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17th April ~ 12:15

English essay planning & finishing off holiday homework this morning. I’ve started doing that thing where you plan each day on post-its? We’ll see how it goes. Also I’m running low on post-its.

happy birthday to pennyofthewild, a really talented writer and an amazing person! ♥

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In the spring of 2016 members of the Sioux tribe of North Dakota began a prayerful gathering against the proposal to expand an oil pipeline under the Missouri River. By the end of Fall members from over 200 First Nations Tribes and thousands of people from diverse backgrounds had traveled to peacefully assemble against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Arriving on a Caravan out of NYC with his camera to Oceti Sakowin Camp the morning after the Backwater Bridge attack, filmmaker Anthony Basil Rodriguez aligns his story alongside others open to sharing their own. Featuring candid interviews with individuals on the ground and inside the camp, including a descendant of Chief Crazy Horse, Zintkala Wicasa, “Birdman” of the Fire Lightening Band of the Oglala, Crossing the Heart River works to unveil the complex history, stories, and forces behind occupation, as well as the continuous struggles facing indigenous Americans.


I’m Not Ready *Neymar imagine*


Walking into the living room, I heard the TV going and when I walked in I saw Neymar on the couch watching a documentary on water births. Chuckling I sat down next to him, “I love that you’re seeing the wonderful thing that women do, but why are you watching this?” I asked

Neymar shrugged, “I dunno, I was kind of just flipping through the channels and saw this thought it’d be interesting” He said

I nodded, “You know my sister gave birth to Luca today” I said

He smiled, “Really?” He asked sitting up

I nodded, “Yeah I thought I told you” I asked

Neymar shook his head, “Can we go see him?” 

I smiled nodding, “Yeah c’mon”


When we reached the hospital, Neymar and I made our way to Jenni’s room. Knocking on the door we heard the faint ‘come  in’ from the other side. “Y/N” Jenni said

I smiled going over and giving her a hug, “He’s so beautiful” I said as I looked into the incubator

She smiled, “Thank you, Neymar hey” She said as he gave her a hug

He smiled, “Congratulations Jenni”

“Thank you, so are you guys next?” She asked

Michael chuckled, “Jenni don’t try and give your sister baby fever”

Jenni smiled, “I’m just asking “She said

I chuckled, “We haven’t really discussed children, plus we’re still kinda getting used to the two of us” I said

Jenni rolled her eyes chuckling, “Whatever you say Y/N”

We stayed with my sister and her husband Michael for a while, Jenni and I talked while Neymar held Luca and talked with Michael. After about an hour we decided to head back to the house.

As we walked into the house, I started to notice something a little off with Neymar.  I mean even before we’d left for the hospital he was a little bit weird, he went somewhere in the house.

Going into the bedroom, I put my phone to charge as he walked in and placed his head on my lap. I chuckled, “You alright?” I asked

Neymar raised an eyebrow, “Why wouldn’t I be “He asked messing with my hand

I shrugged, “I don’t know it just seems like somethings  bothering you” I said

Neymar didn’t say anything for a little while, and sighed sitting up. “You know how much I love you right?” He asked

I nodded, “Yeah, why?”

“What do you think about babies?” He asked

I chuckled, “They’re cute, adorable and tiny” I answered

Neymar nodded, “Let’s have a baby” He said 

I raised an eyebrow, “Eventually yeah I’d like to have a baby with you”

He sighed, “Let’s have a baby” He repeated

I stared at him for a moment, “Oh wait you’re serious” I said

Neymar nodded, “Yeah, I mean I think that we’re ready for that step in our life you know?” 

I bit my lip, “Ney, don’t get me wrong I’d love to have a baby with you one day. I don’t think that day is today” I said

“Why not?”

“Well because, you’re constantly on the road whether it be with Barcelona or Brazil. And also, because I’m in the middle of school and my career” I said

Neymar didn’t say anything, “What if I wasn’t on the road?” He asked

“I still wouldn’t want to have children right now” I answered

“And why’s that?”

I looked at him, “Neymar I don’t want to have kids right now why is that an issue?” I asked

“Because I think we’re ready, to have kids I mean we’ve been together for over two years. We have our own place, and we’re in a stable place right now.”

Getting off the bed I looked at him, “Neymar I don’t want to have kids” I said

“Just think about it, I mean it’ll give Davi someone to hang out with”

“Neymar Davi has cousins-you know what I don’t even understand why I’m having this argument with you. I don’t want kids right now, take it or leave it.”I said to him

“You’re being ridiculous right now-”

I cut him off, “I’m being ridiculous Neymar, are you even listening to yourself right now? I don’t want to have a child right now, I love Davi and I’d love to give him another sibling one day but right now I’m not ready for one.” I said walking out of the room

“Where are you going Y/N”He asked following me

I turned to face him, “I’m go somewhere where my opinions and decisions are respected”