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In the spring of 2016 members of the Sioux tribe of North Dakota began a prayerful gathering against the proposal to expand an oil pipeline under the Missouri River. By the end of Fall members from over 200 First Nations Tribes and thousands of people from diverse backgrounds had traveled to peacefully assemble against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Arriving on a Caravan out of NYC with his camera to Oceti Sakowin Camp the morning after the Backwater Bridge attack, filmmaker Anthony Basil Rodriguez aligns his story alongside others open to sharing their own. Featuring candid interviews with individuals on the ground and inside the camp, including a descendant of Chief Crazy Horse, Zintkala Wicasa, “Birdman” of the Fire Lightening Band of the Oglala, Crossing the Heart River works to unveil the complex history, stories, and forces behind occupation, as well as the continuous struggles facing indigenous Americans.

Growing up on the same street as Calvin, Susie had to learn quickly and adapt to the weather. This meant expecting heavy, focused downpour on sunny days with a chance of teasing.

Portraits of Central America.                                                                                     Guatemala.                                                                                                                 February 2015.                                                                                                                                              

Shot on assignment with Water for People

Obvious bbys #7
  • Rin: So? If you were the director, then..?
  • Haru: Movie about the water!!
  • Rin: ..documentary?
  • Haru: Whatever.. a movie in which you can swim!
  • Rin: So.. you're planning on swimming in it?
  • Haru: I am!
  • Rin: Don't you think it's a little weird for the director to swim and film at the same time?
  • Haru: Is it?
  • Rin: It is.. no matter how you look at it..
  • Haru: Then what would you do?
  • Rin: I would.. ehmm.. let's see. I think I would make it very passionate..
  • Haru: Romantic movie?
  • Rin: NO!
  • Interviewer: That sounds lovely!~
  • Rin: Wait! What? I haven't said anything yet..
  • Haru: Didn't you go to see a movie with Gou the other day? A love story!
  • Rin: ..How the hell do you know about that?
  • Haru: She told us all..
  • Rin: E..Ehmm.., that was, I mean.. she really wanted to see it.. so i had no choice..
  • Haru: You still cried, though, didn't you?
  • Rin: NEVER MIND!
  • Haru: Plus you really love romantic stuff..
  • Rin: It's not that I love it.. it's just..
  • Haru: So as I said you'll make a romantic movie!
  • Rin: OI!!
  • Interviewer: Thank you very much!
  • Rin: OI!!
  • ~ Haru & Rin Interview (Free! ES DVD vol. 3)