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Apparently scientists didn’t know why rain drizzle happened — until now

  • All rain is not created equal, and now scientists know exactly why.
  • When it drizzles, it’s not just raining less — the water droplets that fall are actually smaller, about a quarter of the size.
  • And atmospheric scientists weren’t quite sure what conditions allow drizzle to fall instead of rain, but Hanii Takahashi, a researcher at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and two colleagues wanted to find out.
  • So they set about trying to solve the mystery of why it drizzles more over the ocean than over land. They published the results earlier this year in the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society. Read more (7/26/17)

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If you dropped a water balloon on a bed of nails, you’d expect it to burst spectacularly. And you’d be right – some of the time. Under the right conditions, though, you’d see what a high-speed camera caught in the animation above: a pancake-shaped bounce with nary a leak. Physically, this is a scaled-up version of what happens to a water droplet when it hits a superhydrophobic surface. 

Water repellent superhydrophobic surfaces are covered in microscale roughness, much like a bed of tiny nails. When the balloon (or droplet) hits, it deforms into the gaps between posts. In the case of the water balloon, its rubbery exterior pulls back against that deformation. (For the droplet, the same effect is provided by surface tension.) That tension pulls the deformed parts of the balloon back up, causing the whole balloon to rebound off the nails in a pancake-like shape. For more, check out this video on the student balloon project or the original water droplet research. (Image credits: T. Hecksher et al., Y. Liu et al.; via The New York Times; submitted by Justin B.)

‘ Granada Rose ‘   Outdoor flower photography by Bob Bauer Shot in  my garden.  Birdbath is the blue.  Granada is the rose variety.


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A drop of light by Shellebop