wore his personal Omega Speedmaster CK2998-4 chronograph on a Komfit Forstner bracelet, which became the first Omega in space onboard Sigma 7 on October 3rd 1962.
(Photo: NASA)

(5 Aug. 1968) — The prime crew of the first manned Apollo space mission, Apollo 7, participates in water egress training in the Gulf of Mexico. In hatch of the Apollo egress trainer (command module) is astronaut Walter M. Schirra Jr. Sitting in life raft are astronauts Walter Cunningham (on left) and Donn F. Eisele. A team of MSC swimmers assisted with the training exercise. The inflated bags were used to upright the trainer prior to egress.

Water Egress Training

Astronaut Charles “Pete” Conrad Jr., Gemini 5 pilot, sits in the Gemini Static Article 5 spacecraft and prepares to be lowered from the deck of the NASA Motor Vessel Retriever for water egress training. The rubber hat on Conrad’s head is a neck dam and pulls down and fits tightly around the collar of his suit to prevent water from entering the suit.

Image Credit: NASA