water dinosaur


100 Days of Youtube - (55/100)

↳ Phil the Lion vs. Dan the Dinosaur! - WATER RACE

Your mind and body are already connected to everything. You need only to recognize it. 

Your atoms come from the guts of exploded stars. 

Your energy comes from the sun and earth. 

Your DNA comes from an unfathomable biological lineage.

You think in words you never invented but that were uploaded into your brain, along with cultural and somatosensory perceptual constructs.

You breathe the same air and drink the same water shared by dinosaurs and pharaohs.

Your bodily senses interface and internalize photons, molecules, vibrations, and other external stimuli to create a scape for your physical reality. 

You are touched by the gravity of every celestial body in the universe.

To believe yourself an isolated, discrete individual is to live in ignorance of these facts and many others.

Connecting is simply a matter of forgiving the imaginary lines of separation you have drawn between yourself and all of This.

why I loved Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets:

  • The aliens are so diverse and well designed
  • the sparkly pearl aliens were the most beautiful  things ever
  • the virtual market was so cool???
  • the giant monster that ate their bus was cool too
  • the city of a thousand planets is definitely a place i would love to live in
  • I wanna be a space agent and travel through space so bad
  • the whole message that imperialism is Bad
  • The dude who drives the submarine Bob and the giant water dinosaurs and the jelly fish
  • just the whole city of a thousand planets was so cool and its different regions
  • the cute Alien baby Da and his scary mommy
  • I loved Laureline okay 
  • Valerian was cute too
  • the visual effects and cinematography was so beautiful
  • I wanna live in their world